JAMES PARDEE MOKHIBER Department of History University of New Orleans

JAMES PARDEE MOKHIBER Department of History University of New Orleans Home Address: 631 North Alexander Street New Orleans, LA 70119 (201) 240-8130 jm...
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JAMES PARDEE MOKHIBER Department of History University of New Orleans Home Address: 631 North Alexander Street New Orleans, LA 70119 (201) 240-8130 [email protected]

University/Mailing Address: Department of History University of New Orleans New Orleans, LA 70148 (504) 280-7079

BACKGROUND EDUCATION Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland Ph.D., History, 2002. Advisors Philip Curtin and Sara Berry. University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, England M.A., Oriental and African history, 1992. Stanford University, Stanford, California B.A., History, 1990. Phi Beta Kappa, with departmental honors. Université de Paris (Sorbonne)/Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris, France Stanford-in-Paris Program, Fall-Winter, 1989. Université de Tunis/Institut Bourguiba des Langues Vivantes, Tunis, Tunisia Certificat de Niveau/Diplôme de fin d’études (French), 1986. Pittsford-Sutherland High School, Pittsford, New York New York State Regents Diploma, 1985. EXPERIENCE A.

Academic/Teaching Academic Director, UNO “Glories of France” Program, Montpellier, France, Summer 2012. Instructor, UNO “Glories of France” Program, Montpellier, France, Summer 2010. Associate Professor, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, April 2010- Present Assistant Professor, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, 2003-April 2010.


Adjunct Instructor, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, Spring 2002. Graduate Teaching Assistant, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, Teaching Assistant, 1993-1994 B.

Other Professional Experience Documentary Film/TV Producer (USA), “Dispatches” UK Channel 4/Mentorn Productions, London/New Orleans, LA. Fall 2005 Historical/Archival Researcher, Nick Kotz Associates, Washington, DC, 1996-2004. For Judgment Days: Lyndon Baines Johnson, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Laws That Changed America (New York: Houghton-Mifflin, 2005). Documentary Film/TV Producer/Writer, Young Productions, Washington, DC, Oct. 2002- Jul. 2003. Associate Producer/Reporter, “FRONTLINE,” PBS/Kirk Documentary Group, Washington, DC, Jan. 1998-Mar. 2000. Writer/Online Content, WGBH Educational Foundation, Washington/Boston, Jan. 1998Mar. 2000. Researcher/Reporter, “FRONTLINE,” PBS/Center for Investigative Reporting, Washington, DC, Jun. 1993- Jan.1996.




Scholarly book – Non-refereed Bischof, Guenter, Andreas Exenberger, Philip and James Mokhiber, eds. Globalization and the City: Two Connected Phenomena in Past and Present. Innsbruck, Austria: Innsbruck University Press, 2013.


Chapters/Invited Publications Mokhiber, James, “‘Le Protectorat dans la Peau’: Prosper Ricard and the ‘native arts’ in French colonial Morocco, 1899-1952.” In Revisiting the Colonial Past in Morocco, edited by Driss Maghraoui, 257-284. London: Frank Cass/Journal of North African Studies, 2013. Mokhiber, James. “Global Cities and the ‘New’ World Wistory: Narratives and Teaching Perspectives from the United States after the Fall of ‘Western Civilization.” In Globalization and the City: Two Connected Phenomena in Past and Present, edited by Guenter


Bischof, Andreas Exenberger, Philip Strobl and James Mokhiber, 39-58. Innsbruck, Austria: Innsbruck University Press, 2013. C.

Other Publications 1) Non-refereed academic journal articles “Richard S. Fogarty, Race & War in France: Colonial Subjects in the French Army, 1914-1918 (Baltimore: JHU Press, 2008)” Canadian Journal of History 44, 3 (Winter 2009). [1000 words] “Colonialism in Africa North of the Sahara” and “Messali Hadj” Encyclopedia of World History Volume 8: 1900-1945. (ABC-CLIO Publications, 2010). [1250 words; 250 words] 2) Other (e.g. professional association journals, popular publications, online articles) “Historians in the Midst of Catastrophe: Reflections of the University of New Orleans’s Department of History after Hurricane Katrina” [Personal contribution] Historically Speaking: The Bulletin of the Historical Society VII, 6 (2006). [560 words] Essays, synopses, chronologies, and other substantial historical and public affairs texts authored for the PBS/FRONTLINE websites: “A Brief History of the Independent Counsel Law,” “Why Did Milosevic Capitulate,” “A Kosovo Chronology,” etc. Co-authored with Rick Young, “The Use of Military Force,” “Nation-Building in Bosnia,” etc., 1998-2000. [lengths vary, 500-2500 words] “A History of Duckpins in Baltimore” in Maryland Online Encyclopedia, a joint project of the Maryland Historical Society, the Maryland Humanities Council, the Enoch Pratt Free Library, and the Maryland State Department of Education, 2003. [Site currently offline, 900 words]


