Improvements at City Park Golf Course Complex Phase 1 New Orleans, Louisiana

NOTICE OF INTENT TO CONTRACT FOR Construction of Improvements at City Park Golf Course Complex Phase 1 New Orleans, Louisiana Project No. 06-A20-03B...
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Improvements at City Park Golf Course Complex Phase 1 New Orleans, Louisiana Project No. 06-A20-03B-01, Part 01 and 01-107-05B-13, Part VJ State ID No. N/A Site Code: 1-36-066

September 5, 2014

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September 5, 2014


Improvements at City Park Golf Course Complex Phase 1 New Orleans, Louisiana Project No. 06-A20-03B-01 and Part 01, 01-107-05B-13, Part VJ State ID No. N/A Site Code: 1-36-066


The State of Louisiana Division of Administration Facility Planning and Control Claiborne Office Building 1201 North Third Street, Suite 7-160 Baton Rouge, LA 70802

BY MAIL: The State of Louisiana Division of Administration Facility Planning and Control P.O. Box 94095 Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095

SEALED QUALIFICATIONS will be received until 4:00 p.m. _September 29, 2014 for qualifications to furnish the services described in the construction documents (drawings and project manual). Package must be labeled “Improvements at City Park Golf Course Complex, Phase 1, New Orleans, Louisiana, Project No. 06-A20-03B-01, Part 01 and 01-107-05B-13, Part VJ, State ID No. N/A Site Code: 1-36-066”, and shown clearly on the outside of the package. Deliver to the address listed above. In compliance with this Notice of Intent to Contract (NITC) and with all Conditions imposed therein the undersigned offers qualifications to furnish the services in accordance with construction documents for the construction of the City Park Golf Course in New Orleans. I certify that I have read and understand this Notice of Intent to Contract and am authorized to sign this Proposal for the Proposer. I certify that the language in this document has not been altered in any way and appears as originally transmitted by the issuing authority.

NAME AND ADDRESS OF FIRM: _________________________________

DATE: __________________________________




NAME: __________________________________


TITLE: __________________________________

The Applicant acknowledges receipt of the following ADDENDA: (Enter the number the Designer has assigned to each of the addenda that the Bidder

PHONE: __________________________________ FAX:

__________________________________ Signature

________________________________ __

EMAIL __________________________________ Please return an original and six (6) complete copies of your Proposal. Please include one (1) CD containing the Proposal and all attachments in PDF format. Fax or e-mail transmissions of NITC responses will not be accepted. Page 2 of 12



GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1 Introduction and Purpose 1.2 General Description and Background 1.3 Statement of Needs


ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION 2.1 Expected Time Period for Contract 2.2 Pre-Bid Conference 2.3 Issuing Office 2.4 Scope 2.5 Inquiries 2.6 Addenda to NITC 2.7 Schedule of Activities 2.8 Contractual Document 2.9 Report Discrepancies, Errors, and Omissions 2.10 Definitions


PROPOSAL INFORMATION 3.1 Minimum Qualifications of Proposer 3.2 General Requirements 3.3 Determination of Responsibility 3.4 NITC Addenda 3.5 Waiver of Administrative Informalities 3.6 Proposal Rejection 3.7 Subcontracting Information 3.8 Ownership of Proposal 3.9 Proprietary Information 3.10 Cost of Proposals 3.11 Errors and Omissions in Proposals 3.12 Contract Award and Execution 3.13 Code of Ethics


RESPONSE INSTRUCTIONS 4.1 Proposal Submission 4.2 Proposal Format 4.3 Specific Requirements


EVALUATION AND SELECTION 5.1 Selection Committee 5.2 Clarification of Proposals 5.3 Administrative and Mandatory Screening 5.4 Evaluation and Review 5.5 Award Criteria 5.6 Award Procedure and Announcement of Bidders

