KEARSNEY COLLEGE APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION P O Botha’s Hill; 3660; KwaZulu Natal; South Africa Phone: +27(031)7659600; Fax: +27(086)5173574 e-mail: m...
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P O Botha’s Hill; 3660; KwaZulu Natal; South Africa Phone: +27(031)7659600; Fax: +27(086)5173574 e-mail: [email protected]; Website:

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Year of Entry: ____________

Grade to enter: __________

(Please tick appropriate) Boarder

Day Scholar

Applicant’s Full Name: (underline preferred name) ___________________________________________________________________ Date of birth: _______________ ID/Passport number: ______________________________ Home Language: ___________________ Religious denomination: ______________________________ Nationality: ______________________________________________ Present school name: __________________________________________________________________________________________ School phone: ___________________________________ School email: ________________________________________________ Academic background: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Extra-mural interests: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Personality: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Father’s full name: (underline preferred name)

Mother’s full name: (underline preferred name)



ID number: ________________________________________

ID number: _________________________________________

Postal Address: _____________________________________

Postal Address: ______________________________________



Home Address: _____________________________________

Home Address: ______________________________________



Work phone: ______________________________________

Work phone: _______________________________________

Home phone: ______________________________________

Home phone: _______________________________________

Cell phone: ________________________________________

Cell phone: _________________________________________

e-mail: ____________________________________________

e-mail: _____________________________________________

Occupation: ________________________________________

Occupation: ________________________________________

Employer: _________________________________________

Employer: __________________________________________

Marital Status: ______________________________________

Marital Status: ______________________________________

Is there any family association with Kearsney College? Please specify names, relationship and house: Old Boys / current students: ____________________________________________________________________________________ The application fee of R600 should accompany this form, together with a copy of your son’s Unabridged Birth Certificate. Cheques should be made payable to “Kearsney College Trust”. EFT bank details: Standard Bank, Hillcrest Branch - Account No. 052 019 365, Branch Code 045726, Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ, Reference: APP/son’s name & surname. I, the undersigned, _____________________________________, hereby give my consent for Kearsney to conduct credit checks and acquire such other information as may be necessary to assess the Parent’s and/or Third Party’s credit worthiness, which may involve information being requested from any registered credit bureau in order to conduct a credit assessment or affordability assessment in respect of the Parent and/or Third Party. Date: _______________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________________

Admission Procedure for Grade 8 1. Application pack – please provide us with the following by fax 086 517 3574 or email to [email protected]: • Completed application form • Proof of payment of the application fee of R600 • Copy of the applicant’s unabridged birth certificate. If you do not have an unabridged birth certificate at present, please provide a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate and a copy of both parents ID documents. Note: we will require a copy of an unabridged birth certificate by no later than the end of February of the applicant’s Grade 7 year. Please refer to the Department of Home Affairs • Mid-year and final Grade 6 school report 2. The applicant’s final Grade 6 report should be submitted at the end of the year preceding entry. 3. The year before admission, applicants and their parents will be invited to our Open Weekend. This is usually held in March each year. On this weekend applicants write the entrance/scholarship examinations and if applicable, audition for Music Scholarships. The boys spend a night in the boarding house and parents are able to attend a series of talks and learn all about Kearsney and how it provides the best possible education for their boy. 4. All prospective pupils are required to write an English and Mathematics entrance assessment. These assessment results, a confidential report (which we obtain from the applicant's current school) and the latest school report form the basis of assessment for admission to Kearsney College. An interview with the Headmaster is offered, but not compulsory. Consent is required for Kearsney to conduct credit checks and acquire such other information as may be necessary to assess the Parent’s and/or Third Party’s credit worthiness. 5. In the event of an offer of a place from the College, an acceptance fee of R17 400 will be required to confirm your acceptance of the offer. Offers of places are made the year before entry, at a date determined by The Independent Schools Association of South Africa. Please note that the number of places offered to pupils exceeds the limited places available. Kearsney reserves the right to only fill the number of places for pupils it is prepared to take and in such manner as it deems fit. Acceptance into Kearsney is entirely at the school’s discretion and the admissions committee’s decision is final. 6. Please note that it is essential that we are notified of any changes in personal details in order to facilitate communication. 7. A limited number of scholarships and bursaries are available. Written application on the prescribed forms may be made to: The Marketing Director, Kearsney College, P O Botha's Hill, KwaZulu-Natal 3660 in January/February in the year preceding entry. Kearsney will communicate the criteria to all applicants at this time. 8. For any further information or assistance, kindly call the Admissions Office +27 31 765 9600 or email [email protected] or [email protected]

KEARSNEY COLLEGE FEES FOR 2014 APPLICATION FEE (To cover administrative costs and is non-refundable)

R 600 per application

ACCEPTANCE FEE (Payable at the time of acceptance and is non-refundable)

R 17,400 per student

The acceptance fee contributes to a Kearsney College Educational Fund as a contribution to the College’s development programme.


