INTERIOR DESIGN ARCHITECTURE PLANNING Based in Dubai, we offer services in planning, architecture and interior design. From the concept of a high r...
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Based in Dubai, we offer services in planning, architecture and interior design. From the concept of a high rise tower to the interior design of a private villa, we plan, design, and implement solutions. Magos Design members are experienced architects with a vast scope of technical specialities, thus allowing for a broad offer to its clientelle. This is the added value of the organization - a unique design DNA that comes from joining a team of european experts. It is a design house with cutting edge technique projects in different continents, with a sustainable and bioclimatic approach. We believe in a better planet and in the best design, by making it aesthetically functional, dependable, and green. Magos Design is a company with a back-office in Porto, Portugal.


OSSELA HOUSE This building is located on an irregular terrain of about 5000m2, with a protruding topography and excellent views to northeast. The house is placed on an elevated platform, overlooking a small village located in a valley. These characteristics demanded a coupled configuration design, which resulted in an unusual angular structure, pivoting onto an infinity pool overlooking the valley. The intention was to address it facing south, in order to benefit from the sun’s maximum exposure - by warming during the winter and controlling excessive heat in the summer months through the use of wooden louvers, which in turn, play an additional role by assisting in terms of ventilation and shading.


RN HOUSE Project is defined by its two volumes, which intersect each other, creating two patios, one facing the street and the other, private, facing the interior of the plot and the river, Westbounds. Formal language is undoubtedly contemporary, with big glazed surfaces, continuous spaces and balanced volumes which produce ample shading.


ASSUNÇÃO HOUSE Implanted on a ground area with about 5000m2, with excellent views, especially to the northeast area, the house is placed on an elevated platform, overlooking the small village, located in a valley. The irregular form of the terrain and the protruding topography imposed a volumetric draw, a bit irregular, resulting in an "epsilon" form, opening to northeast. The two bodies bifurcate, creating a shallow pool, overlooking the valley. The house is formed by two volumes with a total area of de 600m2.




GERIATRIC RESIDENCE Extensive programme project defined hospitallity functions in the top levels and secondary funtions in the levels under the ground floor, lightened by gardened patios. All hospitallity units have a private patio. Plan results from the intersection of 2 tangent circumferences allowing for 95% of the units having direct sunlight.




IPAM INSTITUTO PORTUGUÊS DE ADMINISTRAÇÃO E MARKETING The volumetric solution has been thought to establish different relationships with the two consolidated urban fronts of the plot, and also with its interior concept. It also allows a program location grouped by functions, with each volume corresponding to a specific function.The building has a big façade, which results in excellent natural lighting and ventilation.The main intention of this project is to transmit to the town the young and dynamic image of this Marketing Institute.

MUSHEIREB DOWNTOWN DOHA Inspired in the past and designed for the future is the motto for this project in Doha, Qatar. Musheireb Downtown Doha is a revolutionary project that is setting in place a blueprint for sustainable urban regeneration. The development is forward looking yet draws its inspiration from the past, recreating a way of living deeply rooted in Qatari culture. While it is being developed as a state-of-the-art & upscale project, Downtown Doha is a fully integrated community providing a diversity of spaces for a community where everything is within walking distance. The entire site will be LEED Gold-certified and many buildings within the development will achieve a LEED Platinum rating. This flagship project is one of the oldest urban locations of Doha. With a 37 hectare site, 226 buildings will rise of mainly mixed use residential townhouses and apartments, and following projects: National Archives, Theather & Museum, Cultural Forum, 3 luxury Hotels with app. 700 rooms, primary school, heritage quarter, mosques, retail stores, parks and outdoor cafés. The project population encompasses 20% nationals and 80% ex-pats. Total GFA 760,000sq.m . 2008-2017

DOLPHIN ENERGY HEADQUARTERS ABU DHABI Headquarters to a UAE government body, it encompasses 7 levels of office space with thematic inspiration based on the company's corporate values.The design approach sweeps the internationalized language of cultural interiors and contrastingly offers a design that is steeped in the local culture emanating a deep sense of place. The essence of this building engages with the UAE essential character and presents a confident image of a contemporary Emirati interior to the international stage. The project was to achieve Estidama 3 accreditation. Spaces are generous and luxurious. elegant club rooms and leisure spaces have been accounted for hosting the most exquisite of guests. This space has been projected with high-end quality in mind, and will reflect the uniqueness of its occupants' lifestyle.

