6th Arab-Austrian Economic Forum / International Conference: LIST OF EXHIBITORS (A) AUSTRIAN EXHIBITORS

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) – AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA www.wko.at ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA (Foreign Trade Promotion Organisation) offers support to Austrian companies interested in export. When it comes to marketing products and services, establishing networks with international partners and providing first-hand market knowledge, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA helps you to get a foothold on the global markets. Key services we offer: - Information - driving your business forward - Coaching - the perfect support for your foreign business - Events - professional presentation for your company Contact: AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA Afrika/Nahost Dr. Stefan Pistauer, Regionalmanager Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, 1045 Wien T +43 (0)5 90 900 4389 | F +43 (0)5 90 900 118128 E [email protected]


Dr. Max Huber Realbüro www.dmh.co.at Dr. Max Huber Realbüro – When quality meets real estate Dr. Max Huber Realbüro represents highest exceptional quality in real estate services for more than 80 years. Our clients in Austria as well internationally trust in the first class advisory comprising selling and letting, purchasing and rehiring, as well as professional evaluation, appraisals and property management. Our company network sets the emphasis in four segments. In each it is specialized in exclusive high end real estate: • Residential & Leisure • Investment & Commerce • Land & Forestry • International business You are cordially invited to visit us personally or online at www.dmh.co.at. Benefit from our successful acquisition service to find the ideal property of your desire! Contact: Dr. Max Huber Realbüro Opernring 9 . A-1010 Wien Tel.: +43 (0)1 402 47 47 • Fax: +43 (0)1 406 95 89 E-Mail: [email protected] • www.dmh.co.at

EMIRATES AIRLINES www.emirates.com/at Emirates Airline: Highest standard in all classes Since its launch in 1985, Emirates Airline has received more than 500 international awards in recognition of its efforts to provide unsurpassed levels of customer service. Since 2004 Emirates offers daily flights from Vienna to the international hub in Dubai; in March 2011 this was upgraded to twice daily (except Thursday). Emirates operates services to 126 destinations in 74 countries on six continents. For more information please visit www.emirates.at or www.facebook.com/emirates Contact: Emirates Airlines Mahlerstrasse 12/Stg. 6 | T +43 1 5326028 102 1010 Wien/Vienna - Austria | F +43 1 5336887 | www. emirates.at


Judith Hornok, Journalist / Hornok & Partner www.styriabooks.at/article/3468 Judith Hornok is a journalist and author of the book „Modern Arab Women – The New Generation of the United Arab Emirates“. With her company Hornok & Partner, a team of experienced Gulf-experts who had established over many years worldwide personal contacts to decisionmakers in business and politics, the media and communication Hornok & Partner design tailor-made strategies and and presents seminars and workshops for global companies to avoid intercultural pitfalls („Learn to understand the Arab in order to achieve a successful business deal). Contact: Hornok & Partner, Frimbergergasse 1/1/8; A-1130 Vienna, Austria; Tel: +43-1-4087595; Email: [email protected]

Lights of Vienna www.lightsofvienna.com Lights of Vienna © group of companies and trademark was established nearly 2 decades ago following the completion of two major projects in Saudi Arabia. Under the leadership of our largest manufacturing plant Limbek in Austria we executed the custom made decorative lighting and custom cast brass interior decoration for both of the holy mosques in Makkah & Medinah. These unique projects required highest skills, two years of studies, development and prototypes and resulted finally in 5 years of production and delivery. Lights of Vienna's philosophie and aim has always been to provide consulting, planning, development for custom made requirements within leisure lighting projects prior to any production and delivery. Our company policy includes full support to our clients and we provide required sketches, samples & finishes, drawings & technical solutions in many cases even from the early start of a project. Contact: Lights of Vienna - Limbek GesmbH. Thomas Tamussinostr.6 A-2340 Moedling - AUSTRIA T: +43 2236 25722-0, F: +43 2236 43111, Mail: [email protected]

Oesterreichische Staatsdruckerei (OeSD) www.staatsdruckerei.at/ OeSD (Oesterreichische Staatsdruckerei – Austrian State Printing House), together with its daughter company OeSD International, is a modern and innovative Austrian company with more than 200 years of experience in security printing – combining tradition with technology!


We are engaged in developing and printing high-security documents like passports (machine readable and electronic BAC- and EAC-passports), driver's licenses, ID-cards, visas and stamps and in the system integration of personalisation and data register solutions. As the first security printing house worldwide, OeSD was awarded the highest possible rating as "High Security Printer" by Intergraf. Customers on all continents trust the high security standard of our products. Our speciality is to merge the delicate art of security design with the strongest cryptography to secure identity and guarantee forgery protection on multiple levels. Our employees fulfil the highest demands regarding security clearance and expertise in security printing and security technology. We are members of the industry’s most important standardization bodies (ICAO, ISO, EU) and proud to be able to shape the security of tomorrow’s world. OeSD – Outstanding expertise in Security Documents! Contact: Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH Tenschertstraße 7, 1239 Vienna Telephone: 01 / 206 66 206 | E-Mail: [email protected]

(B) SUDANESE EXHIBITORS Ministries Ministry of Industry - www.industry.gov.sd/ Ministry of Petroleum - www.spc.sd/en/ Ministry of Agriculture - www.sudagric.gov.sd Ministry of Minerals/Arab Mining Co. - www.minerals.gov.sd Ministry of Finance - www.mof.gov.sd Central Bank of Sudan - www.cbos.gov.sd/en Ministry of Water Resource and Electricity - www.wre.gov.sd National Telecommunication Corporation - www.ntc.gov.sd Ministry of Science & Communication


Bank Name United Capital Bank - www.bankalmal.net Bank of Khartoum - www.bok-sd.com Alsalam Bank - www.alsalambank.net Islamic Sudanese Bank - www.sib.sd Workers National Bank - www.wnb-sd.com Qatar National Bank - www.qnb.com.qa Islamic Co-operative Development Bank - www.iscob.com Sudanese French Bank - www.sfbank.net Byblos Bank - www.byblosbank.com Companies Kenana Sugar Co. - www.kenana.com GIAD Co. - www.giadauto.com DAL Group Co. - www.dalgroup.com Elnefeidi Group Co. - www.elnefeidi.com Dar Consult - www.darconsult.com CTC Group - www.ctcgroupltd.com Zawaya Group - www.zawayagroup.com Blue Water Logistics Co. Ltd - www.logistics.sd