2014 FEES (excluding incidentals and other fees)

Monthly Payment (Fees to be invoiced over 11 months)

Upfront Payment of Annual Fee If paid IN FULL by 31 December 2013

If paid IN FULL by 31 January 2014

DAY SCHOLARS 8 and 9 (Middle School)

R 114,100



R 108,965

R 110,110

10, 11 and 12 (Senior School)

R 124,800



R 119,185

R 120,430

8 and 9 (Middle School)

R 170,650

R 15,514

R 162,970

R 164,675

10, 11 and 12 (Senior School)

R 181,350

R 16,486

R 173,190

R 175,000

BOARDERS (including tuition)

OTHER FEES - included in monthly statement from College if applicable


Scholar’s Personal Accident Insurance (compulsory)



Westville upwards



Berea (direct)



Umhlanga (direct)









Music Tuition (per instrument)



Inclusion Levy (if applicable)




Day Scholars’ Transportation from:

Boarders’ Transportation from:

Day Scholar Overnight Boarding Charge – R 130 per night Parents’ Society Levy (optional) – R 380 per annum Old Boys’ Life Subscription – an amount of 2.5% of initial boarding fee paid over the period the boy is at the College. COMPULSORY DEBIT ORDERS AND ADDITIONAL EXTRAS Accounts must be paid by way of a compulsory eleven-month debit order system. In addition to the above annual charges, certain students avail themselves of other facilities such as dayboy transportation, music tuition, extra academic tuition etc. The mix of alternatives is too great to be incorporated in this notice and, accordingly, the Bursar will advise affected parents of the additional amount to be added to their monthly debit order. In addition, all matric candidates are required to pay the I E B Examination Fee amounting to R4,650 to be invoiced over nine months from January 2014. The College reserves the right not to enter those students whose accounts are not fully paid up by the latest examination entry date. The monthly debit orders will include a small allowance for normal extras. In the case of those students who receive any form of scholarship, bursary or financial assistance, the necessary adjustment will be made to the debit order amount. The debit order run will commence on the last working day in January 2014. Any outstanding amount at the end of November 2014 will be cleared with a final debit order run in December 2014. The debit order system can only apply to parents with South African bank accounts. Where parents make payments from foreign bank accounts, special arrangements should be made with the Bursar. No allowance is made for absence from school for illness, extended holiday and disciplinary reasons. In certain circumstances the Bursar will, on application, allow payment to be made quarterly in advance provided that all arrears are settled in full before the commencement of the first term of 2014, and that payment will be made by no later than the first day of a term. UPFRONT PAYMENT OF FEES A 4.5% and a 3.5% discount is offered if the annual fees are settled in full before the 31 December 2013 and 31 January 2014 respectively. The discount is applied to tuition and boarding and net of any scholarship, bursary or other discount. PAYMENT All payments to the College must either be by way of cheque or electronic funds transfer. For security reasons, cash will not be accepted. If the upfront payment option is elected, the Bursar should be advised in writing and payment should be made by the abovementioned dates. Cheques should be crossed “Not Negotiable” and “Not Transferable” and should be made payable to the Kearsney College Trust and sent to the Bursar, Kearsney College, Botha’s Hill, 3660 or paid directly into our banking account: Standard Bank, Hillcrest Branch - Account No. 052 019 365, Branch Code 045726. Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ. Where money is either transferred electronically or deposited directly into the College’s bank account, a copy of the payment confirmation or deposit slip should be faxed to the Bursar’s office on 086 610 9419 or emailed to [email protected] SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR TWO OR MORE BROTHERS AT THE COLLEGE AT THE SAME TIME TWO brothers - 5% discount on the annual fee of each. THREE or MORE brothers - 10% discount on the annual fee of each. The discount is applied to tuition and boarding and net of any scholarship, bursary or other discount. REPATRIATION FEE For pupils from outside South Africa, excluding those countries falling within the Common Monetary Area (i.e. Namibia / Lesotho / Swaziland), Government regulation requires that three months fees be held by the College as a refundable deposit in case of repatriation. This fee must be paid before the pupil enters the College and will be refunded when the pupil leaves Kearsney College. DOCTORS’ CONSULTATION FEES The medical practitioners will charge their fees directly to parents or their medical aid, as the case may be.

Up where YOU BELONG Dear Parents As an applicant to Kearsney, one of South Africa’s top independent traditional boys’ high schools, you know that providing your son with the best possible foundation for future success is crucial. Kearsney College is renowned for its unrivalled balance, with excellence in academics, sport and culture consistently achieved. With high school rapidly approaching for your son, we would like to provide you with some useful information and important dates to assist you with the upcoming admissions process for Kearsney College 2015.

