Jesus is coming soon: Christianity is a growing Giant

Jesus is coming soon: Christianity is a growing Giant 1 Jesus is coming soon: Christianity is growing 3 times faster than the population of the ea...
Author: Jeremy Walker
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Jesus is coming soon:

Christianity is a growing Giant


Jesus is coming soon: Christianity is growing 3 times faster than the population of the earth In 1946 China had an estimate of 1 million Christians. Today there are more than 200 million! Revivals everywhere in the world – watch the transformation DVD's More Muslims accepted Jesus in the last 25 yrs than in the last 1000 years Crusades are getting bigger and churches are overflowing – over 3 million people in Calcutta 2

The Temple will be rebuild for the Messiah (Isaiah 2:2 and Rev 11:1-2) Every single thing is in place.

The Menorah was made in solid gold at a cost of $250 million.

The Mollusk, that was extinct, used for dyeing the blue colour on the High-Priest’s rope was found recently.

All the Temple Instruments are in place for rebuilding the Temple 3

Oil of Anointing for the Messiah Daniel 9:27 This could not have happened due to the fact that one of the 5 ingredients needed to make the oil was afars’mon. This was all lost when the Romans destroyed the Temple and burned the only 2 groves where afars’mon trees grew. Incredibly, in 1992 , Dr. Joseph Patrick found a clay flask buried in a cave near the Dead Sea caves. It was filled with ancient oil of anointing and was located by the archeologists followed the ancient directions listed in the Copper Scroll that described where they have hidden treasures of the Second Temple


Matt.24:4-5 Many will say I am the Christ: Many like David Korash, Sun Myung Moon etc. 10 000+ New Ages Cults that say: “We are God”

Matt.24:7 Famine: Millions people go hungry to bed every day More than 2 Billion people battle with lack of clean water and nutrition.

Matt.24:7 Pestilences: 25 New incurable deceases in only the last 20 years. According to World Health Organization many of Africa countries have a 50% Aids rate. Millions of children are born with aids and are orphans. 5


Matt 24:7 says that there will be many earthquakes, more than ever before ,

Earthquakes at new places where there were none before


The severity increased like never before


*These statistics were discovered by the National Earthquake Centre

Matt.24: 6 Jesus said there will be wars: World War 1 over 10 Million were slaughtered, World War 2 over 100 million. Rwanda genocide- 1 Million in 1 day, Bosnia and Kosovo, Cambodia, etc.


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Matt.24:9 Nations will hate Israel. Anti-Semitism increased, books are on the increase. President Ahmadinejad of Iran said: “Israel must be wiped of the face of the earth”.


Verse 12 and Rev 9:15-16 – Killings like never before: China has a one-child policy and abortion of au unborn female child. Abortion is used for sex selection and the killing of the girl child – China, North and South Korea and India


Euthanasia – Mercy killings of old and depressed people 9


One world Government: United Nations is not working and it seems they are in the process to establish a new World Body with 10 nations as the Bible predicted d

We have already a 96% Cashless Society


The computer chip – 666. Rev 13:16-18 On 12 May 2009 –All Cattle, Parrots, Dogs, and Cats must have a computer chip implanted in the USA Daniel 12:4 – Knowledge shall increase. Knowledge literally doubles every 24 hours.


World Wide Television. Rev. 11:9-10 Only in the last 20 years. 10

Armageddon: Ä

Israel will be attacked by 200 million soldiers from the East -Rev 9:16. China has the availability of soldiers P


A Highway with no purpose, has been built on the way to Israel. The Chinese government has spent enormous sums and expendable lives of hundreds of thousands of construction workers building a military all-weather superhighway. No foreigner is allowed near the road. It has been completed through China, Tibet and Pakistan.


Ataturk Dam ( Turkey ) – one push of a button can close off the Euphrates. The Bible said that the Euphrates will dry up for this army to enter Israel 11

More Prophesies has been Fulfilled in our lifetime t

Israel was born in 1 day. May 15th, 1948 Mat 24:32 – Fig Tree – 6 Times used as a symbol of Israel T

Zephaniah – New Languages, pure tongues. 6 Million Jews speak the Language of the prophets.


