LADIES ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MONDAY 7TH JANUARY 2013 The Annual General Meeting was held in the Clubhouse on 7th January 2013 at 7.30pm. 95 members a...
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LADIES ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MONDAY 7TH JANUARY 2013 The Annual General Meeting was held in the Clubhouse on 7th January 2013 at 7.30pm. 95 members attended and 39 apologies were received. The Honorary Secretary Marie Gilbride read the notice convening the meeting. A minute’s silence was observed for members who died during the year. MINUTES OF 2012 AGM As copies of the Minutes had been distributed to all those attending the meeting and were available on the website, they were taken as read. Their adoption was proposed by Nano Brennan and seconded by Meave Slattery OFFICERS FOR ELECTION Lady Captain

Marguerite Maher

Lady Vice Captain

Marie Gilbride

Hon. Secretary

Anne de Lacy

Hon. Treasurer

Sheila Smith

Hon. Handicap Secretary

Helen O’Connor

Hon Competitions Secretary

to be appointed (Anita O’Neill resigned )

GENERAL COMMITTEE Eithne MacDonald, Jackie Weldon, Margaret McCann, Betty Connolly were returned for a second year. There were two new candidates and one officer who is stepping down to ordinary membership for the remaining four vacancies and they were declared elected. Clare Bergin, Colette Langan and Mary-Frances Howard. The remaining vacancy to be filled as soon as possible. THE HONORARY SECRETARY’S REPORT The Hon. Sec. Marie Gilbride’s report was taken as read and she read the addendum to her 2012 report from October to the year end. She said that since the Annual Report was published the golfing year continued with a most successful Lady Captain’s outing to Woodbrook GC on the 30th October. The shotgun competition was won by Ros Linnane’s team and a great day was had by all. The first of the Turkey competitions began in early October and culminated with the Turkey Final presentation in late November when the Lady Vice Captain Marguerite announced her new Vice Captain Marie Gilbride. We celebrated Seamus Green with a week of competitions in November and finished with a celebratory dinner for 430 people a fitting tribute to our retiring Club Professional. Ros Linnane and 1

Sheila Smith won the Christmas shotgun competition, which was very well supported. Our golfing year came to a close with our final presentation in December with mulled wine, carols and Santa. Thankfully none of us were on the naughty list! To our Lady Captain Ann-Marie we wish her a well- earned rest and thanked her again for her contribution to the Ladies Club this year and to our incoming Lady Captain Marguerite we wish her the very best for her year. The adoption of the report was proposed by Majorie Hannigan and seconded by Niamh Fagan. THE HONORARY TREASURER’S REPORT Copies of the Report were distributed to all attending the Meeting. There were no questions on the Accounts. The adoption of the Report was proposed by Mary Moriarty and seconded by Phyll Kelleher. THE LADY CAPTAIN’S ADDRESS Lady Captain Ann-Marie Ryan said she was going to name her theme song for the year “singing in the rain” as it was very wet and many events were cancelled during the year with ducks swimming on the course even on her Lady Captain’s Day. She said that despite tha,t we had a lot of fun days and evenings which she hoped we all enjoyed. She said it was a very exciting and rewarding year for her which she thoroughly enjoyed and this was due to the help of her committee and the support and encouragement from all the ladies. The first person the Lady Captain thanked was Mary Moriarty for inviting her to be her Vice-Captain and affording her the very great honour of being Lady Captain of Elm Park in 2012. Next she thanked her Vice-Captain Marguerite Maher who was a great support, always being available to give her advice on matters of golf. She wished her a great year as Lady Captain 2013. She wanted to particularly thank her Honorary Secretary Marie Gilbride for the enormous amount of work she did. Her artistic displays, reminding us about Club events were evident all around the Club. She was so enthusiastic and cheerful about everything and was a joy to work with. Nothing was ever too much for her. Marie’s morning emails arrived at Ann-Marie’s computer long before she woke up. The Lady Captain wished her a great year as Lady Captain in 2014.The Lady Captain thanked Jackie Weldon the Hon Sec’s assistant for all her work. She thanked the Hon. Treasurer Sheila Smith who managed the finances so efficiently that we were able to celebrate with a glass of bubbly now and then. The Lady Captain thanked Clare Bergin the Competitions Secretary who got to grips with the new computer system very quickly and who along with Niamh Klinkenberg helped design our new website which would be going live next Monday the 14th. She also thanked Anita O’Neill who assisted Clare and who gave us lots of advice from her previous experience as a Board member. Thanks was extended to Helen O’Connor, Handicap Secretary who spent many hours getting used to the new Handicap Master software system and who was ably assisted by Betty Connolly. The Lady Captain also thanked Margaret McCann the representative on the Greens Committee and Pauline 2

