Introduction. Why Should I get a Mentor? Why do Alumni Want to be Mentors?

Introduction Thank you for participating in the 2016-2017 Jackson School Mentor Program! This program was initiated in 2011, inspired by requests fro...
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Introduction Thank you for participating in the 2016-2017 Jackson School Mentor Program! This program was initiated in 2011, inspired by requests from Jackson School alumni volunteering to reach out and offer their advice and expertise to current undergraduate JSIS students who are looking for guidance in career, grad school and life after graduation. This year’s mentor program will take place from autumn 2016 to spring 2017, with one or two students being matched to each mentor. Students are asked to contact their mentors by November 21st and arrange to meet or communicate with their mentors at least once per quarter thereafter. At the end of the program we will hold a reception for all the Mentor Program participants to meet and share their stories and experiences.

Why Should I get a Mentor? As you think about graduating and moving on to the next chapter of your life, you will no doubt be faced with many important decisions. Go to grad school or join the work force? Will a job in the private, NGO, or government sectors be the right one for you? Where will your skills be valued? How should you go about looking for that first job—an interesting job that will use your degree? When you face these questions, it’s useful to have advice from someone who has been there before you and done what you’re doing. Jackson School alumni will be able to offer help and guidance from different perspectives, and learning from their experience can help you make more informed decisions as you carve out your own path for the next few years.

Why do Alumni Want to be Mentors? Mentoring a Jackson School student is rewarding for alumni on many levels. Interacting with students prompts mentors to reflect on their own careers and to take stock. As they summarize their years of experience, they come to realize and value just how much they’ve learned and how much they have to offer. We hope our mentors are also re-invigorated as they experience the passion, energy and fresh perspective of our students. 1|Page


Expectations of Student Mentees Even though your mentor is a Jackson School alumnus, please remember that you are representing all of your Jackson School peers when you meet the mentor. We would like to show them that the Jackson School is still graduating intelligent, responsible young adults who are up for the challenges the world has to offer. Please keep these important points in mind when communicating with your mentor:

Please initiate your first communication by November 21st. We plan to distribute mentor matches/contact info by November 14th.

The first e-mail should roughly follow this format: o Subject: Jackson School Mentor Program o Body:  Introduce yourself, your major, interests, and goals.  Say briefly why you’re interested in the mentor program, and why you chose this specific mentor  Ask if they have time to meet before winter break, at a time that is convenient for their schedules. If there are times that work best with your class schedule, feel free to let them know—but once you work out a time with them, stick to your commitment--DO NOT cancel!  Thank them for their participation and close with your name and contact.

Keep communication professional o Address mentors as Mr./Ms. unless they say otherwise o Use proper grammar/punctuation; no abbreviations, lolz, yahs, or emoticons  o Turn on your spell check! 

Be respectful of the mentor's time – Keep a watch nearby when you meet your mentors, and make sure you do not go over the scheduled time (30min-1hr). Some may be happy to meet with you longer, but it is important to show that you are respectful of their time commitment.

Say thank you! Please remember to thank your mentor after each time you communicate with them, both in-person and via e-mail.


Mentor Program Timeline Oct 12, 17, 20 Nov 2 Nov 14 Nov 21 April 19th

Student Info Sessions Students Submit their top mentor choices You will receive your mentor match Deadline to contact your mentor Mentor & Mentee Reception (HUB 145, 5:30 p.m.)

Hopefully you can arrange a meeting before winter break; otherwise, try to get on your mentor's calendar for early next year. Their calendars fill up very quickly!

Why is professionalism important? You may feel like it is more comfortable and natural to communicate informally with your mentor and treat them like a friend. However, we ask you to keep your relationship with your mentor professional, at least until the conclusion of the Mentor Program. Professionalism in the workplace, especially for recent college graduates, is extremely important, but often undervalued by those who are accustomed to more informal communication. Using standards of professional communication during the length of the Mentor Program will be good practice for students’ future careers. Mentors have been informed of this requirement, so please feel free to ask them if you have any questions about what is appropriate in professional/workplace communication.

