Korowal School. FORTNIGHTLY NEWSLETTER 15 September, Volume 31 - Issue 10

Korowal School 77 Scott Avenue Leura NSW 2780 Phone: 4757 2253 Fax: 4757 2037 E mail: [email protected] We’re on the web! www.korowal.nsw.edu.au...
Author: Daniel Black
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Korowal School 77 Scott Avenue Leura NSW 2780 Phone: 4757 2253 Fax: 4757 2037 E mail: [email protected] We’re on the web! www.korowal.nsw.edu.au


15 September, 2008 - Volume 31 - Issue 10

Dates to remember 15-17/09/08

3,4,5 Camp


Pathways - Road Safety Day


Year 10 Camp


HSC Biology Excursion


End of term celebration - 6-9pm


Working bee at Hazelbrook 12-4pm


Year 12 Sleepover


Year 12 Farewell

FUNDRAISING Our TRIVIA NIGHT has been postponed until term 1 next year. RAFFLE TICKETS are on sale in the office for three fabulous raffles. You could win: one of two luxury accommodation packages for two at the Segenhoe Inn in the Hunter Valley a Zimbabwean wall hanging (on display in the office) a free pass for the Aquatic Centres Our ON THE GROOVE music fundraiser at Wentworth Falls School of Arts will be held on November 23rd, featuring“The Field”, “Snaketown Rattlers” and Rachel Hannan. !"#$%&'($)!#*+%,$-&&$./00$12$3204$56$789:;4893$ 72?92@12;$A;5@$B=$C$D$?@E )!#*F$G0286/6HI$?;2?8;89/56$A5;$?8/69/6HI$ :642;G589/6HI$;:11/J3$;2@5K80 "7&L"M$&N"+OP&%(F$G0286/6H$H28;Q$?8/69/6H$H28;Q$ 9;8/02;JQ$.3220$18;;5.J

Last day of Term 3 - 26th Sept First day of Term 4 - 13th Oct

RELOCATION NEWS The “Korowal On the Move” newsletter is no more! Relocation news will now be included in the school newsletter. If you have any questions or suggestions about our relocation please contact Annie Carment on 0431352022 or [email protected]. Our first working bee was held on Sunday 29th August. Many thanks to the tireless team who cleaned several rooms from top to bottom, scraped and stacked bricks and took rubbish to the dump. Building work is well underway. Walls have been demolished in spaces that will become classrooms, computer room, library and art rooms. Electricians and plumbers have begun their work. Surveyors have pegged out the road works. We are very grateful to our builder, Jurjen Teernstra, who is co-ordinating the project skilfully and cheerfully. Thank you to everyone who has forwarded pledged donations to our building fund or organised a payment arrangement with Narelle. If you have not yet done so, please contact Narelle as soon as possible. Every donation is very much appreciated. Every donation will be spent on absolutely essential facilities for the education of our students.

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