Leahy on the Finance Committee. Eithne MacDonald on the Junior Committee and Beatrice Doran who with Phyllis Woods represented us on the House Committee. The Lady Captain thanked Mary Boden, Junior Liaison Officer and the Junior Parent Committee for their continual hard work and dedication with our Juniors and the very popular Junior Captains Hugh Gleeson and Sophie Moore. She sent good wishes to the 2013 Captains Cian and Joanne Poland. She said thanks to Marion Walsh, Team Coordinator and to all the Managers, Players Caddies and Supporters of our teams in 2012. She went on to single out the Senior Foursomes Team captained by Mary Frances Howard who were narrowly beaten in the East Leinster District Finals and almost got the elusive pennant. She said the she knew that Marion and Marguerite had plans in place for the next years teams and that hopefully we will have a pennant to celebrate with. The Lady Captain thanked Maire Mansfield our course Officer who continually monitored changes and developments on the course. She also thanked Nano Brennan for her work on the Board and the House Committee and the Open Mixed. Thanks were extended to Jackie Gilroy who retires after 3 years as finance director, for her hard work and prudent management of our finances bringing the deficit down from €295,000 to a much more acceptable €29,000 and as a result we are all enjoying a welcome 5% decrease in our subscriptions this year. She hoped that this trend continues in the future. She thanked Board Chairman Brendan Sheehan who is retiring as he was always very supportive of the Ladies. Thanks were given to Deirdre Hogan-McGrath and her Flower Committee who kept the Clubhouse bright and cheerful even when it was lashing rain outside. Lady Captain Ann-Marie thanked Adrian McCormack who was always available with his support and advice and to Gabriela, Ann and Therese. To Paul, to Catering, Bar and House staff and to the Caddymasters, particularly John for his photography also. Lady Captain Ann-Marie thanked Seamus Greene for his support to the Ladies over the last 30 years, and wished him well on his retirement. She thanked Kathleen Molloy who organised the lovely afternoon tea for inactive members on Lady Captain’s Day and to Maire O’Mahony who ran our Inter Club Championships for which we received many complimentary letters. Thanks were given to Mark Galligan, House of Ireland, Joe Barrett of Applegreen for their generous sponsorship of the 2 Ladies Days in club week and to Marguerite Maher and Rosemary Hough who bought the lovely prizes. Thanks were given to the many past Captains who were always at the end of the phone if she had a query. She said that there were many memorable events during the year but she thought the highlight was her Lady Captains dinner and Concert and thanked Marguerite Maher and Joan O Brollochain and all the artistes, scriptwriters and wardrobe people who gave so much of their time to make it such a success. Finally the Lady Captain extended thanks to Captain Peter Kelly, President John Kenny and the Tennis Captain Yvonne Sheedy for their support and courtesy and cooperation throughout the year and to her personal secretary and driver Dave who was always available when needed. Lady Captain Ann-Marie concluded that with all the goodwill and support from the Ladies how could it not have been a good year. She was honoured to have been our Captain in 2012. 3

MOTION TO AMEND ITEM 6.5 OF THE LADIES CONSTITUTION The Lady Captain read the amendment to the constitution and explained the background. “That the Constitution of the Club shall be amended by the deletion of the Rule 6.5 and by the substitution in its stead the following provision “6.5.1 In order to be eligible for election as an Officer or as a Member of the Committee of the Club or in order to be eligible to nominate a Member as an Officer or as a Member of the Committee of the Club, a Member must be a Member of the Club for at least five full years on 31 December immediately preceding the year of election or the making of the nomination. However, the said period may be reduced to three years where such Member had already been a five-day golf member or an under -28 golf member for no less than five years.” The Lady Captain explained that the resolution would expand the numbers who would be eligible to vote, would encourage younger members to become more involved in the Ladies club and clarified that the proposed amendment meant that 5 Day and U 28 members would be golf members for a minimum of 8 years before they were eligible to nominate or propose members for election. Ann-Marie stated that there would be a wider age group to go forward for Committee. She opened the discussion to the floor before a show of hands. Virginia Costello asked exactly how many years a 5 Day member had now to be a golf member before they are eligible. The Lady Captain explained that a 5 Day member must be a 5 Day member for 5 years and a full member for 3 years and they would be eligible then. Niamh Klinkenberg asked could a 5 Day member never go on committee. The Lady Captain advised her that Committee members must be a full member for five full years in order to serve on Committee. Maire Mansfield asked if Lady Associates are affected by this resolution and the Lady Captain said that it was only relevant to 5 day and U 28 members. Ann O’Driscoll said she misunderstood the resolution and thought it meant one could be a 5 day member for 2 years and a full member for 3 years and they would be eligible then. AnnMarie clarified that that was not the case. Jackie Gilroy asked that if you were a 5 Day for 1 year and a full member for 7 years that you would not be eligible and this was a step backwards. The Lady Captain clarified that once you were a full member for 5 years you are eligible for committee. Darina O’Hanlon asked if you were a full member for a period of years and then reverted to 5 Day membership would you be eligible for election. Again the Lady Captain stated that a member must be a full member to be nominated for committee. The Lady Captain asked for a show of hands for those in favour and she reminded 5 Days were unable to vote and that a 2/3’s majority was needed.

