Jerry Rosenthal, President and CEO

DIRECTORY Monmouth County SPCA Homeward Bound Adoption Center 260 Wall Street, PO Box 93 Eatontown, NJ 07724 Tel: 732.542.0040 Fax: 732.542.4552 Webs...
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DIRECTORY Monmouth County SPCA Homeward Bound Adoption Center 260 Wall Street, PO Box 93 Eatontown, NJ 07724 Tel: 732.542.0040 Fax: 732.542.4552 Website: HOURS OF OPERATION Monday—Friday, 1PM-5PM Saturday & Sunday—12PM-5PM Freehold Raceway Mall Lower Level 3710 Route 9 Freehold, NJ 07728 Tel: 732.637.1960 HOURS OF OPERATION Monday—Saturday, 10AM-9:30PM Sunday, 11AM-7PM MCSPCA Vogel Spay/Neuter Clinic Tel: 732.542.3125 Fax: 732.542.4552 Vaccine Clinic every Friday, 10:30AM-2PM No appointment necessary Dog Obedience Training Positive, rewards-based training to help your dog become a good family companion Registration: 732..542.5467 Humane Law Enforcement Division Chief Victor “Buddy” Amato: 732.542.0040 Board of Trustees Daran Haber, MD—Chairman Harvey Greller—Vice Chairman Josephine Joel—Secretary Christopher Nalbandian—Treasurer Pamela Knauer, Esq. David Kelley Alene Opatut, VMD Kim Ruane, MBA Laura Saker Jerry Rosenthal—President and CEO Karen Terpstra—VP and COO

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The real test of how effective an organization is comes when it is confronted with a significant challenge. Hurricane Sandy presented the Monmouth County SPCA with such a challenge and we rose to meet it. Starting the day after the storm, the organization began to mobilize by coordinating animal rescue efforts, preparing our facility to take in additional animals and by providing pet food and supplies to impacted families so that their pets could remain with them as they rebuilt their homes. During the last months of 2012 we took in 150 animals related to Sandy and distributed over 300,000 pounds of food. In the process we established an official Pet Food Pantry program to continue our outreach efforts to community shelters, food banks and at risk members of our community. At the same time we were able to increase the number of adoptions and the number of lives saved by 3% over the prior year. As most of you know we opened an offsite adoption center at the Freehold Raceway Mall mid year and adopted out over 700 animals from there. As well, we continued to expand our humane education outreach both in the local schools and in onsite seminars for the public. Our low cost spay/neuter surgery clinic, weekly community vaccination outreach and TNR initiatives continued on track in 2012. Our ability to provide the breadth of programs and level of service we do was a direct result of the generous support from over 7,000 donors in 2012. I am gratified by your confidence in our ability to fulfill our mission to protect and advocate for all animals and look forward in 2013 in continuing to expand our outreach and to saving even more lives.

Jerry Rosenthal, President and CEO

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We’d like to thank all of the generous donors who made such a difference for our organization in 2012. Due to space constraints we were not ale to list all of their names, but we are supremely grateful for each and every one of them. Every effort has been made to ensure this list is complete and accurate. If you find errors or omissions, please don not hesitate to contact us and we will update the listing. Thank you! Best Friend ($25,000+) Barnside Veterinary Hospital Estate of Jacqueline Elliot Lutheran Community Foundation Everett & Carolyn Morris Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital The Pedigree Foundation Red Bank Veterinary Hospital RTS Foundation Howard & Judi Strauss Ann & Tom Unterberg Humane Hero ($10,000+) Anonymous ASPCA Mr. & Mrs. John Bauer Foundation Source Estates of John and Katrin Heidelmeier Estate of Antoinette M. Lee McCrane Foundation Merck Partnership for Giving Anna Oschwald P&A Trust Jerry Rosenthal & Cionna Buckley CJ and Mark Rubin Splendid/ella moss Susan B. Stearns Top Dog ($5,000+) 33 East Car Wash All Jersey Janitorial Service Anonymous AT&T United Way Employees Ms. Sandra Atlas Bass Best Friends Animal Society Leigh Birch Feline Medical Center Ms. Anita Linke MCSPCA Auxiliary Benek Oster Saker ShopRites Mr. Roger Stein, CPA The Headliner The Rita & Harry Greenberger Foundation The Shelter, Inc Cat's Meow ($2,500+) Animal Farm Foundation Animal Health Care of Marlboro Bissell Pet Foundation Bechi Currier & Brian LaRusso Kelly DeMarco Ms. Beverly Dobrowolski Dr. Daran Haber Freehold Animal Hospital Jersey Shore Running Club Mrs. Josephine Joel Dylan Lauren & Paul Arrouet Marlboro Village Veterinary Hospital

