Kenwood Country Club~ Golf Guide 2013

Kenwood Country Club~ Golf Guide 2013 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the 2013 golf season at Kenwood Country Club. By now you have received thi...
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Kenwood Country Club~ Golf Guide 2013 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the 2013 golf season at Kenwood Country Club. By now you have received this year’s golf schedule. It took a substantial amount of work and coordination to achieve this schedule for all golfers at Kenwood Country Club. Our COO, Kraig Kanitz, the Banquet Department, our professional golf staff, and the Golf Committee have all contributed to the schedule. The schedule of golf events is made with serious thought and input from a number of people. I would first like to thank all the members on the Golf Committee who provide their time and energy for the planning of a successful and enjoyable golf season. The Golf Committee includes myself as Chairperson, as well as other golfers I invited to participate, and the professional staff. My selections were intended to achieve a cross section of all golfing interests and categories. This year’s Golf Committee members are: William T. Allred Sue Brainer Lesli Hopping James Barone Dan Walsh Adam Brady Tami Blowers

Debbie Lach Greg Franklin Beth Giannetti Linda Pruis Bronson McCord Steve Turnbull Steve Wheeler, Past Chair

During the season if you have any questions or suggestions regarding golf activities at Kenwood Country Club, please do not hesitate to contact any of the abovementioned individuals. These individuals will report your ideas or concerns to the appropriate committee or subcommittee for discussion and resolution. It is hoped that all of you will enjoy participation in the Club’s golf activities. This year, inside and outside the Pro Shop, there will be postings and live streaming notices on the televisions of upcoming golf events and information. Your active participation is encouraged. Wishing you a fun filled and successful golf season, John Wykoff Golf Committee Chairperson

Gil Gusweiler, PGA Director of Golf

Who’s Who in The Pro Shop

Gil Gusweiler, PGA Director of Golf [email protected]

Brian Jones, PGA Director of Instruction [email protected]

Ken Trusler Hard Goods Guru [email protected]

George Long, PGA Golf Professional [email protected]

Katie Guy Golf Professional [email protected]

Ashley Duff Golf Professional [email protected]

Courtney Dunfee Merchandiser [email protected]

2013 KCC Golf


Welcome all Kenwood golfers, new and old! We can’t wait to see all of you enjoying the golf amenities this year! Let’s make this year one to remember! Once again we have a golf season filled with great events and lots of opportunities to enjoy the courses and practice facilities. We hope to see a lot more of you and your family on the golf course this year. Come see us!

Special Golf Events

Master’s Par 3 Event - April 10 Saturday Morning League Couples Twilights - Friday evenings once a month Men’s Member-Guest - June 13, 14, 15 Family Golf Days - Sunday Afternoons Parent-Child Events - June & July Ladies McLassie Invitational - August 7 Couples Member - Guest - September 7 Holiday Events - On all holiday weekends Greenskeeper’s Revenge - Friday after Thanksgiving

Tournament Descriptions

Master’s Par 3 Event - Warm up the year with a non-traditional event. Play all 9 of Kenwood’s par 3’s in a Masters rendition. All holes played at 150 yards or shorter, except #11 Kenview at 175 yards. Saturday Morning League - Relaxed, fun weekend golf for those who can get out of the house for the morning! Couples Twilights - Bring out the spouse and play nine holes on Fridays, once a month. Enjoy special drinks, golf and dinner with your friends. Men’s Member-Guest Invitational - Invite a guest and participate in Kenwood’s premier men’s event of the year. Family Golf Days - Time for the whole family to spend together and have a good time on the golf course. Parent-Child Events - Kids of all ages can participate in these fun parent-child events. Mother & son, mother & daughter, father & son, and father & daughter events, something for everyone. Ladies McLassie Invitational - Invite a guest or three and enjoy a day of golf and food with your friends. Couples Member-Guest - An event to invite your guests to a spectacular day at Kenwood. Treat yourselves and your friends to “Excellence”. Holiday Events - Saturday mornings on holiday weekends enjoy an 18 hole men’s game for an 8:30 shotgun. Don’t forget - tee times are needed on the holidays, so call one week in advance and make a tee time. Greenskeeper’s Revenge - End your year with a bang! Enjoy the day Denny Warner puts together for you as you experience golf like never before.