How Does the Matching Process Work? After looking at the Mentor Profiles in this handbook, students must submit their top 5 mentor preferences to John Charlton ([email protected]) by November 2nd. Please include the names of the mentors and a brief explanation (1-2 sentences) of why you have selected each mentor. We will then make mentor-mentee matches, trying our best taking into account the requests and preferences of both the students and the alumni. The standard is for each mentor to have two mentees, although some do request to have only one. Please understand that it is not possible for every student to be matched with his or her first choice, but we will do our best to arrange matches that are satisfactory to everyone.


Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Mentor 

Mentor's location and contact method – Would you rather meet in person in the Seattle area? Or where would you like to work after graduation? It might be nice to get to know someone there before you move!

Mentor's time commitment – Some mentors’ availability might not work with your schedule. Also, please keep time zone differences in mind when scheduling.

Your own professional outlook and post-graduation plans – Do you plan to work, go to grad school, etc.? It might be helpful to choose a mentor who has been down that road.

What industry/region of the world are you interested in learning more about? Consider where your mentor works – nonprofit, for-profit, government, geography/region, etc.

Mentors’ schedules can change on a daily basis, therefore, please email them to determine their availability if in doubt.



Mentor Profiles (Organized alphabetically by last name) 1. Ms. Talia Alongi, BA (2012) International Studies – Latin America Location: Seattle, WA Current employer info I am an associate at FSG, a mission-driven strategic consulting nonprofit in Seattle (and 5 other locations). I was just promoted to this position after working for 1.5 years as an admin and project assistant. We work with foundations, corporations, NGOs, and nonprofits to increase and measure their social impact. Past employment info I’ve been involved with admin positions at various other organizations. I definitely did not go straight into a career driven path, and spent time traveling and working in supportive roles to get where I am today. I also spent time developing an ecotourism program in South America. Anyone interested in food/agriculture is a plus, because that's a personal interest of mine! Preferred communications method & time: In-person (evenings); Email.

2. Mr. Erik Anderson, BA (1993) International Studies - Russia Location: Seattle, WA Current employer info I am currently a Senior Corporate Counsel at Liberty Mutual, a Fortune 100 global insurance company. I support commercial insurance including underwriting, field operations, and product management. Past employment info Three years’ experience with international freight forwarder prior to law school. Eight years’ experience handling maritime, transportation, and product liability matters in large and small law firms. Preferred communications method & time: In-person (Mornings, Afternoons); Email 3. Mrs. Shannon Ansbaugh, BA (1995) Latin America Location: Seattle, WA Current employer info My current job is as an IT Analyst at Premera Blue Cross – I’m working on a project to support members purchasing insurance via the individual exchange in Washington and Alaska. This year I also worked on a large customer experience project to gather member feedback to improve the customer experience within healthcare. Past employment info I previously worked at the Gates Foundation for a year and a half, and I worked almost 17 years at Microsoft within various roles ranging from Supply Chain operations, International Trade, Solution Management, and Working on multiple business areas. Additional information/ Preferred Communication Methods and times I am interested in International travel, and have done volunteer work with the Children’s Hospital (fundraising guild) and wildlife conservation. Email is the best way to reach me. 7|Page