Merrill Lynch Morgan Stanley Carol & Vernon Mummert Robert Murphy Nannette Empey Bryan Foundation Liz Novak Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Parton Jason Pester Petsmart Charities Plymouth Rock Assurance Rumson Community Appeal Sea Girt & Middletown Animal Hospital Shark River Veterinary Hospital The Plymouth Rock Foundation United Way of Monmouth County Matchmaker ($1,000+) 4 Paws Animal Hospital AIG Matching Grants Program Allenwood Animal Hospital Ms. Jennifer Alvarez Animal Birth Control Anonymous Mr. Joseph Appignani Andrea and James Armstrong Auntie Linda's Pet Sitting Services Bank of America Charitable Foundation Kenneth & Linda Boyle Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brambilla Broadway Diner Donna & Bill Brown Ellen and George Brown Build A Bear Foundation Robert Caffrey Susan & George Caga Bruce Campbell Jackie & David Carboy Jill Caren Barbara Carr Michael Cartas Ray & Elsie Catena Chinh Chu Katrina Chu Chubb & Son Max & Harriet Colby Colligas Family Markets ShopRite Dean Corneiro The Cowles Charitable Trust Barbara & Michael Cronin Audrey de Gaster Dean's Natural Food Market Al & Mary Dieteman Alexander Domorski Ms. Dolores Drobny Ms. Debra Durante

Ms. Sally J Evers Margaret & Robert Fagenson Dana Fantell First Steps Pre-School Stuart Flamberg Frank and Ruth E Caruso Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Linos Frantzeskakis Lillian Gelsleichter Green Leaf Pet Resort and Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Greller Griebling School Ms. Nancy Griffin Thomas P & Jeanne Guldager Ms. Sheila Haese Ms. Suzanne Hatfield Ms Maryann Hussey Steve & Linda Ireland Ms. Elizabeth Jorgenson Kaivac, Inc. Mr. Peter Kemmerer Patricia and Robert Kennedy Robin Koenig Mrs. David W Lupton Patricia Mack Mr. Michael Malchow Lois Maloney Maloof and Ellis Mgmt Corp Robin & Frank Mara Barbara Marotti Doris Masterson Mrs. Diana McKissock Lee-Ann Montano Movin' On Cruisers, Inc. Alexander Mulheren Mr Bill Norton Elizabeth Novak Foundation Ms. Irene E Piskovics Mrs. Evan and Anne Polewchak Prudential Foundation Purr'n Pooch Pet Resorts Mr. Michael Ralph Shelley Raskin Ray Catena Motor Car Corp Metallix Refining Inc Meghan & Vin Rehbein Mark Rubin Reinaldo Santiago Laura Scala Ms Linda Schmiedl Catherine Scholl Michael Shaffer Ms. Darlene P Shea Vance & Susan Skidmore Melody and John Sorrentino Cindy Stiles Ms. Cathy Stoddard Sylvia and Donald Tagliareni The Harriet Greenfield Foundation Ms. Terry Tomasulo

Michele Totaro True Care Veterinary Hospital Truist United Teletech Financial Verizon Foundation Joanne Villa Cathy Volker Gregory J Wells When Doody Calls Ms. Joanne Williams Ms Debra Wilson Mr. Lisa Wolak Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Wood World Subaru ZBI Employee Allocated Gift Fund Ms. Dawn Zelinski Peter Zipp Mr. Chris Zois