2013 Men’s Golf


Attention all golf fanatics! It’s that time of year again to get back in the groove of golf. We are ready for our snowbirds to return and the weather to break! Make sure you plan ahead at home to be able to come and participate in all of our great golfing events for the year.

Men’s Golf Events

Opening Day - **Thursday, April 18 Thursday Night League - beginning May 2 Two Man Challenge - Drawing May 15 Cup Tournament - June 1-2 Member - Guest - June 13-15 Club Championship - July 13-14, 20-21 Kenwood Klassic - July 18 Senior Club Championship - August 3-4 Senior Handicap - August 10 Club Two Man - August 17-18

Tournament Descriptions Opening Day - Now moved to Thursday, April 18, 11:30 lunch and 1:00 shotgun. Thursday Night League - Show up and play an informal, fun 9 holes. 6:00pm weekly. Two Man Challenge - Find a partner and play in this summer long match play challenge. Need more information? Learn more from John Wykoff and Mike Hopping. Member-Guest - The tournament of the year! Invite a guest and compete in a round robin format. Lots of golf, lots of food, lots of drinks, and lots of fun! Don’t miss out! Cup Tournament - Compete for your Cup, while experiencing all 36 holes at Kenwood. Club Championship - Compete like the pros! Two weekends full of competitive golf. Kenwood Klassic - Gather your friends and enjoy the best day at Kenwood. Two shotguns, a gluttony of food and drinks, and prizes galore. You’re sure to go home happy! Club Two Man - Two man teams compete in a two day, double format event. A seasonal must for anyone who enjoys friendly competition. Senior Tournaments - Ages 50 & up come and play against your peers for the Club Championship or the Handicap Tournament. Enjoy Kenwood in a fun, competitive atmosphere. FROG’s Men’s Group - Tuesday & Thursday morning golf league for men. Starting in early spring, the group draws for pairings each day and participates in a cash game to keep it fun. A friendly, low key atmosphere for those of you who have the spare time to play during the week. Questions? Talk to Gig Franklin. Evans Scholar Par Club Contributions

The Par Club supports the Evans Scholarship fund which provides full tuition to young men & women caddies nationwide. We proudly support the Evans Scholar Program at Kenwood. Please contact Chuck Deidesheimer for more information.

2013 Ladies Golf


Come and experience women’s golf at KCC! Offering a wide selection of golf activities for the beginner golfer to the everyday golfer. Fill your calendar with clinics, golf schools, and leagues for the entire summer. Our ladies golf events allow you to meet new friends, catch up with old ones, enjoy a day on the golf course, improve your game, and most of all have fun! Check the website, Kenviews, Facebook page, email, and Golf Shop, and your 2013 league booklet for further information. Ladies Meet n’ Greet

Stop by the Ladies Meet n’ Greet, April 9th from 5:30 pm - 7:00pm. Meet our staff, find out about everything in ladies golf at KCC, win door prizes, enjoy drinks and appetizers.

Ladies Golf Activities

Ladies Meet & Greet - Tuesday, April 9 18 Holers - Wednesday’s beginning April 17 9 Holers - Thursday’s beginning April 18 One Day Schools - April 23, April 30 Tuesday Night League - Beginning April 30 Tuesday Night Clinics - Beginning April 30 Golf School - May 14, 15, 16 Get Golf Ready - 2 Sessions throughout May Short Game Clinic - One a month on Saturdays Individual & Group Lessons - anytime

