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Ticketing & vENUE INFO General Admission Adult – $19.50 Concession – $16 Multi Passes 5 films – $85 10 films – $155

Chauvel Cinema 249 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW (02) 9361 5398 Verona Cinema 17 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW (02) 9360 6099

Festival Launch Opening Night + Party Adult – $35 Concession – $25

Museum of Contemporary Art 140 George St, The Rocks, NSW (02) 9245 2400

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OPENING NIGHT The Charro of Toluquilla Tuesday 11 Oct, 7pm for 7:45pm start, Chauvel Cinema 1 Sunday 16 Oct, 4:45pm, Verona Cinema (with Q&A) José Villalobos | Mexico | 2016 | 86min

Selected festivals and awards:

Sheffield Doc/Fest, TriBeCa Film Festival Director José Villalobos is a guest of the festival and will introduce his film on Opening Night.

Australian Premiere Fascinated by the reckless, ladies’ man lifestyle of the classic Mexican movie characters, Jaime García presents as a prototypical confident macho Mariachi who enjoys life lived around women, alcohol and music. His evenings are spent charming audiences with his singing and his days tending to his beloved horses. But beneath his irreverent and libidinous flare, a sense of weariness is glimpsed as he anticipates the challenges in front of him. Jaime struggles to maintain a relationship with his estranged young daughter and her religious mother and to maintain his well-being as a HIVpositive man. In José Villalobos’ remarkable debut film, he profiles Jaime over five years. Through vivid and stylized perspectives of the two sides of Jaime’s existence, Villalobos paints a beautiful and emotional portrait of a man divided. PS

Supported by


Sunday 16 Oct, 7pm for 7:45pm start, Chauvel Cinema 1

Australian Premiere

Kawthar Younis | Egypt | 2016 | 80 min

Selected festivals and awards:

Cairo International Film Festival, Encounters Film Festival

A father-daughter trip to Rome to find a lost love with only a three-decade-old address – the premise may sound a little reality TV, but the execution is anything but. Filmmaker Kawthar surprises her father Mokhtar on his 75th birthday with two tickets to Rome to find Patrizia, the Italian woman he loved and left years earlier. Mokhtar’s wife is surprisingly supportive, and so ensues a charming adventure. Armed with the address, a ring Mokhtar had always intended to return and a shaky hidden camera, the guileless and hopeful pair sets off on a delightful trip down memory lane. This paean to filial devotion will warm the very cockles of your heart. JSS

Join us for a complimentary drink to close the festival from 7pm, with the award ceremony and screening from 7:45pm


International Competition Judges Debra Zimmerman Director. Women Make Movies Executive Director, Debra has been the Executive Director of Women Make Movies, a non-profit NY based film organisation that supports women filmmakers, since 1983. During her tenure it world. has grown into the largest distributor of films by and about women in the world. 

Jason Ishikawa Head of International Sales, Cinetic Media Jason is the head of international sales at Cinetic Media, a New York-based company which represents some of the most prestigious and successful documentaries including the academy award winners AMY, INSIDE JOB and THE FOG OF WAR.

Lars Meyer Programmer, Dok Leipzig Lars is a programmer and a selection committee member at Dok Leipzig - the oldest and one of the leading international documentary festivals and market places for documentary and animated films.

Sam Griffin Investment Manager, Screen Australia Sam has been an investment manager in documentary at Screen Australia for five years, and assisted with funding successful television series, emerging filmmaker initiatives and award-winning feature documentaries including GAYBY BABY, and TYKE ELEPHANT OUTLAW. Juan Francisco Salazar Filmmaker Juan is an anthropologist, documentary filmmaker and Associate Professor in Media and Cultural Studies at Western Sydney University. His recent film NIGHTFALL ON GAIA, a speculative documentary film shot in Antarctica, premiered at Antenna 2015 before going to screen at festivals internationally.


Australian Competition Judges Sascha Ettinger-Epstein Filmmaker Sascha is a documentary cinematographer and director known for her raw, observational character-driven Australian stories, including PAINTING WITH A LIGHT IN A DARK WORLD, THE OASIS, PLAYING IN THE SHADOWS and DESTINATION ARNOLD. Tony Krawitz Filmmaker Tony is a writer and director and has worked across fiction and documentary. His work includes JEWBOY which premiered at Cannes, THE TALL MAN and the TV series THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND. Malinda Wink Institute & Executive Director of Good Pitch² Malinda is Executive Director for Good Pitch² Australia and Director Policy and Impact for Shark Island Productions. She has held senior roles across the corporate, political and philanthropic sectors.

Australian Shorts Competition Judges Jack Sargeant Programmer / Writer Jack is a film programmer, academic and author of numerous books and essays that examine aspects of independent film and culture. He is also the Program Director of Revelation Film Festival. Susan Danta Filmmaker / Animator Susan has been working in animation for over a decade and has produced numerous award-winning films, including MOTHER TONGUE, DRIVING HOME and SHADOWPLAY, which have screened at local and international film festivals. Gary Paramanathan Producer Gary is an arts and cultural worker, producer and film programmer. He founded and manages Colourfest, Australia's first and only short film festival that focuses on migrant stories.