Important dates for admission to Grade 8 in 2015 Monday 20 January 2014 Friday 28 February 2014 Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 March 2014

April 2014 (dates to be advised) Tuesday 20 May 2014 Thursday 22 May 2014 Wednesday 28 May 2014

Applicants are invited to apply for appropriate scholarships, if eligible Closing date for scholarship applications Open Weekend for prospective pupils and parents  All applicants are invited and attendance is strongly recommended  Attendance is a requirement for all scholarship applicants  Entrance/scholarship examinations are written Scholarship interviews for shortlisted candidates Scholarship offers made to parents Offers of places made to parents Scholarship awards announced

Visits to Kearsney Until March 2014 there is an opportunity for parents and boys to meet the Headmaster or the Marketing Director and enjoy a tour of our beautiful campus. This is not a requirement and has no bearing on admissions or scholarships, but is rather an opportunity for an informal meeting and chat. We do try to accommodate as many families as possible but spaces are limited. Please contact the Marketing Department to arrange a visit should you so wish. If you do not wish to meet the Head or the Marketing Director but would like to have the guided tour then please contact us and we shall happily arrange a suitable time.

Information Evenings 2014 Booking essential ([email protected]). Please join us on campus at the appropriate Information Evening. The Headmaster will give a presentation on the school and you will have an opportunity to chat to staff and boys. This is a good opportunity to discover more about Kearsney College and what it can offer your son. If you are unable to make the relevant date please contact us to register for an alternate evening. Thursday 30 January Thursday 6 February Thursday 13 February Monday 17 February Thursday 27 February

Highway Area and Pietermaritzburg/Midlands Information Evening Greater Durban Information Evening JHB Information Evening (held at the Bryanston Country Club) Highbury Information Evening Durban North and Dolphin Coast Information Evening

Open Weekend Applicants for Grade 8 2015 attend the Open Weekend on 22 and 23 March 2014. The Open Weekend is held during term time and is a wonderful opportunity for boys and parents to interact with our staff and pupils and gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the school and all that we offer. Boys enjoy an action-packed programme and stay over on the Saturday night, whilst parents have the opportunity to attend a series of talks addressing crucial aspects of life at Kearsney. Attendance is strongly advised for serious applicants and is required for scholarship candidates. Maths and English Entrance Examinations will be written during the Open Weekend and Music scholarship candidates auditioned.

Requirements for admission An entrance examination, a confidential report from the applicant’s current school and the latest school report form the basis for assessment for admission. Selection is based on a boy’s perceived potential to thrive at the College. Typically this would be a boy who gets widely involved at school, has positive relations with his peers and adults and who is happy to embrace our Honour Code and Code of Conduct. Please note that the number of places offered to pupils exceeds the limited places available. Kearsney reserves the right to only fill the number of places for pupils it is prepared to take and in such manner as it deems fit. Acceptance into Kearsney is entirely at the school’s discretion and the admissions committee’s decision is final.

Boarder or Dayboy? Approximately 70% of Kearsney boys are boarders and over 90% of our pupils are from KwaZulu-Natal. Boarders may stay on campus or leave after sport with parents or approved families each weekend. There are usually two or three closed weekends per annum. Daily bus services from Berea, Westville and Umhlanga are available to assist dayboy parents, whilst a Monday morning bus from Ballito, with one stop at Umhlanga, assists returning boarders. Boys may change their boarder / dayboy status at any time preceding or after entry. Dayboys are integrated into the life of the boarding houses as much as possible, even staying overnight in the Houses by prior arrangement.

Scholarships Kearsney typically enrols boys from more than fifty different schools and receives scholarship applications from over one hundred and fifty applicants. Although we are aware of many boys who are strong scholarship candidates, Kearsney’s approach is to invite all applicants who believe they meet the criteria to apply, as not all families would like to put their sons forward as candidates. Invitations to apply for scholarships will be sent out on 20 January 2014 and the closing date for scholarship applications is 28 February. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed during April 2014.

Scholarship criteria guide Scholarships may be awarded for excellence in academics, sport or music, but all areas of involvement in school life will be taken into account. The minimum criteria are: Academic: Outstanding academic track record (an average of more than 80%) (Mathematics Scholarships: an average of more than 85% for Mathematics) Music: The expectation is that the applicant should be at least Grade 3 level for his chosen instrument, including voice. Sports: National, provincial or regional representation in one or more team sports in which the College competes. Attendance at the Open Weekend is a requirement for Scholarship applicants.

Bursary applications A bursary may be considered for boys who have performed at a high level in academics, sport or culture and who require financial assistance. Financial Assistance application forms can be obtained from the marketing department in May. The awarding of bursaries and financial assistance typically happens during June and July of the applicant’s Grade 7 year.

Contact details Please contact us if you have any queries: +27 31 765 9600 Marketing Director: Robert Carpenter [email protected] Admissions Officer: Shannon Burgess [email protected] Marketing Assistant: Cindi Polzi [email protected] Please visit our website for news and information:

We look forward to seeing you in the new year and showing you more of this great school. Yours sincerely

Robert Carpenter Marketing Director