International Journal of Caring Sciences September December 2016 Volume 9 Issue 3 Page 1 CONTENT

International Journal of Caring Sciences September – December 2016 Volume 9 Issue 3 Page | 1 CONTENT ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 724-730 The Ethical Deman...
Author: Julian Marsh
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International Journal of Caring Sciences

September – December 2016 Volume 9 Issue 3 Page | 1


The Ethical Demand as Responsibility according to Løgstrup – seen through the Lens of a Caring Science Tradition and in the Context of meaning of Caring Author(s) Jessica Hemberg and Britt-Mari Kaarre ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 731-743

The Activity of Nutrition Education Given to the “Cumhuriyet” Elementary School Students at Ozkonak Town in Nevsehir Province of Turkey Author(s) Bahriye Kaplan and Senay Cetinkaya ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 744-753

The Functioning of a Medical Emergency Team at a Finnish Hospital: A Quantitative, Retrospective Study for Quality Improvement Author(s) Mina Azimirad, Mika Karjalainen, Heikki Paakkonen, Ilkka Parviainen, and HanneleTurunen ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 754-769

The Lifeworld of Multiple-Birth Families Author(s) Kristiina Heinonen, Arja Haggman-Laitila, Irma Moilanen and Anna-Maija Pietila ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 770-780

Reliability and Validity of the Turkish Version of the Moral Development Scale for Professionals Author(s) Sinem Turer Oztik and Gulay Ipek Coban ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 781-791

Patient Satisfaction in Public and Private Hospitals of Cyprus Author(s) Fotene Chari, Eleni Jelastopulu, Despina Sapountzi-Krepia, Daphne Kaitelidou, Olympia Konstantakopoulou, Petros Galanis and George Charalambous ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 792-800

Mothers’ Decision-Making Processes Regarding their Children’s Health Care Author(s) Behice Erci, Sevinc Polat, and Nurcan Ozyazıcioglu ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 801-809

The Impact of Immersion on Perceived Caring in Undergraduate Nursing Students Author(s) Kathryn M. Sanders ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 810-818

Mobbing against Nurses in Turkey: How Does it Affect Job Satisfaction? Author(s) Songul Goris, Ozlem Ceyhan, Sultan Tasci, Gonul Sungur, Pınar Tekinsoy and Fevziye Cetinkaya

International Journal of Caring Sciences

September – December 2016 Volume 9 Issue 3 Page | 2


The Beauty and Mystery of the Bright Light – A Gate to the Source of Strength for Health Author(s) Jessica Hemberg ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 827-837

Prevalence and Determinants of Overweight/Obesity in Adolescents: A Cross-Sectional Study in Greece Author(s) Despoina Fragkou, Petros Galanis and Pantelis Pantelidis ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 838-845

Quality of Life and Pain in Patients with Peripheral Arterial


Author(s) Hulya Ustundag, Asiye Gul and Ummu Yildiz Findik ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 846-857

The Impact of an Educational Program on Nurses, Practice Related to Care of Patients with Chest Tube Author(s) Nabila A. Bedier, Amal Bakr Abo EL-Ata and Noha Mohammed Ibrahim ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 858-866

Psychosocial Status in Turkish Scleroderma Patients: Hopelessness and Social Support Author(s) Yavuz Pehlivan, Seda Pehlivan, Dondu Cuhadar, Yonca Cagatay, Gulcimen Guven, Gozde Yildirim Cetin, Mehmet Sayarlıoglu, Bunyamin Kisacik and Ahmet Mesut Onat ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 867-875

Touching, Music Therapy and Aromatherapy’s Effect on the Physiological Situation of the Patients in Intensive Care Unit Author(s) Sevban Arslan and Nadiye Ozer ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 876-882

The Self-Care Training is Increasing Body Image Perception Self-Esteem and Self-Care Abilities in Pregnant Adolescents: A Pretest-Posttest Quasi-Experimental Study Author(s) Gulbeyaz Baran Durmaz and Fatma Guducu Tufekci ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 883-899

