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JAPAN See Japan in a whole new light Have you been to Japan before? Want to see something different or perhaps consider yourself an experienced or unc...
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JAPAN See Japan in a whole new light Have you been to Japan before? Want to see something different or perhaps consider yourself an experienced or unconventional traveler. If so, this tour may be what you are looking for to take your students on. Similar in style to home economics, the town of Gokase in Kyuushu offers students the opportunity to experience a farm stay programme along with a school exchange. Sister school and periodical mutual exchange welcome. Within the area there are elementary, Junior high, and boarding schools eager for your visit. All day enjoy Japanese traditional activities such as traditional farm activities, traditional green tea, bamboo work, wood work, rice and vegetable farming. traditional performing arts, home, cooking and nature. Japan is a country of contrasts just waiting to be discovered. Modern and traditional architecture combined as one: this is Japan. The ancient capital, Kyoto, is rich in cultural sites and keeps to a brown colour scheme, while nearby Himeji Castle is a famous World Heritage-listed treasure. Hiroshima is a place of great historical significance and with one of the top five beauty spots being Miyajima. The modern metropolis of Tokyo is full of energy and excitement. Japan’s compact size means travelling times are short and covered by a comfortable and very efficient rail system with easy walking distance to an entrance.

CLIMATE Summer is between June and September and ranges from warm to very hot, while spring and autumn are generally mild across the country. Typhoons are likely to occur in September or October but rarely last more than a day. Spring is well known for its cherry blossom trees, enthusiastic flower viewers view them from late March through April. Winters are known for the hot springs. Due to the large amount of geothermal activity & and outdoor baths.



Day 1 – ARRIVE NARITA (TOKYO) Obtain Japan Railpass, travel Keisei line into Tokyo or travel by private coach. Accommodation: Youth Hostel or Hotel Day 2/ 3– TOKYO TODAY OWN ARRANGEMENTS FOR SIGHTSEEING OR GUIDED TOUR TOKYO TOWER Enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo from its main observatory TEA CEREMONY AND BONSAI TREES Take part in a traditional tea ceremony and admire the nice looking bonsai trees at the Japanese Garden “Happo-en”. BARBECUE LUNCH Enjoy the tasty meal at the Garden Restaurant “Chinzan-so” NATIONAL DIET BUILDING The Japanese Capitol (The House of the Parliament) IMPERIAL PALACE PLAZA Short photo stop at the outer garden of the Palace. SUMIDA RIVER CRUISE Enjoy a 40 minute boat ride from Hinode pier of Tokyo Bay to Asakusa. The river was the most important waterway for the development of Tokyo. ASAKUSA KANNON TEMPLE The oldest and most popular Buddhist temple in Tokyo. NAKAMISE SHOPPING ARCADE A colorful shopping arcade leading to the temple, lined with tiny food and souvenir shops. GINZA SHOPPING DISTRICT Shopping and amusement area for Youth’s fashion labels


TOKYO — KYOTO — SHIN-OSAKA — HIROSHIMA — OSAKA Day 4 – TOKYO — KYOTO TODAY OWN ARRANGEMENTS FOR SIGHTSEEING IN KYOTO ACCOMMODATION RYOKAN Japanese Style Room With Tetami mates and rice pillow. Day 5 – KYOTO TODAY OWN ARRANGEMENTS FOR SIGHTSEEING OR GUIDED TOUR (9Hrs) NIJO CASTLE The Kyoto residence of the Tokugawa Shogun, built in 1603, Nijo Castle is famous for the contrast between its restrained exterior and gorgeous interiors. KINKAKUJI TEMPLE (Goldern Pavilion) KYOTO IMPERIAL PALACE The residence of the Imperial family until the capital was relocated to Tokyo in 1868. View the Shishinden Imperial state chamber where enthronement ceremonies took place. BUFFET LUNCH AT KYOTO HANDICRAFT CENTER Enjoy a buttet lunch and shopping or painting your own key ring HEIAN SHRINE The brightly colored shrine with its vermilion pillars and green roof, and its enchanting inner garden and ponds, reflects the elegance of life in the ancient Japanese court. SANJUSANGENDO This renowned long wooden temple houses 1001 statues of Kannon, Bodhisattva, dating back to the 13th century.


Miyajima Island. Visit the Itsukushima Shrine and an option to take the cable car to the top, then sideways cable car with a hike to the summit for an overview of the bay.


If time permits travel another 30mins to Kintai-kyo Bridge / Iwakuni City that is held together without nails.

DISCOVER EVENTS UNFOLD IN THIS MUSEUM BASED ON AUGUST 6 1945 Listen to those that were there as they tell KIYOMIZU TEMPLE their stories and discover a girl that made A quaint old lane lined with souvenir shops a 1000 paper cranes to make herself feel leads up to this famous temple. Enjoy better, with her dedicated statue in the Kyoto’s City Skyline from its terrace. park KYOTO NIGHT TOUR Tue, Thu & Sat March - November (3 Hours) Day 6 – MIYAJIMA ISLAND ACCOMMODATION RYOKA OPTION Watch a one hour demonstration of the tea Today travel by local train 30mins to ceremony, traditional court music and Miyajima-guchi followed by a small walk dance, flower arranging, puppet theatre to the warf to catch a 10min JR ferry and a kyogen farce (classical comic across to Miyajima Island.(Use Railpass) theatre), Kyomai (Kyoto - style Japanese dance), and bunraku (puppet drama). Stroll through the Old Gion Streets

Day 7 – OSAKA YOUTH HOTEL OR HOTEL OPTION TODAY OWN ARRANGEMENTS FOR SIGHTSEEING Transfer to the airport using JR Limited Express. Shin-Osaka Kansai International Airport 50mins

KANSAI (OSAKA) ARRIVAL Day 1 – ARRIVE KANSAI (OSAKA) Obtain Japan Railpass, travel JR Kansai Kuukou Line for Kyoto (Haruka by JR LTD Express). Get off at Shin-Osaka station (50-60mins) One every 30mins or by private coach to Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel Day 2 – UNIVERSAL STUDIOS THEME PARK OPTION OR HIROSHIMA / MIYAJIMA ISLAND DESTINATION ONTO HAKATA / FUKUOKA Day 3 – DEPART OSAKA OR START FUKUOKA SIGHTSEEING Transfer to Momochi area, visit Fukuoka Citizen’s disaster prevention Centre (Fire, Typhoon, Earthquakes simulation exercise); - Lunch at a restaurant La Manina (Pasta); Fukuoka Tower 234m panorama viewing deck overlooking Hakata Bay along the man made beach Momochi area. Robosquare Providing vision and understanding of the science and technology of robotics. Offering research environments for advanced robotic technology Day 4 – FUKUOKA Hakata Machiya Folk Museum An educational facility where you can learn how the people of Hakata lived in the Meiji and Showa Periods. Classes on dialect and crafts presentations are also performed . CANAL CITY HAKATA Surrounding the artificial canals, this is one of the most popular spots in Fukuoka, with everything from shops and restaurants to movie theaters, hotels, and theaters. The Raumen Stadium is also very popular. TENJIN The largest shopping district in Kyushu, packed with all sorts of stores and restaurants. Tenjin Underground City is lined with over 100 shops. Under the street shopping adds a unique aspect to shopping no matter what the weather is like above. Day 5 – HAKATA— DAIZAIFU (30mins) Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine. Under the Cherry blossom tree this is the site out of all the Shinto Shrines to visit, for students to worship scholastic greatness throughout


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