Ivory Coast Gold Projects

Ivory Coast Gold Projects December 2014 Disclaimer These presentation slides (the “Slides”) do not constitute an offer to the public or an offer for...
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Ivory Coast Gold Projects December 2014

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Red Rock Resources plc Red Rock Resources plc (Red Rock) is an exploration and mineral

investment company listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange with interests in gold, iron ore and other commodities. Red Rock has projects in Ivory Coast, Kenya, Colombia & Greenland as well as diversified exploration and mining interests elsewhere through associated companies.

Diversified exploration and investments


Why Gold? o

Increasing demand from the growing middle classes of China, India & other rapidly developing nations


Ongoing currency instability concerns in Europe & USA


Many gold producers operating with thin margins at recent gold prices


Future production expected to fall short of future demand


Average grade of new discoveries decreasing

Above: Sample containing visible gold collected from artisanal workings immediately south of Red Rock’s Dabakala licence area

Major strategic opportunity for investment in gold


Why Ivory Coast? o o



Underexplored country with exceptional mineral potential Contains more than a third of the Birimian Greenstone Belt, host to numerous multi-million ounce gold deposits Possesses some of West Africa’s best infrastructure and low-cost energy

What others are saying: – –

– –

“Ivory Coast is heading towards a mini mining boom” – BBC News 31/01/2014 “I think it can very easily overtake Ghana without much effort” – Mark Bristow, Randgold CEO “The country is seen as the new frontier for gold” – The Guardian 10/02/2014 “The country is embarking on a program of public and private investment and infrastructure, agriculture and mineral resources” – Forbes 11/11/2013

90 Million years ago (Late Cretaceous)




Above: Ivory Coast topographic image with granted licence locations

Contains more than a third of the Birimian Greenstone Belt, host to numerous multi-million ounce gold deposits, yet relatively underexplored


Birimian & Regional Gold Deposits Ivory Coast (23.8Moz) o o o o o o o o

Tongon 5.8Moz (Randgold Resources) Yaoure 5.5Moz (Amara Mining) Ity 4.0Moz (La Mancha Resources) Konkera 3.1Moz (Centamin) Bonikro 2.4Moz (Newcrest Mining) Agbaou 0.9Moz (Endeavour) Afema 1.1Moz (Taurus Gold) Sissingue 1.0Moz (Perseus)

Burkina Faso (25.3Moz) o o o o o o

Inata 6.5Moz (Avocet) Mana 6.0Moz (Semafo) Bombore 5.2Moz (Orezone) Essakan 5.0Moz (IAMGOLD) Poura 1.5Moz (Newmont Mining Corp) Banfora 1.1Moz (Gryphon Minerals)

Guinea (12.6Moz) o o

Lero-Karta 7.6Moz (Nordgold) Siguiri 5.0Moz (Anglogold Ashanti)

Ghana (119.3Moz) o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Obuasi 32.0Moz (Anglogold Ashanti) Ahafo 17.0Moz (Newmont Mining Corp) Tarkwa 15.1Moz (Goldfields) Bogosu-Prestea 9.2Moz (Golden Star Resources) Teberebie 9.2Moz (Anglogold Ashanti) Damang 7.6Moz (Goldfields) Akyem 7.2Moz (Newmont Mining Corp) Iduapriem 6.6Moz (Anglogold Ashanti) Chirano 4.5Moz (Kinross/Red Back Mining) Obotan 4.5Moz (Asanko Gold) Bibiani 2.7Moz (Noble Mineral Resources) Konongo 1.5Moz (Signature Metals) Julie 1.1Moz (Azumah Resources) Kunche-Bekpong 1.1Moz (Azumah Resources)

Mali (15.4Moz) o o o o

Morila 6.5Moz (Randgold / Anglogold) Syama 6.5Moz (Resolute) Kalana 1.2Moz (Anel Gold Mining) Komana 1.2Moz (Glencar Mining)

Ivory Coast is an underexplored portion of a prolific gold belt


Licences 7

Licences Granted in Ivory Coast o







Dabakala – Gold & Manganese o

393.4km2 in north-east Ivory Coast, held by Barclay Resources sarl, 100% RRR owned


Along trend of Semafo’s 6.0Moz Mana Gold Mine in Burkina Faso


Thick, highly deformed greenstones wrapped around intrusive bodies with thrusted terranes - Tongon Gold Deposit (5.8Moz) thrust model analogy


Preliminary soil geochem sampling programme completed (1,200 samples, 2kmx100m spacing), ~650 composite sample assay results pending


17km Banded Manganese Formation (BMF) ridge potential DSO target


Immediate vicinity targeted by Newcrest, Randgold & Resolute Right: Dabakala licence & soil geochemical sample Mining locations over geology


Abengourou – Gold o

399.6km2 in eastern Ivory Coast, held by Nemex Resources sarl, 100% RRR owned


35km NNE trending sheared corridor


Extensive artisanal workings, area targeted by Resolute Mining, Randgold holds licences 20km to the north


Regional geophysics suggest unmapped intrusives and regional structures excellent gold trap potential


Regional and infill soil geochem programmes completed


5 Au soil anomalies identified, values up to 525ppb Au


Licence area extension under application to acquire additional 20km along-strike of “Anomaly 5”

Right: Abengourou licence with soil geochemical anomalies and area targeted for licence extension


Alepe – Gold o 392.6km2 in south-east Ivory Coast, held by Barclay Resources sarl, 100% RRR owned o Along-strike of Newmont’s 17Moz Ahafo gold mine, NE-SW structural & geological trend o Highly deformed volcanics and sediments wrapped around granitic intrusion o Preliminary soil geochem sampling programme Dec 2014 Above: Alepe licence & soil geochemical sample locations over geology with (mineable) national forest areas indicated


Licence applications – Gold o Other licence applications in Birimian greenstones in central and eastern Ivory Coast pending o All ground selected by experienced gold exploration team with input from knowledgeable locals

o Ground selection criteria: o proximal or along-strike of known gold deposits o known local mineral occurrences and/or artisanal mining activity o local greenstone geology highly prospective for gold mineralisation o regional and local structural characteristics favourable for gold mineralisation o land access favourable o well developed local infrastructure o Licence grants expected during 2015

Additional licence grants expected during 2015


Project Development 13

Strategy- Phased Work Programme Efficiently increase project value with systematic exploration methods

Simultaneous work strategies as project matures

Stage 1 Conceptual Study

Stage 2 Grassroots Exploration

Desktop study

Stage 3 Anomaly Testing

Stage 4 Ore definition

Geochemical sampling (stream, soil)

Sampling (soil grid)

Geological traversing & regional mapping

Geological mappingTest Drilling Structural mapping Trenching

Remote sensing Geophysics


JORC Mineral Resource. Declare Commercial Discovery


Stage 1 completed, Stage 2 underway across 3 granted licences o Stage 1 work completed o Regional research, data compilation, remote sensing analysis, prospect analysis o Stage 2 work underway o Grassroots exploration: regional & local soil & stream sampling, traverse mapping, progressing to Stage 3 Anomaly Testing


Contact Details Investment or Project Enquiries: Andrew Bell Chairman and CEO Email: [email protected]

Qualified Person Gary Hurst Head of Geology Email: [email protected]

Marketing or CSR Enquiries: Eithar Hassan Marketing and Communications Executive Email: [email protected]

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55 Gower Street London WC1E 6HQ UK Incorporated in England and Wales Co. No. 5227458

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