Aidan Elsner Alexandra Coe Alison & John Knickerbocker Amber & Lilly Ana Ann & Thomas Unterberg Anna Campbell Anthony Mauriello Aunt Nancy & Uncle Steve Barbara Sweeney Baxter Lambert Beemer Bernie Murray Bill & Sandy Pfister Bill West Binky Isabella Sabatini Birthday Wishes Bob Aitkens Bridie Bruce Springsteen Bubbagrl Buddy Peterson Buniak Family Butch Woolley Caitlin Moroney Candy & Pable Clausell Carly Cope Carol Lipman Carol Sandholt Chanukah Chloe Chris Christian Valeriani Christina Pirone Christine Stoner Christmas Clancy Cleo Cleo & Chewy Colette Corrine & Doug

Dallas Grove Deane Wolfe Debbie Elsinger Debbie Panaro & Neptune Debra Templeton Deby Hamilton Denise O'Hara Dennice Carey Diane Diane Barbour & Ginger Don & Carol Blesse Donna Randall Dorothy Watters Dory Coe Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Trotter Duke Reilly Dylan Lauren & Paul Arrouet Eagle Oaks Golf & Country Club Staff Easter Edith Ellen Gannon Emily Puskas Emily Unger Emmitt Erica Stagg Erik Camillo Ethan Kmelnitsky Ethan Wojdyla Evelyn Cullkin Faith King Fibi Reigel Fuzzy Gallagher Family Garnet Tilton Gary & Jeanne Haman Gary Bontempo Gemma Gloria Wenzel Gregory Heins Gretchen Rell Hannah Miller Harley Mihalik Heather Ratynski Helen & Heather Shields Henry Daum Holiday Wishes Hope Jake DeGenito James & Mary Jane Evers James Tirado Jazz Guerin Jean Kahane Jeffrey Levine Jen Conine & Mike Miller Jen Yan & Family Jenny Wagner Jillian Jillian Buchanan Joan Pruzick Joann & Joe Sorrentino Joanne King John & Kim Pope John & Liz Barrows

John Pearce Jonas Jody & Vinny Nichilo Joy Judy Lauber Karen & David Karen & Sid Stoffan Karen McCallion Karl Dotzel Kathy Zanthos Kennedy Nellins Kevin Clarkson Kevin Marlowe Kim Lara & Matt's Wedding Linda & Hank Walsmith Linda Bauer Linda Borst Liz Alcorn Lois Maloney

Lolly Yacona Lori Gabel Lorraine Laskiewicz Lucas Scerbo Lucky toth Lynn & Maria Vazquez-Mallon Lynn Ireland Marcia Mark & Kim Benoit Mark Illo Marti Ksionsk Martin Weinstock Mary Lowe Mary Thompson Maryann Santulli Matthew Stern Maureen McCulloch Max Meko Melinda Hackett

Miriam Wilson Mommy Mother's Day Mr. and Mrs. David Stein Mr. and Mrs. William Moore Mrs. Lane Myles Gorski Nancy Bruni Nancy Clarke Dr. Nichole Fedderson Nick Colantino, Jr. Nikki Shaw Nina Noelle Petach Pam & John Day Pam Dubrow Pam Keyl Pam Vocaturo Patrolman Resnyks Peggy Henneberry

Peggy Vicharello Peter Jensen Randi Russell Rich Richard Hammer Richard Hofmann Rita & Mary Beth Rita Scholl Ro Smith Robyn Siskoff Rockett Sally Samantha Peterson Sammie Sandy Von der Fecht Saralie Scott & Ryan Wermes Scruffy Coughlin Shannon & Ryan Nichols Shaw-Balsamo Wedding

Shirley Hobart Shirley Thorne Sophie Trebendis Spike's 15th Birthday Stanley Grundfest Stanley Siegel Stefanie Cooper Stephen Halk Steve Bartnick & Carol Jones Sue Bowers Susan & Damon Falzone Susan B. McNerney Tammy Gregg Teddy Thomas & Cheryl Fisher Tinabelle & Lola Tuffy Twizzler Valorie Poli William Heiman