ITEMS ACCEPTED FOR PUBLICATION BUT NOT YET PUBLISHED “Julia Clancy-Smith, Mediterraneans: North Africa and Europe in an Age of Migration, c. 1800-1900 (Berkeley: UC Press, 2011)” Journal of World History [1800 words] “Bringing the ‘Bazaar’ to Paris: Lessons in Art and Craft at the Expositions Universelles, 18551937” in Ed. William Kumbier, Selected Proceedings of the 2006 “Paris to the World” Conference, (Joplin, MO: Missouri Southern State University, publication suspended due to 2011 tornado damage) [4,750 words]



ARTISTIC OR OTHER CREATIVE CONTRIBUTIONS “The Hurricane that Shamed America” (Producer/USA, “Dispatches,” UK Channel 4, 56 mins., Oct. 31, 2005) “The Storm” PBS FRONTLINE (2005) and “New Orleans” PBS American Experience (2007). (Credited “Special Thanks”/Production Assistance) “This is Duckpin Country” (Co-Producer, initial broadcast on Maryland Public Television (MPT) series “Independent Eye,” 48 mins., 2003. Featured film at Recipient of a White House News Photography Association “Eyes of History” prize.) “War in Europe” (Associate Producer, international distribution, UK Channel 4 and PBS FRONTLINE, 2 x 56 mins., Feb. 22 & 200009, 2000) “Give War a Chance” (Reporter, Emmy-nominated show, PBS FRONTLINE, 56 mins., May 11,1999) “Secrets of an Independent Counsel” (Reporter, PBS FRONTLINE, 56 mins., May 17, 1998) “The Long March of Newt Gingrich” (Researcher, PBS FRONTLINE, 56 mins., Jan. 16, 1996) “Rush Limbaugh’s America” (Researcher, PBS FRONTLINE, 56 mins., Feb. 28, 1995) “Public Lands, Private Profits” (Researcher, PBS FRONTLINE, 56 mins., May 24, 1994)


PRESENTATIONS/PARTICIPATION AT PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS Mokhiber, James. “(Re)Burying and Memorializing Marshal Hubert Lyautey in Morocco and France,” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association, Washington, DC, January 2014. (Invited presenter) Mokhiber, James. “Under the Bindera Merikani? Henry Morton Stanley in America and Africa,” Paper presented at the “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” Bicentennial Seminar, Belvue Museum, Brussels, Belgium. September 2013. (Invited presenter) Mokhiber, James. “Discovering Slavery, Exploring Race in America: Henry Morton Stanley in New Orleans and Beyond.” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association, New Orleans, Louisiana. January 2013. (Panel organizer and presenter) Mokhiber, James. “Locating and teaching cities in the ‘new’ world history: Perspectives from the US after the fall of ‘Western Civilization.’” Paper presented at the international


conference “The Role and Function of the Global City,” Innsbruck, Austria, November 2011. (Presenter and Co-Organizer/USA) “Roundtable: L’Afrique… et après? Teaching French-Speaking Africa & African Topics” Scheduled participant at annual meeting of African Studies Association, Washington, DC, November 2011. (Preliminary remarks delivered in absentia due to illness) Mokhiber, James. “Colonial Epistemology in the Field: ‘Native Arts’ Expeditions in French Morocco and Tunisia.” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, New Orleans, Louisiana. November 2010. Mokhiber, James. “‘Oriental Dreams’? From art indigène to patrimoine in French colonial Morocco and Tunisia.” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the French Colonial History Society Annual Meeting. Paris, France, June 2010. Lecturer/Seminar Leader, « Approche historiographique: Ecole américaine d’histoire mondiale et histoire de l’Afrique, » Programme : Immersion en Archives 2010, Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale, Brussels, Belgium. February 2010. Lecturer/Seminar Leader, « Méthodologie historique : bâtir une proposition d’études et écrire un mémoire de recherche, » Programme : Immersion en Archives 2010, Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale. Brussels, Belgium. February 2010. Presenter, "Virtual Souqs and Internet Artisans: Colonial echoes in the representing and marketing of North African arts and crafts online" African Studies Association Annual Meeting. November 2009. Presenter, “Le trajet d’une méthode? Colonial knowledge, policy and the ‘native arts’ in French North Africa” Cultures d’Empires: Circulations, échanges et affrontements culturels en situations coloniales et imperials. Université de Paris VIII, Paris, France. October 2009. Presenter, “Souvenirs of Empire: Museums, Art and Tourism in Colonial North Africa,” African Studies Association Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois. 2008. Presenter, “Paris’s Expositions Universelles and the Global ‘Bazaar’ in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries,” World History Association Annual Meeting. London, England. 2008. Presenter, “Bringing the Bazaar to Paris: International exhibitions, colonial pavilions and the emergence of North African arts and crafts,” “From Paris to the World Conference,” Missouri Southern State University, Joplin, Missouri. November 2006. Presenter, "Return to Barbary: Operation Torch and Images of Colonial North Africa in World War II," Southwestern Social Science Association Annual Meeting. New Orleans, Louisiana. April 2005.


