JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL Co-Curricular Clubs 2014-2015 ACTING/IMPROV CLUB Students will use their knowledge of characterization, voice and body langu...
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JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL Co-Curricular Clubs 2014-2015

ACTING/IMPROV CLUB Students will use their knowledge of characterization, voice and body language to learn and practice the basics of acting and improvisation. Students will perform monologues and practice acting exercises to strengthen their confidence and immerse themselves in new characters and perspectives. Students may also join to write monologues or scenes for the budding actors and actresses to perform. ALGEBRA TIME Algebra Time offers students that are currently in Pre-Algebra/Algebra courses the opportunity to meet, collaborate, study and enhance Algebra skills in a supervised group setting.

ART CLUB The Art Club will be held on Thursdays from 3:10-4:00pm. This club allows all 6th, 7th and 8th graders an opportunity to work together to create Art for the school community. Due to the nature of this club, space is limited to 40 students.


6 Grade Band The 6th grade band was designed to help introduce students to the middle school band setting. It affords the students the opportunity to come together as a large ensemble with students at their music level. This band also serves as a feeder to the 7th and 8th grade band. Many goals are set for this ensemble. Musically speaking, I introduce the students to concepts of blend and balance. Socially, these students have the experience of belonging to a group, where they are motivated to do their personal best, and are expected to be outstanding “team members”. 7th & 8th Grade Band The 7th & 8th grade band plays literature of a higher caliber. These students are expected to work together to prepare music for upcoming festivals. This band focuses on preparing 8th graders for their high school experience. These students continue to work towards becoming a better band through exploring a higher level of musicianship. Through these before school sessions, the students have the experience of belonging to a group, where they are motivated to do their personal best, and are expected to be outstanding “team members”. Jazz Band Jazz Band is a select group. This 20 piece auditioned group works on understanding the music we call Jazz through performing and active listening. Students perform many concerts throughout the Spring. Several students in this group are given the opportunity to be soloists in this venue. Because this group is extremely select, students are accountable for playing their own parts. This is much different than a concert band setting where one shares a part with potentially 10 other students. The JAMS Jazz Band has been in existence under my directions for the past 12 years.

JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL Co-Curricular Clubs 2014-2015 CHOIR Objectives: Students participating in John Adams Middle School Choir develop their singing talents, their leadership and social skills, and their perseverance and discipline through rehearsals and performances in the different ensembles of the choir. Students have plenty of opportunities to sing solo and in smaller ensembles. Students have lots of fun making new friends and participating in planning movements and choreography in certain choir songs. Students in choir classes may also participate in Central Jersey, New Jersey, All-Eastern and National Honor Choirs upon the choir teacher’s recommendation. The choir participates in the yearly NJMEA Middle School/Junior High Choral Festival. Sixth Grade Choir Open to ALL 6th Grade JAMS students interested in singing; No auditions required; meets every Friday, 7:40-8:20 am. Starts on Friday, Sept. 19, 2014 Concert Choir Concert Choir is the large choir. It’s open to ALL 7th and 8th Grade JAMS Students interested in singing. No auditions required except for 6thGrade Bel Canto members who are invited to join the Concert Choir; Meets every Wednesday, 3-4 pm. Rehearsal starts on Oct. 1, 2014. Bel Canto Auditioned Choir; open to 6th Grade & 7th & 8th Grade in the Choir/Music Classes; meets every Thursday, 7:40-8:20 am; Bel Canto auditions is on Sept. 24, 3-5:30 pm. Bel Canto members are also part of the Concert Choir. Women’s Ensemble Women in 6th, 7th & 8th Grade BEL CANTO; auditioned ensemble; meets every Tuesday, 7:40-8:20 am Men’s Ensemble Men in 6th, 7th & 8th Grade BEL CANTO; auditioned ensemble; meets every Monday, 7:40-8:20 am ALL CHOIRS ABOVE PERFORM at the following events: 1. JAMS CHOIR Winter and Spring Concerts, Dec. 17, 2014 & April 22, 2015 2. CHOIR Winter Concerts at MLK, JMI and Senior Citizen Center, Dec. 2014 3. JAMS MUSIC ASSEMBLIES, TBA 4. CHOIR MUSICALATHON, November 19, 2014 & February 11, 2015; February 18, 2015 – Snow date

COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUB This club will teach responsible citizenship by providing students with the opportunity to complete meaningful community outreach activities that will enhance and benefit both our school and the surrounding community through awareness, action and commitment. Each marking period, club members will get to choose an area of focus that is most meaningful to them and they develop and participate in awareness activities, fundraisers, and/or mini service projects with guidance from Ms. McKenna and Ms. Sintumuang.

COURTYARD CLUB The Courtyard Club is an exciting activity which allows students to work in the school’s court yard doing landscape design, gardening, and decorating for the holidays. Additionally, the Court Yard Club participates in MANY fun-raising events like after school bake sales and our biggest event ASTRONOMY NIGHT!

FITNESS CLUB The purpose of the Fitness Club is to provide opportunities for students to improve their fitness levels and overall health and wellness. Students will utilize jump ropes, agility ladders, etc. Students will be able to identify their personal fitness goals such as weight management, cardiovascular and/or strength improvement, etc.

JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL Co-Curricular Clubs 2014-2015 GENIUS HOUR CLUB Genius Club is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the outside of the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn, as well as the support and materials, during a set period of time after school.

IPAD EXPLORATION This club will allow the students to utilize the new technology. Students will have access to the computers as well as iPads. Students will learn how to: Download and use school appropriate apps Take pictures and videos Edit videos and pictures Take notes Utilize the iPad for homework and text books Browse the internet for research purposes Create shortcuts Link iPad with the mac book pro.

JUST DANCE CLUB In Just Dance Club, students are following dancing movement of animated characters in the Nintendo Wii Just Dance game. By performing these dance movements, students are enhancing their balance, rhythm, agility and cardiovascular endurance. The Just Dance game provides upbeat music to keep the students actively engaged. The Just Dance club is beneficial for novice dancers, as well as experienced dancers. The Just Dance club allows students to receive a great workout while in participating in an exciting atmosphere! The club will be open to 6 th and 7th graders and will meet on Wednesdays after school in the gymnasium.

LIBRARY COUNCIL The Library Council serves to support and advocate for the library. Volunteers make recommendations for books and programs in the library, help organize activities and events, and decorate the library. Volunteers are also trained to check out books for students, shelve books, and maintain the computers

MATH CLUB Students will be able to brush up on their skills, get help with difficult homework, study for the weeks quiz or learn through math video games!

MODEL UN The Model United nations club engages in an authentic simulation of the United Nations system by learning about the UN system, the skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. Model United Nation members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events.

MOVIE ANALYSIS & DISCUSSION CLUB Do you love movies...and talking about them? Movie Analysis Discussion club is coming to JAMS! We will watch and discuss popular series, classic kids' movies, and movies based on books. Come join the fun. Open to all grades.

JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL Co-Curricular Clubs 2014-2015 ODYSSEY OF THE MIND Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. Students apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. They then bring their solutions to competition on the local, state, and World level.

ORCHESTRA 6th Grade Orchestra: Is open to all 6th grade orchestra students. This ensemble performs basic to intermediate level repertoire. Rehearsals are scheduled bi-weekly, as well as for special dress dates prior to concerts. We perform at annual Winter and Spring Concerts, the North Edison District Orchestra Festival, the CJMEA Festival and the annual orchestra field trip. 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra: Is open to all 7th & 8th grade orchestra students. Similar to the 6th Grade Orchestra, rehearsals for this group are scheduled bi-weekly, as well as for special dress dates prior to concerts. This ensemble performs more repertoire and repertoire that is intermediate to advanced levels. We perform at the Winter and Spring Concerts, the North Edison District Orchestra Festival, the CJMEA Festival and the annual orchestra field trip. The Chamber Orchestra: Is a balanced, auditioned ensemble that performs advanced level repertoire. This ensemble is open for audition by those students who are in an orchestra class and who perform with either the 6th or 7th & 8th Grade Orchestras. Auditions are blind and take place early in the school year. This ensemble rehearses weekly and has a goal of performing without a conductor. The Chamber Orchestra performs at all of the concerts listed above, as well as invitational and school / community service performances.