Ab Cusack Ada Walsh Adele Kimowitz Adelyn McKenzie Alan Greco Albert Benoist Alex (Bad Boy) Ali Baba Ali Lynch Alicia Todd Amidala Flanagan Amy Shanahan Ann Falvo Mihlon Ann Hotchkiss Ann Mihlon Ann Morrow Taylor Ann Rossi Ann Taylor Anna Duphiney Anna Lipson Anne C Rogers Anne Marie Valente Anne Rogers Anthony Mauriello Antoinette Lee Archie Ariel Yagoda Ariel Yagoda Arline Lyttle Arrow Schwartz Arthur Lucas Aruba Ashes Asia Aurora Bailey Bailey Seibert Banks Barbara Cole Barbara Elaine Tunny Barbara Wagner Jacobs Barbara Ward Bea Curtis Bear Turman Beau Brave Cat Greenwald Bennett Stern Bentley Bernadine Herrmann Bernice

Betty Dorn Betty Krippendorf Bill Howerton Billie Billy Sokol Biscuit Sharp Bitsy Rubin Blaze Blizzard Blue Bob Aitkens Bones & Brittany Bonnie Schady Boomer Shaffer Bradley Gordon Brian Banach Brinkley Buck Buddy Morini Buddy Peterson Buster Cali Rose Calvin Candy Jankoski Captain Buonano Carol Rose Hillman Carol Snyder Casey Casey Brindisi Cashew & Aspen Cassidy Cat Benvenuti-Gallup CC Chad Tennen Charles Nicoll Charlie Chequers Chino Aliotta Chipper Chloe Maclearie Chocolate Christine Connelly Christine LoBrutto Clair Carlson Cleo CoCo Cocoa Codi Codi Rizzo Cody Cody & Paw Cody Cuttrell

Cola Connie Fiscella Cookie Greenbaum Craig Estavanik Cricket D. Joseph Lopez Dack Dad Daisy Daniel Moriarity Daniel Valle David Cohn David Dudley Smith, Jr. Dean Willis & Molly Debra Templeton Delilah Denise Satter Daisy Frenville Dolly Dolores Rosen Dominick Manzo Donna Randall Doris Bonnel Doris Redmond Dorothy Ruane Dr. N. Ananda Rao Duff Duke Reilly Ed Siegel Edith Marie Gray Edward Hussey Edward Knoeller Edward Sadowski Eiger Eileen Avillion Elaine Brill Elaine Vrabel Elaine Wolfus Elizabeth Hicks Elizabeth Zielenbach Ellie Anderson Elsie Bennett Em Silverstein Emmitt & Penny Evelyn Finley Evelyn Jacobsen Finster Dzikowicz Florence Bubadias Florine Farnung Fran Mule Francesca Francine Vickery

Francis Blood Frazier Fred Schanck, III Freddie Grundfest Fritz Davies Gabby Brendle Gail Spencer George Buttacovali George Leahy Gerard Abruzzo Gertrude Kaplan Glenn Ruth Glenn Ruth Gonzi Grace Gracie Gucci Gus Hickey Hammy the Hamster Harley McEnerney Harley Wolter Harold Chemielewski Harold Neiderhoffer Harpo Dennis Harry Harry Auerbach Harry Gray Hayley Helen Greenleaf Seibert Helen Haseman Helen Pulcrano Henry Bastier Henry DeWald Herb Oversen Herman Emmons Hobbs Hayes Holly Ian Long J. Nan Dafgard Jacqueline Aronson Jacqueline Elliot Jacqueline Mule James Flynn James Hulsizer Jane Pagdin Jasper & Annie Jax Jean Wheatley Jeanette Roussell Jeanne Marie Bennett Riker Jelly & Butter Jericho

Jessie Jim Clifford Jim Mackey Joan Prusinski Joan Rieman Joe LoCasto Joey Johannes & Hannelore Wilden John & Cody Cleaver John & Irene Karakoglou John McGeough John Montemaro John Schmitt John Shinkarick John Spencer John Teufel Jolie Jordan Gold Joseph Bonaventura Joseph Opramolla Joseph Patrick Maloney Joseph Persich Joyce Porter June Kennedy Karen Koller Kashmir Melone Katie Katie Peterson Kayla Potter Kenneth Thaiss Kiera Oogie Boogie Boy Kimari Kit Kat Lady Grey Lance Heller Lauren McBain Leaf Lee Alan Gutshall LeeAnn Lewi Lewis Robertson Lexie Lexus Lililan Fitzgerald Lillian Daly Masterson Lillian Miller Lillian Pratt Lilly Linda Fredrech Linda Rowe Lindsay Wallace Little

