in this issue Spring 2011 Volume 28: no. 2

Spring 2011 Special Somerset Edition Volume 28: no. 2 in this issue… •President’s Corner 3 •Wire harp Information 3 •Competition listing 4 •Events ...
Author: Lionel Snow
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Spring 2011

Special Somerset Edition

Volume 28: no. 2

in this issue… •President’s Corner 3 •Wire harp Information 3 •Competition listing 4 •Events 5 •Members’ News 12 •Spotlight: Harp Books: Christine Martin & Mary Umbarger 13 •Tune: My Sweetheart is not here 20

•Tune: A. McDonald of Keppoch •Tune: Morag of Dunvegan •Scottish Graded Music Exams •Clan Report: Clan Skene •Tune: Skene of Skene •Scots Column: Laird o Windywas •Harper Tale: Proverbs •Join the SHSA form

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from the editor

Hello, Hope you’re enjoying the (hopefully!) warmer spring weather! Time to start practicing outside to get ready for the competition season! (Not advised if there’s still snow in your area though…) Have a good look at the competition listing on page 4 and see what’s nearest to you! Or maybe you’d like to start a competition at your local Highland Games?! I’m really excited about the variation on this issue’s “Spotlight” section, featuring for the first time ever, “Harp Books”! We can all always use new books! I have found the books published by Christine Martin through her company, Taigh na Teud, useful for years. She has compiled many handy books to find great melodies. More recently, I have used the Scottish Graded Music Exam books with nearly all of my pupils. It’s a wonderful resource. Our own music editor here at the K&H, Mary Umbarger, has just recently released her first book of harp arrangements through Mel Bay, so be sure to check it out as soon as possible! I’d like to take a moment to thank Cam MacRae, who has been the Gaelic editor and columnist for the K&H since long before I was editor, who is moving on to other projects! All the best to Cam, and big thanks for all of her contributions over the years. Enjoy!! Committees

The Scottish Harp Society of America The Scottish Harp Society of America was formed in 1982 by Dr. Herbert P. MacNeal and harper Christina Tourin. The Society is dedicated to the performing of Scottish Music, both new and old, on the small harps of Scotland. We support the playing of nylon, gut, wire strung, levered and unlevered harps. Membership is open to all.

Competition……………………………………..…..Kelly Brzozowski Journal………………………………………….…….Cheyenne Brown Advertising subcommittee………..….Mark Auchter-Bruening Membership………….…………………………………Kat Bingaman Web Site……………………………………………………….Kira Jones Elections………………………………………….....……Abigail Palmer Journal Staff Editor-in-Chief………………..……………………Cheyenne Brown Member News/Events Editor…………….…...Lindsey Duncan Music Assistant……………………………….……..Mary Umbarger Fiction Editor…………………………………………..Barra the Bard


Board of Directors

President……………………………………..………….Kelly Brzozowski Vice President…………………………….………..… Jen Narkevicius Secretary……………………………..……Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni Treasurer………………………………..…...….…………Allison Miller

Ann Heymann Sue Richards Hal Thompson Sharon Knowles Wendy McCormick

The Kilt & Harp Editorial Policy: Submissions to the quarterly Kilt & Harp are most welcome. First priority is given to items concerning the activities of the SHSA and its members. Particularly welcome are articles about Scottish music, culture, and the small harp or clarsach. Bring it on! And any ideas! Copyrighted items will be included with written approval from the copyright holder. Responsibility for obtaining copyright shall be held by the submitter of copyrighted material. Selection, placement, and editing are at the sole discretion of the editorial staff. All material enclosed are ©2011 by the Scottish Harp Society of America unless otherwise noted, or in the public domain. For more information, contact Cheyenne Brown at 011 44 141 956 3139 or [email protected].

2 The Scottish Harp Society of America

the kilt & harp

Spring 2011, Volume 28: No. 2

from the president

It’s spring time! The birds are singing, the kids are dreaming about spring break, it’s raining constantly, and the dogwood trees are blooming down south. It’s the beginning of so many wonderful and beautiful things! You’ve spent the winter practicing and learning new tunes and now it’s time to get out and share them. The festival season is almost here! I hope that no matter where you are in your journey as a Scottish Harp player, you’ll get out and support your local Highland Games this year. Even if you’re not fortunate enough to have a harp competition at your local games, they’re an important venue for educating people about the music and culture we love so much. Find out where your nearest festival is and go! There’s a great list here to get you started:

Things here at the Scottish Harp Society are moving right along; we’re helping to get competitions going and Cheyenne is doing a fabulous job on the Kilt & Harp. As always, we want to hear from you about anything we can do to help you...or anything you’d like to do to help us! A volunteer organization is always run by the membership, so let us know if you have concerns or problems and definitely let us know about your talents and ideas! If you’re not sure whom to contact, you can always email me directly at [email protected]. Have a wonderful spring!

