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Nomad  Dance  Fest  2011  

MAYA DEVI (Italy/india) Founder of RAJPUT MAHARANI dance company Artistic Director of NOMAD DANCE FEST Gipsy dance dancer of Rajasthan, Indian folk and kalbeliya    

    Maya  Devi  (Monica  F.)   The  first  and  only  teacher  FOLK  RAJASTHANI  DANVCES  and  KALBELIYA  in  Italy  .     She  is  a  Member  of  CID-­‐UNESCO,  international  dance  Council  since  2007.     She    is  the  only  italian  disciplel  of  SUVA  DEVI  since  2007,  one  of  the  greatest  teachers  of  Kalbeliya    and  Gulabo  Sapera,  the  largest  dance  dancer   of  Rajasthan  in  the  world.Besides  being  meditative  dance  teacher,  ”Devi  Dance",  Hindi  bollywood  dance,  contemporary  Flamenco  and  Flamenco   is  Hindi  spiritual  Researcher,  teacher  of  meditation  and  yoga.   From  1996  she  travels  to  India  on  a  spiritual  journey  deep  in  the  tradition  of  the  great  goddess  Shaktas  "The  living  goddess  tradition"  and  learns   Indian  sacred  dances  and  during  long  stays:  the  folk  dances  of  Rajasthan  with  the  Guru  Vandana,  Kalbeliya  dance  at  the  villages  of  gipsy   enchanters  of  snakes  and  the  teacher  Sua  Devi,  dance  Odissi  with  Rekha  Tandon  in  Bhubaneswar,  dance  Khatak  with  Kamal  Guru  Maharaj  and   Sufi  dance  from  Indian  Masters.   In  2005  in  Milan  began  his  Flamenco  studies  through  stays  in  Spain  studying  with  great  masters  of  the  dance  as:  Isabel  Bayon,  Rafaela  Carrasco,   Antonio  el  Pipa,  Olga  Pericet,  Blanca  Del  Rey,  Eva  La  yerbabuena,  Angel  Munoz,  Belen  Maya  and  Mercedes  Ruiz.   Studia  Palmas  y  compas  con  El  Londro,  El  Gamboa  de  Jerez,  Antonio  Mejias,  Santiago  Lara  and  Antonio  Porro  in  Italy.   Maya  has  founded  MUDRARTE  in  2009  to  spread  the  teachings  of  Yoga  and  dance.   She  is  also  a  teacher  and  Creative  Director  of  the  training  school  of  Indian  folk  dances  of  RAJPUT  company  MAHARANI.   Oct  2010  she  performed  at  the  Palasesto  di  San  Giovanni  Milano  in  honor  of  AMMA,  the  great  Indian  Guru  and  Mother  of  the  hug.  One  of  the   few  dancers  admitted  to  this  event.   In  February  2011  the  company  Debuts  Its  Devi  Kalbeliya  to  Udaipur-­‐Rajasthan  dancing  for  an  important  event  organized  by  the  Maharaja  of   Udaipur  on  LAKE  PALACE.   Also  in  February  2011  will  perform  in  Delhi  with  the  BOLLYWOOD  NAACH  company  founded  by  Rahul  Verma,  one  of  the  choreographers  in   Bollywood  Dance  the  most  quoted  of  India.   By  2010  she  dedicates  herself  to  spreading  the  nomadic  GYPSY  Dances  and  ROUTE  creating  the  festival  NOMAD  DANCE  FEST  dedicated  to  all   gipsy  dances  and  nomads  from  India  to  Andalusia  which  debuted  at  DANZA  IN  FIERA  in  February  2011  in  Florence.   Maya  holds  courses  and  internship  in  Milan  and  the  whole  of  Italy  and  performed  in  famous  theatres  and  abroad  in  international  festivals  of  dance   with  his  RAJPUT  MAHARANI  company.  Every  year  organizes  INDIA  DANCE  TOUR,  a  trip  dedicated  to  dance  for  people  who  want  to  learn  closely   dances  and  Indian  culture.    

Maya   Devi   in   2008   founded   RAJPUT   MAHARANI,     the   first   Italian   company   of   gipsy  folk  Rajasthani  dance  and  Kalbeliya.   The   company   offers   performances   of   Rajasthani   dances,   Kalbeliya   Ghoomar   (Indian   Court   dances),   Sapera,   Chari   dance,   Bhawai   and  devotional  dances  of  Mirabai.     These  dances  of  Rajasthan  are  considered  to  be   the   roots   of   some   oriental     and   spanish   dances.   From   the   Thar   desert   in   Rajasthan,over   1000   years   ago   started   the   “GYPSY   ROUTE”   ,   the   Indo-­‐European   migration   of   Gypsies,   that   has   influenced   culture,   traditions   and   dances   of   North  Africa.  Middle  East  and  Spain.   Maya,   is   committed   to   rediscover   the   culture   of   Rajasthani   dances   and   traditions   all   over   Italy   and  Europe.   In   2010   she   created   and   organized   the   first   Italian   festival   of   dances,   culture   and   nomadic   music   NOMAD   DANCE   FEST   in   Milan   and   in   INDIA  in  March  2013.   The  next  edition  will  be  in  Milan  in  2013  and    in   INDIA  in  October  2013.  