EXCHANGE OF BADGES OF OFFICE Lady Captain Ann-Marie presented the incoming Lady Captain Marguerite with her Blazer and Badge of Office. Marguerite then pinned the replica brooch on Ann-Marie’s blazer. The Lady Captain invited the incoming Lady Captain to address the meeting. 4

INCOMING LADY CAPTAIN’S ADDRESS The incoming Lady Captain said that she was humbled greatly honoured and very privileged to be Lady Captain of this prestigious golf club Elm Park. She thanked Ann-Marie for affording her this wonderful honour, (thanks also to Nicola Hogan who invited her on to the ladies committee.) she congratulated Ann-Marie on a tremendously successful year as Lady Captain. Marguerite said she was looking forward to the coming year, she knew it would be a busy time –challenging – but enjoyable. She would do her very best during her term in office to keep up the high standards and Traditions set by her predecessors. She warmly welcomed the new committee members, Anne de Lacy Hon Sec., Mary-Frances Howard and Collette Langan. Also a word of thanks to her officers, Sheila Smith Hon Treasurer, Helen O Connor Handicaps Sec Committee members Clare Bergin, Betty Connolly, Margaret McCann, Eithne McDonald and Jackie Weldon and bid adeu to Anita, Beatrice and Pauline I wish them well. She extended her congratulations and very best wishes on behalf of the Ladies Club to the President Brendan Carrigy, Men’s Captain Frank Lyons, who she looked to forward to working with, and to the Tennis Captain Alan Barrett. The Lady Captain’s Day would be Saturday 15th June she hoped that everyone will have played the required 3, 18 hole competitions to be eligible for her prize. Lady Captain Marguerite would keep her fingers crossed for good weather. The Lady Captain’s outing was so successful last year that she decided to have another swap day. This year it will be with Hermitage on Tuesday 24th September. It will be a shotgun start to facilitate all dining together, it worked so well last year. She invited the 9 hole ladies, to consider playing this year as in Hermitage the 1st and 10th Tee are near the club-house –so this should be possible. Marguerite reminded everyone that The Spring Lamb Competition starts next Sunday, and that it was not too late to enter. This year, on a trial basis, teams would consist of 6 players with 3 scores to count. The committee are hoping that this format will lead to the teams being more closely contested and an exciting finish. The Nutley Cup qualifying entry every year has caused confusion with having to put yes/no on score cards so to eliminate that confusion this year Marguerite advised that it will be a straight entry like the Senior Matchplay. There will be a new Fourball Matchplay Competition in early March. This should help the Miele and Bloom teams to have fourball matchplay practice, it will be open for everyone to compete. The incoming Lady Captain said that the committee will be reviewing the prize structures for the weekly competitions, every 18 hole competition will have an overall winner, runner up, and gross and then further prizes in each class. Golfer of the year will be updated regularly. Marguerite advised that the Ladies Senior Open Competition will be on the 26th March which will be a singles Competition and asked us to support this competition. This year Invitational timesheets will open 2 weeks before the invitational competition and always on the Wednesday evening at 6.30. Marguerite noted that our teams are entered for the Inter club matchplay and await the draw in February. The managers are in place and Marion Walsh has again agreed to be the team coordinator. She recalled that there was some success over the last few years, reaching the Leinster finals last year, but would like to limb that extra hurdle and gain a pennant – with that in mind – the club motto translated is “It is possible to those who deem it so” . The incoming Lady Captain stated that she had set up a team advisory group (TAG) to help and advice team managers. The 5

practice lights will be in place shortly, team managers will be contacted – She urged everyone to get involved with teams as a player, caddy or as a much needed supporter. She reminded the members that the teams need them and to please check the notice board for all team information. The Lady Captain thanked Mary Boden, our junior liaison officer and her predecessor Mary Crowe for all their help and encouragement to our young promising talented golfers. She reminded us that we have a very active junior girls section. Lady Captain Marguerite said that we had extremely successful Themed Presentation nights last year which she hoped to continue this year. She appealed to everyone to support these wonderful nights in the Ladies Club and strongly encouraged all prize-winners to please make a very special effort to come and collect their prizes. The friendship table should also encourage more ladies to come on these nights. She reminded the members the Thursday is Ladies Day, While it is the game of golf that brings us all together – she believed that friendship formed and supported in happy and not so happy times, is truly at the heart of what IS Elm Park. To this end she said that there will be a Lady Captain’s table – an open table in the dining room every Thursday night- She would like to think, that most of the ladies, if not all, would dine with her sometime during her year. Paul the restaurant Manager has agreed to have a one course special for €15 with complimentary tea/coffee. She asked the members to please book with the dining room for the Lady Captain’s table. She stated that she will be available at any time and her committee will welcome and give consideration to any suggestions the members may have. She invited the ladies to write them down and place them in the scorecard box in the locker room. She thanked the ladies for their support and good wishes and encouragement. To Ann-Marie she hoped that she will enjoy her well-deserved retirement after a wonderfully successful year. Finally the incoming Lady Captain wished everyone good health, good golfing and good weather for 2013. ANY OTHER BUSINESS

The timesheet for Club Week was raised and it was queried if the Sunday evening draw would continue this year as it is not always convenient for members to attend The locker situation was raised by Virginia Costello. She enquired if there is an official waiting list for lockers and how lockers are allocated.

The Lady Captain closed the meeting.