International Competition At Home In The World Thursday 13 Oct, 6:45pm, Verona Cinema Andreas Koefoed | Denmark | 2015 | 60 mins

Selected festivals and awards:

IDFA, Hot Docs, CPH:DOX (Nordic Dox Award)

Behemoth Friday 14 Oct, 7pm, Chauvel Cinema 2 Zhao Liang | China | 2015 | 90 mins

Australian Premiere Imagine all the pressures of starting a new school, and now add some further challenges – all the students are from different cultural and language backgrounds, have fled from conflict zones with their families and are at the mercy of pending asylum claims. At this Red Cross school in Denmark, each child has a harrowing tale of adversity and survival. The teacher, Dorte, becomes a champion for the children, etching a safe and nurturing space for them amidst otherwise turbulent existences. AT HOME IN THE WORLD is an intimate and engaging film that provides a vital addition to the global conversation on the current refugee crisis. JSS

Sydney Premiere

Co-Presented with Australian Centre of Photography

In the Old Testament, the mountains are the domain of a monster named Behemoth; in modern times the vast mining industry has taken the monster’s place. Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, director Liang Zhao, one of China’s finest documentarians, takes us on a visually stunning search for a paradise which has taken a wrong turn and landed them in hell. Zhang visits the ravaged prairies of Mongolia, observing the industrial process at work and the suffering of the workers from resultant illnesses. Arriving at Paradiso, he reveals what all this has been for: creating ghost cities full of desolate, modern high-rises, the outcome of a burst real-estate bubble. Could the mythical monster have ever dreamed of this? KV

Bobby Sands: 66 Days Thursday 13 Oct, 8pm, Chauvel Cinema 1

Australian Premiere

Selected festivals and awards:

Venice, Berlinale, IDFA,CPH:DOX, True/False, Sheffield Doc/Fest

Brendan Byrne| Ireland, UK | 2015 | 90 mins

Selected festivals and awards:

Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Belfast Film Festival


With the simple yet powerful act of refusing food, Bobby Sands and his fellow Irish Republican prisoners became the emblems of an intractable conflict. Violence and unrest had continued in Northern Ireland for two decades, yet the world’s attention was focused anew when in 1981 the inmates of Maze Prison took drastic action in an effort to be recognised as political prisoners. Reconstructions, archival material and key interviews weave together a riveting exposition of the hunger strike, powerfully and personally expanded by excerpts from Sands’ evocative prison diary. Many gave their lives in The Troubles, but few under such a global spotlight and with such transformative consequences.JSS

International Competition BrothersTues Thursday 13 Oct, 8pm, Verona Cinema Aslaug Holm | Norway | 2015 | 102 mins

Selected festivals and awards:

Hot Docs - Best International Feature Documentary, CPH:DOX

Do Not Resist

Sunday 16 Oct, 1pm, Verona Cinema Craig Atkinson | USA | 2016 | 70 min

Selected festivals and awards:

TriBeCa Film Festival - Best Documentary, Hot Docs, AFI Silverdocs

Australian Premiere Director Aslaug Holm shares the discoveries of parenthood in this documentary equivalent to Richard Linklater's BOYHOOD. Training her camera on her two young sons over eight years, Holm shows an impressive and at times eyebrow-raising restraint, letting the camera reveal all. The stunning cinematography of the Norwegian seasons forms an evocative backdrop as the boys grapple with the milestones and mundanities of childhood. “I used to travel the world capturing important events on film… Now I can see that the whole world lives within this tiny universe.” Holm’s voiceover, and ultimately the film, echoes the lament of any parent, wistfully describing the bittersweet scent of a childhood passing quickly. JSS

Australian Premiere ‘Violence is the realm we operate in…We are men of violence.’ So says Dave Grossman, tactical trainer of police and FBI officers. In light of recent shocking events in Dallas and Baton Rouge, The Tribeca winner DO NOT RESIST is essential viewing for gaining insight into the rapid militarisation of police forces in the US. Director Craig Atkinson gains incredible access to police units and rides alongside as they train for and respond to real or imagined threats. Against a backdrop of burning cars and tear gas in Ferguson following the police killing of Michael Brown, this film traces the transformation of law enforcement agencies into forces that look like an army and all too often act like one. JSS

The EVENT Sunday 16 Oct, 5pm, Chauvel Cinema 2

Sydney Premiere

Sergei Loznitsa | Netherlands, Belgium | 2016 | 74 mins

Selected festivals and awards: Cannes, Rotterdam


a film by Sergei Loznitsa

August 1991: the Soviet Union is on the verge of collapse. After a decade of glasnost, a group of high-ranking party figures places leader Mikhail Gorbachev under house arrest and declares a state of emergency. As the nation grinds to a halt, people pour onto the streets to protest. In three days, the seeds of a new country will emerge. In a companion piece to MAIDAN (Antenna 2014), Sergei Loznitsa lets us again watch history in the making and brings us THE EVENT. Compiled entirely of archival footage shot on the streets of Leningrad, the film captures an impassioned people caught up in the fear, euphoria, and confusion of a profound political transformation. DR   7

International Competition The Islands and the Whales Saturday 15 Oct, 8:30pm, Verona Cinema Mike Day | UK, Denmark | 2016 | 82min

Selected festivals and awards: Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc/Fest

O Futebol Friday 14 Oct, 9pm, Verona Cinema Sergio Oksman | Spain | 2015 | 68 min

Selected festivals and awards:

Locarno, IDFA, True/False, RIDM

Co-presented with Sydney Latin American Film Festival

Australian Premiere The Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic cut an imposing landscape, as sheer cliffs soar majestically from the sea. The isolated community has hunted seabirds and whales for generations, but for how much longer? The global environmental crisis has reached even here – bird populations are plummeting and the whales are highly contaminated. A local doctor has a warning for his community and the world, yet his message risks being derailed – the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society parachutes in with Pamela Anderson in tow, bringing a well-intentioned yet culturally imperialist critique of the locals’ way of life. With incredible cinematography, this film presents a complicated debate on traditions, stewardship and environmental catastrophe. JSS

