Friday Fast Facts January 29, 2016

Volume 4 Issue 2

On Thursday January 21, 2016 Titusville Fire & Emergency Services visited Titusville High School Heath Occupation Student of America (HOSA) Academy. Station 11’s crew consisting of Lieutenant Lisa Ford, Acting Driver Operator Aaron Jolly and Firefighter Charles Jones, along with Life Safety Specialist Heather Gilmore, talked to the students about Emergency Medical Services (EMS) that the Department provides. The crew discussed why they chose careers in the Fire Service and what an average day consist of for a firefighter. Student’s interaction involved showing what an Electrocardiogram (EKG) looked like, examples of different medicines and their medical purpose and how to intubate a patient. The discussion then moved outside where the crew discussed the Fire Apparatus and the purpose of different tools on board. A total of 36 students and teachers participated in the learning experience.

On Monday, January 18, 2016, members of the Titusville Police Department participated in the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr parade and festivities. Chief Lau led the parade that traveled from the North Brevard Senior Center then east along South Street ending at Isaac Campbell Park for the Heritage Festival. Bi-Weekly Stats Police Department Bi-weekly Stats Highlights – 1/15/2016 – 1/29/16 Total Calls 2972 FALSE ALARMS 63 BURGLARIES 21 PATROL CHECKS 211 PREMISES CHECK 868 ROBBERY 2 STOLEN VEHICLES 13 SUICIDE ATTEMPTS/THREATS 4 TRAFFIC STOPS 287

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2015 Comparison 58 10 153 560 1 10 9 229

On Wednesday January 20, 2016 Titusville Fire & Emergency Services visited Apollo Elementary School as part of the “Bicycle Helmet Fitting Program” of the Fire Department. The goal of the program is to stress the importance of using bicycle helmets when riding bikes. Station 12’s crew consisting of Lt. Jeff Harris, Driver Operator Matt Bowman and Firefighter Michael Schettino, assisted Life Safety Specialist Heather Gilmore in fitting those students who ride their bikes to school with a proper fitting bicycle helmet. A total of 16 students and teachers participated in the even.

On January 16, 2016 The Titusville Fire and Emergency Services Honor Guard Unit once again presented the National Colors (US, UK, Canada and Scotland) for opening ceremonies at the 39th annual Central Florida Scottish Highland Games held in Winter Springs, Florida. This marks the Honor Guard’s 6th year as the host Guard Unit. The Guard’s ceremonial uniform is the Scottish kilt, Kennedy tartan pattern, and was chosen to represent the Scottish and Irish immigrants. In the early years of our nation, many of these men were Fire Fighters and Police Officers, a time when so few chose this profession. This year also marked the arrival of Lady Rosemary Kennedy Cadell to the United States. While in attendance she conducted a Troop review and Inspection of the Guard Unit.

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On Wednesday January 27, 2016 Titusville Fire & Emergency Services provided a Station Tour to Cub Scout Pack 488 the Webelos at Station 13. Station 13’s Truck crew consisted of Lieutenant Dave Cody, Acting Driver Operator Ben Lees and Firefighter Iain McFarland. Station 13’s Rescues’ crew consisted of Firefighter Andrew Johnson and Firefighter Timothy Hammond. Life Safety Specialist Heather Gilmore assisted with the tour. The crew provided a Station Tour and a Truck and Rescue Display. The Pack visited today in order to fulfill a piece of the requirement to earn their First Responders Badge. The Webelos are currently learning First Aid and CPR and part of the requirements is to talk to a First Responder and ask questions in the area they are studying. A total of 12 pack members attended the event.

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My Brevard Yard.

The first My Brevard Yard workshop for 2016 was held January 19 at Titusville’s Public Library. The workshop focuses on proper fertilizer application techniques and how fertilizer use affects the health of the Indian River Lagoon. The ten class attendees were from Titusville and other local cities. Extension agents Sally Scalera and Matt Lenhardt with the UF IFAS Extension Program, were joined by Maureen Phillips, Water Conservation & Public Outreach Manager and Sandra Reller, Environmental Compliance Manager in presenting at the workshop. Future My Brevard Yard workshops will be held as part of the city’s program to obtain credit from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection toward compliance with the Indian River Lagoon Basin Management Action Plan. In addition to handouts on fertilizer, participants received duck backpacks and water conservation information on irrigation, dog waste pickup, and native plants, as well as heirloom vegetable seeds. Attendees also had the opportunity to schedule (for a fee) a site visit survey by the extension agents. On Thursday January 28th, Titusville Police Department Crime Scene Technicians Stephanie Rosser and Caitlyn Hill visited Coquina Elementary School to teach the sixth graders how to process a crime scene for latent fingerprints, as well as general Crime Scene Technician duties and current forensic science principles. Approximately 75 students, in three groups, were able to make their own print cards of their fingerprints to bring home. The procedure for processing an item for latent prints using black latent powder was also demonstrated. Stephanie and Caitlyn were asked by Ms. Dames of Coquina Elementary, in partnership with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, to teach the students about crime scene investigation in order to promote interest in forensic science, and to investigate the Case of the Missing Mascot, Corky the Cougar. Crime Scene Investigators and a K9 unit from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office had separate presentations. Ms. Dames acquired a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) grant for this project, which will require the assistance of our Crime Scene Technicians in the coming months for more in-depth training and demonstrations. The goal of STEM projects is to promote higher order thinking and reasoning in students as they engage in a project-based experience focused on rigor in math, science, language arts, and technology.

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