Ladies Golf Descriptions

18 Hole League - Wednesday morning league for ladies who want to enjoy a day on the links. Weekly golf consists of fun events and friendly competitive tournaments. Bring guests to the McLassie Invitational (August 7) for a great event of golf, food, and prizes at a great price! 9 Hole League - Thursday morning league for ladies of all golf experiences. Play fun, simple formats each week, enjoy lunch following play, invite friends to the invitational, and maybe even try the club championship. If you are a beginner, this is a great place to meet new friends, play more golf, and enjoy the fun, laidback atmosphere. If you’re a seasoned golfer, there’s no doubt you’ll have a good time on the course, too. Tuesday Night Ladies League - Enjoy some golf in the evening, whether it’s after work or just to get out of the house. This league is designed for all playing levels. Fun, relaxed golf, with a twist! Come find out what it’s all about! Tuesday’s at 6:00, beginning April 30th. Also, check out our clinics prior to golf, a 45 minute clinic each week focusing on one aspect at a time! Golf Clinics/Schools - All clinics and schools are for every level player. Enjoy a fun, relaxed learning atmosphere with your peers. For more information, refer to page 6.

2013 Junior Golf


Do you have children ages 4-17? Do you want them to learn about golf and all it has to offer? Want to spend some time with them during the summer? Our Junior Golf Program can fill your child’s summer with lots of golf, fun, and new friends! We offer camps, clinics, and tournaments for all juniors. Let us start a family tradition by participating in our Sunday family days! Make some time for your children and let them experience KCC out on the links!

Junior Golf Activities

Junior Golf Camps - June 18-21, June 25-28 Junior Club Championship - June 29 Little Linkers - Wednesday & Friday mornings during summer Junior Summer Series - Wednesdays & Fridays during July After School Clinics - Spring and Fall Sessions on Wednesdays Family Golf Days - Sundays throughout the summer Parent - Child Tournaments beginning in June

Junior Golf Activity Descriptions Golf Camps - Children ages 8 - 17 enjoy 4 days of golf! Learning all aspects of the game while making it fun with contests, prizes, and on course experience. Juniors are grouped into like ages and abilities to provide them with the best learning experience. Junior Club Championship - Compete to be the best junior golfer at Kenwood. Little Linkers - Children ages 4 - 7! Bring your little tikes to the links and let them have a good time playing fun, educational golf games! We strive to make sure the kids have a fun, safe experience learning golf. Participants enjoy playing SNAG golf, an interactive learning technique using bigger clubheads, tennis balls, and much more! Junior Summer Series - Series of clinics focused on all areas of golf. This is an extension to the golf camps. We will be building on the core fundamentals learned in camp during this four week period. Participants will review basic fundamentals, compete in skills challenges, and play golf. After School Clinics - Spring and Fall sessions. One hour clinics after school to keep the kids active and learning and helping them become better golfers. Family Golf Sundays - Fun, relaxed golf with your family. This is a way to bring out the whole family for a day of golf! Parent-Child Events - Enjoy 9 or 18 holes with your child in a fun, competitive atmosphere.

2013 Game Improvement


It’s almost time to get back out on the links! Feel rusty? Need to dust the cobwebs off? Ready to really practice and make a difference in your golf game this season? Our professional staff can get you in the swing of things! Offering individual and group lessons as well as several clinics to improve your game.

Game Improvement Staff Brian Jones, PGA - Teaching Professional Gil Gusweiler, PGA - Director of Golf George Long, PGA - Instructor, PGA Professional Katie Guy - Instructor, PGA Apprentice Ashley Duff - Instructor, PGA Apprentice Ken Trusler - Club Fitting Specialist, Hard Goods Guru Call the Golf Shop to set up a lesson with any of our qualified instructors. Direct Line #513-561-7397

NEW for 2013!

Real time swing data analysis! Your golf professionals will have access to the swingbyte for lessons. Learn instantly with data about your swing and then let our professionals give you the tools to improve and perfect it. Look for other game improvement technology coming soon!

