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Nidec ASI has been developing automation systems for industrial applications for over 50 years. Today, our real time integrated control systems are applied in a variety of industrial markets. Our extensive library of algorithms and our advanced application software tools manage basic automation and process control functions, ensuring enhanced process automation and quality. The suite offers a wide range of application packages that can be used singularly or as a set. Thanks to the flexibility of our platform, we guarantee seamless integration with existing plant hardware and software.

Whether you buy one system or full plant automation, Nidec ASI provides complete Engineering Procurement and Commissioning (EPC) support to guarantee the shortest possible start-up and state-of-the-art performance for the entire life cycle, even with the most demanding real-time control applications. Industrial Automation Suite proves its reliability and versatility every day in hundreds of installations worldwide. Plus, its easy-to-use interface has made it one of the most popular industrial automation platforms on the market today. Industrial Automation Suite can be With its built-in set of design tools, the customized to manage applications in the following markets:



Rubber and Plastic


Industrial Plant Auxiliaries


Smart Energy

Our solutions: high added value Improving efficiency in today’s competitive environment is a constant challenge. Nidec ASI is the right partner to help tackle this task, offering you our vast experience in engineering solutions to simplify your life. is particularly suitable for online upgrades and revampings, which can be implemented during a normal shutdown period. ’ “monitor mode” allows a new system to be tested before retiring the old one. Additionally, you can base solutions on existing input/output devices to keep wiring changes to a minimum. Industrial Automation Suite is a fully integrated Control platform covering a wide set of functions from level 0 to level 3:

Diagnostic and Remote Service

Technological controls Safety Care Human Machine Interface Data Acquisition Main/Auxiliary Logic and Sequence Control Data Field Bus

Supervision and Reporting

Autoadaptive Mathematical Models Event and Data Collection Historical Database Quality Management System Piece Management Piece Tracking

Automation and Control

Performance Analysis Production Control Maintenance Management Downtime Management Manufacturing Calendar Consumables Management

Motor and Drive Control Power Distribution Field Sensors Measurement Systems Switchgear Transformers


Development Software: designing your plant’s future together Using Development Software, our engineering team can easily build automation architectures and control solutions based on your needs, adapting algorithms and performance parameters to specific site, facility, or machine constraints and requirements. Our project management team works closely with you to define the main objectives of your project. With our engineering and project management capabilities at your fingertip we guarantee the right optimization of your production process, our wide experience allows us to provide you the best solution for difficult issues such as plant layout or product flow.

A Universal Platform with the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs At the base of our Industrial Automation Suite is the concept of an open, standard platform based on off-the-shelf hardware and software that is ready to integrate new products as they come to market so that your plant is always state-of-the-art and maintenance costs are under control. All of our solutions come with built-in development, diagnostic and Human Machine Interface (HMI) tools that permit customizations to meet your specific process and control needs on the various levels of plant automation. development environment is designed to guarantee the best solution for your plant automation whether it is a revamping or a green-field project. guarantees the user friendly operation you have come to expect in today’s advanced IT world. Features such as Point & Click Function Selection and Single Point Data Definition significantly reduce set up and development time. communication networks are based on Ethernet TPC/IP and real time Memory Sharing networks.



The development package includes the following software:


System Manager is a software tool to set up and supervise automation systems both in off-line or on-line mode. It is ideal for the development of new systems, providing real time information from the installed systems: system hardware, CPU and I/O status, task information and variable display and tracing, system and application events during all phases of system set up, application development and especially during commissioning to optimize start up.

Programming Tool: the IEC61131-3 programming environment is PLC Open certified. All typical functionalities of a DCS/PLC like system are available to the user: ladder, FBD and SFC programming, program loading, execution monitoring, signal forcing etc…

Plant Manager is a configuration and management software for automation plant definition. Based on Microsoft©.NET environment, it’s a modern, user-friendly tool that allow multi-user access to create, modify and view complete hardware and software plant configurations.

Drive Manager is an extendible configuration and management software for Nidec ASI. This tool allows a user to view and modify different drive types simultaneously.

Event Manager is a multiuser monitoring tool that provides full control of all the process operations. The event log library is also available for system maintenance and application tracing.

Data Acquisition System is a multi-channel data logger for recording and displaying high-speed signals, such as digital or analog variables or logical events.


Our ultimate aim is to add performance... reduce lifecycle cost!

A key aspect of plant automation today is the Monitoring and Control system.

By using the latest technologies in data communication, Industrial Automation Suite offers a new concept in real time control: Active Remote Support.

This is particularly relevant when revamping or modernizing a facility since training personnel to use a new system can often represent hidden costs. Our Software Platform can flexibly interface to any existing Human Machine Interface (HMI). New HMI can be personalized bearing in mind the operator’s point-of-view, minimizing the changes and the impact of modifications. Our Supervision systems include and integrate SCADA products and can be fitted to machine, process area, or the full production supervision through the plant network.

The system can automatically send information such as events and data logs to a defined Customer Support Service (CSS) database, with the possibility to activate an sms and/or e-mail that can be sent to pre-configured addresses. The analysis of events can save time and improve future trouble shooting. While traditional systems are still based on the “user calls and accesses” concept, Industrial Automation Suite offers a diagnostics control system that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever and wherever trouble is generated.

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Metals Our real time integrated control systems for the Metals Industry have been developed to cover Hot and Cold Rolling Mills for flat and long products, Section Mills, Seamless Pipe Mills and Processing Lines.


Cement Our automation solutions in this field cover core activities including material transportation, ventilation, logistics and distribution.


Rubber & Plastic As a turn-key supplier of mixing rooms, semifinished areas, tire building lines and machines, curing presses and fully automated robotic tire lines, our automation system offers a high level of flexibility to personalize recipes and meet process/product requirements.


Paper Our platform covers core activities from stock preparation to finishing lines (calenders, coating, winding, slitting), including the automation of board machine, paper machine, tissue machine. The Suite is widely used in the revamping and upgrading of plant automation.


Industrial Auxiliaries Our presence in a wide variety of markets has given us significant experience in plant auxiliaries including conveyors, fans, pumps, cranes and test room data acquisition systems. Like the rest of our solutions, these applications can be integrated into the overall plant management system.


Ropeway Nidec ASI has been providing ropeway systems for over 30 years. Our solutions cover fixed and detachable chairlifts and gondolas, inclined lifts, people movers as well as reversible ropeways and funiculars, offering a high level of passenger safety and reliable service.


Smart Energy Our Power Management System is specifically designed to optimize energy generation and consumption in your plant, covering solutions from the optimization of industrial loads to the full management of renewable energy sources including the connection to the main utility.

Our Drives: the best integrated solutions for your plant The complete integration between and our drives gives you detailed diagnostics: just point and select a drive to have a full set of functionalities such as the drives parameters, database management or the drive communication status display. A really integrated electrical package, specifically designed for turn-key green-field projects, provides tangible value for your plant. Along with maximum flexibility, our high-performance AC and DC drive designs also provide superior power factor and harmonic control capabilities.

Nidec ASI is the right partner for your electrical package: as a total solution provider we can supply LV and MV drives for different types of applications. Our drives offer versatility, reliability and convenience.



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