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In trodu c ti on Who we are. In early 2002 we founded our firm with the intention of creating architecture that would make positive and sensitive co...
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In trodu c ti on

Who we are. In early 2002 we founded our firm with the intention of creating architecture that would make positive and sensitive contributions to our clients. We are committed to make works of architecture that redefine and transform their context. This is our vision. It is a common thought that by hiring a company to do an architectural project, we are buying a product. Our firm does not sell products, it sells services. Client service and satisfaction are our most valued assets, saying that client satisfaction is our goal, would be making our goal far too modest. In the end this reflects as a space that provides a service to its users; an esthetic piece that is functional, economically wise and with a life of its own. We don’t measure client satisfaction to view our overall results; we measure it so that we can think of ways to increase it. Architecture planning is not an ordinary job, and we certainly don’t perform it in ordinary ways. Each of the partners in the firm has had their own experience; we have learned and grown with our work. Each of us has a field of expertise and together with the help of our staff and partner companies, we are certain that we can make the right approach for each type of project.

Luis C. Nenninger Cristian L. Ramal

Luis Nenninger Born in Cd. Obregon, Sonora, Mexico in 1970. Received a Bachelor in Architecture degree in 1996 from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, where the thesis of the project of “Museo de Arte

Cristian Ramal Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1972. Bachelor degree in Architecture from “Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara”. Exchange student at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Contemporaneo de Guadalajara” received an honor award from the Camara de Comercio de Guadalajara. In 1994 also complemented education in Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago as an Exchange Student.

Prior to joining in the founding of Nenninger + Ramal Arquitectos in 2002, I was the Design Director of Proyecto y Edificacion Integral Constructions (1998-2002) and Project Manager of Constructora Gran Vision (1997-1998) both in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Received a Diploma by the “Universidad Panamericana” in “Association and joint venture Projects.” I Studied 1 year of landscaping in “UNICO” “Universidad de la comunidad”.

Prior to the foundation of Nenninger+Ramal in 2002, I worked I Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco as a freelance architect, doing renovations for the “Hotel Molino de Agua” for over 2 years. After that I moved to Mexico City where I worked with architect Manolo Mestre. I was later employed by a company called

I have been practicing architecture for the past 10 years, focusing in housing and hospitality projects, as well as urban and interior design. My object is to project spaces that reflect absolute respect for the needs of the user and for the environment, combining form and functionality with a recurring tendency to harmonize interior and exterior spaces

Porcelanite and grew in the company to create a department on Carlos Slim´s “Grupo Carso” to consolidate sales for all the companies that have something to do with construction in this important group. I then started working on my own firm for two years until we founded Nenninger+Ramal Architects.

Villas del Mar Los Cabos, Mexico

Las Mañanitas Condos Los Cabos, Mexico

Plaza San Jose Los Cabos, Mexico

Villas de Montaña Los Cabos, Mexico

Casa Abelkop Los Cabos, Mexico

Ampersand Guadalajara, Mexico

Plaza Valle Real Guadalajara, Mexico

Casa Irlanda Los Cabos, Mexico

Casa Arechiga Guadalajara, Mexico

Casa Fernández Guadalajara, Mexico

Resturant - Bar Kimera Guadalajara, Mexico

Edificio de Oficinas Patria Guadalajara, Mexico

Presto Cafe Guadalajara, Mexico

Casa Montero Guadalajara, Mexico

Residencial Quinta San Juan Guadalajara, Mexico

Puente Peatonal Rio Cuale Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

B-Natural Guadalajara, Mexico

Dolce Natura Guadalajara, Mexico

Casa Yañez Guadalajara, Mexico

Vantage Club Guadalajara, Mexico

Las Mañanitas Description: 55 units (178 to 378 square meters) divided in 6 different four story buildings. Swimming Pool area Sales Office Location: Los Cabos, Mexico. General: This condominium complex is divided in 3 different construction phases in a lot of 42, 193 square meters. In phase I we were in change of the design documentation and construction supervision. This project took one year of design process (construction plans and permits), and one year and a half of construction. Total construction 13,091 square meters.

