IS LOOKING FOR AN EVENT STYLIST. IS IT YOU? Join  us  because  we're  reinventing  charity.  We  set  fire  to  the  status  quo.   Join  us  if  y...
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Join  us  because  we're  reinventing  charity.  We  set  fire  to  the  status  quo.   Join  us  if  you  want  more  creative  freedom,  opportunity  and  responsibility  than  in  any  other  role.   Join  us  if  you  want  to  use  your  skills  and  talents  for  good,  and  work  on  projects  that  matter.   Projects  that  make  the  world  a  better  place  and  have  a  real  impact.     If  you're  willing  to  push  yourself  to  grow  and  do  things  you've  never  done  before;  if  you  say  yes  to  things  even  if  you're  not  sure   how  to  do  it;  then  join  us.   If  you're  expecting  a  map  to  do  your  job,  then  One  Girl  is  not  the  place  for  you.   We  nurture  the  go-­‐getters,  fireballs,  hustlers  and  trailblazers.   There's  no  room  for  yes-­‐men  or  teacher's  pets.  You've  got  the  ability  and  initiative  to  make  stuff  happen,  and     we'll  support  you  to  do  it.   We're  a  start  up  -­‐  our  resources  are  precious  and  we're  constantly  asked  to  make  magic  with  what  we've  got  -­‐  we  don't  complain,  we   just  do  it.  We  make  charity  epic.   We  promise  that  what  you  learn  and  create  with  us  will  stay  with  you  forever.  And  when  you  stop  learning  with  us,     we'll  cheer  you  on  as  you  move  onto  your  next  great  thing.   This  is  bigger  than  you  and  me  –it’s  about  inspiring  thousands  of  people  so  we  can  educate  1  million  girls  across  Africa  by  2020.                  

If  you  like  what  you  see,  then  join  us.    

ONE GIRL : INVESTING IN WOMEN AND GIRLS   At One Girl, we believe that every girl on the planet has the right to an education. No matter where she is born, how much her family earns, what culture she adheres too, or what her religion says, EVERY GIRL deserves the opportunity to learn, grow and be the best she can be. We will educate 1 million girls by 2020. You can find out more about what we do at In early June 2014 we’ll be holding our annual Cocktail Gala, and we’re looking for a passionate, motivated, volunteer event stylist to join our team and make it as epic as possible.




We’re seeking a passionate, professional, visionary leader to drive our cocktail gala in June 2014. You’ll be working closely with the executive directors and volunteer event managers to create an amazing and memorable event. You’ll be given a vision of what the event will look like, you’ll be asked to bring your own vision and expertise to bring it to life. Our gala will take people on a journey that they’ll remember; one that will reach in and touch their heart. You’ll work as part of a team to bring together a group of passionate volunteers and unite them around your vision. You’ll be able to juggle multiple tasks without the need for supervision and ongoing direction. You’re an organized go-getter, who knows how to GET THINGS DONE. You’ll be able to connect with your network to get the tools you need to bring your vision to life. Resourcefulness is key and you can make miracles happen with small amounts of money. You have a natural ability to make people feel comfortable and you can relate to people from all walks of life. You’ll be working with a small committed team to deliver the evening. You’ll be responsible for ensuring the entire event is designed beautifully and you will be a key part of the leadership team. You’ll be engaging our community to get connected with our work, and inspire them to participate in our major fundraiser, Do It In A Dress.

LOCATION This is a Melbourne based position and you will be required to work from our Collingwood office once a week. 5          |      For every year a girl attends school, the risk of her future children dying reduces by 5 – 10%


You will work with our team to create an event styling plan based around targets and objectives and a very small budget

You will be all about the visual elements of the night, making sure that our guests are taken on an engaging journey through the story of One Girl (sounds cryptic, right? Don’t stress, we’ll give you some more information than this.)

You will develop and oversee the implementation of the event theming and design

You will work closely with our event managers to ensure the invitation design is on brand and matches the theme of the evening


Execution  and  quality  of  the  event  will  be  your  biggest  focus.  

Having  the  evening  be  a  perfect  expression  of  who  One  Girl  is,  and  fit  within  our  tight  budget  

Quality  and  timeliness  of  delivering  event  resources  including  invitations,  media  etc.  

6          |      Nearly half of all sexual assaults worldwide are against girls who are less than 15 years old

QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE Event Stylist experience You will have designed epic events before that have blown people away, and you understand the importance of storytelling and taking people on a journey throughout the evening. Any past experience will be highly regarded. Vision into action You’re entrepreneurial, resourceful and you can translate your big vision into action by motivating others and moving your agenda forward. You have experience managing teams to produce outcomes. Communicator You’ve got outstanding written and verbal communication skills.

YOUR VALUES AND COMPETENCIES You’re uniquely people-oriented. You love cultivating productive relationships. You make friends easily, and you have a natural ability to relate to people from all walks of life. You aren’t intimidated by meeting new people, in fact, you thrive in new environments.

Professionalism You’ve got fantastic organizational skills, a high level of professionalism and excellent time management skills. 7          |      One Girl will educate 600 girls in Sierra Leone over the next three years

You’re an organized go-getter who can juggle multiple tasks. You have an inbuilt organizational genius that you unleash whenever necessary. You’re switched on, intelligent and you want to use your impressive brainpower to change the world for women and girls. You can sell others on your vision, and you can manage people in order to get the job done. You’re an inventor and innovator We’re committed to creating innovative ways to connect people with our work. You love working in creative, inventive, startup environments, and you’re excited about sharing your own ideas, and developing others ideas too. Passion for Events We want our guests actively engaged with the work we do in Sierra Leone and pumped for what Do It In A Dress will be able to provide. Think Guerilla marketing style. You’ll know what it takes to engage people and have a passion for doing so.


Opportunity to lead a new and innovative event which will engage a variety of people across Melbourne, and potentially Nationwide.

Professional experience in event styling with an opportunity to develop new skills and meet contacts in management, non-profits, social enterprise and fundraising.


Mentoring and guidance from some of the industry leaders in event management.

8          |      Invest in a girl, she’ll do the rest

TIME COMMITMENT There is a minimum of 5-10 hours per week. In addition to this, you will be required to attend monthly volunteer meetings which are held on the second last Wednesday of every month at our office in Collingwood. Ideally you’ll begin immediately and commit for a period of 5 months. Please note this is a volunteer position.

DO YOU WANT THIS ROLE? Please complete the online application on our website ( Tell us a bit about yourself, why you’re interested in the role and why you’re the event manager of our dreams. Applications accepted until 1 April 2014. Early applications are encouraged. Any questions, please contact Lauren at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

9          |      One quarter of girls in Sierra Leone will be married before their 15th birthday