International higher education cooperation

International higher education cooperation 8 April 2015 Jon Gunnar Simonsen SIU INTPART • The programme will provide funding for the establishment ...
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International higher education cooperation

8 April 2015 Jon Gunnar Simonsen SIU

INTPART • The programme will provide funding for the establishment and further development of formalised institutional cooperation on research and higher education. […] • Educational cooperation must be integrated as far as possible in the institution’s other educational programmes, and must comprise activities that extend beyond collaboration between individual researchers and doctoral candidates. 2

How to understand this? • Formalised higher education cooperation – through agreements and established structures • Integrated in higher education programmes/portfolio – for sustainability and enhanced quality in HE • Should benefit groups of students (focus on Master’s/PhD), rather than individual PhD students and researchers only


Performance targets – higher edu. • Joint courses, seminars and educational programmes established and institutionalised within the framework of the partnerships • International joint degrees between the partner institutions when a suitable framework for this is in place • Mobility of students and researchers, as well as structures that support mobility, within the framework of the partnerships 4

HE activities eligible for funding • Short-term or long-term mobility stays by students, researchers, managers and administrative staff; • Development and implementation of workshops, seminars, intensive courses, field courses, summer schools, etc.; • Cooperation on curriculum development and development of joint courses and programmes; • Guest lectures and joint teaching and supervision of students and doctoral candidates; • Other activities


Student mobility – semester stays • Typically 3-12 months – outgoing and incoming • Course work with credit transfer (student exchange agreements with recommended/preapproved courses that are integrated into degree studies) • Field work/research – for groups of students and/or individuals • Internships or other cooperation with business/industry/public enterprises • Reporting of student mobility to KD 6

Student mobility – short-term • For course work (credit transfer), joint courses, supervision, field work, student research, seminars, internships etc. • Facilitate for groups of students in both directions? • Travel grant from Lånekassen if min. 4 weeks (Master’s level and below)


Intensive courses etc. • Intensive courses: study units of short duration which are planned and realised in cooperation between institutions (and private/public enterprises) • Similar activities: workshops, seminars, field courses, summer schools, etc. • Ways to gather experts and students for mutual learning in a multicultural environment • Student participation in research • Could be organised yearly or each semester 8

Curriculum development, teaching and supervision • • • • • • •

Curriculum development – sharing of best practice Developing joint courses and degrees Joint teaching and supervision Guest lecturers Online teaching and supervision Internationalisation at home! Complementarity for enhanced quality 9

• Other activities that encompass international research and educational cooperation, and cooperation with the business and public sectors • Combinations of different activities (student mobility, courses, online, etc.)


Some important points and pitfalls • • • • • • • •

Establishing higher education cooperation takes time Plan in detail! Step-by-step – set aims, be realistic Very different systems from country to country Objectives/activities agreed upon and mutually understood Long-term thinking, not too dependent on individuals Leadership support Think student recruitment and motivation! Identify risks and mitigate them 11

Agreements and formalities Agreements should secure formalities and services: • Application procedures, registration, tuition fee (waiver), credit transfer/approval of courses • Administrative support • Student services, housing etc. • Security Involve the responsible academic staff and administrative experts at your institutions! 12