First time in nearly 2,000 the Sanhedrin was reelected in 2006 The Rebuilding of Babylon for it to be destroyed for good – Sadam Hussein spent $2 Billion on rebuilding the city Christianity is growing at the pop. Rate of 4.7% Christianity grew at the rate of 1300% in the last 100 years. At this rate the earth will all become Christian by the year 2028 if there is no decline. ( Which is not possible- Jesus will come before this. ) 300 Prophecies of Jesus 1st coming. 2,500 Prophecies of Jesus 2nd coming. (8 times more) 12

Guatemala Ä


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Guatemala was high in alcohol, abuse and crime. The 4 jails were overcrowded Pastors started to intercede for the city People had little work ethic

The results were: Streets and buildings changed to Biblical names Cities changed. There used to be 36 bars, now there are only 3 They closed all the jails, because they were empty for too long They now have 3 harvests per year. Radish grows in 25 days instead of 40. They exported 4 truckloads per month, but now 40 per week. 13

Cali, Columbia g


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This was the drug capital of Columbia. The violence was extremely high. An average of 15 people per day were killed. The city was run by the drug lords and gangs.1 pastor tried to unify the churches, but with little results. He was then martyred and that day, over 200 church leaders came together and started to pray in unity and eventually got 60 000 people together to pray overnight. The results were: That weekend of prayer nobody was killed. 10 days later the 1st drug lord was arrested and the government declared war on the drug lords. Within a month 6 of the 7 biggest drug lords were arrested or killed. Suddenly churches started to grow. Some of the churches now have up to 36 000 members with 7 services per day. It is normal to talk about Jesus in Cali. 14

Fiji d


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Pastors on these islands prayed for revival and for forgiveness. The President and the whole nation declared Jesus as Lord. The renounced idol worship and asked forgiveness for there forefathers sins and for killing a missionary that came to Fiji in the 1800’s.

The results within one year: Fish returned in miraculous sizes and schools (this never before happened) Clams, craps, grass, rivers returned in great amounts. Ground that was unfruitful, became fertile. Trees that never produced suddenly produced bigger and more than ever before The whole nation worship together


Hemet, California a

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This town seemed like a laid back retirement town, but it was infested with witchcraft, cults, a large meditation centre, gangs and drugs. Police didn’t want to enter certain areas due to violent gangs. The police was so corrupt that they even helped transport the drugs. It was called a church graveyard. 2 Pastors came together and started to intercede. Immediately after that more and more people started to intercede in unity. The results were: The trance and meditation centre burned down, started by a bushfire, not touching any building next to it. Gang leaders, then the rest of the gangs walked into the churches, repented and surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. They then cleaned the graffiti on all the church walls. Pimps got born again. Today the town is crime-free and the police is no longer corrupt.


Eskimos in Antarctica Ä

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All the towns were overwhelmed with alcohol, rape, murder and abuse. There was a minimum 1 teen suicide per month. There were no more fish, birds, deer or berries. There was a tremendous depression and heaviness. During WW2, a missionary came to this area, but was killed in a rifle accident while trying to help a little girl, and while he was dying he prayed for everyone around him. A pastor and a friend who was influenced by this missionary as a young boy started to pray and intercede. 17

The results were: :

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As they started to worship one night, the whole building shook. It was like a strong wind inside the building. Electricity and fire went through the people. You could hear this on a tape that recorded the whole ordeal while it was tuned off. All the people started to turn to God. The town started to burn all their alcohol, drugs, heavy metal music, pornography, etc. in a bonfire. Now there is no more murder, rape, abuse or suicide in these towns. Suddenly all the fish, deer, birds and berries returned. The government and schools became God-conscious.


Egypt, Cairo t


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Father Samaan started to work with the 7 000 Zebulon people (garbage collectors) He went to the people in the pigsties, kissed their hands, put shoes on their feet and led them to the Lord. His wife prays over the city every day. One by one they gave their lives to Jesus. Today the whole community is born-again. They have a 20 000 seated cave-church that father Samaan found. The church was dug out by one of the pharaohs to build the pyramids and was closed by rubble all these years. When these people find valuable items in the garbage, they take it back to the owners and share the Gospel 19 with them.

Hawaii ü





1 School kid began to pray in the schools and in 2002 they started ‘United n Prayer’. Their goal was to disciple a community and unify the churches. In 2004, 6000 people all over the Hawaiian Islands prayed together. Immediately the crime rate and teen pregnancy rate dropped. May 2005, 200 ministers 2300 people to become prayer worriers, disciples, etc.


Buenos Aires, Olmos Prison, Argentina m

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One person called to preach in a prison, but they did not want to allow him, except if he became a guard. He was accepted within 1 week and it normally took 8 months. In 1st service 300 attended and 100 got saved. They applied for a separate block for these saved Christians. The Satanism block where they sacrificed cats and dogs was given to them. Eventually 24 cell blocks with 1600 saved prisoners were the result of much prayer and intercession by 5 intercessors that rotated every 24 hours. The Government took note of all these excellent changes that cost them nothing and established ‘Christ the Only Hope Prison’. They have had no escape attempts and no violence. The iron bars were replaced by curtains. If they need punishment, they need to pray and fast more. Now all 40 of the prisons in Buenos Aires has a church in the prison. Only 5% of the prisoners return, but in all the other prisons 45% return 21