ITI Group press release press release online at and

ITI Group press release press release online at and ITI Group sells its 100% interest in Legia Warszawa Luxembourg, 9...
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ITI Group press release press release online at and

ITI Group sells its 100% interest in Legia Warszawa

Luxembourg, 9 January 2014 – International Trading and Investments Holdings S.A. Luxembourg (“ITI”, “ITI Group”) announced today that it sold its 100% interest in Legia Warszawa S.A The buyers are Dariusz Mioduski (80%), hitherto a member of the company’s Supervisory Board, and Bogusław Leśnodorski (20%) Legia’s President and CEO for the last year. Wojciech Kostrzewa, President & CEO ITI Group states: “Legia has been part of the ITI Group for 10 years, and Legia proved a great challenge to us as the owners, because the sports business has on one hand its own set of rules, and on the other it has no choice but to adapt to the market. We’re all the more satisfied to be selling a sport club, showing a balanced budget, facilities that include a thoroughly modern stadium, and moreover Legia is a successful football club ranking first in the Polish Ekstraklasa. Legia’s new owners know the company and its potential well, having both been involved in the club since 2012. We firmly believe this will translate into Legia’s further development in line with its ambitions and capabilities. I take the opportunity to thank all the players, trainers and members of the club staff for the great cooperation over the past decade.” The ITI Group acquired Legia Warszawa in April 2004 at a time when the club faced bankruptcy. When taking over as new owner, the ITI Group focused on establishing a sustainable business model for Legia, which rests on three pillars, sport success of the first team, integration of young players trained by Legia’s own Academy into the first team and being able to play in a state of the art stadium. During ITI’s tenure as owner, the football club won the Polish championship twice in 2006 and 2013, the Polish Cup in the years 2008, 2011, 2012 and 2013, the Polish Super Cup in 2008 and played in the Europa League 1/16 final in 2012 and in the group phase in 2013. The Legia Football Academy Foundation, established in 2008, has successfully brought out many talented players currently representing Legia and various European clubs. In August 2010 the new stadium at Lazienkowska street with over 31,000 seats has been the new home venue of Legia. Legia, founded in 1916, is Poland’s most successful and recognized club in the history of Polish football. Dariusz Mioduski states: “My acquisition of Legia is the realization of personal passions and dreams in combination with the abilities and skills that I have gained over twenty-four years as a lawyer and manager. For years, I actively observed the sports business and its mechanisms in the United States. As a member of Legia’s Supervisory Board, I played a role in the processes that led to the club balancing its budget while improving the sport results on the pitch. My plans for Legia are very ambitious and for the long term. I’m going to continue working with Bogusław Leśnodorski in raising the standards governing how football clubs are managed in Poland.” The parties agreed not to disclose the transaction terms. Along with 100% of the shares in the company, the new owners also assumed the firm’s debts.

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For further information please contact: Agnieszka Milewska ITI Corporation Sp. z o.o. ul. Wiertnicza 166 02-952 Warszawa Telefon +48 22 453 34 20 Fax +48 22 453 34 13 e-mail [email protected]

Romano Fanconi ITI Services Ltd. Beustweg 12 8032 Zurich Telefon +41 44 258 88 88 Fax +41 44 258 88 44 e-mail [email protected] *****

About ITI GROUP The ITI Group is the leading Polish media and entertainment group, active in television broadcasting and online. Television Broadcasting The ITI Group conducts its television broadcast operations primarily through TVN Group, one of Poland’s largest commercial television networks. The TVN Group owns and operates eleven television channels, and is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE ticker: TVN).

TVN is recognized a leading television channel on the Polish market, offering high quality entertainment as well as reliable and impartial news bulletins. TVN7 is a television channel broadcasting feature films and television series. TVN24 is the first Polish round-the-clock news channel. TVN24 Biznes i Świat is a news channel with a strong focus on business and international affairs. TVN Meteo is the first Polish television channel devoted to weather issues. TVN Turbo is Poland’s first thematic channel dedicated to men and the first one devoted primarily to motorization. TVN Style is a female television channel with a focus on beauty & health issues, lifestyle, and fashion. TTV – television channel offering news, commentaries and social interest documentaries, available in cable networks, on digital platforms and within DTT. ITVN is a channel targeted at Polish viewers living abroad, available in Europe, North America and Australia. Telezakupy Mango is the only round-the-clock teleshopping channel in Poland NTL is a local TV channel addressed to the residents of Radomsko and surroundings.