Australian Premiere Filmmaker Sergio Oksman reunites with his father against the backdrop of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, in his home-town of São Paulo. Having been apart for 20 years, they agree to watch every game of the tournament together. However, like their relationship, watching the games proves to be fraught with challenges – such as ‘watching’ a game from the car with no radio, outside a stadium. As the tournament unfolds, so does the pairs dysfunctional relationship and football’s place in their lives. O Futebol is a personal and poignant film about football and life, revealing that for many it’s where they first learn about life’s lessons of winning and losing, and the importance of embracing both. RW

ON CALL Sunday 16 Oct, 3pm, Chauvel Cinema 2 Alice Diop | France | 2015 | 96 mins

Selected festivals and awards:

Cinema Du Reel - Best Documentary, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 8

Australian Premiere Set in a petite GP’s clinic somewhere in Paris, practitioner Jean-Pierre sees the patients that have nowhere else to go. Most are immigrants with uncertain status who aren’t eligible for the regular healthcare system. Although many are still suffering from the physical and psychological effects of fleeing their homeland, they are without a roof over their heads and stuck in a system that doesn’t know what to do with them. With his hands tied, Jean-Pierre does the only thing he can: he listens to their tales of heart-break, endurance and unexpected doses of humour with patience, warmth and without judgment. Filmmaker Alice Diop observes without comment, mirroring the good doctor himself in this charming, moving film. JSS

International Competition THE PEACEMAKER

Saturday 15 Oct, 4:45pm, Chauvel Cinema 1 James Demo| USA | 2016 | 88 mins

Selected festivals and awards:

Hot Docs, Full Frame, Sheffield Doc/Fest

STARLESS DREAMS with q&a Saturday 15 Oct, 6pm, Verona Cinema Mehrdad Oskouei | Iran | 2016 | 76 mins

Australian Premiere Padraig O’Malley is perhaps the ultimate global citizen. Blessed with an uncanny ability to bring sworn enemies not only to the negotiating table, but even further onto some common ground, he ceaselessly travels the world brokering deals in crisis zones. Earning his stripes convening Northern Ireland’s key peace agreements at the age of 33, O’Malley has continued to succeed by sidestepping ideology and connecting divided societies with others similarly divided. A life lived at this intensity, though, takes its toll – director James Demo delves deeper to explore O’Malley’s alcoholism, his fractured relationships and his declining health. If this enigmatic man can find peace for others, might it work its way back to him? JSS

Sydney Premiere

Selected festivals and awards:

In STARLESS DREAMS, acclaimed filmmaker Mehrdad Oskouei takes us inside a girls’ juvenile detention facility on the outskirts of Tehran. The bonds the girls share are as tight as blood – some feel more at home here than they ever did with their families. Their crimes include drug dealing and murder, yet instead of cold-blooded criminals we discover friendly, young people who laugh, sing and cry together. With the conceptual rigour and emotional directness associated with the best of Iranian cinema, Oskouei presents an intimate and respectful portrait of these young women, offering a powerful indictment of social apathy. KV

Supported by Western Sydney University

Director Mehrdad Oskouei is a guest of the festival and will take part in a Q&A after the screening.

Berlinale - Amnesty International Film Prize, Hot Docs, True/False

Thy Father’s Chair Friday 14 Oct, 7pm, Verona Cinema Antonio Tibaldi & Àlex Lora | USA | 2015 | 75 mins

Selected festivals and awards:

IDFA, True/False, DOCU/LIFE main award @Docudays UA, Docaviv

Australian Premiere Feel guilty about your house not being tidy enough? You won’t after seeing THY FATHER'S CHAIR, a cautionary peek into the cluttered chaos of an ordinary-looking Brooklyn apartment. Identical-twin Orthodox Jewish brothers Avraham and Shraga have let things spiral out of control since their parents died. "The Torah wants everything to be clean, but unfortunately we veered from it," says Avraham sheepishly. A professional cleaning company with empathy to spare gradually transforms the apartment, but not without some bewilderment and humorous intransigence from the brothers. As belongings are sifted through, the brothers are forced to confront their memories in order to find a new beginning. KV 9

PANORAMA A Revolution in Four Seasons Sunday 16 Oct, 3pm, Verona Cinema Jessie Deeter | USA | 2016 | 90 mins

Selected festivals and awards: Hot Docs

DON JUAN Saturday 15 Oct, 6pm, Chauvel Cinema 2

Australian Premiere This seminal film tells the story of two women with opposing political views, fighting for different versions of a democratic future for Tunisia. Emna, a journalist, advocates for a western modelled secular state, while Jawhara works with the Islamist party aiming for a democracy guided by Islamic principles. Though the women never meet on screen, director Jessie Deeter uses the tension between them to explore the complexities within and between their political views. This intimate film follows the women as they mature, over four years, from idealists into prominent political operatives. While they navigate the tricky terrain of being political women, wives and mothers, their lives are changing in tandem with their country. JSS

Sydney Premiere

Jerzy Sladkowski | Sweden, Finland | 2015 | 92min

Casting a young autistic man with love troubles as Don Juan in a play – cruel joke, or insightful helping hand? Twenty-two year-old Oleg is a gentle character, ruthlessly put upon by his mother to get up and at ‘em. Marched off to therapy that somehow includes acting classes, the bewildered Oleg is subjected to some decidedly questionable exercises and advice. Can acting training, particularly of this bizarre variety, really be the answer? Filmmaker Jerzy Sladkowski finds the moments of sardonic humour amidst the pathos in this artfully constructed fish out of water Selected festivals and awards: tale, revealing much about romance and gender roles, IDFA - Best Feature Documentary, Hot Docs, Belfast Film Festival, ZAG parental pressure and the desire to belong. JSS DOX