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INTRODUCTION AND PURPOSE The purpose of this Notice of Intent to Contract (NITC) is to solicit qualifications for the services of a Golf Course Constructor to build a new golf course. The requirements of this NITC are drawn from the Construction Documents by Torre Design Consortium, LTD, Landscape Architects, which are available from The proposals will be evaluated to determine the most qualified golf course constructors. The selected proposers will be invited to submit a lump sum bid based on the construction documents by Torre Design Consortium, LTD. The Schedule of Activities is in 2.7.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND BACKGROUND Hurricane Katrina flooded City Park with about 10 feet of water destroying many buildings and much vegetation. Fortunately most of the oak trees survived, as did many cedar and cypress trees. As the live oak trees are the essence of the course, every effort will be made to protect those trees during the construction process. The north course was repaired but not redesigned and is now in use. The decision was made to design a completely new, tournament-quality course, utilizing the land formerly comprising the Park’s East and West courses. Improvements at the City Park Golf Course Complex, Phase 1 include the development of a completely new, upscale 18-hole golf course, comprised of a 250 acre footprint bordered by Filmore Avenue, Harrison Avenue, Marconi Drive & Wisner Boulevard. The layout of the new course incorporates portions of the former East and West courses and features many of the historic oak trees and existing lagoons that are characteristic of the park and greater New Orleans region. The par 72 layout can be stretched from 5,100-7,250 yards and has been designed to accommodate players of all skill levels. The course will be developed using state of the art construction materials and techniques. Supplemental course improvements include the development of a new irrigation well, construction of a new weir to improve lake management and discharge of overall site drainage, two bridges, an irrigation system pump house, a 10,000 SF turf nursery and crushed stone cart paths. Bid alternates include the addition of on-course restrooms and installation of concrete cart paths (in lieu of the crushed stone paths). Torre Design Consortium Ltd., Landscape Architects has been selected as the designer with Rees Jones, Inc. as the Golf Course Designer for the Project. The construction documents are available from Proposers are to direct questions and comments to Torre Design Consortium, LTD.


STATEMENT OF NEEDS The selected list of Golf Course Constructors must be licensed in the State of Louisiana with the classification of Recreation and Sport Facilities and Golf Courses.




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The resulting construction contract will be for construction of a golf course. Expected completion date is December 31, 2016. 2.2

PRE-BID CONFERENCE Date, Time and Location of the non-mandatory pre-bid conference for qualified bidders is in the Schedule of Activities, 2.7. Potential proposers/bidders should submit all questions in writing even if an answer has already been given to an oral question. After the pre-bid conference, questions will be researched and the official response will be distributed by addendum in writing and posted on LaPAC website and Letterman’s website Complete Bidding Documents for this project are being distributed in electronic form on behalf of the Designer by Letterman’s. They may be obtained without charge and without deposit from the Public Plan Room at Printed copies are not available from the Designer, but arrangements can be made to obtain them through most reprographic firms. Plan holders are responsible for their own reproduction costs. Questions about this procedure shall be directed to Letterman’s: Letterman’s Blue Print & Supply Co., 2475 Canal Street, Suite 101, New Orleans, LA 70119. Phone: 504-821-9997 FAX: 504-821-9947 Email: [email protected] Written questions regarding the procurement and construction documents must be directed to the e-mail or address below. Kittye Rouse, Project Manager NITC Coordinator Facility Planning and Control PO Box 94095 Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095 Email: [email protected]


ISSUING OFFICE The NITC, bidding process, and resulting contract for construction is being issued by The State of Louisiana, Division of Administration, Office of Facility Planning and Control.


SCOPE This document contains instructions governing the Proposal of Qualifications to be submitted and references the construction documents. The construction documents include the project manual (containing bidding requirements, conditions of the contract, sample contract, specifications) and the drawings.