Perceptions of Pain and Diabetes in two very Different Groups of Patients in Greece Author(s) Maria Kontopanou, Dimitris Damigos, Maria Andrikoula and Agathocles Tsatsoulis


Attitudes of Nursing Students about Ageism and the Related Factors Author(s) Gokce Demir, Sevil Bicer, Deniz Bulucu-Boyuksoy and Betul Ozen

International Journal of Caring Sciences

September – December 2016 Volume 9 Issue 3 Page | 3


Caregiving Burden and Psychological Distress of Breast Cancer Patients’ Husbands after Mastectomy Author(s) Konstantina Chronopoulou, Dionissios Sakkas and Dimitrios Damigos ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 914-922

Effect of Pethidine Administered Durıng the First Stage of Labor on the Infants Author(s) Yasemin Aydin and Sevil Inal ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 923-931

Assessing the Effectiveness of Training Given to Teachers for the Prevention of Domestic Violence towards Women Author(s) Bahar Ciftci and Gulcin Avsar ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 932-938

Patients’ Perspectives on and Nurses’ Attitudes toward the Use of Restraint/Seclusion in a Turkish Population Author(s) Ayse Okanli, Emine Yilmaz and Funda Kavak ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 939-954

Health Workers’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards Hepatitis B Infection in Northern Nigeria Author(s) Fufore Mohammed Bello, Cook Penny Anne and Kirfi Abdullahi Musa ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 955-964

Problem Solving Training for First Line Nurse Managers Author(s) Deniz Kocoglu, Sergul Duygulu, Suheyla Abaan and Belgin Akin ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 965-974

The Effect of Individualized Drug Education on Medication Adherence among Patients Using Biologic Drugs Author(s) Serap Korkmaz, Sevinc Tastan and Salih Pay ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 975-984

Nurses and Midwives Opinions about Spirituality and Spiritual Care Author(s) Melahat Akgun Kostak and Ulfiye Celikkalp ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 985-990

Required Competencies for Nurse Managers in Geriatric Care: The Viewpoint of Staff Nurses Author(s) Ben Natan, Merav and Har Noy

International Journal of Caring Sciences

September – December 2016 Volume 9 Issue 3 Page | 4


Human Rights and Health Services: Results from a Case Study of Cyprus Author(s) Alexandra Skitsou, Christos Bekos, George Charalambous and Despena Andrioti ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 997-1007

Effect of the Contraceptive Methods on Female Sexual Function Author(s) Oskay Umran and Dissiz Melike ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1008-1019

Occupational Health Problems of Nurses Working at Emergency Departments Author(s) Serap Parlar, Kilic, Sema Ozoglu Aytac, Medet Korkmaz and Serap Ozer ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1020-1032

Depression, Anxiety and Stress among Undergraduate Nursing Students in a Public University in Sri Lanka Author(s) Sarath Rathnayake and Jeewanthika Ekanayaka ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1033-1039

Assessment of the Diets and Weights of Primiparous and Multiparous Pregnant Women in the Last Trimester Author(s) Esra Kubra Aydin and Sibel Ozturk ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1040-1048

Intensive Care Unit Experience of Nursing Students during their Clinical Placements: A Qualitative Study Author(s) Nursel Vatansever and Neriman Akansel ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1049-1057

The Prevalence of Asthma and Allergic Diseases in Middle School Students and Related Environmental Factors Author(s) Hatice Simsek, Bennur Koca, and Ayla Bayık Temel ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1058-1065

Evaluation Nurses’ Practices for Medication Administration Via Enteral Feeding Tube Author(s) Nurcan Uysal, Hatice Yildirim Sari, Derya Demir Gok and Oznur Ozsoy Maslak ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1066-1074

Assessment of Nurses’ Practice Related to Managing Patients with Dyspnea at Emergency Units at Port Said Hospitals Author(s) Mariam Sabry Shehab, Hayat Abd-Elkader and Noha Mohamed Ibrahim