Sunday 16 Oct, 5:15pm, Chauvel Cinema 1 Jared P. Scott | USA | 2016 | 85min

Selected festivals and awards: Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc/Fest

Co-presented with The Saturday Paper 10

Australian Premiere You might have seen a dozen climate change docs, but you certainly haven’t seen this one. Director Jared P. Scott (REQUIEM FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM, Antenna 2015) takes a new tack, no melting glaciers and species die-offs to be seen. Instead he places in the interviewee’s chair people generally positioned as a conservative policymaker’s dream – military planners, marine brigadier generals, Pentagon insiders and veterans who have served in warzones. These are the people who will be on the frontline when climate stimulated conflict hits – wars over scarce resources, mass migrations creating population tensions. Together, they build a terrifying picture of a series of global humanitarian catastrophes, and draw a direct and unassailable line between them and our voracious energy consumption. JSS

PANORAMA Bugs Saturday 15 Oct, 1pm, Chauvel Cinema 1 Andreas Johnsen | Denmark | 2016 | 76 min

Selected festivals and awards: TriBeCa Film Festival, Docaviv

City 40 Saturday 15 Oct, 3pm, Chauvel Cinema 1 Samira Goetschel| USA | 2016 | 75 min

Selected festivals and awards: Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc/Fest

Sydney Premiere This documentary will have you squirming in your seats! BUGS seeks to enlighten western audiences to the nutritional and environmental benefits of eating insects. We join two adventurous food researchers from gastronomic entrepreneur Rene Redzepi’s (NOMA) Nordic Food Lab as they travel to the countries where eating insects is common practice. This documentary burrows deeply into issues of food security and the realities of needing to produce 70% more protein on 30% less farmland to feed an ever-increasing, hungry population. As the tagline suggests, 'The answer to feeding the world’s expanding population may be smaller than you think'. Dung beetle grub stew, anyone? KV

Australian Premiere It sounds like a dystopian sci-fi story: residents of a walled town enjoy a high standard of living in a chilling pact that sees them growing sicker by the day from radiation poisoning. Except it’s a reality, occurring in City 40 – a Russian town and home to a stockpile of nuclear materials. Closed to the outside world and guarded by armed security, the city is nigh invisible. Yet the film crew sneak in to reveal stories of courage – spearheaded by a single mother, some residents are risking their lives to draw attention to one of the most contaminated places on earth and the catastrophic risks it poses. JSS

Fear itself

Friday 14 Oct, 9pm, Chauvel Cinema 2 Charlie Lyne | 2015 | UK | 88 min

Selected festivals and awards: Hot Docs

Sydney Premiere Half-heard whispers. A creaking door. A dark shadow. From Vertigo to Videodrome, the scariest movies exploit our greatest – and most basic – fears. Assembled from over 100 of cinema’s most heart-stopping moments, FEAR ITSELF explores how filmmakers scare us, and why we let them. An unnamed female narrator talks about the recent, debilitating experiences that led her to watch horror films night after night. "You feel the fear before you can make sense of it," she ruminates. This essay film asks us whether horror movies know us better than we know ourselves. Precise editing of the meticulously chosen film clips builds hair-trigger tension and atmosphere, creating an entirely new narrative. FEAR ITSELF shows us that we can most be ourselves in the dark.KV 11

PANORAMA Gary numan: ANDROID IN LA LA LAND Saturday 15 Oct, 9pm, Chauvel Cinema 1 Rob Alexander, Steve Read | USA | 2016 | 94min

Selected festivals and awards:

Edinburgh, East End, SXSW, Hot Docs, Cimmfest Co-presented with Groovescooter


Sydney Premiere Gary Numan took the sound of early electronica and fused it with strong images of his on stage alter-egos, to invent something totally unique. Seemingly coming from nowhere he took the music world by storm. Gary achieved his success with Asperger’s syndrome, at a time when the public knew little about it and the press labelled him a freak. Swallowed by depression, anxiety and near bankruptcy he ended up in the wilderness for years. Gary found salvation in meeting his wife Gemma and having three daughters. But the music calls, and Gemma encourages a return to his passion. With an honesty, humour and warmth, the film captures Numan pondering a return as the world awaits his new album. JSS


Wednesday 12 Oct, 8:30pm, Verona Cinema Johan Grimonprez | USA | 2016 | 94min

Selected festivals and awards:

TriBeCa Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival

they call us monsters Wednesday 12 Oct, 8:30pm, Chauvel Cinema 2

Australian Premiere The global arms trade may be the murkiest, most inscrutable industry on the planet, with billions of dollars and human lives at stake. Based on a 2011 book by Andrew Feinstein, the film forensically examines some of the players – manufacturers, politicians, arms dealers and the shady go-betweens. Director Johan Grimonprez (DIAL H-I-S-T-O-R-Y) spares no one to expose a shadow world of corruption, slush funds, drones and a whole lot of lies and greed from before the early 80s to the present. Backed up by commentary from Feinstein, himself an arms dealer, hard-hitting journalists and a retired US army colonel, SHADOW WORLD grabs a hold of the many tentacles of this industry and tugs, hard. JSS

