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Instant Headline Generator FAQs What is this? We have an amazing font, Macmillan Headline, which is a key part of our visual identity. The font is uni...
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Instant Headline Generator FAQs What is this? We have an amazing font, Macmillan Headline, which is a key part of our visual identity. The font is unique, designed for, and owned by us. As such it’s not a standard font that you’ll find in Word, etc. However, we know you’re keen to use it. So we’ve created a ‘Generator’ (found via be.Macmillan) where you can simply write the word or phrase you’d like to use in Headline and it will be ‘generated for you’ instantly (hence the name!)

Who is it for? It’s for Macmillan staff and Macmillan professionals.

Where do I find it? On be.Macmillan. Go to You need to be registered to use it.

What do I need to know about using it? There are a few key things to remember:  Headline should only be used for strong, striking messages and information (eg key statements such as 'We change lives' and NOT directional, more everyday information, such as 'see page 23').  Don’t write phrases that are too long; the maximum length for a phrase in Headline is about 8 words.  Usually we vary the individual word sizes − key words being larger for emphasis and impact.  Try not to over use it − it starts to lose its powerful impact if you do (eg on every slide in a PowerPoint).

Macmillan Cancer Support, registered charity in England and Wales (261017), Scotland (SC039907) and the Isle of Man (604). A company limited by guarantee. Registered company in England and Wales (2400969) and the Isle of Man (4694F). Registered office: 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7UQ. Macmillan Instant Headline Generator FAQs

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How do I use it? It’s very easy. Just write in the word or phrase you’d like. You choose what size (small, medium, large) and what colour (white, light green, mid green or dark green) you’d like the phrase to appear in, and press ‘download’. You can create phrases that go across more than one line if you wish. Your download will then appear as a PNG file. You save that file. You then go to Word, PowerPoint etc or whatever you want the Headline phrase to appear in and insert it (choose ‘insert’ – ‘picture’) from wherever you saved it.

Where will I use the phrases I create? Most of the time we expect you will use the phrases in Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

How should I use the phrases I create in PowerPoint? You can use the ‘Wizkit’ to create fully on-brand PowerPoint presentations. You can simply create key phrases to put in to pages. Or you can put your created Headline phrases on to the painted panels that are available as part of the updated Wizkit. You can also put phrases on top of photographs.

How should I use the phrases I create in Word? Simply insert the phrase as an image, but to make it easier to manage on the page, it’s usually best to then go to ‘text wrapping’ and choose the option ‘tight’. Don’t use Headline too much, it will work best as the title on the front page, with occasional other use.

I want to create an especially striking phrase, how do I do that? You can create individual words in different sizes and greens to give a combined phrase with more energy and impact (inserting them as individual words, then placing them together to form the phrase).

Content FAQs − ‘Help, I’m a bit stuck!’ I hit the download button – where is my Headline phrase? Where your file goes will depend on your browser or operating system. In some browsers your headline will appear at the bottom left hand side of the screen – in others as a pop up window.

I can’t see all of my word/phrase in the preview panel? The area to preview your headline in may obscure some of your text. Don’t worry – the whole word will still be there when you download.

Instant Headline Generator, Macmillan, [Publication Date]

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The display area is pretty much the same width as an A4 piece of paper. If the words disappear from view in the preview panel it might be an indicator that your word/phrase is too long.

I’d like to resize my Headline phrase If you need to change the size of your headline, remember not to stretch it or change the proportions.  

In PowerPoint right click and select size and position In Word right click on the image and select size

Please make sure that you’ve checked ‘lock to aspect ratio’ or you may alter the proportions

I need the file in a different format You can save your file into different formats. But you’ll find PNG is very useful. It keeps a transparent background around the letters, so works beautifully when sitting on a panel or photo.

It won’t work, what can I do? Please see the technical FAQs on the next page.

Instant Headline Generator, Macmillan, [Publication Date]

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Technical FAQs − ‘Help, it’s not working!’ There are generally three main reasons why we think you might unable to access the Instant Headline Generator. We’ll do our best to help you resolve these in the guidance below.

You haven’t logged in to be.Macmillan



Your user permissions don’t allow you access

The tool isn’t compatible with your browser


You haven’t logged in

(a) I can’t see the page or the Instant Headline Generator tool

The page is in the Make your own section on be.Mac and available from the following URL: You must be logged in as a Staff or a Macmillan professional user. When you’re logged in you should see three small icons in the middle of the page.

When you click through you will be directed to open the tool where you can start creating Headline phrases.


Your user permissions don’t allow you access

(a) I am not registered on be.Mac

Instant Headline Generator, Macmillan, [Publication Date]

Go to Create an account in the header of the website.

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 To create a staff account you need to register using your [email protected] email account.  To create a Macmillan professional account you need to be listed on our professionals’ database. You request this via your Macmillan Development Manager or Service Development Team. (b) I am a new starter and the system doesn’t recognise me

Email addresses are verified against the staff email directory. And the professionals’ database. If you are very new to Macmillan and have been added to the relevant databases, it may take a day or so to update.  You can wait for the system to update then register.  If you’re a Macmillan professional you can contact your Macmillan Development Manager or Service Development Team to see if they can get your email address added to the database.

(c) I have a be.Macmillan account but I’m not registered as a Macmillan professional or a member of staff

You can check the status of your permissions by looking at your be.Macmillan user profile.

From your profile box on the right hand side of the page click on the Change my details link

At the top of the page under My details you can see what your permissions are. If they are not correct email us at [email protected] with Request to change user type in the subject field and we’ll change your user type. (d) I’ve forgotten my be.Mac password

Instant Headline Generator, Macmillan, [Publication Date]

You can reslove this yourself. From the log in screen, you can request a new password be emailed to you straight away.

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 If you registered a long time ago and have not used be.Macmillan recently you may be asked to create a My Macmillan account.


Your browser does not support the tool

(a) The tool is not working with my browser

The tool is not compatible with all browsers. If it doesn’t work with yours you will be prompted to download a newer or alternative version and guided to where you can do this.  Safari won’t allow third party cookies to be set so the tool will not work. We’d advise you use Chrome.  In Internet Explorer 7 the tool can generate headline but not display text in the preview panel.  Macmillan staff who have IE7 on their PCs should be able to upgrade to a newer version ythemselves. If you are on a Macmillan machine and have difficulty doing this please contact the macmillan ITServiceDesk.  If you are a Macmillan professional having problems upgrading your browser you will need to contact your own organisations IT team for the relevant support.

I’d like some more advice please If we haven’t answered your questions above, please contact the be.Macmillan team and we’ll do our best to resolve your query. [email protected]

Instant Headline Generator, Macmillan, [Publication Date]

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