Presenter, “Making Art/History in the French Colonial Empire,” UNO Honors Program, April 2004. Presenter, “Crafting Colonialism: Metropolitan reformers and the ‘native arts’ in French colonial Algeria,” American Anthropological Association, 1999 Annual Meeting) Presenter, “Prosper Ricard and the Native Arts Service in Morocco, 1912-1956” HAUSA Colloquium, Washington, 1998. Presenter, “Le protectorat des arts: le Service des Arts Indigènes au Maroc, 1912-1939” Colloque «Repenser le Protectorat» Université Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco, Spring 1998. Presenter, "The 'Renovation' of Artisanal Production in French Colonial Tunisia: Jacques Revault and the Office of Tunisian Arts, 1932-1957” Global Studies Seminar, Johns Hopkins University, Spring 1995. Presenter, “Jacques Revault et la rénovation des arts traditionnels en Tunisie, 1932-1957” Centre d’Études Maghrébines à Tunis, Tunisia, 1996. Presenter, “Women’s Work and Artisanal Production in Colonial Tunisia” Women’s Studies Conference, Johns Hopkins University, March 1995. Presenter, “Tunisian Art” HAUSA Colloquium, Johns Hopkins University, February 1995. Presenter, "The 'Disinterested Culture' of Art and Orientalism in French Colonial Algeria: Jean Alazard and his Museum" Comparative World History Seminar, Johns Hopkins University, November 1993. 5.

OTHER SCHOLARLY OR CREATIVE ACTIVITIES A. Service in role of discussant, critic or reviewer Chair/Moderator, “Late Empire and its Aftermaths in Africa/L’empire tardif et ses consequences en Afrique.” Annual meeting of the French Colonial Historical Society. New Orleans, Louisiana, May 2012. Final Panel Member/Commentator, “Conference in World History: The Role and Function of the Global City,” Joint Conference of the Universities of New Orleans and Innsbruck, November 2011. Panel Chair, “New Orleans, I presume? African Explorer Henry Morton Stanley in the Crescent City” History Panel Discussions, New Orleans Po-Boy Festival, November 2010. Presenter, with Dr. Andrew Goss, “Discussion Sections and the Introductory World


History Survey,” UNO Faculty Teaching Discussion Group (Student Persistence and Retention Initiative), Spring 2010. Discussant/Organizer, “'Heritage' Policies in France: Preservation, architecture and the rise of the Projet Urbain,” Dr. Philippe Revault, École d’Architecture de Paris, Paris, France. Public lecture and week-long series of meetings. Co-sponsored by the US Fulbright Fellow Program, Historic New Orleans Collection, New Orleans World Affairs Council, the Louisiana State Museum, the New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council, Center Austria, UNO Department of History, March 2010. Discussant/Organizer, “World War II and its North African Dimensions,” Dr. Driss Maghraoui, Al-Akhawayn University, Rabat, Morocco. Co-sponsored by the Eisenhower Center for American Studies, the College of Liberal Arts and the UNO Department of History, November 8, 2009. Textbook Reviewer, W. W. Norton & Co., Fall 2009. Robert Tignor, et al. Worlds Together, Worlds Apart (New York: Norton, 2009). Third edition. Panel Chair, “The Sea as Agency and Metaphor for Social Transformations in Asia and Africa,” World History Association Annual Meeting, London, England, June 2008. Grant Evaluator, Documentary Television and Radio Grant/Media Review Panel, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, New Orleans, LA, 2006, 2007, 2008. Textbook Reviewer, McGraw-Hill Companies, Boston, MA, March-April 2007. Jerry Bentley, Herbert Ziegler, and Heather Streets, Traditions and Encounters: A Global History (Boston: McGraw Hill, 2008). Documentary Screening/Organizer, Women’s History Month event, “By Invitation Only” with appearance by Director Rebecca Snedeker. (56 min.) Department of History and the UNO Women’s Center, March 2007. Historical Consultant, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands, “Objets mobiles: visies op Marokkaans gebruiksaardewerk [Moroccan ceramics exhibition],” Curators Alexandra von Dongen and Elisa Veini (Nov. 17, 1998-Jan. 17, 1999). B.