Australian Premiere

Ben Lear| USA | 2016 | 84 min

Selected festivals and awards: AFI Silverdocs, LAFF

Transit havana Saturday 15 Oct, 8:30pm, Chauvel Cinema 2

THEY CALL US MONSTERS takes us for the first time inside The Compound, a high-security juvenile jail in California that holds youths that are being tried as adults for violent crimes. Juan, Jarad and Antonio seem like ordinary teenagers – but they are also violent offenders, awaiting trials and sentencing. While waiting they enroll in a screen-writing class, to make a film in which they reimagine their futures without looming jail time. Are they just kids with potential and big dreams, or monsters? Director Ben Lear traverses the many layers in this emotional powerfully and frank film, deftly asking questions about the place redemption has in today's world. RW

Australian Premiere

Daniel Abma| Germany, Netherlands, Cuba | 2016 | 86 min

Selected festivals and awards: Munich DOK Fest

Mariela Castro, the daughter of Cuban President and advocate for the rights of transgender people, invites surgeons from Europe to travel to Havana annually to conduct sex reassignment surgery. However, there are only five places available each time, and Odette, Juani and Malú are all on the waiting list. Director Daniel Abma (BEYOND WRIEZEN, Antenna 2013) follows them over the space of a year as they wait and hope. TRANSIT HAVANA takes a personal look at the realities of trans people in Cuba and at the same time gives us a unique insight into a country in transition. JSS

Co-presented with Queer Screen 13

IGNITE YOUR CAREER IN DOCUMENTARY.  If you have a passion for telling authentic stories, bring your talent to the heart of Australian story-making. AFTRS now offers a Graduate Certificate and an MA Screen in Documentary. Find out more at our Postgraduate Information Evening. September 21, 6-8pm. Register now at



Friday 14 Oct, 9pm, Chauvel Cinema 1 Aaron Brookner | USA | 2016 | 96 mins

Selected festivals and awards: Berlinale, Sundance

Co-presented with Queer Screen & ACON

Australian Premiere On the brink of becoming an acclaimed filmmaker, 35 year-old Howard Brookner died of AIDS related illnesses in 1989. His work captured a vibrant art and gay scene in downtown New York, including his cult classic but since lost documentary of William S. Burroughs. 25 years later, his nephew, Aaron, sets out to find the film. Discovering not only the missing negative but a treasure trove of archives featuring Andy Warhol, Laurie Anderson and Madonna, Aaron connects with Howard's friends (like Jim Jarmusch) to give a complex picture of his beloved uncle. An elegy to a life lived fiercely, UNCLE HOWARD is a powerful and loving portrait of an artist who left this world far too soon. JSS


Sunday 16 Oct, 1pm, Chauvel Cinema 2 David Feige| USA | 2016 | 106 min

Selected festivals and awards: TriBeCa Film Festival

When Two Worlds Collide Saturday 15 Oct, 4pm, Verona Cinema Heidi Brandenburg, Mathew Orzel| Peru | 2016 | 100 min

Selected festivals and awards:

Sundance - Winner of Best First Feature Film, Hot Docs

Australian Premiere Ron Book is a man with resources. Choking back tears as he recounts his daughter’s sexual assault at the hands of the nanny, he is nonetheless fierce – as the most powerful lobbyist in Florida, he put those resources to use enacting the toughest sex offender laws in the US. UNTOUCHABLE presents a forensically researched analysis of this emotive, hot button topic. While telling some of the horrific stories of the abused, the film also examines some of the 800,000 affected by the laws. Many have been forced out of their homes, and reintegration into society becomes nearly impossible. This is an unflinching, compelling exploration of one of the most challenging social problems imaginable, presenting a side so often unseen. JSS

Australian Premiere In 2007, Peru’s then-president called open slather on the country’s natural resources, inviting foreign investors to come a-calling. Trouble was, most of the resources lay beneath constitutionally protected lands, inhabited by indigenous peoples who weren’t consulted. Cue an impassioned plea from indigenous leader Alberto Pizango to cease the pillaging of the land, followed by brewing tensions that exploded into one of the biggest indigenous protests in Peruvian history. WHEN TWO WORLDS COLLIDE, the Sundance winner for Best First Feature Film, takes viewers into the heaving chaos of the protests, in which injury and death was visited upon both sides presenting a powerful indictment of corporate and political greed and its willingness to trample all in its path. JSS

Co-presented with Sydney Latin American Film Festival 15

Chauvel 2

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7pm Servant or Slave with Q&A p19

8:30pm They Call Us Monsters p13


8pm Bobby Sands: 66 Days p6 FRI

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7pm Behemoth p6

9pm Uncle Howard p15

9pm Fear Itself p11


11am Close-Up p22 1pm Bugs p11 3pm City 40 p11 4:45pm The Peacemaker p9

6pm Don Juan p10

6:45pm The Family with Q&A p18

8:30pm Transit Havana p13

9pm Gary Numan: Android in LA LA Land p12 SUN

12pm Shorts - Session 1 p29 1:30pm Shorts - Session 2 p29

1pm Untouchable p15

3pm Monsieur Mayonnaise with Q&A p18

3pm On Call p8

5:15pm Age of Consequences p10

5pm The Event p7

Closing Night

7pm A Present from the Past p3





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3pm Burden p21


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11-6pm Horizons p26-27



Australian cOMPETITION THE FAMILY with q&a

Saturday 15 Oct, 6:45pm, Chauvel Cinema 1

Sydney Premiere

Rosie Jones | Australia | 2016 | 98min

Director Rosie Jones will be in attendance to hold a Q&A after the screening.