MAYA DEVI & RAJPUT MAHARANI company participated in important national and international events and shows:  


IN  INDIA:   -­‐March  2013—UDAIPUR  CITY  PALACE  26°  of  March  2013-­‐”Gypsy  roots”  show  during   Holika  Dahan  Festival  organized   ● by  Maharana  Arvind  Singh  Mewar  at  Udaipur  at  City  Palace.   -­‐31°    March  2013  “Gypsy  roots”  show  hosted  by  Fort  Pachewar,  Jaipur.   -­‐2°  of  April  2013  “Gypsy  roots”  show  organized  by  Bhawan  Singh  Palace.   -­‐4°  of  April  2013  “Gypsy  roots”  show  organized  in  collaboration  with  Italian  Embassy  and   Istituto  di  cultura  italiana  ,  New  Delhi.     ITALY  and  EUROPE:     May  2013-­‐  INDIAN  DANCE  WEEK  Barcelona.Gala  show.   -­‐   January  2013-­‐64°  Indian  Republic  Day  in  Milan-­‐Rajput  Maharani  invited  by  Indian  Consul   and  Incredible  India  the  evening  of  celebration  for  the  day  of  the  Republic  at  Palazzo  Clerici   in  Milan.   -­‐December/January  2012-­‐2013-­‐Touring  concerts  in  India,  Rajasthan  and  New  Delhi.   -­‐December  2012  RIVER  TO  RIVER  Florence  film  festival.  Rajput  Maharani  Devi  and  Maya   dance  in  honuor  of  Amitabh  Bachchan,  the  Bollywood  Star.   -­‐October  2012-­‐NOMAD  DANCE  FEST-­‐Gala  show  "GIPSY  ROUTES"  with  international   artists  such  as  Rafaela  Carrasco,  Les  Troublamours,  Sayari  Sapera,  Almoraima,  Rana   Gorgani,presentation  by  Syusy  Blady.   -­‐October  2012-­‐YOGA  FESTIVAL,  Milan.  Show  "MAHARANI  MAHAL"  of  Bollywood  dance  to   Yoga  Festival.   -­‐August  2012-­‐Touring  shows  in  INDIA,  Rajasthan,  with  SAYARI  ROOTS  OF  GIPSY.   -­‐July  2012-­‐CID  UNESCO  International  Congress  in  San  Marino.  Maya  is  the  guest  of  honour   for  the  Indian  dances.   -­‐July  2012-­‐VOICES  OF  the  DESERT  Tuareg  Festival  with  dances  during  the  concert  of   TINARIWEN,  winners  of  Grammy  Award  for  world  music  2012.  

  -­‐June  2012-­‐FIESTA  organised  by  Syusy  Blady  NOMADAS,  under  the  artistic  direction  of  Maya   Devi.   -­‐March  2012  INDIA,  Jaipur,  Fort  Pachewar  "NOMAD  ROUTES"  Spettacol  in  one  of  the  oldest   fort  of  Rajasthan.   -­‐February  2012  BIT  Milan-­‐Stand  Incredible  India-­‐India  tourism.  Performance  for  the  opening   ceremony  in  the  presence  of  the  Indian  Ambassador  and  Director  of  the  India  Tourism.     -­‐Dec.  2011  "NOMAD  DANCE  FEST  to  Syusy  Blady's  Sal8"  of  “Turisti  per  caso”  TV  programme   in  Bologna   -­‐Dec.  2011  MISS  INDIA  ITALY  Milan  Performance  for  the  Gala  evening  for  the  election  of  Miss   India.   -­‐Dec.  2011  Indian  RIVER  TO  RIVER  Florence-­‐Florence  Film  festival  opening  and  closing   ceremony.   -­‐Dec.  2011  ARTIGIANO  IN  FIERA  Milano-­‐Incredible  India  Platform     -­‐Nov.  DANCE  EXPO  MILANO  2011  "Nomad  Routes  Show”     -­‐Oct.  2011  Milan  show  of  NOMAD  DANCE  FEST  Gala  performance  with  the  Gipsyes  of   Rajasthan  and  Dhoad  Suva  Devi.     -­‐Oct.  YOGA  FESTIVAL  2011  Milan  Show  GIPSY  ROUTES   -­‐Oct.  Maya  2011  Rajput  Maharani  Devi  and  dance  in  honor  of  AMMA,  the  great  hugging   mother    at  Palasesto.  Television  coverage  in  TG  2  Special  during  the  Darshan.   -­‐Aug.  2011  INDIA  Performance  in  His  village  have  to  together  with  the  gipsies  of  Rajasthan   and  musicians  of  Jaisalmer.   -­‐June  2011-­‐show  "MUSE"  at  the  Teatro  Regio  in  Turin  for  the  unity  of  Italy.   -­‐February  2011-­‐Maya  Devi  participates  in  performance  for  the  wedding  of  the  son  of   the  Maharaja  of  Udaipur  LAKE  PALACE  along  with  his  Mistress  Suva  Devi.   -­‐February  2011-­‐DANZA  IN  FIERA  Florence-­‐browse  and  Show  NOMAD  DANCE  FEST.   -­‐December  2010-­‐Milan-­‐MIDANZA  Show   -­‐November  2010-­‐WEEKEND  DONNA  Milano.  shows  and  stage  of  Nomadic  Dances.   -­‐Oct.  2010  Maya  Devi  Kalbeliya  dance  in  honor  of  AMMA,  the  great  mother  of  the  embrace   the  Palasesto  of  Sextus's  Giovanni,  Milan.   -­‐August  2010-­‐Performance  dances  of  Rajasthan  in  NEW  DELHI.    