PHOTO & VIDEO CLUB Welcome to the fun, exciting world of digital photography. Digital photography has come a long way in a few years. It is fast, efficient, and more cost-effective that older methods. Best of all, digital photography just keeps getting easier and more enjoyable. The John Adams Middle School Digital Photography Club will give students hands-on experience using brand new digital cameras. Students in the club will also learn to use video cameras and photo and video editing software. Students will be taking the camera equipment outside the classroom to film or take pictures. When they leave the classroom students need to remember that they have a responsibility to stay focused on their filming or photographing, be aware of their surroundings, treat the equipment with care, and work cooperatively with other club members. Students are ultimately responsible for all equipment they sign for. In that regard, any equipment that is lost or damaged will need to be replaced by the student. Students must also keep in good standing in all of their classes. If their grades fall below a “C” in any class or any of their teachers feel that their behavior is being disruptive, the student will be excused from the club until their grades or behavior returns to an acceptable level. Additionally, students must remember that all pictures mast be school appropriate and that any pictures of individuals taken in school must be approved before they can be published in any form.

JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL Co-Curricular Clubs 2014-2015

PUZZLE CLUB We will be putting together a jigsaw puzzle of John Adams Middle School

READING FOR ENJOYMENT BOOK CLUB This is a club for students who have never found the right book for them. During our time together we will look for books that not only interest you but also books that are on your reading level. After you complete a book you will be given the chance to write a quick review either recommending students to read that book or telling them why they should not. Once you realize what you like to read, reading will become more of a pleasure than a chore.

ROCK DRUMMER’S CLUB The Rock Drummer’s Club is designed for “intermediate” drummer’s that have a drum kit to practice. As a member of the club, you will listen to and learn Rock patterns. Students will be encouraged to practice at home. As well, students will be able to bring their own favorite music to share.

SCRABBLE CLUB Students will learn strategies and techniques for playing a variety of word games. The focus will be on Scrabble but other games will include Bananagrams, Boggle, and Quiddler. Students will practice their skills by playing full games as well as mini-games.

STEP CLUB Stepping is a form of dance in which the body is used to create and perform rhythmic sounds in a drill-team formation using foot-stomping and clapping of the hands, while incorporating different styles of dance moves, gymnastics, and marching. Stepping may incorporate a song, a dance video, or a call & response chant of a song or phrase by an individual in the group or the whole group. Stepping is artistic and it consists of rhythmic, timed, coordinated moves from slow to fast, silent to roaring and simple to complex. Students will meet every Thursday after school to ensure bus riders have a ride home. Students who are part of the Step Club must be disciplined in their studies, exhibit good behavior and have a positive attitude.


The job of the 8 grade Ambassador is to help students and visitors in our school. Ambassadors are asked to befriend new students, plan and execute fifth grade orientation, help injured students, help do, well almost anything that means aiding our school and community.


Student Council, led by Mrs. Cobos (6 grade), Ms. McKenna (7th grade), and Ms. Hickman (8th grade), is to be a student-led outlet and voice in our school community. Representatives are elected by their peers to represent their homerooms. Students should exhibit positive character traits and be willing to aid students and staff in various areas of our school community. Student Council representatives are divided into committees and attend both committee and full council meetings.

JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL Co-Curricular Clubs 2014-2015 TODAY IN TIME th

This club is for 8 Graders Only. Students who join this club will research events of interest that took place in history for every date that we are in school. When they find something to report for a particular date in will be approved and shared with the school during the morning announcements. The students of the club will announce an important event that happened this date in time every morning. For example the morning of December 7, 2014 the club could announce: “On this date December 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, a U.S. naval base in Hawaii. This event sparked the entry of the United States into WWII. The United States helped to bring WWII to an end in the early part of 1945. President Roosevelt declared “this is a date that will live in infamy”.