MONSIEUR MAYONNAISE with q&a Sunday 16 Oct, 3pm, Chauvel Cinema 1

THE FAMILY sheds light on one of Australia’s most notorious cults, in a powerful and moving film by Melbourne director Rosie Jones (THE TRIANGLE WARS, ANTENNA 2011). ‘The Family’ was a sinister apocalyptic cult active in Melbourne in the ‘60s and ’70s led by Anne Hamilton-Byrne; beautiful, charismatic and convinced she was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. At least 28 children were ‘acquired’ and raised in total isolation, and subjected to years of abuse – including beatings, starvation and injections with LSD. THE FAMILY pulls back the cover on the murky story of a still-operating sect, revealing the scars the victims still carry to this day and asking difficult questions about how it was allowed to flourish in the first place. JSS

Sydney Premiere

Trevor Graham | Australia | 2016 | 85min

Director: Trevor Graham will be in attendance to hold a Q&A after the screening.


What a concoction! Take one comic-book artist, send him on a journey following his father’s footsteps from French resistance to restaurant ownership in Melbourne, add a sprinkling of Nazis and coat liberally in mayonnaise. Artist and filmmaker Philippe Mora is producing a graphic novel about his late father, Georges, and his fascinating life. Philippe paints the astonishing stories at each stage, including Georges’ meeting of his wife, now-acclaimed artist Mirka Mora, and his remarkable feat of saving thousands of Jewish lives, using simply baguettes and the afore-mentioned mayonnaise. MONSIEUR MAYONNAISE is a lively, light and eclectic personal journey through some historic world events. JSS

Australian cOMPETITION Mother With a Gun with q&a Friday 14 Oct, 7pm, Chauvel Cinema 1

Australian Premiere

Jeff Daniels | Australia | 2016 | 80 mins

Director Jeff Daniels will be in attendance to hold a Q&A after the screening.

SERVANT OR SLAVE with q&a Wednesday 12 Oct, 7pm, Chauvel Cinema 1

Archetypal good Jewish girl Shelley Rubin escapes family expectations by falling in love with the leader of the Jewish Defence League (JDL), once considered America's most active terrorist organisation by US authorities. Advocating any means necessary to prevent antisemitism, she supports armed response and preventative violence. On the path to becoming the brash and outspoken leader of the JDL, Rubin faces alienation from her family, and the imprisonment and violent death of her friends and family members. Director Jeff Daniels shadows Rubin and untangles her past and present to expose this unusual pathway to Jewish extremism. JSS

Sydney Premiere

Steven Mcgregor| Australia | 2016 | 57 min

Director Steven Mcgregor will be in attendance to hold a Q&A after the screening.

During the time of the Stolen Generations, thousands of Aboriginal girls were taken from their families by the Australian Government. SERVANT OR SLAVE is an emotional and confronting insight into the history and legacy of the domestic servitude enforced upon Aboriginal girls in Australia, told through the stories of five women. In bringing to light the heartbreaking experiences of Rita, Violet and the three Wenberg sisters, SERVANT OR SLAVE celebrates their fortitude in pursuing justice for the crimes committed against them. Theirs is a David and Goliath battle, waged not only for personal healing, but to shed light on a barely acknowledged part of modern Australia’s history whose consequences are still felt today. KV


ART DOCS Co-Presented with

BURDEN Sunday 16 Oct, 3pm, Veolia Theatre, MCA Timothy Marrinan, Richard Dewey | USA | 2015 68 |min

Selected festivals and awards:

TriBeCa Film Festival, Edinburgh, NZIFF

CAMERAPERSON Saturday 15 Oct, 1pm, Veolia Theatre, MCA

Australian Premiere Chris Burden’s early work in the 1970s – being locked up, shot, electrocuted and crucified – pushed the boundaries of art and elicited strong debate. Nonetheless, his mesmerising and at times stomachchurning work earned him an immediate place in art history, before he became disillusioned with the expectations and misconceptions of his practice and ceased performance art altogether. Later, reinventing himself by creating equally revered albeit less controversial works, Burden solidified a career that has influenced a generation of artists including the superstar perfomance artist Marina Abramovic. A considerable archive is available for the first time, allowing the audience into the psyche of this fearless art pioneer. JSS  

Sydney Premiere

Kirsten Johnson| USA | 2016 | 90 mins

Selected festivals and awards:

Sundance, Sheffield Doc/Fest - Best International Film, DOXA Documentary Film Festival Co-Presented with Australian Centre for Photography


Kirsten Johnson is one of the most notable cinematographers working in documentary cinema today, having shot CITIZENFOUR, HAPPY VALLEY, FAHRENHEIT 9/11 and many other acclaimed documentaries. With the award winner CAMERAPERSON, Johnson presents an extraordinary and deeply poetic film of her own. Johnson delves into her vast catalogue and weaves together scenes from 25 years of work, each illuminating a little further the complex relationships between filmer and filmed and between story and craft. Coupled with new material, what emerges from this cinematic exercise is both a visually radical personal memoir and an elegant meditation on the relationship between storytelling and the camera frame. JSS



Australian Premiere

Tilda Swinton | Colin MacCabe, Christopher Roth, Bartek Dziadosz | UK | 2016 | 90 min

Selected festivals and awards: Berlinale, Sheffield Doc/Fest, MIFF

TROUBLEMAKERS: THE STORY OF LAND ART Saturday 15 Oct, 3pm, Veolia Theatre, MCA

Few people in this world truly qualify as brilliant; John Berger may be one. Revered art critic, intellectual and storyteller, Berger, years ago, abandoned the city for Quincy, a tiny alpine village in which he could observe and chronicle the vanishing peasant farming lifestyle. Tilda Swinton, Colin McCabe and Christopher Roth have innovatively crafted this unconventional portrait of the man, framing four film essays around the seasons and interweaving material from Berger’s life and work. This moving documentary aims far beyond a simple portrait to become an inspired and inspiring story of a unique human and the world around him. JSS  

