Italian Paper 1F: Listening and understanding in Italian

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Edexcel GCSE


Paper 1F: Listening and understanding in Italian Foundation Tier Tuesday 11 June 2013 – Afternoon Time: 25 minutes and 5 minutes reading You do not need any other materials.

Paper Reference

5IN01/1F Total Marks


black ink or ball-point pen. • Use in the boxes at the top of this page with your name, • Fill centre number and candidate number. all questions. • Answer A  nswer the in the spaces provided • – there may bequestions more space than you need. • You must not use a dictionary.


5 minutes to read through the paper before your teacher starts the CD. •  YYouou have may make notes during these 5 minutes. • The Invigilator start the recording once the 5 minutes have elapsed. • You will hear thewillextract You may write whilst the CD is playing. There • will be a pause between twice. each question. mark for this paper is 40. •  TThehe total marks each question are shown in brackets • – use this asfora guide as to how much time to spend on each question.


each question carefully before you start to answer it. • Read an eye on the time. • Keep to answer every question. • Try • Check your answers if you have time at the end.

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Turn over

Answer all questions. Some questions must be answered with a cross in a box . If you change your mind about an answer, put a line through the box and then mark your new answer with a cross . Birthday presents 1 What did Daria get for her birthday?

Put a cross

in each of the four correct boxes. A books

B skirt

C diary

D t-shirt

E F watch money

Example: sister (i) parents (ii) friend (iii) brother (iv) grandmother (Total for Question 1 = 4 marks)



A weekend job 2 Vittorio talks about his weekend job.

Put a cross

in each correct box.

Example: At the weekend, Vittorio works in a… A



book shop


a shopping centre


a retail park

6 hours



4 hours

10 hours

(iii) For his weekend’s work, he earns… A

the town centre

(ii) Over the weekend he works for a total of… A

clothes shop

(i) The shop is in… A

music store

€ 60



€ 16

€ 70

(iv) In addition he gets… A

free meals


a discount on clothes


tips from customers

(Total for Question 2 = 4 marks)



Turn over

Teresa’s errands 3 Where is Teresa going?

Put a cross

in each of the four correct boxes. A Bank

B C D E F G Post Hospital Butcher Shoe Newsagent Chemist office shop

Example: First errand (i) Second errand (ii) Third errand (iii) Fourth errand (iv) Fifth errand (Total for Question 3 = 4 marks)



Vincenzo’s summer 4 Vincenzo tells us what he did last summer.

Put a cross

in each of the four correct boxes.

Example: Celebrated the end of exams. A Went to the mountains. B Worked in a bar. C Attended a language course. D Went to a music festival. E Visited grandparents. F Went camping with friends. G Worked with his parents. H Went to a wedding. (Total for Question 4 = 4 marks)



Turn over

Future plans 5 Listen to Gloria talking about her future plans.

Put a cross

in each correct box.

Example: Gloria will not go to university because… A she knows she won’t get in. B she cannot be bothered. C it is too expensive.

(i) Finding a good job after university… A can be difficult. B is reasonably easy. C is impossible.

(ii) When she leaves school Gloria will look for… A a well-paid job. B a temporary job. C a permanent job.

(iii) She will use the money… A to buy a car. B to rent a flat. C to go travelling.

(iv) Eventually, she would like to work… A in a bank. B as an estate agent. C at a travel agency. (Total for Question 5 = 4 marks)



Buying food 6 What is Massimo buying?

Put crosses

next to the four correct answers.

Example: ham A eggs B bacon C milk D fruit juice E ice cream F pasta G rice H lemonade (Total for Question 6 = 4 marks)



Turn over

Leisure activities 7 What do they like doing?

Put a cross

in each of the four correct boxes. A horse riding

B fishing

C reading

D swimming

E dancing

F cycling

Example: Enrico (i) Marisa (ii) Ilario (iii) Antonio (iv) Pina (Total for Question 7 = 4 marks)



At the tourist office 8 Listen to the conversation.

Put crosses

next to the four correct statements.

Example: Nino is enquiring about a guided tour of the town. A There is a guided tour every half hour. B The guided tour costs 12 euros per person. C The tour starts at the main square. D The bus will pick you up just across the road. E The tour lasts 1½ hours. F The last tour ends at 4:30. G The last tour leaves at 4:30. H There is a special tour at night. (Total for Question 8 = 4 marks)



Turn over

The weather forecast 9 You listen to the weather forecast.

Put a cross

in the correct boxes.

Example: This weekend the weather will be fine… A


in Northern Italy

all over Italy


the highest temperatures


heavy rain


the most rain


possible thunderstorms

strong winds

(iii) On Monday it will be… A


stormy all over Italy

the strongest wind

(ii) The forecast for Sunday evening in the North is… A

in Southern Italy

(i) Sicily will have… A



overcast all over Italy

stormy in the North

(iv) The weather will be fine again from… A






(Total for Question 9 = 4 marks)



Renting accommodation 10 What accommodation is Giorgio offered?

Complete the table in English. Location

(i) flat

Type of accommodation Floor

(ii) two

Number of bedrooms Special features


Monthly rent (€)

(iv) (Total for Question 10 = 4 marks) TOTAL FOR PAPER = 40 MARKS



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