INQUIRIES Inquiries regarding the NITC requirements must be received prior to the date specified in Section 2.7 of this NITC. The State reserves the right to modify this NITC should a change be identified that is in the best interest of the State. Written inquiries and requests for clarification of the content of this NITC must be received in writing or by e-mail address, [email protected] by 4:00 p.m. CDT on the date specified in Section 2.7 of this NITC. Any and all questions directed to the NITC Coordinator will be deemed to require an official response. Official responses to each of the questions presented by the Proposers will be included in an addenda posted by the date indicated in Section 2.7 of this NITC. Only the NITC Coordinator Page 5 of 12

has the authority to officially respond to the Proposer’s questions on behalf of the State. Any communication from any other individuals is not binding to the State. 2.6

ADDENDA TO NITC Addenda to this NITC may be necessary prior to the closing date and will be posted on LAPAC and Failure to acknowledge receipt of addenda, on the form in the project manual, may result in the Proposal not being considered.




Last day for questions about the NITC proposal 2:00PM


Addendum to NITC issued by 4:00PM


Submit Proposal of Qualifications No Later Than 4:00PM


Successful proposer list announced


Pre-bid conference (non-mandatory)*


Bid date for qualified bidders


* Pre-bid Conference will be held at City Park Administration Building, One Palm Dr., New Orleans, La. from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM on October 14, 2014. Minutes of the meeting and resulting addenda will be sent to all who attended and will be posted to Note: The State of Louisiana reserves the right to amend and/or change this schedule of NITC activities by addendum as it deems necessary. 2.8

CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENT The instructions to bidders, conditions of the contract and a sample contract are contained in the project manual of the construction documents. The complete description for the work is in the construction documents.


REPORT DISCREPANCIES, ERRORS, AND OMISSIONS If the Proposer discovers any discrepancy, error, or omission in this NITC or any Exhibits, the NITC Coordinator shall be notified immediately in writing as provided in Sections 2.3 and 2.6 and if necessary, a written clarification / notification will be posted on LAPAC and website. No Proposer will be entitled to additional compensation for any error or discrepancy that appears in this NITC.


DEFINITIONS Shall, Must, Will: Denote mandatory requirements Should, May, Can: Denote permissible actions



MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS OF PROPOSER In order for Proposers to be considered, Proposers must meet the following minimum qualifications. Firms or Joint Ventures that do not meet the minimum requirements Page 6 of 12

may result in a determination of non-responsiveness. The Firm or Joint Venture must be able to document the following: 1. Have completed construction of the equivalent of 18 holes of golf per year for each of the last 5 years. 2. Provide references from individuals in five of the following seven categories: owner, golf course architect, engineer, irrigation designer, golf course superintendent, municipality, GCBAA Certified Golf Course Builder. Include contact information, projects, locations, services performed, and value of the project(s). 3. Statement of bonding capacity from a company with A.M. Best’s rating of A-:VI or higher. 4. The successful Firm(s) must be licensed to do business in the State of Louisiana at the time of contract execution with the subspecialty of Recreation and Sport Facilities and Golf Courses. 3.2

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Proposers who are interested in qualifying to bid under this NITC must submit a Proposal with qualifications containing the information specified in Section 4.0 herein. The fully completed Proposal of qualifications with original signature by an authorized representative must be received in hard copy (printed) version by the NITC Coordinator designated above by the deadline date specified in Section 2.7 of this NITC. Fax or email submissions are not acceptable. One (1) manually signed original and six (6) complete copies must be submitted to the NITC Coordinator. In addition, Proposers must submit one complete response in PDF format on a CD to the NITC Coordinator. Each copy of the Proposal should be bound in a single volume. All information requested should be submitted. Failure to submit all requested information may result in an unfavorable evaluation of the Proposer’s Proposal or rejection of the Proposal. Elaborate brochures and other representations beyond that sufficient to present a complete and effective Proposal are neither required nor desired. It is solely the responsibility of the Proposer to ensure that its Proposal is received at the specified places and prior to the deadline for submission. Proposals, which for any reason are not so received, will not be considered for purposes of this NITC.