Australian Premiere

James Crump | USA | 2016 | 72 mins

Selected festivals and awards:

New York Film Festival, Festival do Rio, DOC NYC, Musée du Louvre

TROUBLEMAKERS unearths the aesthetic and intellectual motivations behind the land art movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. These renegade New York artists sought to transcend the limitations of painting and sculpture by producing earthworks on a monumental scale in the desolate desert spaces of the American southwest. The film casts these artists as iconoclasts who changed the landscape of art forever; revolutionary, antagonistic creatives who risked their careers for radical artistic change and experimentation, and took on the establishment to produce art on their own terms. The film includes rare footage and interviews with Robert Smithson, Walter De Maria and Michael Heizer. TROUBLEMAKERS is a beautiful tribute to a great moment in art history. KV


Close-up | TRIBUTE

CLOSE-UP Saturday 15 Oct, 11am, Chauvel Cinema 2 Abbas Kiarostami | Iran | 1990 | 98 min

Internationally revered Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, who died in July this year, has created some of the most inventive and transcendent cinema of the past thirty years, and Close-Up (1990) is arguably his most daring, brilliant work. This fiction-documentary uses a sensational real-life event—the arrest of a young man on charges that he fraudulently impersonated the well-known filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf—as the basis for a multilayered investigation into cinema, identity, artistic creation, and existence, in which the real people from the case play themselves. With its universal themes and fascinating narrative knots, CLOSE-UP has resonated with viewers around the world. By creating this new space in film, in which the real and the constructed can play and interact freely, Kiarostami positions himself as a true master of cinema. Co-Presented with Persian Film Festival


Antenna Documentary Film Festival, in partnership with the MCA, is proud to be holding a tribute to Chantal Akerman, one of the boldest artists and cinematic visionaries of all time. Akerman made over 40 profound and unforgettable films before her death in 2015, spanning documentary, fiction, experimental, installation and essay film. Akerman holds legendary status among cinephiles as a cinematic radical, a formal innovator and a pioneer of modern feminist cinema. With an aesthetically idiosyncratic approach to the form, Akerman investigated geography, space and time, sexuality and religion, and chronicled and elevated the intimate and the everyday.

I dON'T BELONG ANYWHERE THE CINEMA OF CHANTAL AKERMAN Thursday 13 Oct, 7pm, Veolia Theatre, MCA Marianne Lambert| Belgium | 2015 | 67 min

In I DON’T BELONG ANYWHERE, filmmaker Chantal Akerman opens up about her career and her craft. Director Marianne Lambert explores the filmmaker’s oeuvre, presenting excerpts from many of her films and inviting Akerman, and her long-time editor and collaborator, to reveal her aesthetic approach and thinking.

ONE DAY PINA ASKED... Saturday 15 Oct, 11am, Veolia Theatre, MCA Chantal Akerman | Belgium, France | 1983 | 57 mins Two of the most remarkable female artists of the 20th century collaborate – Chantal Akerman follows choreographer Pina Bausch and her dance company on a five-week tour in Europe. The result is both an intimate and immediate exploration of the process of developing Bausch’s work and a sublime study of bodies in motion.

Lá-Bas (down there) Sunday 16 Oct, 11am, Veolia Theatre, MCA Chantal Akerman | Belgium, France | 2006 | 78 mins Uncertain whether it would be a film, Akerman began filming while teaching in Tel Aviv and living alone in a rented apartment. Unfolding in a series of fixed, inquisitive shots, Akerman peers through blinds at neighbours as she ruminates on her family, Jewish identity and daily life. LÁ-BAS is arguably both the most fragile and most powerful of Akerman’s works. Screens with the short film 'BUT ELSWHERE IS AWAYS BETTER' by Vivian Ostrovsky. 23

DOCtalk Doctalk

Thursday 13 Oct, 10:00 -16:30, Veolia Theatre, MCA Tickets are $99 / $60 for a full-day pass with complimentary morning tea / coffee About DocTalk DocTalk, the key event on the doc industry calendar, is back in 2016 with the latest insights into the art, craft and nuts and bolts of documentary making. In partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Antenna presents four unmissable sessions, including masterclasses and panels, from leading Australian and international industry figures. Join filmmakers, producers, commissioning editors, funders and more, and come and talk docs at DocTalk. Supported by

Co-Presented with

Lars Meyer | Dok Leipzig Meet the Programmer | 10:15-11:15 The next instalment in our keenly awaited ‘Meet the Programmer’ thread – Lars Meyer joins us from Dok Leipzig, a.k.a. the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film. Dok Leipzig combines five competitions and awards, an industry program and events such as the International Coproduction Meeting, Anima Meets Doc and the Dok Leipzig Net Lab for transmedia. You won’t want to miss Meyer’s insights into the programming process at the oldest documentary festival in the world.

Debra Zimmerman, Women Make Movies Distribution meets Impact | 11:30 - 12:45 The folks at Women Make Movies (WMM) sure have an eye for docs – a WMM film has won or been nominated for the last eight Academy Awards. Debra Zimmerman has been Executive Director of this NY non-profit since 1983; helping women around the world get their films made. Zimmerman will discuss the origins of WMM, how it has evolved, unique funding opportunities and the challenges still facing female filmmakers today.