WIRE HARP INFO PAGE Inside the Queen Mary & Lamont Harps: June 11 – 12th Scotland possesses two of the three medieval Gaelic harps, and for the first time their secrets are being revealed through the use of MRI's and other state-of-the-art technology. Karen Loomis, a postgraduate student of organology/musicology at the University of Edinburgh is for the first time presenting her studies in the U.S. at a Gaelic Harp Conference on June 11 & 12 at the Boston Conservatory of Music. This conference is paired with a Sunday concert at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, that features a copy of the museum's Bunworth harp—an Irish harp made in 1734 that is decorated primarily with thistles, roses and other Jacobite symbols. Please see Nancy Hurrell's article with links, also in this issue (page 6). Gaelic Harp Class at Ohio Scottish Arts School: June 25 – July 1st Since 2003 Ann Heymann has been teaching a Gaelic harp class at OSAS at Oberlin College, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. Unfortunately for harpers interested fingernail and other historical techniques, this class was cancelled last year but has been reinstated this year. Enrollment in this class is typically small, allowing much personal attention. This is an excellent opportunity for harpers with Celtic interests, as the format allows for maximum playing time and personal attention from some of the finest Scottish traditional musicians anywhere. The class is open to all levels and any harp, but the focus will be on historical fingernail technique & both historical and traditional repertoire. Class members will have the opportunity to attend seminar classes with other harp instructors. Anyone with questions is welcome to contact Ann Heymann: 507-647-3333 [email protected] The Scottish Harp Society of America

the kilt & harp

Spring 2011, Volume 28: No. 2


competition listing 2011 Dogwood Glen Scottish Harp Competition: Loch Norman Highland Games: Huntersville, NC Date: Contact: Judge:

April 15-17 (Competition Sunday April 17th) Dora Owens – [email protected], Nancy Hurrell

Southern Maryland Celtic Festival: Prince Frederick, MD Date: Contact: Judge:

April 30th Jen Narkevicius – [email protected] (no on-site registration, must register online) Sharon Knowles

Glasgow Highland Games: Glasgow, KY Date: Contact: Judge:

June 4th Jo Pennington - [email protected] Nancy Bick Clark

Ohio Scottish Games: Lorain, Wellington, OH Date: Contact: Judge:

June 25th Linda Phillips – [email protected] Jo Morrison

Minnesota Scottish Fair: Dakota County Fairgrounds, Farmington, MN Date: Contact: Judge:

May 14th Ann Heymann – [email protected] Sharon Knowles

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games: Grandfather Mountain, near Linville, NC (sponsored by Rees Harps) Date: July 9th Contact: Moire Latamore - [email protected] or 703-340-8396 Judge: Jo Morrison

Stone Mountain Highland Games: Stone Mountain, GA Date: Contact: Judge:

October 14-16 Kelly Brzozowski - [email protected] TBC

Meadow Highland Games (NATIONAL SCOTTISH HARP COMPETITION): Doswell, VA Date: October 29th Contact: Jo Morrison - [email protected] Judges: Ann Heymann and Sharon Knowles 4 The Scottish Harp Society of America

the kilt & harp

Spring 2011, Volume 28: No. 2

SOMERSET HARP FESTIVAL July 14 - 17 Parsippany, NJ The Focus is on Celtic at this year’s Somerset! Combine a Celtic festival with a harp festival and you get this year’s Somerset Folk Harp Festival, being held at the Hilton Parsippany in Parsippany NJ from July 14-17. For the third consecutive year, festival director Kathy DeAngelo has increased the number of presenters and workshops so that if you want to “narrow your focus” on this topic, you’ve got an incredible number of choices to make. “We’ve got over 90 workshops this year,” says Kathy, “and 23 of them are focused on Scottish, Irish and Welsh music, with a new emphasis on the Welsh part of the Celtic world.” The festival’s Celtic track kicks-off on Thursday with Sue Richards presenting “Learn a Strathspey and Make it Snappy” workshop and Kim Robertson doing “Contemporary Celtic Arranging”. After that, there isn’t a workshop period that doesn’t have one or two Celtic themes going. William Jackson and Gráinne Hambly are back of course, and will be joined by another Scottish ‘import’, Bill Taylor on the wire-strung harp. Bill will be doing 2 Welsh bardic music workshops and 2 Scottish workshops, “Scottish Lowland Harp Music,” and “Scotland’s Skene Manuscript.” Historical harp expert Cheryl Ann Fulton will present “Welsh Airs for Lever Harps” and a workshop on the Welsh triple harp. There are workshops for every playing level too, from Debbie Brewin-Wilson’s “Beginning Scottish Harp” to Sharon Knowles’ more advanced workshop “Reel Fast with Quick Fingers”. And the singers aren’t ignored either. Irish singer/harper Aideen O’Donnell will lead “With a song in your heart: singing with your harp” and Scottish singer Linda Rice-Johnson will do a no-harp-needed “Scottish song” workshop and then lead a “Hymns and Harps” song session on Sunday morning focusing on hymns based on Irish and Scottish melodies. Sue Richards will do two Carolan workshops, “The Essential Carolan” and “Be Creative with Carolan”, which are all in preparation for the The Carolan Marathon special event on Friday night. Last year’s afterhours Marathon led by Gráinne Hambly was a huge hit and is back by popular demand. Sue and Gráinne will lead this year’s session and everyone is welcome to come and join in on harp or other musicallyappropriate instruments (no saxophones, please!). “We got through 28 tunes last year,” says Kathy, “so we have to best that number this year.” You can view the list of the tunes played last year in a photo album titled Steve’s Carolan Marathon on Something a little different for harp festival is the Sunday “Celtic morning prayer service” with Debbie Brewin-Wilson, who is not only a harper but an ordained Episcopal priest. And if you’ve ever thought of taking up a lighter, more portable second instrument, Dennis Gormley will be doing an introductory tinwhistle class. Besides the workshops, there are concerts each lunchtime and every night to add to the inspiration level. The Saturday night Renaissance Ball, after the concert, is sure to be a big hit again. Last year’s Ball had 8 The Scottish Harp Society of America