Service in role of officer of professional organization Member, Local Arrangements Committee, French Colonial Historical Studies Association Annual Meeting (New Orleans, 2012) Co-Chair, Local Arrangements Committee, African Studies Association Annual Meeting (New Orleans, 2009).



General editorship of journal, monograph or book series Editor, Herodotus: The Stanford University Undergraduate History Journal (Fall 1989-Spring 1990).


Professional society membership American Historical Association World History Association African Studies Association French Colonial History Society


AWARDS, LECTURESHIPS, OR PRIZES Pass with honors, Oral Preliminary Examinations, Johns Hopkins University, 1995 Phi Beta Kappa, Stanford University, 1990. James Birdsall Weter Honors Thesis Prize, Stanford University, 1990. Departmental Honors, History Department, Stanford University, 1990.




Fellowships, grants and contracts received a. Principal Investigator (* denotes major grant of $7,500 or more) *“Becoming Henry Morton Stanley: An African Explorer in New Orleans,” Summer Undergraduate Experience, UNO Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Summer 2010. [$15,000] UNO Faculty Travel Grant, Fall 2005 [$1,500] UNO June Scholar Grant, 2004, 2008 [$5,000] Hagley Library & Museum, Wilmington, DE, (Grant-in-aid), 2000-01. [$3,200] Frederick Jackson Turner Fund, (Conference Travel Grant), 1999. *National Security Education Program, Graduate International Fellowship, 1996-1997. *Fulbright Grant for Dissertation Research in Tunisia, 1995-1996.


*Council of Academic Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) Grant, (for comparative research in Morocco, Tunisia and France/Algeria), 1995-96. *Owen Fellowship for Graduate Study, JHU, (full tuition plus stipend), 1992-1995. Institute for Global Studies in Culture, Power and History Grant, JHU, (for research in North Africa), Summer 1994. [$5,000] *University of London Overseas Bursary (full tuition fellowship for post-graduate study), 1991-1992. Golden Grant for Undergraduate Research, (for research in Senegal and France), Summer 1989. [$3,500] b. Role other than principal investigator *Co-Producer, Maryland Endowment for the Humanities Grant, (for historical documentary film screened on Maryland Public Broadcasting), 2002 8.

THESIS/DISSERTATION COMMITTEE SERVICE Maher Judeh (Committee Chair, Fall 2014) Paul Hebert (Committee Member, Spring 2014) Jessica Dauterive UNO Honors Option student (Committee Member, Spring 2013) Kali Martin (Committee Member, Fall 2012) John Grimes (Chair, Fall 2011) Stacy Meyers (Chair, Summer 2011) John Mangipano (Committee Member, Spring 2011) Fernando Rodriguez (Committee Member, Spring 2011) Stefan Lallinger (Committee Member, Spring 2011) Frank Straughan (Committee Member, Spring 2011) Nicholas Paskert, UNO Honors Program Thesis (Committee Member, Spring 2011) Sara McNamara, M.A. Thesis (Chair, Fall 2010) Carlos Martinez, M.A. Thesis Committee Member (Spring 2010) Christian Chuindja Ngniah, UNO Honors Option student (Director, Fall 2009) Andrew Brooks, UNO Honors Program Option student (Director, Spring 2009; Fall 2010) Victoria McCardell, M.A.H.T. Examination Committee (Spring 2008) Scott Manguno, M.A. Thesis (Committee Member, Spring 2007) Charles Fontana, M.A. Thesis (Committee Member, 2006) Glen Dyer, M.A. Thesis Committee (Committee Member, Spring 2005) Claire Popovich, Honors Thesis Committee (Committee Member, Spring 2005)




• • •

African History French Colonial History History of the Maghrib/North Africa




Manuscripts and other projects for submission

• • • •

World/Transnational/Global History Cultural History Documentary/Historical Film Museums/Art History