Jason Ishikawa | Cinetic Media Nail that International Sale: Masterclass 13:45 - 15:00 Need an international sale? Jason Ishikawa is your guy. Head of the new international sales division of Cinetic Media, he’s responsible for devising worldwide sales strategies for films, as well as working with producers to secure distribution deals. Cinetic has a jaw-dropping slate of sales including AMY, CARTEL LAND, INSIDE JOB, AI WEI WEI: NEVER SORRY, FOG OF WAR and more. Hear Jason outline a map to the international film sales landscape, discuss Cinetic’s aims and requirements, and reveal insights into how the international landscape is shifting and what filmmakers need to know.

The Virtual Future 15:00-16:30 Antenna is for the first time hosting Horizons, an installation of Virtual Reality documentaries that have been wowing audiences around the world. The Virtual Future is a panel discussion with Australian VR filmmakers currently leading the charge in this rapidly evolving landscape. How do you tell a story in 360 degrees? What control does a filmmaker have when a viewer can step in and take charge? Get your teeth into these questions and more.



BLANK_SPACE GALLERY 11-7PM Weds-Fri 11-6PM Sat & Sun FREE ADMISSION A new era of documentary storytelling is upon us. Get ready to step inside stories from all corners of the globe, with Horizons – Antenna Documentary Film Festival’s exciting new initiative. Horizons brings the latest emerging technologies to audiences seeking out new ways not only to interact with the story, but also to fully inhabit it and play a central role. Antenna’s inaugural Horizons virtual reality installation offers Australian audiences the chance to see some of the most enthralling and immersive VR documentaries currently on show. Put on a headset, and step into a new world. 360 degree storytelling is here.

Horizons Major Partners

Horizons Supporting Partner

6x9: A VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE OF SOLITARY CONFINEMENT Francesca Panetta | UK | 2016 | The Guardian | 9 mins

What’s it like to spend 23 hours a day in a cell measuring 6x9 feet for days, weeks, months or even years? 6x9 tells the story of the psychological damage that can ensue from isolation. Selected festivals: Sundance, TriBeCa Film Festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest

EASTER RISING: VOICE OF A REBEL Oscar Raby | Australia, UK | BBC, VRTOV & Crossover | 2016 | 12 mins

EASTER RISING: VOICE OF A REBEL lets users step into the memories of Willie McNeive and journey back in time to a moment that changed Irish history forever: the Easter Rising of 1916. Through VR, users travel with Willie back to Dublin, where he took part in the Easter Rising – a violent, armed insurgence proclaiming the Irish Republic. Selected festivals: Sheffield Doc/Fest


HORIZONS INSIDE THE BOX OF KURIOS Michel Laprise, Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael | Canada | Felix & Paul Studios and Cirque du Soleil Média |2015 | 9 mins

Enter a spectacular Cirque du Soleil performance that’s been specifically tailored for virtual reality. The 9-minute extravaganza immerses the user into Cirque du Soleil’s touring show KURIOS™ Cabinet of Curiosities, takeing centre stage in a dreamlike realm that disorients the senses. Selected festivals: Hot Docs, TriBeCa Film Festival

INVISIBLE Darren Emerson | UK | 2016 | 14 mins

Guided by the voices of survivors, INVISIBLE takes the audience on an immersive journey into the uncertainty and despair inside the UK's immigration detention system, and offers viewers an opportunity to connect with society's invisibles.

Selected festivals: Sheffield Doc/Fest

LoVR Aaron Bradbury | UK | 2015 | Immersive| 4 mins

Over 100,000 chemical reactions happen in your brain every second. So what about the moment you fell in love? LoVR is a story of love, told through neural activity captured over 4 seconds. As chemicals are released and areas of the brain activated, a poetry is revealed within the data. The heart beats, the iris dilates and time stands still as two lovers see each other for the first time. Selected festivals: Hot Docs, IDFA, Cannes

NOMADS: SEA GYPSIES Michel Laprise, Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael | Canada | Felix & Paul Studios | 2015 | 10 mins

Selected festivals: Sundance, Hot Docs

A look at The Bajau sea nomads who live off fishing in the seas and oceans of South East Asia. A largely stateless people, they have lived traditionally in longboat dwellings or more commonly today in stilt houses. As lifestyles change to adapt to the commercial fishing industries and territory shifts, the way of life of the Bajau Laut is subject to increasing pressure.


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Session One - Sunday 16 Oct | 12:00pm | Chauvel Cinema 1 Session Two - Sunday 16 Oct | 13:30pm | Chauvel Cinema 1 Tickets are $15 per session / $25 for double session (NB: There will be a short intermission after Session One)

Antenna is thrilled to announce its new shorts program which for the first time screens across two standalone sessions. The Australian Shorts Competition showcases the best Australian filmmaker talent and short documentaries from around the country and world.



1001 NIGHTS IN FAIRFIELD Zanny Begg | 17 mins

THE GREAT FOREST Marli Lopez-Hope | 13 mins

BRIGHT SPOTS Jilli Rose | 8 mins


DAN BAU LULLABY Jakeb Anhvu | 9 mins

HOW HISTORY MAY COME Olesya Mazur | 10 mins


FOR THE KIDS Alejandra Canales | 11 mins

STRUDEL SISTERS Peter Hegedus, Jaina Kalifa | 7 mins

TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE Ludwig El Haddad | 4 mins

MARROW Stevie Cruz-Martin | 3 mins

NEW AUSTRALIAN Dirk de Bruyn | 8 mins

PUP CULTURE Elle Marsh | 11 mins

HEART OF THE QUEEN Matthew Walker | 26 mins


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