4. Ms. Jordan Becker, BA (2004) International Studies – Western Europe/ Russia Location: Seattle, WA Current employer info Currently I am the Regional Representative for the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement located within the Administration of Children and Families in the US Department of Health and Human Services. ORR works closely with two other federal agencies to comprise the federal Refugee Resettlement Program. ORR also works to connect refugee providers with other federal agencies that provide critical support services. As the Regional Representative I provide oversight and guidance to four states: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Past employment info I have limited overseas experience working in Honduras for a year. Other past positions include support to a social service agency providing care to unaccompanied refugee children, working with pro-bono attorneys on complex immigration issues related to unaccompanied children and providing support to the U.S. government on policy and procedures related to the unaccompanied refugee minor program. I also hold a Master of Science in Peace Operations Public Policy from George Mason University. Additional information/ Preferred Communication Methods and times Ideally I would work with students who have a focus on complex humanitarian issues and an interest in migration/displaced populations. I’m available in evenings or on the weekend, either in-person or via email/ phone. 5. Mr. Steve Bell, BA (1992) International Studies, Russia Location: Seattle, WA Current employer info: Working at Amazon as Manager of Appstore Seattle Operations. Past employment info I've worked at Microsoft, Amazon, Google and had a 25-year career in the Navy Reserves as an Information Dominance Warfare Officer. Throughout my 20 years in high-tech I've managed technical accounts based in France, South Korea, China, Japan and the US. I've held a variety of roles from content manger/operations manager for multiple app stores/digital properties to technical global account management and program management. I also was a stakeholder at multiple companies to determine strategies for global online content requirements and how to improve the company's global perception. I'm also a retired Navy Commander (O-5) and was able to successfully employ my diplomatic skills to drive strategies to help reduce conflict while I was deployed to Iraq. Additional information/ Preferred Communication Methods and times I'm more available on weekends than evenings as, at times, I can have an unpredictable work schedule. I work in downtown Seattle, am available to meet in person during the day, and Skype is also an option. I’m excited to work with the next generation of international leaders.


6. Mr. David Berger, BA (1989) International Studies, Foreign Policy & Diplomacy Location: Seattle, WA Current employer info: Currently practicing as an attorney at law. I have a solo civil practice, primarily transactional, and act as counsel across a wide range of legal matters. Past employment info: Before going into law I had a variety of experiences; manager at an international non-profit, development lead for public radio, programs & operations manager, systems analyst, and more. Additional information/ Preferred Communication Methods and times I can offer particularly relevant information for those interested in law school, a career in law, graduate school, tax law, and the pros and cons of working in the public sector, the non-profit sector, and the private sector. I’m easiest to reach by email, but am happy to meet in person. 7. Ms. Kass Bessert, BA (2007) Comparative Religion, Political Science, Archaeology Location: Battle Ground, WA Current employer info: Political consultant. Progressive US campaigns hire me to helpI've worked for different state parties, Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Past employment info: Archaeologist, political activist, temp, political data analyst, private sector database manager, political data and technology director, law student, state director for a presidential campaign. Additional information/ Preferred Communication Methods and times I’m available in person, by email, or by phone.

8. Mr. Gordon Bluechel, BA (1986) International Studies - China Location: Redmond, WA Current employer info: I am Vice President of Operations of a CO2 laser manufacturer in South Everett. My responsibilities are for all of manufacturing and related functions, as well as coordinating with all departments in the company to ensure that we have alignment in meeting our objectives. Typically, I travel to China to work with subsidiaries once a year. Past employment info: I was previously with Data I/O in Redmond for 21 years. The last 7 years were as the VP for Operations and Administration, responsible for global manufacturing, service and order processing, as well as a member of the senior management team. During my time at Data I/O, I held various roles including being responsible for worldwide service, sales for North and South America, and managing two business units. I spent significant time in China, working both with our manufacturing and development teams as well as with customers. In addition, I traveled extensively to visit customers in Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, and throughout Europe. Additional information/ Preferred Communication Methods and times My experience has been that students who are looking at careers in international business are the best fit. I’m available in person, by email, by phone, Mornings, Evenings, and Weekends. 9|Page

9. Ms. Sarah Boone, BA (2013) Diplomacy & Environmental Policy Location: Wellington, New Zealand Current employer Info I am a policy analyst for the Water Policy and Strategy team at New Zealand's Ministry for the Environment. I help set the policy agenda for improving water resource management and provide advice to senior Cabinet Ministers. Past Employment Info Freelance consultant (Global Water Intelligence etc.), Graduate student (University of Oxford), Editor in Chief at the Jackson School Journal. Additional information/ Preferred Communication Methods and times Email, Skype, evenings, weekends.