MAF PROPERTIES ENTERPRISES Mirdif City Center - Dubai Sharjah City Center - Sharjah Bahrain City Center - Manama The Avenues at Kuwait City Center - Kuwait City, having won the International Award for Best Family Entertainment Center within a shopping mall, in 2009.


DOHA CULTURAL FORUM A Cultural Forum integrated in the 37 hectare renovation of the Heart of Doha in Qatar, this element was part of the LEED Gold target for the city's mix use project. This was achieved by building with whole stone blocks as much as possible and playing with natural light resources as well as solar energy. The interior designers and architects were kept in total synch to secure the certification.


CORPORATE SALES OFFICE NIGERIA A corporate sales office in Abuja, Nigeria for a property developer. The design reflects the essence of the corporate image in a contemporary style for a pleasing atmosphere.

SKY CENTRAL HOTEL DUBAI Pre-concept design for the Sky Central hotel in Dubai. It is a 4 star hotel with the feel of a 5 star. Of 629 keys, 2 restaurants, meeting room facilities and business center, spa, and other amenities, this hotel has the feel of a funky chic environment which provides a welcoming atmosphere to the fast moving executive clientelle in one of Dubai's most prominent business areas.

THE WYNDHAM DUBAI MARINA Located in the luxury of the Dubai Marina, this 4 star was designed for the largest hotel chain in the world. The theme is nautical and the interior design is contemporary. It has 497 keys, a VIP lounge, 2 restaurants, pool, spa and gym facilities. The main challenge of the design was related to a structural column of 13m in the center of the entrance lobby, which was cladded in a back lit metallic mesh which designed was inspired on the details of a sail's eyelets and rope.

JEBEL ALI GOLF RESORT & SPA The award-winning Dubai beach resort destination, JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort, features two striking beach hotels: the beautiful JA Palm Tree Court and the original JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel. The White Orchid Restaurant and White Orchid Terrace & Lounge, were two of the renovation projects of this 5 star hotel's Palm Tree Court.


QUINTA DO CARRASCAL WINE HOTEL In Alto Douro Wine Region, UNESCO World Heritage classified region, a typical cellar and vineyard farm is converted to a Wine Hotel concept, in which its customers will visit the farm, participate in the grape harvest and pressing, contributing to the wine production. The volumetric solution will maintain some of the original buildings and adapt to some of the preexistences, today ruined, and introduce contemporary architectural language in the farm. The hotel will have 40 keys, restaurant and a pool.

This project was designed to accommodate both tourists and forthcoming users of a rehab clinic. It is structured on a first level with a large hall, coffee shop, waiting room, events, and a gym. On the upper floors, the 48 apartments are distributed in four per floor. This project was developed starting from a 60m2 module which allows conversion from studio to 2 bedroom through rotating walls and foldable beds. Thus, we chose to design a space which may run on different types of space planning.



Raised in a cross-cultural environment between the United States and Europe, later came to Dubai for a new challenge abroad as Design Manager. Of American academic background, she holds a USGBC qualification in LEEDap. as a complement to the Interior Design education. Her professional experience encompasses residential projects, large surface retail, and 5 star hospitality, having some of these had a main focus on sustainability and LEED accreditation. Promoting ecology in any aspect is a respectful noble deed which she sees as the honorable ingredient of her design.

BRUNO MARQUES Architect and PhD professor at faculty of architecture in Porto, Portugal, Has an extensive experience in teaching and research in the fields of Sustainability, bioclimatic architecture and urban design with resource to cost effective solutions in Europe and Africa. His professional experience in architecture dates since 1996, with numerous building projects in both the public and private sectors, ranging from the design of commercial spaces to large-scale urban projects that took place in Portugal and Angola. Honored with awards of architecture internationally recognized. Lider A Advisor Consultant - Sustainable Assessment System

JOÃO NUNO GRENO Established his own architecture studio in 1997 and since then has developed projects in Portugal and Angola. His project experience includes residential, school, commercial, offices and industrial sectors, from general concept to detail, construction management and site experience. Has also relevant experience in team management and international trade.

All images and photographs here in illustrated, have been created by Magos’ members within a creative team or individually, prior to the establishment of the organization.

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