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The TVN Group provides an extensive range of online products: – entire TVN in one place. Contains information about popular series, programs and TVN’s stars, as well as show-business news featuring fashion, beauty, cinema and entertainment. Gives ongoing access to full episodes of favorite shows and series. – video-on-demand platform, enabling free access to the largest library of TV series, shows and programs aired on TVN and thematic channels. Also available for Android, iOS devices, PS3 consoles, TV sets of leading manufacturers as well as cable and satellite decoders. Gives access to prepremiere episodes of selected popular programs. – news portal with the largest video library, effectively combines text and video. The leader in its category. – state-of-the-art weather portal in Poland, created by professional editors, Internet users and viewers interested in meteorology. Provides weather forecasts for over 80 thousand locations nationwide and worldwide. – a media website dedicated to Warsaw and its residents. Focuses on life in the capital of Poland, providing high quality news and entertainment. – an Internet service promoting the idea of civic journalism. Provides its users with factual influence on the content of TVN24 channel and portal. TVN Group also owns: TVN Media – is the largest advertisting brokerage office in Poland, offering state-of-the-art communication in nationwide TVN channel, channels included in the extensive portfolio of Premium TV as well as the richest offer of quality on-line video. The office is set-up by a team of professionals who create unconventional solutions for their customers. Premium TV – is an offer of thematic and DTT channels aimed at demanding target groups sought after by advertisers. Premium TV represents such broadcasters as TVN, Telewizja Plus, 4Fun Media, Viacom International Media Netwroks, Canal+ Cyfrowy, The Walt Disney Company. TVN News & Services Agency, broadest media services agency operating in Central and Eastern Europe and the only one in the region to offer full complexity services.

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The TVN Group is the founder of the TVN “nie jestes sam” Foundation: The TVN Foundation “you are not alone" lends support to people suffering from incurable diseases requiring expensive therapy methods. Fundacja TVN also offers financial assistance to hospitals, orphanages and rehabilitation centers, covering renovation costs of their premises, as well as purchasing medical equipment and ambulances. The activities of foundation’s office are fully financed from donation made annually by its founder – TVN S.A. Strategic Partnerships TVN Group together with Groupe Canal+ S.A. jointly operate a Poland’s leading Permium Pay-TV platform nc+. TVN Group holds 32% interest in nc+ platform. nc+ is a state-of-the-art digital platform, richest in Poland in terms of its programme offer. It was created by way of a merger between two market leaders: CYFRY+ and n. It offers 130 selected channels, including 50 in HD standard. nc+ guarantees the most prestigious sports events and latest movie premieres straight from cinemas available on six premium channels of the CANAL+ group: CANAL+ Family HD, CANAL+ Family2 HD, CANAL+ Film HD, CANAL+ Film2 HD, CANAL HD+ and CANAL+ Sport HD. nc+ means also the latest and user-friendly technologies, such as: PVR (personal video recording), recording, rewinding and fast-forwarding and pausing programmes; MULTIROOM, which means television in as many as 6 rooms at the same time, VOD+ and netVOD+: programmes and films on demand available upon connecting the decoding device to the Internet; nc+ GO: mobile application which enables users to watch TV on tablets or smartphones. Thanks to the combination of the most extensive offer of selected contents and the latest technology, nc+ redefines the concept of entertainment. The TVN Group together with Ringier Axel Springer Media AG (“RAS”) operate - Poland’s leading portal. TVN Group holds a 25% interest in Grupa Onet S.A. Since 1997 continuously and successfully defines the standards of entertainment, information, communication, e-commerce, mobile services and online advertising. This most important internet opinion maker is the most frequently visited content destination site in Poland. Onet Group, as one of the largest Internet companies in Poland, operates the leading web properties including thematic vortals. Onet’s services are also leaders in their categories: Zumi is a new tool, new to the Polish market, bringing together the features of map services, online directory and yellow pages. – the most popular dating service in Poland. - an interactive multimedia site dedicated to show business. It is the first service on the Polish market immediately available on three platforms – Internet, mobile phones and the “n” platform.

ITI Group Press Release – 09 January 2014 Page 4 of 5 is the first cross-platform business service fully exploiting the potential of the virtual cloud, available on any device at any time. - "video on demand" service allows web users to watch Polish and overseas series, TV shows and feature films. Cutting edge technologies ensure the highest quality of audio and video. OnetBlog - the biggest blog service in Polish internet.

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