INTERNAL - EXTERNAL SELECTION CONSULTING he ability to make insightful corporate decisions regarding the selection of the best people for key positi...
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he ability to make insightful corporate decisions regarding the selection of the best people for key positions is a key success factor for every strategically managed organisation.” The ultimate goal of the Internal - External Selection Consulting service is to provide our clients with professional assistance in the whole process of selecting the candidate with the optimal degree of fit from internal high potentials and best market talent.


WHY CONSIDER Internal - External Selection Consulting brings: optimal selection of recruitment approach and tools professional support in communication of all relevant steps within the selection process to the internal and external candidates unified selection conditions for both the internal and external candidates

comparison of internal applicants with external possibilities - benchmarking against the market prevention of potential backstage conflicts, partiality or favouritism in the internal selection process the oportunity to turn potential confrontation into progressive competition among internal candidates provision of open, objective and motivational feedback for both successful and unsucessful candidates

an impartial view and standardised evaluation criteria provided for the competing group of internal colleagues unbiased assessment of the internal and/ or external candidates in the final selection process


OUR APPROACH We often find that organisations select unprepared internal candidates even when a pool of suitable external candidates is available. On the other hand, when relevant, we persuade our clients to invite internal talent into an external selection process. In every situation where it is appropriate, we highly recommend a selection approach that combines the advantages of both forms of recruitment. PROCESS STEPS PROCESS CONSULTANCY




Selection of optimal recruitment approach

Definition of selection criteria

Appointment of successful candidate

Development feedback /on-boarding

Communication of selection process

Short-listed external and / or internal applicants

Pool of unsucessful candidates

Development feedback / stabilisation

Menkyna & Partners´ Internal - External Selection Consulting helps in the selection of the optimal recruitment approach and provides in-depth assessment of short-listed candidates with the aim to select the one with the most suitable degree of fit. Using both internal and external forms of recruitment generally bring the best results. The application of Potential Analysis in the final stage of a recruitment process allows in-depth assessment of the pre-selected group of potential candidates identified either by the client or by the external consultancy. Informed about industry challenges and the client’s internal needs, we help our clients with the selection of the final candidate. A professional independent service can provide both a broader decision platform and a systematic approach to assessing candidates' experience, competency and potential, in relation to corporate culture and values. PART OF THE SUMMARY REPORT 100 % CULTURAL / TEAM FIT

Consultants of Menkyna & Partners also provide objective and tailored feedback to the assessed participants including recommendations regarding their potential and further development. An additional advantage is the deep understanding of strengths and development areas of the finally selected candidate which helps in the smooth on-boarding integration process into the new company.




Assessed candidate


100 %

ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF INTERNAL RECRUITMENT + Internal recruitment helps to build loyalty as the employees have chance to build their careers within the organization. + Internal candidates are already familiar with company and its business and company already knows their individual strengths and weaknesses. -

Improperly managed internal recruitment can lead to huge inter-department tensions as current department managers can perceive internal recruitment process as stealing their best team members.


Preferring only internal form of recruitment can lead to selection from limited pool of candidates and it prevents bringing new skills and competencies to the organization.


Internal recruitment can create resentment from the side of other not selected colleagues and part of the team might not accept their former peer as their new manager.


Internal recruitment always creates another vacancy, which needs to be filled.


External Recruitment should optimally lead to attraction of the best market talents and managers ready to take position.


It helps to acquire specific competence and expertise and should be used in situations of urgent need when internal successor is not available.


External recruitment allows selection from wider pool of candidates, bringing wider range of competencies, experiences, personalities and attitudes to the organization.


In case of not involving professional Executive Search partner and underestimating assessment and reference checking phase, external hiring can bring various negative surprises, connected with competence, personality and team miss-fit of selected external candidate.


When compared with internal hiring, larger investments need to be done also in induction, training and integration process.


Underestimation of on-boarding process can have profound impact for all sides involved.


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