Lesson Prices: PGA Professionals 1/2 Hour Adult Lesson = $60 1 Hour Adult Lesson = $90 1/2 Hour Junior Lesson = $45 1 Hour Junior Lesson = $70 PGA Apprentices 1/2 Hour Adult Lesson = $50 1 Hour Adult Lesson = $80 1/2 Hour Junior Lesson = $35 1 Hour Junior Lesson = $60

2013 Clinics Short Game Clinics - One Saturday a month Ladies Golf School - May 14-16 Ladies Tuesday Evening Clinics - Beginning April 30 Ladies One Day Schools - April 23 & April 30 Junior Activities (see Junior Golf page) **NEW Get Golf Ready - Session I May 2 - 16 & Session II May 23 - June 6 (Thursdays and Sundays)

Clinic Descriptions

Short Game Clinics - Touches on every aspect of the short game, teaching practice techniques, drills, and basic learning skills. Ladies Golf School - 3 day school concentrating on every aspect of the game. One hour clinics followed by on course integration of what you learn each day. Great for beginners and also helpful for intermediate players. Ladies Tuesday Evening Clinics - We will spend 45 minutes at the range or short game area focusing on everything golf. Learn the basics and advanced techniques with ease. Then head out to the course for our Tuesday Night Ladies League. Ladies One Day Schools - Highlights specific areas of the game in two, two hour clinics. NEW!! Get Golf Ready - New to golf? Learn everything you need to in two 5 week sessions. Our goal for these sessions is to make you feel comfortable to come out and play golf anytime, with anyone. Interested in new clubs? We’ve got the tools to get you the right ones. Before going out and buying a set of golf clubs it is now customary to be “fit” for them. Every golf swing is different and to help you become a better player we are able to custom fit your clubs to your swing, helping you hit it farther, straighter, and more consistent. Contact the Golf Shop for more information, 513-561-7397, or see Ken Trusler, our Custom Club Fitting Specialist.

General Information


Checking In for Golf- It is important that everyone checks in with the Pro Shop prior to starting your round. This ensures proper billing and lets us know how many players we have on the course. Visiting the Pro Shop also allows us to inform you of any course closures, alternate starting tees, etc. Holiday Tee Times- KCC requires tee times for golf three times a year: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, & Labor Day. Tee times can be made beginning the Tuesday before the Holiday. Tee times are strongly encouraged for the Holiday Weekend, but are not required. Making a tee time on these busy days allows us to prepare for your arrival and get you on the course quickly. Bag Room & Bag Drop- We have a full staff of Bag Room personnel to assist you in getting you on the course quickly. By calling ahead, our staff can have your bag on the deck and ready when you arrive. Also, please have your guests utilize the bag drop (on the right of the driveway) so they do not have to carry their clubs. Locker Room- Our locker room attendants offer shoe shining, spike replacement, and guest lockers for both men & women. Men- leave your shoes outside your lockers for service. Ladies- place your shoes in the designated locker for service. If your guests would like a locker, please let us know and we will have a temporary name tag placed on the locker for you. Locker Room Service: Al Adolphson, 513-527-4029 -Tuesday thru Sunday, 10:00am - 6:00pm

Guest Information 2013 Guest Rate (April 15-October 15) 18 Holes Tuesday - Friday: $79 per player Weekends & Holidays: $95 per player Twilight Rate (Thurs-Sat): $65 per player Family Rate Weekday: $40 per player Family Rate Weekend: $50 per player (Family guests include immediate family members only.) 9 Holes Tuesday-Friday: $40 per player Weekends & Holidays: $50 per player Family Rate Weekday: $20 per player Family Rate Weekend: $25 per player (Family guests include immediate family members only.) Guest Restrictions Kendale Thurs: No guest(s): 11:30 AM to 1PM Saturday & Sunday: No guest(s) until 10 AM Holidays: No guest(s) until 12 PM Kenview Wed: Closed for women until approx. 1 PM Thurs: Closed for women until approx. 12 PM Members may have up to 11 guests with permission of Director of Golf.

Locker & Bag Storage

Lockers and bag storage are both offered for your convenience through the Pro Shop. The locker fee includes use for the year, a key, and metal name plate. The bag storage fee provides you with bag storage for the year and a personalized metal bag tag. Please inquire with the Pro Shop staff if you would like to be added to this service.

