JOB DESCRIPTION. 1. Role ResoLUTiONs4 Employment, Training and Education Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION 1. Role ResoLUTiONs4 Employment, Training and Education Manager 2. Based Luton 3. Main Purpose of the job Main Purpose of Rol...
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ResoLUTiONs4 Employment, Training and Education Manager





Main Purpose of the job

Main Purpose of Role The manager will be responsible for implementing and leading an engaging Employment, Training and Education project within the ResoLUTiONs4 Recovery HUB. Working with a wide range of partners and agencies and through the provision of in-house training the programme will encourage and support clients with sometimes complex needs to live independently and to play a positive role in the community through employment and volunteering. The aim is to positively engage clients in the HUB and maintain their involvement with its activities creating a wider recovery community in Luton. ResoLUTiONs4 pathway is working with the Bridge Project, a big lottery funded social enterprise whose aim is to develop employment training and education activities for those recovering from addiction. The post holder will work 37.5 hours per week and will organise working time in such a way as to complete tasks within each working week. Flexibility in the hours will be required including on-call, evening, weekend and bank holiday working, as necessary. 4.

Reporting and Working Relationships This role will report to the ResoLUTiONS HUB Service Manager. Reporting into this role will be a Volunteer and Employment Co-ordinator.

The diagram below illustrates how this role works in partnership with both internal and external colleagues and service users. ResoLUTiONS HUB Service Manager


Service Users

ResoLUTiONs Employment, Training and Education Manager Central Support

ResoLUTiONs HUB & Druglink staff team External Stakeholders

5. 5.1

Role Specific Responsibilities Service Delivery 

Manage the development of a comprehensive ETE programme providing individual and group activities consisting of motivational techniques, support, advice, guidance, life skills and job search skills that overcome barriers to employment.

To advertise the Education, Training and Employment opportunities to users of the ResoLUTiONs Recovery HUB and external service providers to encourage participation in the project.

Develop a programme of workshops and training around improving employment and life skills (Managing your money/ CV writing/ Interview skills/ improved health/ maintaining tenancies etc.). Promote this element of the service, including recruiting to specific job-searching sessions, organised training sessions and volunteering programmes.

As required source trainers to deliver the programme to clients. Work with the Volunteer Co-ordinator to bring through volunteers who can support groups (numeracy/ literacy/ IT skills/ Arts etc.)

Working in partnership with the Bridge Business Development Manager to identify opportunities for service users within the ResoLUTiONs4 café and other Bridge social enterprises.

Work in partnership with the The Bridge Project’s Business Development Manager to develop a successful social enterprise scheme within the ResoLUTiONs4 Hub

Develop a network of contacts and resources and maintain an up to date database of relevant agencies including, resettlement, employment, training and local centres of education from basic skills to further education.

Manage the referral of clients to services appropriate to their needs at the time including mentoring support, Jobcentre Plus, voluntary work and community based employment, training or educational opportunities. Maintain these links with mainstream education, training and employment services that can provide opportunities to clients.

As required manage an individual caseload and provide one-to-one and group support to clients. Manage the referral process and where required carry out assessments of ETE needs of clients in accessing mainstream ETE provision - both work related (e.g. lack of skills or recent work experience) and non-work related issues (e.g. debt, homelessness, disabilities and health concerns including those linked to drug and alcohol misuse).

Develop support, aftercare and relapse prevention services for clients, once they have entered the job market. Encourage clients to continue to engage with the ResoLUTiONs4 HUB community through peer mentoring and experience sharing within group sessions.


Be responsible for management of client records to required standards.

The development and management of procedures required to effectively operate the service.

Maintain information for monitoring purposes, and be able to prepare statistical reports on the aims, objectives and performance of the project.

Manage the budget for the ETE activities of the ResoLUTiONs4 HUB. Contribute to the setting of annual budgets for the service.

Quality Control  To work closely with the ResoLUTiONs HUB Service Manager to ensure that all service delivery is in-line with the service specification and service contracts, and meets internal and external agreed targets.  To ensure that all information in relation to safeguarding is reported promptly and accurate records are maintained  To ensure that the service operates within and maintains clinical governance procedures in line with Druglink requirements  To ensure that all incidents and complaints are dealt with promptly and reported in line with LDAP & Druglink requirements


Communications   


To take part in effective weekly team meetings with staff. To share feedback on staff and service performance, quality assurance objectives and achievements. To promptly provide information to all internal and external stakeholders in line with data protection requirements

Staff Management  To organise and co-ordinate the work of the Volunteer co-ordinator and volunteers involved in service delivery.  To provide effective leadership to the staff, volunteers and peer mentors involved in service delivery.  To ensure that staff and volunteers are highly motivated and develop their skills and experience.  To participate in maintaining effective systems for staff and volunteer recruitment and to participate on interview panels.  To ensure that sufficient staffs are available to provide a high quality, safe and effective service, including effectively managing arrangements for leave, staff cover and acting up as appropriate.  To ensure the implementation of Druglink policies and procedures.  To ensure that effective staff communications and staff systems are maintained.  To ensure all staff, volunteers and peer mentors are effectively supervised and appraised in line with agreed personnel procedures.  To ensure the implementation of HR policies and procedures, including grievance and


disciplinary procedure and that staff and volunteers adhere to them.  To delegate duties and responsibilities effectively as identified in job descriptions.  To maintain a reasonable working knowledge of employment legislation relevant to the operation of the service and as an employer and a Charity.  To participate in the selection and recruitment of staff as required Liaison  To represent and promote The Recovery Hub and Druglink with external partners to ensure a high quality reputation.  To participate in internal and external working parties as required.  To network with other Druglink managers and external service providers as required.  To liaise closely with your line manager and other senior managers as required.