International Journal of Caring Sciences

September – December 2016 Volume 9 Issue 3 Page | 5

ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1075-1083

Health-Related Quality of Life and Associated Factors among the Staff at an Iranian Petrochemical Complex Author(s) Rashin Alizadeh, Maryam Khazaee-Pool, Davoud Shojaeizadeh, Fakher Rahim and Koen Ponnet ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1084-1089

Does Intramuscular Injection into Paralyzed Tissue in Rats Alter the Absorption of Drugs? An Experimental Multidisciplinary Study Author(s) Gulay Ipek Coban, Reva Balci Akpinar, Mustafa Kemal Coban, Erol Akpinar, Alptug Atilla, Yucel Kadioglu and Mehmet Emrah Yaman ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1090-1097

Anxiety Levels and their Relation to Evaluation of the Courses among Greek Nursing Students Author(s) Maria E. Plaiti, Ioanna V. Papathanasiou, Evangelos Fradelos, Athina E. Patelarou, Lamprini Kourkouta and Christos F. Kleisiaris ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1098-1105

Investigation of Business Satisfaction of Medical and Nursing Staff of the Naval Hospital of Athens Author(s) Elpida Konstantopoulou, Vasiliki Naoum, Georgios Skiathitis and Ioannis Apostolakis ORIGINAL ARTICLE pp: 1106-1116

Association between the Fear of Pain, the Response Strategies and the Sense of Coherence in Workers in Primary Health Care Author(s) Paraskevi Verouli, Vassiliki Siafaka and Argiro Ageli HISTORICAL ARTICLE pp: 1117-1123

The 1947's Newborns Emergency Transportation in Greece, a Forethought in Baby Caring, Stepping into the Future Author(s) Gregory I. Tsoucalas, Ioannis G. Tsoukalas, Despina Sapountzi-Krepia and Markos N. Sgantzos SPECIAL ARTICLE pp: 1124-1128

Prevention of Pneumococcal Disease in Patients with Chronic Cardiometabolic Diseases Author(s) Moyssis Lelekis, Dimitra Stefani, and Ioannis Kyriazis SPECIAL ARTICLE pp: 1129-1133

The Transformation of Primary Healthcare Services in Turkey: Family Medicine Model Author(s) Oya Celebi Cakiroglu and Arzu Kader Harmanci Seren

International Journal of Caring Sciences

September – December 2016 Volume 9 Issue 3 Page | 6

SPECIAL ARTICLE pp: 1134-1146

Phenomenological Enquiry and Psychological Research in Caring and Quality of Life Contexts: Acknowledging the Invisible Author(s) Derek Skea REVIEW ARTICLE pp: 1147-1153

Keratoconus: Latest Approaches to Treatment Author(s) Nikolaos Pagkratis, Pavlos Lazaridis, Maria Saridi REVIEW ARTICLE pp: 1154-1161

Postoperative Urinary Retention and Nursing Approaches Author(s) Yaban Zuleyha Simsek, and Karaoz Sureyya REVIEW ARTICLE pp: 1162-1166

Macronutrients in Adolescence Author(s) Aysel Ozdemir REVIEW ARTICLE pp: 1167-1176

Perioperative Management of Adult Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Author(s) Panagiota Copanitsanou, Chryssoula Dafogianni and Styliani Iraklianou REVIEW ARTICLE pp: 1177-1185

A Recent View and Evidence-Based Approach to Oral Care of Intensive Care Patient Author(s) Dikmen Yurdanur and Filiz Nasibe Yagmur REVIEW ARTICLE pp: 1186-1190

Social Support and Care for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease in the Community Author(s) Michael Kourakos, Theodora Kafkia and Eugenia Minasidou HISTORICAL NOTE pp: 1191-1195

Dione, Nursing Care among the Olympians Author(s) Gregory Tsoucalas, Despina Sapountzi-Krepia and Markos Sgantzos

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