DETERMINATION OF RESPONSIBILITY Determination of the Proposer’s responsibility relating to this NITC shall be made according to the standards set forth in LAC 34:136. The State must find that the Proposer:  Has adequate financial resources for performance or has the ability to obtain such resources as required during performance.  Has the necessary experience, organization, technical qualifications, skills and facilities.  Is able to comply with the proposed or required time of delivery or performance schedule.  Has a satisfactory record of integrity, judgment, and performance.  Is otherwise qualified and eligible to receive an award under applicable laws and regulations.

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Proposer should ensure that their Proposals contain sufficient information for the State to make its determination by presenting acceptable evidence of the above to perform the services called for by the contract. Failure to provide acceptable evidence may result in a determination of non-responsiveness. If the contractor is a corporation not incorporated under the laws of the State of Louisiana, the contractor shall be prepared to obtain a certificate of authority pursuant to R.S. 12:301-302 from the Secretary of the State of Louisiana. If the contractor is a corporation whose stock is not publicly traded, the contractor will be required to file a “Disclosure of Ownership” with the Secretary of the State of Louisiana 3.4

NITC ADDENDA The State reserves the right to change the calendar of events or revise any part of the NITC by issuing addenda.


WAIVER OF ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMALITIES The State reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to waive administrative informalities contained in any Proposal.


PROPOSAL REJECTION The issuance of this NITC in no way constitutes a commitment by the State to award a contract. The State reserves the right to accept or reject, in whole or in part, all Proposals submitted and/ or cancel the announcement if it is determined to be in the State’s best interest.


SUBCONTRACTING INFORMATION The State shall have a Single Contractor for the construction contract and that Single Prime Contractor shall be responsible for all deliverables referenced in the construction documents. This general requirement notwithstanding, the Proposer may enter into subcontractor agreements. If the Proposer intends to subcontract portions of the work or to form a Joint Venture or other Project specific entity, the Proposer shall identify each major subcontractor or venture partner. Information required of the Proposer under the terms of this NITC is also required of each Joint Venture partner.


OWNERSHIP OF PROPOSAL All materials submitted in response to this request become the property of the State. Selection or rejection of a Proposal does not affect this right.


PROPRIETARY INFORMATION Only information which is in the nature of legitimate trade secrets or non-published financial data may be deemed proprietary or confidential. Any material within a Proposal identified as such must be clearly marked in the Proposal and will be handled in accordance with the Louisiana Public Record Act R.S. 44: 1-44 and applicable rules and regulations. Any Proposal marked as confidential or proprietary in its entirety may be rejected without further consideration or recourse.


COST OF PROPOSALS The State is not liable for any costs incurred by prospective bidders prior to issuance of or entering into a contract. Costs associated with developing the Proposal, preparing for oral presentations or any other expenses incurred by the Proposer in responding to Page 8 of 12

this NITC are entirely the responsibility of the Proposer, and shall not be reimbursed in any manner by the State of Louisiana. 3.11

ERRORS AND OMISSIONS IN PROPOSALS The State will not be liable for any errors and/or omissions in Proposals. The State reserves the right to make corrections or amendments due to errors identified in Proposals by the State or Proposer. The State, at its option, has the right to request clarification or additional information from the Proposers.


CONTRACT AWARD AND EXECUTION The list of qualified bidders that result from this proposal process will be invited to submit a lump sum bid based on the contract documents prepared by Torre Design Consortium, LTD on the date stipulated in 2.7.


CODE OF ETHICS Proposers are responsible for determining that there will be no conflict or violation of the Ethics Code if their company is awarded the contract. Ethics issues are interpreted by the Louisiana Board of Ethics. Proposers are required to disclose any and all conflicts of interest or issues that could reasonably be perceived as conflicts of interest.



PROPOSAL SUBMISSION Proposals must be received on or before the date and time specified in 2.7 of this NITC. Proposers mailing their Proposals should allow sufficient mail delivery time to ensure receipt of their Proposal by the time specified. The Proposal package must be delivered at the Proposer’s expense to the Office of Facility Planning and Control. It is solely the responsibility of each Proposer to ensure that their Proposal is delivered at the specified place prior to the deadline for submission. Proposals, which for any reason are not received timely, will not be considered.