the kilt & harp

Spring 2011, Volume 28: No. 2

more than 60 dancers and musicians, most of whom showed up in costume. Dances are taught that night, though there are dance workshops during the day too, and musicians are welcome to participate in the pick-up band. See lots of photos on Whether or not you’re in the market for another harp, going into the Vendor Mall is a must at the festival. All kinds of harps, all kinds of harp merchandise, music, CDs and other stuff are just too good to pass up. It’s a harper’s paradise. You can get the full flavor of the festival and all the details on the website:

HARP IN THE HIGHLANDS & ISLANDS TOUR August 11 – 18th or August 22 – 29th Scotland See new places from a harper’s view: tour Scotland with native David Leitch and harper Jen Narkevicius. Building on the resounding success of 2010, this tour includes those places, events and people that inspired the tunes harpers love to play. Each day, see the Highlands and the Isle of Skye while learning and playing traditional tunes tied to our travels. You will enjoy the intimate group settings, which allow you to see the real Scotland. The itinerary includes the natural beauty and manmade testaments to Scotland’s history, as well as the prospect to learn more about history and the harp. This all-inclusive tour includes all bed & breakfast accommodations, dinners, David’s enchanting guiding, entrance to all attractions, lend of a small harp, daily harp events and more. The very small group size allows flexibility so that each day you can see the very best Scotland has to offer! For more information, go to www.jeniuscreations/harptour.php or email [email protected]. Each outing accommodates only six travelers – book your seat now!

HARPERS ESCAPE WEEKEND October 14 - 16 New Brunswick, NJ The 19th annual Harpers Escape Weekend with Grainne Hambly, William Jackson, Kathy DeAngelo, Sharon Knowles and Debbie Brewin-Wilson will be at the Continuing Studies Center on the Douglass campus at Rutgers University. A “learn by ear” weekend retreat with multiple levels of classes and group playing experiences. Tuition, meals and lodging are inclusive in the $470 full weekend. See the website at for details and to register. Online registration now available.

SHSA JUDGE TRAINING October 28th Virginia Harp Center, Midlothian, VA Contact Jo Morrison for more information: [email protected] 9 The Scottish Harp Society of America

the kilt & harp

Spring 2011, Volume 28: No. 2

Join the Scottish Harp Society of America Formed in 1982, the Scottish Harp Society of America (SHSA) is dedicated to promoting the small harps of Scotland throughout North America. We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Membership is open to all. Name: ____________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ City, State, Post code: ________________________________________ Email: ____________________________________________________ Phone number: _____________________________________________ You may list me in the Directory?  Yes

 No

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 New Member

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 Teacher of music  Performer  Recording Artist  Harp Maker (Luthier)  Author and/or Composer  Seller of Harp related Material and Services

Dues: $18 per Calendar year (1 Jan – 31 Dec) ____________________ Pro-rating: Additional Months Owed to accommodate Games date ___________months x $1.50 = ___________ (e.g. if the competition is in June, seven months are owed for a total of $10.50) Life Membership: $300____________________________ Contributions: Dr. Herbert P. MacNeal National Scholarship Fund:___________ Non-Designated Gift:_____________________________ Please make checks or money orders payable to SHSA

Mail completed form and payment to: Membership Director P.O. Box 57 Snellville, GA 30078 The Scottish Harp Society of America the kilt & harp Or email to [email protected]

35 Spring 2011, Volume 28: No. 2