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LAJITAS Golf RESORT & SPA Activity menu Atv tours Explore the Big Bend on one of our rough-and-tumble allterrain vehicles. These ATVs can go anywher...
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Atv tours Explore the Big Bend on one of our rough-and-tumble allterrain vehicles. These ATVs can go anywhere and take you to remote places you might not ever see otherwise. Our guides are incredibly knowledgeable and transform the seemingly arid Chihuahuan Desert into a living, breathing thing of beauty.

2 hour ride Explore the very scenic and unique piece of Lajitas’ property that shares a boundary with gorgeous Big Bend National Park. Our guides will take you all over the southern expanse of Lajitas, enjoying stunning views, remarkable rock formations, and outstanding flora and fauna. A fabulous way to spend a morning or afternoon. $125.00 driver $60.00 rider

In order to increase the pleasure of your ATV experience, consider bringing a bandana, gloves, lip balm, and sunscreen. And of course – don’t forget your camera!

Note: Drivers must be 16 yrs of age or older and must have a valid drivers license; under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. All riders required to wear a helmet.

Equestrian activities Our guides are the best in the business. Based on decades of experience and keen knowledge of the relationship between horse and rider, they will custom design the perfect ride for your party no matter the size or experience. We can even set up one-of-a-kind events like cattle drives and aoudad hunts.

Trail rides by the hour This ride crosses the infamous Comanche Creek and along historic trails to observe breathtaking views of the Mesa de Anguila including views of Mexico and Lajitas Mesa ever present in the background. $70.00 per person $120.00 for a 2 hr ride per person, or custom build your own

Half DAY Trail Rides (full days available during season) This ride is tailored for the guest, exploring several scenic areas of Lajitas. A true adventure guaranteed. $150.00 per person $175.00 with lunch included

Sunset and sunrise trail rides These popular rides last for about an hour and a half. Guides take guests around Lajitas Mesa for a most spectacular view. Departure times vary. $125.00 per person $140.00 with breakfast included

Buena Suerte Overnight This ride is three and a half hours to the historic Fresno Mine and the ghost town of Buena Suerte. There, our esteemed cowboy cooks prepare a world-class campfire dinner. After a restful sleep (all bedding provided), you will wake up to a savory, hot breakfast. The trip wraps up with a scenic ride back to the resort. $380.00 per person Minimum 4 guests – Maximum 15 guests

Sunrise breakfast or sunset dinner at stargazer mesa Ride out to our little piece of heaven known as Stargazer Mesa. Tucked away in the distant hills of Lajitas’ back country, we have found the perfect location to get away from it all. Join us after your trail ride to the mesa for an outstanding meal prepared as it would be in the Old West, using Dutch ovens and hot coals. Vehicle transport or hay wagon available upon request. $150.00 per person for ride and breakfast $195.00 per person for ride and dinner Minimum 4 guests $90.00 per hour

Note: Riders must be 10 yrs of age or older; under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. All riders under 18 are required to wear a helmet. Riders must weigh less than 240 pounds. The Lajitas Equestrian Center does not allow riders to run horses.

Horse Clinics Shooting Clinics & Horse Boarding Cutting Horse Clinic Cutting is an equestrian event in the western riding style where a horse and rider are judged on their ability to separate a calf away from a cattle herd and keep it away for a short period of time. $100.00 Per Person $125.00 Mechanical Cow $150.00 Live Cattle

Lessons by the hour Lajitas’ instructors take their numerous years of experience ranching, cutting, competing, and judging and roll it all into a lesson for you. If you just need the basics on how to stay on a horse, or if you want to learn to become a professional cutting horse rider, our team has the right lesson for you. Come by and give us an idea of your goals, and we can help to make them happen. $90.00 per hour Children $100.00 per hour Adults $45.00 for 1/2 hour Lesson

Other Horse Clinics These clinics range from horseman 101 to starting horse lessons. Customize your Clinic Today

Gun Handling & 5 Stand Sporting Clay Instruction $125.00 per person

HORSE BOARDING with Feed $25.00 per day

Horse Boarding with Out Feed $20.00 per Day

CALL 1-877– LAJITAS (525-4827) Hc 70 Box 400 Lajitas, Tx. 79852

Note: Riders must be 10 yrs of age or older; under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. All riders under 18 are required to wear a helmet. Riders must weigh less than 240 pounds. The Lajitas Equestrian Center does not allow riders to run horses.

