Joana Amendoeira is considered one of the most important singers of the "New Generation"

INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION - 2014 Joana Amendoeira is considered one of the most important singers of the "New Generation". In her singing, Fado win...
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Joana Amendoeira is considered one of the most important singers of the "New Generation". In her singing, Fado wins new glow, new attitude, without deviating from tradition. Joana Amendoeira was born in Santarém (Ribatejo), on 30th September 1982 and very soon discovered her appeal to sing Fado. In 1995, participated at the “Grande Noite do Fado do Porto”, where she won the first prize for female interpretation. From this year started with regular performances in auditoriums and theaters around the country. In 1998, she went the first time abroad, where she performed in the event "Days of Portugal”, organized by ICEP in Budapest (Hungary) and recorded her first album «Olhos Garotos», which makes her one of the youngest Fado singers with recorded albums. In 2000, released her second album «Aquela Rua» and was invited to the most prestigious national record collections, such as «New Voices, New Fado» from EMI / VC, «New Biography of Fado» from EMI / VC, the album «Tribute to Moniz Pereira» (Universal), and participated also on the soundtrack of the television series "Jóia de Africa". In 2003, released her third album «Joana Amendoeira» that had instant recognition throughout the community of Fado, critics and public. The tour of this album taked her to different countries such as Holland, Spain, France, and Austria and allowed her to be chosen among many candidates to present her show in several trade shows of world music, as the Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic 2003 (Spain) and Strictly Mundial 2005 (Canada). Even in 2003, participated in album tribute to Carlos do Carmo «Novo Homem na Cidade», alongside with some of the most important interpreters: Camané, Sara Tavares, Mariza, Martinho da Vila, Tito Paris, among others. In 2004, received the “Revelation Award” from the Casa da Imprensa (House Press) and released the album «Ao vivo em Lisboa», in 2005. Her first live album, recorded in the first solo show in one of the most prestigious halls of Lisbon, Teatro Municipal São Luiz. Musically directed by Custódio Castelo, the album «À Flor da Pele» (2006) was released all over the world by Le Chant du monde/Harmonia Mundi. Then there were tours through Europe, from the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam to the Royal Opera House in London, from the Teatrum Millenáris Park in Budapest to return to London to perform at the Queen Elisabeth Hall. Also in Budapest, performed in Sportarena, for more than 14.000 persons invited by the hungarian singer Zorán, in his 30th career anniversary.

In Portugal, she made one of the shows most emblematic of her life story with the Orchestra of the Algarve. After this experience born the idea to create an ensemble to join the voice of Joana Amendoeira and her quartet, concert that was presented in the Castelo de São Jorge in Lisbon, under the Fado Festival, in 2008. Emerged as her sixth record «Joana Amendoeira & Mar ensemble», this time recorded and filmed to become a live album with bonus DVD. In 2009, the Amália Rodrigues Foundation gave this album the prize for "Best Fado Album 2008". In 2010, Joana Amendoeira presented her seventh album «Sétimo Fado», an original work that combines the traditional Fado and new compositions with arrangements of accordion, piano and cello. Performed at Coliseu do Porto, at Lisboa CCB-Grande Auditório, in Badasom Festival, at Teatro Coliseo of Buenos Aires and Sala Zitarrosa in Montevideo and made the New Year’s Eve Concert with Lithuanian Orchestra, in Vilnius. Throughout Joana’s career she had the opportunity to learn from elderly Fado singers and guitar players. They all recognize her special voice, her attitude, her talent and kindly passed to her their skills, poetry and live stories.

In 2012, she released her latest album «Amor mais perfeito-Tributo a José Fontes Rocha», totally dedicated to her master, one of the most important composers and Portuguese guitar players that died, at age of 84, one year before this recording. Her career includes eight albums, many prizes, showcases at world trade fairs and tours in countries such as Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Sweden, UK, Hungary, Lithuania, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, India, among others.

During 2013, had the opportunity to present this album and celebrate her 15th discography anniversary, in many countries as Brazil, France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Lithuania, in Cape Verde at the “Kriol Jazz Festival” singing with the Cape Verdean singer Nancy Vieira, and in Italy also performed with Orchestra Academia del Concerto.

In 2014, Joana Amendoeira continues to tour in many countries as USA, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Romania, Brazil, Spain and Switzerland and will prepare her new album edition, the ninth of her career, at the end of the year. Joana proudly defends Fado legacy without ever forgetting her own artistic expression.

Concert Proposal INTERNATIONAL - 2014

Joana Amendoeira´s group members Joana Amendoeira Concert Pedro Amendoeira - portuguese guitar Rogério Ferreira - classical guitar Paulo Paz - double-bass * In the Quintet Formation - Filipe Raposo - piano and acordion Maria João Castanheira - sound technician Anabela Gaspar - light technician Logistic and Technical Conditions - 3 Black Chairs (without armrest) - Stage; - Sound and Light System (as required in the technical riders) - 1 Double-bass (rental) * 1 C5 piano and the respective piano tuning in the concert day - 2 Dressing-room (1 room with a tall mirror) - Catering for the group - Hotel (5 single room) - minimum 3 stars - International flights and transfers for the group (5 persons) - Meals during the stay of the group or per diems

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“Em Fontes Rocha Cada Fado, Em Cada Dia, Vivia Uma Emoção Única... A Sua Memória Será Para Sempre Mágica E Misteriosa! À Imagem Do Próprio Fado!” Joana Amendoeira

"Amor mais Perfeito Tribute to José Fontes Rocha" Music composed by José Fontes Rocha

1- Plantei um cravo a janela - FADO JOANA (2:54) Helder Moutinho 2- Eu quis demais (3:15) Fernando Farinha 3- Senhora do Tejo (3:20) José Luis Gordo 4- Simplesmente (3:48) Mário Raínho 5- Loucos (2:41) José Luis Gordo/Mário Raínho 6- Amália (3:36) Manuel Alegre 7- O que é que eu digo à saudade (3:25) José Luis Gordo/Mário Raínho 8- Marcha da Madragoa 1980 (2:48) Jorge Rosa 9- Lavava no rio, Lavava (3:59) Amália Rodrigues 10- Meu Pais (2:25) José Luis Gordo 11- Anda o Sol na minha rua (2:49) David Mourão-Ferreira 12- Eu preciso de te ver - FADO ISABEL (1:53) Vasco Lima Couto 13- Amor mais Perfeito (2:34) Mário Raínho Discography