“Le trajet d’une méthode? Connaissance coloniale, politique et les « arts indigènes » dans l’Afrique du Nord coloniale française” [Journal article] “'Native arts' and imperial legacies: Artisanal production, colonial knowledge and heritage in North Africa, 1900-present” (working title) [Book manuscript] “From orientalism to global heritage: Jacques Revault in colonial Morocco and Tunisia, 1922-1956” [Journal article] “Becoming Henry Morton Stanley: An African Explorer in New Orleans.” [International multimedia public history project] “Landmarking a Mystery: The Stanley House in New Orleans” [Documentary film project, finishing production phase] “Curating Mobutu’s Zaïre: Frère Joseph Cornet and the Art of the Congo Basin” [Documentary film project in pre-production phase]. B.

Courses Taught (or Under Development*) (HIST 6001) “Proseminar: Historical Thought and Writing” (HIST 6601) “Proseminar: World History in Theory and Practice” (HIST 6995) “Independent Study: African Colonial History” (HIST 5991/G) “Inventing the ‘South of France’” (HIST 5991/G) "France and the Age of Louis XIV” (HIST 5991/G) “Africa, History and Film” (HIST 4367/G) “France and the Age of Louis XIV” (HIST 4368/G) “Modern France, 1789-Present” (HIST 5991) “Images of Africa: Representing the History of the ‘Dark Continent’” (HIST 5991) “France, Algeria and the Colonial Encounter” (HIST 2701) “Africa to 1830: Africa through the Slave Trade” (HIST 2702) “Africa 1830-Present: Colonialism and Independence” (HIST 2991) “Contemporary Africa in Historical Perspective”


(HIST 2991/4991/G) “Cultural and Social History of Wine in France” (HIST 2991/4991/G) “The Birth of the Department Store” (HIST 1001) “World History to ca. 1500: ‘Civilization,’ Empire and Exchange in the PreModern World” (Multiple versions and formats) C.

Special Recognition for Teaching Faculty Honoree, UNO Honors Program, “Breakfast of Champions,” Oct. 2007


Academic Service a. On-campus Summer Chair, Department of History, May-August 2014 Graduate Coordinator, Department of History, Spring 2010-present Acting Chair, Department of History, May-June 2011 Secretary/Member, College of Liberal Arts Graduate Committee. (Member, UNO Continuing Enrollmet Policy Subcommittee) Spring 2010-present Graduate Committee, Department of History, Spring 2009-present Faculty Representative, UNO Diversity Cabinet, 2006-present Adjunct Member, UNO Fulbright Program Committee, Fall 2009 Africana Committee, UNO Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS) Program, 2004-present Organizer, History Department Faculty Seminar, Spring 2007, 2009 Undergraduate Co-Advisor, Department of History, 2004-2009 Academic Coordinator, UNO Paralegal Studies Program, 2004-2009 Faculty Advisor, African Students Organization, 2005-2012 Faculty Advisor, UNO History Student Association, 2005-2007 History Faculty Search Committee (African-American History), 2008 History Faculty Search Committee (Asian History), 2004


History Department Honors & Awards Committee, 2003-2005 Committee Member, UNO Burks Prize Award, 2005 History Department Secretary, 2003-2008 a.

Other Academic Service (on- and off-campus)

Presenter, “Lyautey: A Colonial ‘Hero’ and Post-Colonial France” History Majors/Departmental Luncheon, Fall 2014. Presenter, “Audio and Video Tools for Historical Research” HIST 6002: Methodology and Research Design, Spring 2013. Presenter, “Inventing Henry Morton Stanley in New Orleans” UNO Honors Program, Fall 2012. Presenter, “Crisis in the Horn of Africa” World Affairs Council of New Orleans, September 2011. Panelist, “The Roots of Revolution in Ben Ali’s Tunisia” Payson Center for International Development, Tulane University, February 2011. Presenter, “Tunisia and the ‘Arab Spring’?” UNO/Innsbruck Austrian Student Program, April 2011. Presenter, “The Historical Roots of the Crisis in the Eastern Congo,” Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts, Natchitoches, LA, Spring 2009. (Outreach and recruiting trip with BAIS Director John Hazlett) Presenter, “Television Histories of Hurricane Katrina,” New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council/U.S. Department of State, Fall 2009. Tour Leader, “New Orleans Post-Katrina: The Rebuilding,” African Studies Association Annual Meeting “Special Event,” New Orleans, November 18 and 20, 2009.


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