Shooting Activities Cowboy Action Shoot So you want to shoot like a real cowboy? Learn from the experts. Our cowboy shooters know their way around any kind of weapon of the Old West and will show you how it’s done. Come to our town of Stargazer Springs full of nostalgia and awaiting targets. You will walk through town shooting a single-action pistol, a side-by-side shotgun, and a lever-action rifle. Then, have a competition with your posse on who is the fastest! Now, when will you ever experience something like this again in your life? $100.00 per shooter

Five Stand Skeet Shoot Lajitas offers one of the finest five stands in the West. This shotgun shooting game using sporting clays, allowing shooters of all abilities some of the most exciting target combinations available. Our course utilizes eight automatic traps to simulate game birds such as dove, quail and pheasant. There is even a “rabbit” bolting across the ground challenging you to take a shot. One round consists of 25 shots, with groups of shots being taken from each shooting stand. $80.00 per shooter

Instruction for five stand Enjoy a one-on-one lesson from one of our crack shots. You’ll be shooting like an expert in no time! $50.00 per person, per hour

FOR MORE INFORMATION: CALL 1-877– LAJITAS (525-4827) Hc 70 Box 400 Lajitas, Tx. 79852

Jeep Tours We are proud to join Far Flung Outdoor Center in exclusively offering Jeep Tours. These Jeeps are specially outfitted to seat up to six adults and can go anywhere! The team of guides are highly knowledgeable and offer tours filled with geology, botany, biology, and history mixed in with enjoyable anecdotes and interesting facts about the Big Bend.

Camp 360 Far Flung is proud to offer this three-hour tour on private land that is only available to our company. The tour takes guests up to North County Road and through a portion of the beautiful Longhorn Ranch. The drive ends at the top of a mountain offering a sweeping view in all directions of a most lovely area of the desert. 3 hours.

Apache Trail Travel to a Native American site and explore the remains of a past encampment. Listen for the echoes of a civilization long past. You’ll walk in the footsteps of our native ancestors, and gain new insights into their life in this most challenging environment. 2 hours.

Ten bits tour Wander land once roamed by dinosaurs. Explore a shelter cave once called home by native ancestors from long ago. This is the ultimate desert experience encompassing themes from some of our more popular tours. Some walking required. A portion of this tour uses a Big Bend National Park paleontologist as an interpretive guide. Lunch included. 7 hours. Not available between May and Sept.

‘Round the bend For the first-time visitor to Big Bend, or for those that want more of the living history of the area, this easy adventure explores ruins, geological formations, and panoramic views along the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive and Maverick Road in Big Bend National Park. We call this tour Big Bend 101. Lunch included. All day.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: CALL 1-877– LAJITAS (525-4827) Hc 70 Box 400 Lajitas, Tx. 79852

river Tours Join our experienced river guides in exploring the last frontier in North America. Get away from cell phones, airplanes, and the noise of western civilization in a more remote location than anyplace in the continental United States. The types of trips available are strictly dependent on the level of the river, so keep in touch to find out what kinds of trips can be taken at any given time.

Half Day Float Come with us on one of our half-day float trips through the open, mountainous country of Big Bend Ranch State Park. This trip is perfect for families with young children and folks short on time. This 2 ½ hour river journey explores a three-mile section of river just upstream from Lajitas. Trips leave from FFOC or Lajitas. 2 ½ hours.

One day canyon trips If you only have one day, you can still experience one of the many incredible canyons of the Big Bend. Far Flung Outdoor Center will select from one of the following canyon trips to combine the scenic beauty of the canyons with the most effective method of river travel. Colorado canyon – A twelve-mile journey down the Rio Grande that cuts through a predominantly volcanic landscape. This hardened lava makes up Big Bend’s darkest canyon, while colorful ash flows create picturesque contrasts in the natural features. This section of river courses through Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas’ largest at 275,000 acres. Santa Elena canyon downstream – This twenty-mile run, through a sheerwalled limestone canyon, is one of the most photographed canyons in the West. This adventure begins in Lajitas and flows down to the exit of Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park. This tour is simply stunning. Due to the length of this canyon, the one-day option runs only at higher river levels. Santa Elena canyon upstream – The majesty of Santa Elena Canyon can also be explored on a more abbreviated trip by canoe. This trip begins at the mouth of the canyon and takes guests upstream a distance and then back down.

