Introduction to Facilities Management Matthew J. Losch Executive Director of Operations Grand Ledge Public Schools

MSBO Facilities Conference 2008


Presentation Outline 8:30 am

Welcome & Introductions Matthew J. Losch Executive Director of Operations – Grand Ledge PS

8:45 am

Facility Management Overview

9:00 am

Facility / Operations Responsibilities

10:00 am


10:15 am

Environmental & Facility Asset Management Issues in Facility Maintenance Scott Chandler Testing Engineers and Consultants

11:45 am

Rap-Up and Questions

Introductions Participants: Your Real Name Title or what people really call you School District Years in Facility Management

Perpetual Circle of Responsibilities Regulations, Written Plan & Budgeting

Training, Education & Notifications or Permits

Monitoring Record Keeping & Assessment

Provide Service Conduct Work Implement Plan

So What is your Real Job Assignment ? Administrator / Manager Teacher / Trainer Clerical Secretary Consultant / Advisor Health Specialist Negotiator Mediator Engineer Scientist Media Specialist Recorder / Reporter Electrician / Plumber Landscaper General Trades Specialist Construction Manager

Business Official Auditor Facilitator Purchasing Agent Chemist Biologist Horticulturist HVAC Specialist Architect / Interior Designer Emergency Responder Acoustical Engineer Security Specialist Dispatcher / Coordinator Insurance Specialist Contractor Turf Management Specialist Traffic Engineer

Facility Programs Staffing: Custodial, Maintenance, Security,

Grounds, Courier, Warehouse etc.

Labor Contract Administration ( Payroll, Attendance, Subs, Discipline, etc. )

Negotiations - Arbitrations Budget Development with your Chief Business Officer Facility & Site Security Key Control – Swipe Cards / Pass Codes – Surveillance Cameras Landscape Management Synthetic / Turf Management Plan Boiler Testing & Cert. ( CSDCSD-1 Reg. ) ADA Compliance “OCR” Federal Civil Rights Audit Water Testing ( Hose for Football or Track ) Well Operation, Inspections - Annual Consumer Confidence Report

Facility Programs Fire & Life Safety Code Compliance A.H.E.R.A. “Asbestos” 2 - 8 - 16 Hour Training Michigan Right to Know Law

“MSDS” Documentation Chemical Storage - OSHA Standards

Storm Water Management Plan ( Ground Water Discharge Permits )

I.P.M. Integrated Pest Management

Plan and Notifications

Turf Management Plan Bloodborne Pathogens Federal Wage & Hour Postings Pool Operation & Cert. P & P Emergency Response Plans Elevator Inspections Waste Management & Recycling

Facility Programs IAQ Indoor Air Quality Mold Contamination & Remediation Confined Space Entry Emergency Management Plan Lockout / Tagout Safety & Health Program Lift Operation - Safety Training PPE’s Personal Protective Equipment Assessment

Facility Programs Risk Management Assessments Playgrounds Safety Inspections Bi-Annual Bleacher Inspections Insurance: Property & Casualty, General Liability, Terrorism, Indemnification, Flood etc. Mat – Walk off Plan Wetland Delineation, Mitigation & Monitoring Lead Paint Assessment U.S.T. Program Purchasing: Specifications, Advertising & Bidding Back Flow / Cross Connection Inspections

Facility Programs Short Term Worker Notification Worker’s Compensation and Reasonable Accommodations CDL - Commercial Driver License ( DOT Drug Alcohol Testing ) Direct Purchase of Utilities On Line ordering of Custodial and Maintenance supplies and Equipment Site / Property Survey, Title, Deed, Property Descriptions, Inspections, & Permits Modular Classrooms ( New Regs )

Facility Programs “DLEG” Construction Plan Review Process Site Plan Review / Fire Code Inspections - MDE

Builders Risk Insurance Construction & Renovation Change Orders, Value Engineering & Inflation Projections / Records Site Environmental Assessments Working Drawings, As Built and Equipment Operations Documentation - Staff Training Preventive Maintenance Plan Warranty Documentation – 2 year CM & Architect Contracts Owner Specifications Sinking Fund Projects & Records

Facility Programs Mercury Free Schools – State Requirement Privatization or Outsourcing Warehousing, Inventory & Direct Ship Record Retention, Security, Storage

Hazardous & Bio-Hazardous Waste Radioactive Waste Management Life Cycle Costing & Program Benchmarking Energy Management Systems Electronic Work Orders Data Management Systems Preventive Maintenance Program

MSBO Facilities Committee Certification Program “ Certified Facilities Director ” Workshops, Conferences, Training Networking with Peers Professional Organization & Resource Consulting Services Available On Line – Web Page Vendors Directory Calendar of Events / Meetings On Line Registrations Facility Management Information and Resources