Nomad Dance fest INTERNATIONAL      FESTIVAL  of  gypsy    Dance,  Music  and  Culture     “The  spirit  of  Desert  roads”   17-­‐31  October  2013     A  project  born  from  the  heart  and  the  experience  of  Maya  Devi,  dancer  and  teacher   of     Yoga   ,   Indian   dances   and   spiritual   prac?ce,   a   researcher   of   Eastern   cultures,   Ar?s?c   director   of   NOMAD   DANCE   FEST,co-­‐   founder   of   NOMAD   ROOTS   Pvt   Ltd,   India.   Maya   is   a   member   of   '   Interna?onal   Dance   Council   CID   UNESCO   declaring::   "The   cultural   heritage   is   manifested   in   the   union   of   the   various   forms   of   ar?s?c   expression  of  each  country  and  that's  what  we  want  to  promote,"   The  Gipsy  Route  does  not  stop,  and  aQer  the  the  italian  edi?on  in  Italy  (Milan)  and   the   interna?onal   in   March   and   April   2013   in   Rajasthan   the   gypsy   caravan   is   ready   for  another  tour  in  October  2013  travelling  in  Rajasthan  and  other  states  of  India.   A  demonstra?on  in  broad  cultural  which  has  brought  and  will  bring  a  unique  stage   of  a  myriad  of  Ar?sts  and  dances  of  the  from  India  to  Andalucia.    A    long  journey   started   1000   years   ago   from   India,   from   the   Thar   desert     crossing   Persia,   Turkey,   Egypt,  Morocco,  the  Balkans  to  the  Mediterranean  and  parts  of  southern  Italy.   The   Nomad   Fest   aims   to   rediscover   and   revive   tradi?ons   of     folk   dances   and   the   cultures  of  nomadic  peoples.   For  further  informa?on:    



    -­‐March  2013-­‐  PUSHKAR      TV,  RADIO    and  UDAIPUR  T   -­‐October  2012-­‐RAI  DUE  TV-­‐Special  on  AMMA’s  embracing  the  world  tour  in  Italy  where  MAYA  DEVI  performed  with  her  group.   -­‐October    2012  ”Le  Invasioni  barbariche”  TV  show  on  LA7.   -­‐Oct.  Maya  2011  Rajput  and  Maharani  guests  to  '  HEALTH  LABORATORY  "on  Telecolor  with  dances  and  interviews  of  the  Silk  Road.   -­‐Oct.  2011  Special  Nomad  Dance  Fest  and  dances  of  Rajasthan  on  BABEL  of  Sky  TV   -­‐Oct.  2011  special  transmission  on  NOMAD  DANCE  FEST  on  RADIO  POPOLARE  to  Jalla!  Jalla!   -­‐Oct.  2011  CLASS  TV  Special  on  Nomad  Dance  fest.   -­‐Oct.  TG3  Special  2011  Nomad  Dance  fest  on  RAI  TRE  national  TV.   -­‐Oct.  2011  Special  Tg2  on  AMMA  with  the  dances  of  Rajasthan  Rajput  maharani.   -­‐Febr.  2011  broadcast  on  SKY  TV  "FAMILY  SCHOOL",  Maya  teaches  Bollywood  dance  to  a  competitor.   -­‐December  2010-­‐programme  "HEALTH  LABORATORY"  on  Telecolor.  Maya  's  Performance  of  sacred  dances  and  dances  of  Rajasthan.     PRESS   UDAIPUR  TIMES,  Pushkar  newspaper,  Vanity  fair,  La  Stampa,  La  Repubblica,  Il  Giornale,  Il  Corriere  della  sera,  Vivimilano,  Dancing   travelling,  Modern  Woman,  Natural  lifestyle,  El  Diario  de  Jerez.  PRESS  REVIEW  AVAILABLE  on  our  website  at  

Awards and adknowledgments •  Maya  Devi  has  received  ARVINDSHAHI  from  the  MAHARANA  of  UDAIPUR  SHRI  ARVIND   SINGH     in   City   Palace   in   March   2013   for   her   contribu?on   to   spreading   the   Rajasthani   culture.      


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