Lobo Stevenson Lolly Lori Levangie Lorraine McGuirl Lorraine Ryan Louie Louis Butch Woolley Louis Crisitello Lucille Lucky Lucy Lucy Brown Maddie Rubinstein Maggie Maggie Butcher Maggie Diviney Maisy Majorie Macredis Malcolm Sellers Mama Mandi Marci Kentos Margaret Raevis Marguerite Pilsbury Marguerite Sheehan Marie McNamara Marilyn Weinstein Marion Benz Marley Martha Mary Beszterczei Mary Bradley Mary Giaccone Mary Knighton Mary Mundell Mary Olivadotti Mary Roslowski Mary Thompson Maryann Ames Mattie Mattingley Delaney Max Max McDonald Maxie McCavity Meagan Melinda Hackett Mell Asch Melvin Minsky Mercury Michael Macisaac

Michael Tereo & Family Mickey B Mike Kutzko Miko Miss Kitty Misty Moe Molly Monty Bergren Morgan Black Mouser Mr. Bumpus Mrs. Hansen Mugsy Munchkin Mya Kaufman Myra Rolain Greco Mysty Nero Newman Nicki Nickie Nikki Noah Norma Van Dusen Norman LeBoeuf Oisin Oliver DiFazio Ollie Oscar Ozzy Pamela Kingingham Pat Haacker Pat Smith Patricia Collins Patricia Polgar Patti Granato Pauline Porcelli Pauline Schneider Gikas Peach Face Peanut & Bosco Castellano Peanut Fernandez Pearl Howell Pearl Luck Penny Pepper Pepper & Harley McEnerney Periwinkle Baron Petey Berry Phoenix Phyllis Herbert

Picasso Precious Lobo Prince Puff Pumpkin Quincy Rachel Rae Sabella Red Renie Rex Richard Fahrenz Riley Groeger Riley Smedes Rita & Henry Sachs Robert Keyes Robin Grasmann Roc Rocco Rocky Rocky Druckman Rocky Ferrari Roger Howard Ron Vogt Ronald Louk Roni Rose Golden Rosemary Canning Rosemary Puzio Roxi Roxy Rugby Maresca Ruth Catley Sable Sadie Sadie Flanagan Sally Tropeano Salvatore Restivo Sam Samantha Sammy Sampson Wolfe Samson Sandy Stein Sandy Von der Fecht Sarsparilla Sassy Scooter Scott Cossean Scruffy Shadow

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Shadow Robbins Tom Kilcoyne Shady Tootsie Shaka Topaz Sharon Schreiber TT Christman Shatzi Tug Shea Smith & Raymond Irwin Ty Smith Sheba Valentino Gabrieli Shela Virginia Costic Shiloh Virginia Porter Shirley Bradley Virginia Stevenson Shirley Castellano Vixen Shirley Fuller Walter Dittmar Simon Wanita Bredbenner Simon Mandelbaum Warren Cochran, Jr. Simpkin Wayne Anson Skippy Wendy Stavola Smokey Wendy Stavola Smokey Steinberg Widdy Sneakers Wilhelmus Wiegers Snoopy William Phoel Snowflake Willie Spanky Willow Sparky Wilma Lukowitz Star Winston Starla Woody Stretch Yogi Sugie Olson Zak the Boobie Rogers Sunny Zena Sunshine Nydick Ziggy Susan Liu Zipper Suzanne Leach Zipper West-Hershenov Sweet Ernie Zoe Einbinder Sweet Sammy Zoe Falkenhagen Sweet Sassy & Cinnamon Girl Zoe Musso Tabba Abba & Picasso Dean Zombo Kepes Tabitha Luz Zsa Zsa Simanowicz Tali Condon Talli Williams Teddy Shaffer Teddy Trentacosta Tempo Jill Caren Photography Thelma Gottfried Theodor Koleski Ken McKeel Photography Thomas Lucy Kim Levin Photography Thomas Newmier Tiger Natalie Markova Photography Tim Rusty Rembrandt Studios Timothy Gough Toben Victor Bubadias Photography Todd Mollema Tom Cat MacDonald


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