Results: Actually all units are sold.

Bambu Condos

Bambu Condos Description: 6 departments and penthouse Location: Conchas Chinas Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. General: 5 one story departments 1 three story department 1 two story pent-house General pool and recreation area Results: Construction will begin in March

Las Mañanitas Phase II Description: A single six-story building with 2 bedroom units and 6 penthouses. Swimming pool area. Restaurant. Equipment room. Location: Los Cabos, Mexico. General: Phase II of Las Mañanitas consists of a single 6 story building with the same type of units (178 to 378 square meters) in the first four stories, and penthouse units (420 square meters) in the last two, with a total of 26. we were again in charge of all the design and construction documentation as well as the construction permits. Results: This Phase is in construction. 80% of the units are sold. Total Construction: 6,597 square meters.

Villas del Mar Description: 50 high-end villas Location: Los Cabos, Mexico. General: Located on the slope in front of a beach. As a Project Manager we provided complete supervision for the construction of Phase III of the complex. Results: All units are sold.

Vantage Club

Description: Night Club Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco. General: Eight Hundred people capacity three diferent athmospheres Results: Succesful bussines, they are thinking on a franchise in Mexico City.

Ampersand Comunicación y Diseño Description: graphic design bureau Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco General: The design proposal of this graphic design agency consisted to highlight the simplicity of the forms, its sobriety and integration with natural light. The conjunction of these elements offers versatile and functional spaces. The total construction is 510 square meters. Results: In the final phase of construction.

Office Building

Description: 10 story corporte office building Location: Av. Patria esq. Mariano Otero Guadalajara, Mexico General: 2 independent buildings Reception area Services on each floor free plans for easy modeling Inteligent and energy efficient construction Results: Actually working on financing and permits.

Casa Koll Description: house design Location: Pamilla Los Cabos, Mexico General: This project consists of a design proposal of a 950 square meters beach front house and landscape design.

Results: Currently under construction.

Quinta San Juan Description: housing complex for sale Location: Calzada San Juan # 1441 Ciudad Granja Zapopan, Jalisco. General: 9 units 200 sq. meters each Central garden area setback on three sides of the houses Results: All houses are sold and inhabited

Casa Fernandez Description: House design Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco General: The ideology behind this work is to create spaces that favorably influence the user’s state of mind, by harmonizing proportions and using light and texture contrast. This project is unique because it fulfills the requirements of the client and the characteristics of its surroundings. Considering the use of steel leaving the structure in sight, white stucco, large spaces, intersecting walls and movement and natural light. Total Construction 550 square meters. Results: In the final phase of construction.

Clinica & SPA Claudia Sanchez

Description: Body and facial clinic for women Location: Gallerias Guadalajara, Mall. General: 25 cubicles Reception area Dressing rooms Results: Successful business We have been hired to work on a second franchise in the same mall.

Zoquipan Condo Description: Housing design Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco This complex made up of 30 houses is located on the outskirts of the urban area of Guadalajara. Each House has around 165 square meters and it has a district distribution. They are lined up along an interior street. This work was always intended to search for a solution that integrates a typical zone where there are interesting formal and constructive traditions. Total construction: 4,950 square meters.

Results: Currently under construction.

Royal Palm Estates Description: 10 high-end houses 12 Condominiums Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. General: 9 houses with swimming pool (550 Sq. Mts. each) 1 house with swimming pool and palapa (830 Sq. Mts.) 12 condominiums (225 Sq. Mts. each) with common pool.

Results: Currently on the design prosess.

B ussin es Assoc i at e s & par t e ne r fi r m s

Verde Acanto Arquitectura de Paisaje S.A. de C.V. Landscaping Design Firm.

J.R. Ingenieria y proyectos S.A. de C.V. Construction Company

Bustamante, Grupo Inmobiliario, S.A. de C.V. Realestate company

George F. Handel #3250 Col. Prados Guadalupe Zapopan, Jalisco C.P. 45030 Tel. (33) 3673 5077 [email protected] [email protected]