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ED I T IO N 20 15- 16


to the latest edition of Abdos Labtech product catalog. Abdos Labtech Private Limited is a manufacturer of high quality plastic laboratory products. Established in 2009 our state-of-art manufacturing facility is located at Roorkee, Uttarakhand about 4 hours from India capital New Delhi. Since inception we have been prototyping, designing, developing and producing high quality plastic products for used in life science laboratory around the world. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and CE marked with intense quality control measures and periodic reviews to ensure our plant and maintenance system run effectively and efficiently leaving no compromise on the quality served to the end user. We manufacture industry-leading products through our efficient machines, precise mould, virgin medical grade resin, automatic platforms and clean room. This edition of the product catalogue with 12-product line demonstrates our continuous endeavor to cover large aspects of end users needs. As always we are constantly evaluating new products keeping in mind new areas of growth and end users needs. Abdos Labtech is part of the Abdos Group established in the year 1967. The group has other business interests in laminated tubes, contract manufacturing, woven sacks, distribution and FMCG. Our group longterm relationships include global companies like Unilever and TATA. We thank all our stakeholders, customers and channel partners for their continuous support in the growth of Abdos.




ASSURED QUALITY “ We at Abdos, promise to provide complete consumer satisfaction by emphasizing strongly on continual improvement through lean business processes with the engagement of employees at all levels. ”

OBJECTIVE We are committed to provide best quality products to our consumers at best possible prices. We will strive to innovate and respond creatively and competitively to changes in external environment and technological advancement. We believe our strength lies in our employees and we are ever so willing to give them training, equipment and tools to empower them to be confident of quality. We conduct periodic reviews to ensure our plant and maintenance systems run effectively and efficiently so that there is no compromise on quality.




NON-PYROGENIC CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS Every lot of Abdos Micro Tips, Micro Centrifuge Tubes, Centrifuge Tubes, Cryo Vials, Petri Dish, Radioimmunoassay (Ria) Vials, Pasteur Pipette & other products are tested for Pyrogenic. This report certifies that samples of the above products obtained from finished products are Non-Pyrogenic. Endotoxin levels are < 0.06 EU/ml. Products were tested for Endotoxins by the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) Gel Clot Assay. PROCEDURE: Lot samples of the products were extracted according to current FDA guidelines in Pyrogen free water and the extract solution was then assayed along with the positive and negative controls. The sensitivity of the LAL Gel Clot Assay was 0.06 EU/ml. (A)  P10105 Lot No-1503001 , (B) P60102 Lot No-1503007, (C) P10202 Lot No-,1503036 (D) P10401 Lot No-1503009, (E) P10403 Lot No-1503010 RESULTS: Endotoxin levels