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KPMG – We Build Leaders Future Diversity Leaders Program and Corporate Management Internship Program KPMG is focused on increasing the dive...
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KPMG – We Build Leaders Future Diversity Leaders Program and Corporate Management Internship Program

KPMG is focused on increasing the diversity of our work force, and we are achieving this through our FDL and CMI programs. Both Programs provide leadership training and grant access to early internships.

Future Diversity Leaders (FDL) program KPMG’s Future Diversity Leaders (FDL) program is a structured leadership development and scholarship program for high-achieving minority freshmen and sophomore college students in business curriculums. Participants receive both financial support and professional support through mentoring relationships with KPMG professionals. The FDL program begins with a three-day leadership conference hosted by KPMG in Hollywood, CA, their high academic achievement will receive a full-time job offer at KPMG.

The FDL program represents a multi-year commitment to participants and can result in tremendous opportunities to launch a challenging and rewarding career in business. The Future Diversity Leaders program is focused on increasing the diversity of the corporate arena. Future Diversity Leaders encourages students to consider pursuing a career in business, while preparing those same high-potential students to be the business leaders of tomorrow.

The Corporate Management Internship (CMI) program KPMG strongly believes in the importance of internships. The Corporate Management Internship (CMI) program is a “stepping stone” for building your career at KPMG LLP. The program is designed to provide diverse students with valuable experiences that include professional development, client service, and an opportunity to start building a strong network of professional relationships that can assist with building your career. This multi-year experience is designed for students who have two or more summers available to intern. The CMI program is more than just a job and a paycheck. Our CMI program offers you the opportunity for:

• Professional Development and Training – You will have the opportunity to learn about our firm, culture and technology through a variety of presentations and online training courses your first week. Additionally, you will participate in an interactive conference designed specifically for CMIs. This conference will help you to further develop your skills and knowledge during your internship. • Assignments – You will be assigned various projects and responsibilities throughout the summer to help you to gain a better understanding of KPMG LLP and a career with an audit, tax and advisory firm. We feel that on-the-job experiences are some of the best forms of professional development.

• The Performance Management Process – This process is designed to help you have a successful internship experience. You will be provided with a team of people that will serve as a resource for your growth and development during your internship. They will also provide you with the tools to manage your career. You will be assigned a performance manager who will provide you with your responsibilities and oversee your performance. At the beginning of your internship you will set goals and to help you assess how you measure against your goals, you will receive formal

feedback from your performance manager. This process will help you identify strengths and areas for improvement. You will also be assigned a mentor who will serve as a personal, professional and social resource during your internship. Your mentor will help guide you through your internship and expose you to various opportunities. • Networking – A number of social activities are planned throughout the internship program, allowing you the opportunity to bond with other interns and meet other KPMG professionals in a fun and relaxing environment.

Diversity + Mobility + Opportunity = KPMG. It all adds up to a GREAT career. To be eligible for our FDL and CMI programs students must have demonstrated the following: • Strong academic performance • Effective communication, leadership and time management skills • A demonstrated and continuing commitment to diversity within your school and/or community • At least one year of education from an accredited college/ university at the time you begin your internship and at least two summers left before completing your degree.

• Interest in a profession in accounting • Leadership skills, and a demonstrated commitment to diversity • Ability to work as a team and strive for personal effectiveness and professionalism KPMG. A great place to build your career.

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