Caddie Information Kenwood takes pride in its long standing Caddie Program and encourages members to take caddies when they are available. In season, they are available on a first come, first serve basis unless you have made a reservation. Caddie reservations are encouraged and appreciated. Please call the caddie shack 513561-4734 or the Pro Shop 513-561-7397 to request a caddie for your next round. Pricing 9H 18H Honor Caddie $15 $28 Adult Caddie $13 $25 AA $12 $23 A $10 $20 B $9 $18 Plus Gratuity If you have questions about our Caddie Program, please call Pat Hines (Caddie Master) at 513-561-4734

Dress Code Proper golf attire must be worn on the golf course, practice range, and putting green.  Shirts with collars are required at all times. Traditional collars, turtlenecks, and mocknecks are acceptable. Ladies may wear shirts without sleeves or collars, however, Tshirts, tank tops & tennis/athletic tops are not acceptable.  Golf shorts (similar in style to walking/Bermuda) should be of an appropriate and tasteful length. Skorts/skirts for ladies should also be a tasteful length.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times for men.  Denim jeans, cut off shorts, athletic shorts, warm-up or yoga pants, short shorts, cargo pants, and swimming attire are not permitted at any time.  Cargo shorts for men must be worn above the knee.  All hats and visors are requested to be worn facing forward. **Members are cautioned to alert their guests to the dress code. It will be strictly enforced at all times. If you have any questions about acceptable attire, please inquire.


Pro Shop News 2013 Club manufacturers and footwear companies are pulling out all the stops this year. 2013 is a year of game changing innovation. Stop in this Spring and check out the latest advancements from your favorite companies. New Items of NoteFOOTWEAR: From the Adidas adiZERO to the Ecco Biom Zero, footwear has completely changed. The focus is on comfort and lightweight, waterproof construction. You have to feel it to believe it! CLUBS: Every club company has unveiled new technology. Demo’s will be available beginning in April and Demo Days will provide plenty of opportunities for you to find the right fit for your game. It’s amazing what they have come up with! CLOTHING: SOUTHERN TIDE is hitting Kenwood this Spring! At 20% off retail why get it anywhere else? Also coming this Fall, BROOKS BROTHERS. For the ladies, find your old favorites as well as a few new. Check out Lizze Driver Golf Apparel in April, made in America with impeccable fabrication & styling. SAVE-THE-DATE for a Vineyard Vines Trunk Show! Tuesday, April 30 from 4 to 6 PM. View the summer and fall lines and get special discounts. All members invited!

Demo Day Schedule

2013 Golf Events Calendar

April 20 - TaylorMade April 25 - Callaway April 27 - Ping May 4 - Nike May 11 - Callaway May 18 - Cleveland May 25 - Adams All events are from 9AM-3PM

April 10- Master’s Par 3 Tournament April 17 - Ladies Opening Day April 18 - Men’s Opening Day June 1, 2 - Cup Tournament June 13-15 - Member Guest June 18 - Father/Daughter June 22 - Mother/Son June 29 - Father/Son (18 Holes) July 9 - Mother/Daughter July 11 - 9 Hole Invitational July 13, 14 & 20, 21 - Club Championship July 18 - Klassic July 25 - Father/Son (9 Holes) July 27, August 3, 4 - Ladies Club Championship August 3, 4 - Senior Club Championship August 7 - McLassie August 10 - Senior Handicap August 17, 18 - Club 2-Man September 7 - Couples Member Guest September 18 - 18 Hole Closing Day September 19 - 9 Hole Closing Day

Ladies Meet & Greet Stop by to meet our staff, find out about upcoming events, and learn more about ladies golf at KCC. Door prizes, raffle, drinks, and appetizers. Tuesday, April 9, 5:30PM to 7PM Important Contact Information Pro Shop Direct Line 513-561-7397 Caddy Reservations 513-561-4734 Snack Shack 513-561-4025 Men’s Locker Room 513-527-4029 Medical Emergency 513-272-4276

For a complete list of events, clinics, and junior programs, check the Kenviews and