Learning and Development  To model active participation in learning activities, both formal and informal, for yourself, your direct reports and your wider team.  To ensure staff development through assessment of needs and provisions of appropriate training and learning opportunities.  To participate in the wider ‘Druglink’ organisational learning and spread of best practice  To provide training and consultancy services to other service providers as required.  To keep up to date with current developments and practise in the field.  To take ownership of your own supervision and appraisal processes as well as those of your direct reports and the wider team.


Financial Management To liaise closely with the finance department to ensure that all financial procedures and systems are adhered to within agreed budgets


Organisational Responsibilities DRUGLINK Mission and Values Promoting and understanding the values, and mission of Druglink Services, including promoting the core values of the Charity, i.e. Respect, Compassion, Justice, Trust and Hospitality. To understand what it means to you in your respective role, to your team and to service delivery. Safeguarding Demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to safeguarding best practice by ensuring the safeguarding and well being of children and vulnerable adults. Equal Opportunities Druglink is committed to promoting anti-discriminatory practices within society, its organisation and in the promotion of its services to the community. Druglink expects all employees to understand, comply with and to promote its policies in their work and to challenge prejudice and discrimination and where necessary to undertake any appropriate training. Boundaries and Behaviours Druglink expects all its employees to observe professional integrity in relationships with service users, peers and other relevant professionals.

Health & Safety Being responsible for your health and safety and that of colleagues and service users. Employees should co-operate with management and follow established systems of work, use protective equipment where necessary and report defects and hazards to management. Confidentiality Treating all information acquired through the course of your employment as confidential and complying with all the appropriate policies, systems and procedures. Performance Management Druglink is committed to the delivery of best value to its service users and those funding our services. Imbedded at the core of this is our performance management process. You will be an active participant in probationary reviews, appraisals, team meetings, best practice and other forums across the Charity. Supervision You will be expected to take part in regular one to one meetings with their line manager, to reflect on learning, boundaries and behaviours personal interactions with people using the service, peers and partner agencies. In addition you also take part in clinical supervision which provides a safe environment to reflect on your practice/engagement and the inter-personal dynamics of your relationship with clients. Continuous Professional and Personal Development With its culture of learning DRUGLINK expects all its employees to seek learning opportunities either by attending learning & training events either externally or internally to improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities required in their professional lives. Flexibility & Adaptability As services and the needs of people using the service evolves, so too, does your role and you will be expected to embrace change. The information contained in this job profile is not intended to be prescriptive in every detail but to be used as an overall framework of the key components of the role. The post holder will need to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances which may affect work demands and priorities. Location The main office base for this post will be in Luton. There is also an expectation that you will be available to work at and visit other locations as necessary to support the success of the project.

Person Specification This acts as selection criteria and gives an outline of the types of person and the characteristics required to do the job. Essential (E):- without which candidate would be rejected Desirable (D):- useful for choosing between two good candidates.

Please make sure, when completing your application form, you give clear examples of how you meet the essential and desirable criteria. Attributes Essential Desirable How How Measured Measured Experience

Experience of developing and managing an effective Education, training and employment service for individuals with complex needs.

1, 2

Demonstrable experience of developing and maintain agency and partner relationships.

1, 2

Demonstrable knowledge of the services & opportunities available to develop a successful ETE programme.

1, 2

Experience of supporting clients with sometimes complex needs in a range of area’s including housing, welfare benefits and accessing education, life skills training and employment.

1, 2

Experience of developing monitoring/ evaluation mechanisms and operational procedures.

1, 2

Training/ workshop development and delivery.

1, 2

Risk management/ assessments


Excellent communication skills – negotiating and influencing C skills. Able to develop relationships with a range of people, including professionals

1, 2


Experience of working with substance/alcohol misuse issues and a clear understanding of the need for and ability to deliver quality services.

1, 2

Experience of budget and financial controls. An understanding of the importance of these controls within a project environment.

1, 2

Recruiting and managing volunteers, maintaining volunteer commitment to a project.

1, 2

Fundraising for charitable activities- grants/ sponsorships

1, 2


and communicate effectively orally and in writing. A good understanding of IT and uses of IT in the workplace and C how this fits into the ETE project. Show a clear understanding of the complex needs (housing/ welfare & health/ life skills) of clients who have experienced substance abuse and how this impacts on their journey back into employment, training and education.

1, 2

1, 2

1, 2

Specialist Attributes

Demonstrable organisational skills – able to plan workload to meet strict deadlines and targets.

1, 2

Able to lead, motivate and develop individuals and teams to meet objectives.

1, 2

Able to work within a team, taking into account the needs and perspectives of others.

1, 2

Ability to support the ResoLUTiONs4 HUB manager to provide an effective and flexible service to clients.

1, 2

Able to work innovatively to identify and maximise resources and the potential in all situations. Confident with presenting to groups of people from a wide range of backgrounds. Commitment to working interprofessionally and inter-agency Commitment to support all individuals in recovery for drug/alcohol use regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or sexuality Commitment to developing/enhancing the full

1, 2

potential in individuals and services

Equality Issues

Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of equality issues and legislation – able to integrate equality policies into business plans, strategy, service delivery and employment practices.


Education and Training

Evidence of further education or training

1, 2, 4

Relevant degree or professional qualification (NVQ level 4) in a related field Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning Sector (PTTLS) or Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTTLS)

Other Requirements

Able to travel across the borough and regionally and nationally when required

1, 2

Clean Driving License

1, 4

Commitment to the aims and philosophy of The Luton Drug & Alcohol Partnership and Luton’s Public Health Department

1, 2

( 1 = Application Form

2 = Interview

3 = Test 4 = Proof of Qualification Exercise )

5 = Practical

We will consider any reasonable adjustments under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act (1995), to enable an applicant with a disability (as defined under the Act) to meet the requirements of the post.