Kenandy Cloud ERP Overview

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White Paper

Kenandy Cloud ERP Overview TM

Intelligent ERP for Business Transformation

KenandyTM Cloud ERP

Key Benefits

Kenandy Cloud ERP Overview

• Easy to use

Technology is powering disruptive business models in every industry sector. Mobile, social,

• Global

global, and real-time visibility—these are the capabilities that you need in your business processes to stay relevant today. But, most of all, you need to be able to adapt to the next

• Social

change, because change is happening at an ever faster rate. That’s why we created the

• Mobile

of solution that adapts to your business, rather than your business having to adapt to the

• Real-time visibility • Fast deployment • Users can tailor – Add fields – Change workflows – Create reports and dashboards

• IT can customize – Integrate to other apps – Extend with custom apps

• Customizations protected during updates • Secure • Scalable • Predictable per-user per-month pricing

Kenandy Cloud ERP Platform from a clean sheet of paper. The result is a totally different type system. With flexibility for you to change your business process anytime, Kenandy helps you keep pace with the changes that tomorrow will bring. Kenandy allows you to continuously tune your business to take advantage of opportunities and improve results. When your business process changes, you can change your system. Integrate new areas of the business—for example, acquisitions or regional operations—very quickly. Personalize the user experience. Create dashboards on the fly. Add new fields, logic or workflows. Don’t worry about getting stuck on old, out-of-date releases. Your customizations are preserved during updates that deliver new technologies and capabilities, so you can keep up with technology change, too.

Empower Users with ERP That’s Easy to Use Empower your employees, customers and suppliers with a real-time, global, mobile, and social “single source of truth.” • Intuitive user experience—easy-to-use design speeds and expands user adoption • The right user experience for everyone—designs for the mobile, casual and heads-down user • Easy to learn—multilingual context-sensitive Help, training videos, and support form the Kenandy Community of experts and users • Mobile—access anywhere, anytime and on any device • Social—collaborate to resolve issues quickly. Capture and store an audit trail of your communications and resolutions • Real-time visibility—access to a secure, real-time single source of master data, transactions and conversations


KenandyTM Cloud ERP

Empower Your Business with ERP That’s Easy to Implement Quickly integrate new businesses, acquisitions and new markets with automated operational and financial business processes. • Complete integrated ERP—Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, Planning and Production, Global Financials, and Trade Promotion Management • Global foundation—multilingual, multicurrency, multi-country, and multi-company

Kenandy’s architecture allows you to modify business processes and the user experience, including screens, dashboards and even

• No hardware or software to buy or install—true multitenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) • Scalable per-user per-month price—no large up-front costs, no maintenance fee • Fast Deployment—implementations as fast as 90 days with rapid “see-it-as-you-go” sprints • Templatized implementations—standardize business practices across subsidiaries or geographies

Empower IT with ERP That’s Easy to Change

the device. This doesn’t

Adapt to change very quickly, customize with clicks not code, extend business processes

require programmers.

50% faster, and always stay up-to-date.

Simplicity and this “Do It Yourself” aspect were among the primary reasons Blue Clover Devices selected Kenandy. Cindy Jutras, President Mint Jutras

• Reduce the IT backlog—business experts can easily add fields, customize workflows, build dashboards and reports for themselves • Build extensions faster—Kenandy is built on the #1 Platform as a Service, the Salesforce1 Platform, which speeds custom extensions • Easy to integrate—APIs, user and IT tools accelerate integration across the enterprise to non-Kenandy cloud and legacy applications • Update protection—customizations and integrations are secure and protected even when Kenandy updates the core package • Secure and scalable—highest level of security and the proven scalability of the Salesforce1 Platform

Trust Kenandy to Get You There Kenandy is built on the Salesforce1 Platform, a proven, scalable and secure platform serving more than 150,000 organizations and 3 billion transactions per day with an average request response time of less than 250 ms—all with an average up time of over 99.9 percent.


KenandyTM Cloud ERP

With a multitenant SaaS solution, new product functionality is delivered quickly, with three updates per year.