Overnight adventures Ask about our multi-day trips! We can whisk you away into the deepest reaches of the Big Bend for up to ten days with several beautiful canyons from which to choose. Prices vary. Call FFOC for more information.



CALL 1-877– LAJITAS (525-4827) Hc 70 Box 400 Lajitas, Tx. 79852

Mountain biking Surrounded by over 1 million acres of conservation land, Lajitas and the Big Bend region are ideal for mountain biking enthusiasts of all skills levels. Experienced bikers can arrange bike rentals and guided tours through local mountain-biking experts, Desert Sports, at Red Rock Outfitters for their own personal tour of our rugged 25,000 acres and Big Bend National Park.

Lajitas short ride Take a ride with experienced Desert Sports guides into the distant reaches of Lajitas. This twohour, energizing expedition lets you enjoy the beautiful countryside, so you can experience the fullness of this rough and tantalizing desert. Your guide will lead you through striking terrain, magnificent sights and historically significant lands. 2 person minimum / 8 person maximum

Lajitas long ride (seasonal) Take 4 to 6 hours to experience the best that the Lajitas terrain has to offer. If you are an advanced or expert rider – this is the trip to take. Desert Sports will customize this trip to your specific needs. You’ll need energy, stamina, water, and a lunch, so that you can ride the most remote dirt roads and trails of Lajitas. 2 person minimum / 8 person maximum

Big bend national park all day Take an exhilarating ride with Desert Sports guides into Big Bend National Park. Experience the Big Bend like you never have on the dirt roads and jeep trails of Big Bend National Park. A full lunch will be provided. 2 person minimum / 8 person maximum

Bike rental for the day If you have been in the area before or you would just like the roam and see the sights on your own, we can provide you with the transportation. Our Kona Mountain Bikes with front suspension will take you anywhere. Rental fee includes: helmet, spare tube, patch kit, pump and two water bottles.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: CALL 1-877– LAJITAS (525-4827) Hc 70 Box 400 Lajitas, Tx. 79852

Other activities The Lajitas Team is proud to offer a unique array of activities exclusive to the resort and to the Big Bend area. Consider enjoying the following:

Fossil tours Take an hour to see something from a time when this vast desert was completely covered by water, and sea creatures of all shapes and sizes dominated the environment. You will have the opportunity to see some very rare paleontological finds including the stomach contents of a mosasaur and the fossilized bones of a thirty-foot duckbilled dinosaur. Our guide at the Mosasaur Ranch Museum will give you a tour of what he is working on in the museum and then take you on a short ½ mile hike to see a real dig site where marine fossils are being meticulously taken out of the ground. Join us, and be a paleontologist for a day! This tour is particularly wonderful for children. 2 person minimum, 20 person maximum.

Texas hold ‘em poker Come on out and set for a spell. It's time to ante up to the table and see how good ya' are at the cards. "The Flop", "The River", and "The Turn" will all have new meanings. We are happy to offer a Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament for your group as an evening event. Each player will receive $10,000 in chips, a gambling room set up with card tables and, colorful dealers who will provide instruction and cheat sheets. Players go through elimination rounds; the last two players left standing will receive gift certificates. 8 players minimum

Taste of terlingua Perhaps you’d rather not explore the area by raft or Jeep. How about a different type of expedition? Allow one of our experienced guides to take you on a tour of a rather lively ghost town. “Taste of Terlingua” offers you the opportunity to learn all about a place where plumbing is optional, where the sky serves as the water district, and electricity is something you provide for yourself. Explore a graveyard unlike any you’ve ever seen, shop at the Terlingua Trading Company, enjoy a beverage on its famous front porch and match wits with the locals on the Ghostown Porch. Walking tour of the mining area also available. Learn as much – or as little - as you like. You’re the boss on this tour. 2 person minimum.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: CALL 1-877– LAJITAS (525-4827) Hc 70 Box 400 Lajitas, Tx. 79852