10. Mr. David Buerge, BA (2000) Japan Studies Location: Hong Kong, S.A.R. Current employer info I currently work at BlackRock Asset Management North Asia Limited, as a member of BlackRock Alternative Advisors (“BAA”), which is the hedge fund solutions division of BlackRock, Inc., the largest asset manager in the world. BAA is actually a Seattle based business, which I joined in 2006. I am based in Hong Kong as a member of the hedge fund research team. I oversee BAA’s Asia Pacific business, with responsibility for identifying, performing due diligence on and selecting hedge fund managers for investment. In addition, I work with institutional and high net worth investors in the region including sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, banks, pension funds, endowments as well as family offices and private banks. Past employment info Previously, I was based in Tokyo from 2010 to 2014. Prior to joining BlackRock I worked for four years at Kerry Group plc dba Da Vinci Gourmet, Ltd., a food manufacturer based in Seattle. I oversaw the firm’s Asia Pacific business, during which time I established a representative office in Tokyo. After graduating from the University of Washington in 2000 with a double degree in Japan Studies and Economics, I worked for six months at the Department of Commerce (“DoC”), US Export Assistance Center in Seattle, supporting the office and providing initial export consulting services. It was through my experience at the DoC that I found the opportunity at Da Vinci Gourmet, Ltd. and I found the role at DoC through the Jackson School Career Services office. Additional information/ Preferred Communication Methods and times In person, email, phone, afternoons, evenings. I am based in Hong Kong but travel to Seattle several times each year so can meet in person at those times.

10 | P a g e

11. Mr. Eric Carnell, BA (1992) International Studies—Western Europe, NATO; JD (1997) Location: Seattle, WA Current employer info: I am currently working as a general counsel and VP Corporate for Farmer’s Business Network, Inc., a data analytics and commerce platform company for farmers brining networked analytics to global food production and marketing. Past employment info: Previously, I was a CLO and VP Corporate Development for VoloAgri Group Inc., an ag-tech company making investments in the global vegetable seed industry. I was also an attorney practicing as General Counsel for a venture-capital backed global supply chain automotive company, a publicly traded multi-national digital music company, and an attorney-at-large at West Coast law firms (Orrick, Cooley). I had freight -forwarding experience prior to law school. Additional information/ Preferred Communication Methods and times During Winter Quarter 2017, I will be teaching a course on Business Document Drafting at the UW School of Law. In person, email, phone, evenings, weekends. 12. Ms. Lisa Christoffersen, MAIS, JD (1998) Japan Studies Location: Seattle, WA Current employer info I am currently an immigration attorney with a small law firm in Seattle. My focus is on business immigration, including visas and green cards for professionals and their families. Past employment info I was previously with Christoffersen law since 2011, and before that I was with Cowan Miller and Lederman, working in corporate and family immigration law. Clients ranged from startups to established Fortune 500 companies. Additional information/ Preferred Communication Methods and times I am a corporate immigration lawyer, so I could best assist students who are considering law school or have an interest in global migration. I’m available in by email, usually in the afternoon. 13. Ms. Kailani Cordell, BA (2002) Japan Studies Location: Seattle, WA Current employer info: I am the Vice President for Human Resources and Operations at The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), a non-profit research think-tank that produces research on US relations with Asia. NBR is the only US think tank specializing solely on American policy towards the Asia-Pacific through publications, events, and congressional briefings. Past employment info I have worked in the non-profit sector for 14 years at NBR. During this time, I have held various roles in administration and management. Additional information/ Preferred Communication Methods and times Students who would be the best fit: studying Asia, interest in US policy, interest in working for a research think tank, interest in the fields of human resources and operations, genuine interest in learning from mentor. I am on maternity leave and can speak with mentees by phone. I return to work in January and would be able to meet mentees in person in the New Year. 11 | P a g e

14. Ms. Maria D’Angelo, BA (2015) International Studies – Western Europe Location: Seattle, WA Current employer info I work as an Administrative Assistant at the Sparrey Consulting Group. We work one-on-one with our clients to help them with the application process to get into some of the top MBA programs in the country (Harvard Business School, Booth, Wharton, etc.) Additionally, we offer career consulting and we are a small company with