Kenandy is the Scalable Cloud ERP Platform for Business Transformation The adoption of cloud solutions in midsize companies and large global enterprises is rapidly growing. Kenandy is scalable, so the powerful software that in the past has only been available to multi-billion dollar enterprises is now being used to drive growth and innovation at smaller, fast-paced companies. Midsize businesses can use the extensible solution to streamline their operations and drive intelligence into their organizations. You’ll get real-time visibility into your business, so you can see what needs to change. Kenandy develops and delivers new functionality really, really fast—with 3 updates a year. You always have access to the latest version, because we apply the updates for you. You can quickly configure the software to meet your business needs and also reconfigure it as your

Kenandy delivers

needs change. And, best of all, your custom configurations will not be broken by new updates.

end-to-end integrated

Today, Kenandy offers complete Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, Planning and Production,


Global Financials, and Trade Promotion Management. With a roadmap driven by our customers, we will continue to build new applications you can leverage. If you need to scale to more users,

• Order-to-Cash

you can simply add users at any time.

• Procure-to-Pay • Planning and Production

Kenandy Cloud ERP

• Global Financials • Trade Promotion Management









Contract Manufacturers

Real-Time Reporting




Single Wide-Body Object Data Model TM




Configurable Multitenant

Protected Updates

Integration APIs




KenandyTM Cloud ERP

Order-to-Cash Kenandy automates your order-to-cash process for maximum efficiency and accuracy. With CRM integration, your sales team can generate sales orders directly from your opportunities. Sales orders drive your order forecast. Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Kenandy is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM and integrates easily with other CRM systems. Since Kenandy is on the cloud, everyone—your customers, employees and partners—has the right visibility into orders, shipments, inventory, invoices, and payments. So, even if you fulfill orders from different suppliers or contract manufacturers, Kenandy will help you orchestrate your global supply chain with ease. Eliminate slow and inaccurate manual processes. Improve the accuracy of your forecasts. Provide better information and faster responses to your customers.

Procure-to-Pay Kenandy Cloud ERP automates your global procure-to-pay process, so you can focus on improving your procurement strategy. Kenandy makes it easy, with one system to purchase goods and services for both your direct and indirect procurement needs. Your procurement process runs smoothly from requisition to payment—alerting you only when a problem needs your attention. Since Kenandy is on the cloud, everyone in your global supply chain—from your employees to your suppliers and contract manufacturers—can easily work together to make sure you get the right goods and services at the best cost.

Planning and Production With Kenandy Cloud ERP, you get the benefits of a powerful planning and production system that’s 100% cloud-based. Your employees and business partners get easy connectivity to a “single source of truth” and work together to get products to market faster. You get complete traceability of every component and every item throughout the supply chain. And you can quickly adapt your planning and production process to meet your changing business needs. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a made-to-order supplier, or a distribution service provider, Kenandy Cloud ERP combines ease-of-use with powerful, coordinated features appropriate for a global, distributed operation in the 21st century.

Global Financials Make better, faster, more informed business decisions with Kenandy Global Financials. Designed for companies that design, manufacture, and distribute products, Kenandy Global Financials gives you real-time visibility into business performance with secure access from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Get detailed, accurate, and up-to-the-second financial information on demand, so you can make critical and timely business decisions and close your books much more efficiently.


KenandyTM Cloud ERP

Kenandy Global Financials are tightly integrated with Kenandy order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and planning and production processes, ensuring that you always have accurate and real-time visibility into your financial picture. Designed for the needs of large enterprises, Kenandy has a multi-company, multi-country, multicurrency, and multilingual foundation, so you can do business anywhere in the world. And to track critical business metrics, Kenandy tools make it easy for end users to develop dashboards and reports. You’ll gain efficiency and reduce risk with end-to-end processes that run automatically and alert you to any exceptions.

Trade Promotion Management Applications and tools for managing trade promotions have never been more important. Over the last few years, consumer packaged goods companies have spent an average of 20% of their revenues on trade promotions, and that number continues to grow. However, a vast majority of organizations are still using basic spreadsheets and pencil-and-paper to plan, execute and assess this increasingly vital sales strategy. Kenandy lets you automatically gain instant insight and control by seamlessly integrating trade promotion management and ERP into one easy-to-use system. Kenandy’s all-in-one solution gives you complete visibility across your internal and supply chain networks, enabling you to accurately target, forecast, plan, and execute successful trade promotions. You can make adjustments on-the-fly to respond to ever changing consumer demand, and gain the immediate insight you need to measure campaign effectiveness.

Built on the Leading Cloud Platform Kenandy Cloud ERP is built on the Salesforce1 Platform, a proven platform renowned for scalability and reliability. By leveraging the Salesforce1 Platform, Kenandy can focus its development efforts on innovative ERP business applications, without having to maintain data centers or develop core infrastructure or manage database software. Salesforce does that for us and for you! You can redirect a significant portion of your budget from maintaining in-house complex hardware and software infrastructure to implementing applications and business processes that provide real business value quickly. And you or your IT staff can quickly build extensions or custom apps as needed for the unique needs of your business.

Services and Support Committed to Your Success Putting our decades of ERP expertise together with our growing network of consulting and application partners, our goal is to bring together all the services you need to maximize the benefits of Kenandy in the shortest time. From getting you up and running rapidly to keeping you at peak performance, Kenandy and its partners can deliver the services you need, when you need them.


KenandyTM Cloud ERP

Proactive Support Kenandy has tools and processes in place to notify you about new Kenandy functions and features, new releases and other important messages. You are always maintained at the latest software release. The Kenandy Community is a key component of Kenandy support. The Community is only available to Kenandy customers and partners, and is accessible directly from our application via single sign-on. You have the ability to interact with other customers and with Kenandy technical experts to discuss and resolve questions and problems, and share ideas and best practices. It includes a robust, searchable knowledgebase, as well as relevant technical material and tutorials that are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—wherever you are and whenever you want. Kenandy offers multiple levels of support so you can choose the best approach for your environment. Whether you choose our Foundation Support included with each license, or Premier Support for more comprehensive coverage, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered with expert assistance to keep your business operating at peak efficiency.

Implementation Services We can help you through the complete process, from mapping and loading your existing data, through training and go-live, into production. Or let us direct you to one of our consulting service partners, many of whom have experience with a range of systems and best practices along with their expertise in Kenandy Cloud ERP.

Professional Services Have additional needs for specialized business logic or application integration for your business? Our consulting services partners can provide professional services for advanced development and integration with your legacy systems or supply chain partners.

Move to the Cloud Now! To start your journey, you need to decide what route to take. The route that is best for your company depends on your strategic goals. Working with our customers and partners, we identified three routes to cloud ERP that provide significant value. Let’s look at each of these options.


KenandyTM Cloud ERP






Organizations that embrace two-tier ERP


strategies are better positioned to both navigate volatile global business conditions


Companies that have a core on-premises ERP for their corporate operations, but need to move quickly with acquisitions, global expansions, joint ventures or divestitures, or simply don’t

and acquire or divest

want to continue their long and costly on-premises roll-outs, are implementing a two-tier

operations that generate

employed for new and strategic areas of the business—with integration back to the corporate

operational efficiency and growth.

ERP strategy In this strategy, the on-premises ERP is kept at the corporate core. Cloud ERP is core, for example, to corporate finance.

System of Engagement

Cognizant 20-20 Insights, January 2013





Similar to a two-tier strategy, you may prefer to keep your on-premises ERP as a system of record for core functions, like financials. However, these systems do not have the speed and agility required to capture the opportunities of the connected economy. Kenandy can be implemented as an agile system of engagement on top of your existing ERP investments to orchestrate the new processes required to capitalize on the connected economy.


KenandyTM Cloud ERP

Both the two-tier and system of engagement deployment models offer you a proof of concept to experience the benefits of cloud ERP without disrupting your existing ERP. Integration with your existing ERP is easy to accomplish. And over time, as you see benefits, you can easily move more of your operations to the cloud.



For companies that are running aging legacy systems, the time has come for a full ERP replacement. Rather than take on a multi-year on-premises implementation, customers are moving to the cloud as a way to leapfrog into a modern architecture. Implement Kenandy Cloud ERP as your core operational system and get the benefits of faster time-to-value, greater collaboration with your customers and partners, and more flexibility to adapt to changing business demands.

Get Started Today Whatever strategy you choose, it’s critical that you evaluate how cloud ERP can transform your business. One thing is for sure—your competitors are not waiting. Kenandy can help you determine the strategy that is right for your business. And we can work with you to test scenarios for your business, so you can start to empower the people in your business today.

About Kenandy Kenandy is the intelligent cloud ERP platform for business transformation. Kenandy automates all of your core business processes: Order-to-Cash, Planning and Production, Procure-to-Pay, Global Financials, and Trade Promotion Management. Kenandy scales to any size enterprise and can integrate with your legacy system. Midsize companies use Kenandy to drive their growth and innovation. Multi-billion dollar enterprises use Kenandy to orchestrate their OTC processes for the connected economy. Kenandy works the way you want to work on any device anywhere in the world—it’s fast to implement, easy to use, and ready for continuous change. For more information, visit


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