PROPOSAL FORMAT At least one copy of the Proposal shall contain original signatures; that copy should be clearly marked or differentiated from the other copies of the Proposal. This copy will be retained for future reference. The Proposal must be signed by those company officials or agents duly authorized to sign Proposal or contracts on behalf of the organization. A notarized copy of a board resolution granting such authority must be submitted. Proposals should not be more than twenty-five (25) pages in length and font should be no smaller than 10 point. The page limit excludes the table of contents, resumes, covers, tabs, dividers, and any Owner requested attachments. A page is defined as one 8 ½ x 11” page printed on one side. Printing on both sides is considered two pages. All pages shall be numbered.


SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS The following components are to be considered as contents for a complete submittal. The Owner shall evaluate and compare only Proposals that substantially conform to the terms and conditions of this NITC. The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals and to waive any informality. The Proposal response should be presented and submitted under tabs as noted below. If a Joint Venture, each Firm will need to include the requested information.

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TAB 1:

SIGNED COVER LETTER AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ADDENDA Proposers shall ensure the following documents are specifically included (These documents will count against the 25 page limit): 1. The Notice of Intent to Contract. 2. Notarized copy of the board resolution granting authority to the signer of this Proposal. 3. If the contractor is a corporation not incorporated under the laws of the State of Louisiana, the contractor shall be prepared to obtain a certificate of authority pursuant to R.S. 12:301-302 from the Secretary of the State of Louisiana. 4. If the contractor is a corporation whose stock is not publicly traded, the contractor will be required to file a “Disclosure of Ownership” with the Louisiana Secretary of State.

TAB 2:

PROPRIETARY INFORMATION State if any information contained in this Proposal response is being declared proprietary as discussed in Section 3.10 of this NITC.

TAB 3:

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Provide a brief summary of the Proposal’s contents, emphasizing any unique aspects or strengths of the Proposal. The executive summary should be limited to three (3) pages.

TAB 4:


   TAB 5:

Provide a narrative on the history of the firm(s) including years in business and the depth of resources to provide Golf Course Construction Services. Explain the size of the firm(s), including office locations and the legal structure. List any Arbitration/Litigation Proceedings Provide a Disclosure of Conflicts Minimum qualification requirements listed in 3.1

EXPERIENCE OF KEY PERSONNEL For each person identified as Key Personnel, including Field Staff, by the Proposer, the following information should be provided in resume format:  Name and title  Project responsibilities and roles  Educational background  Professional registrations and memberships  Years of relevant experience  Relevant project experience with associated roles

TAB 6:


Describe your firm’s methods and procedures for controlling and assuring the quality of services being proposed by your firm’s workforce. Provide work protocols, standard procedures and control measures implemented by your firm and its staff. Provide as an attachment to this section any relevant examples or samples you feel will demonstrate the level of quality control and quality assurance your firm will provide the Project. (Attachment excluded from 25 page limit). Page 10 of 12

TAB 7:


TAB 8:


Provide as an attachment an example method of visually tracking progress. (Attachment excluded from 25 page limit).

Describe your proposed approach to managing the golf course construction including distribution of tasks, etc. Describe your firm’s current and anticipated work load. Describe your work plan for this Project. Include organizational chart, staffing plan, etc. (Attachments excluded from 25 page limit.)

UNIQUE CAPABILITIES/RESOURCES  Summarize any unique capabilities and/or resources that distinguish your firm with regard to this project.  Describe any unique approaches to increase efficiency and value to the Project.  Provide copies of membership, certification, special education, awards, recognition, etc., that have been received related to golf course construction.


SELECTION COMMITTEE The evaluation of Proposals will be accomplished by a Selection Committee, to be designated by the State, which will determine the Proposal(s) most advantageous to the State, taking into consideration evaluation factors set forth in this NITC.


CLARIFICATION OF PROPOSALS The State reserves the right to seek clarification of any Proposal for the purpose of identifying and eliminating minor irregularities or informalities. The State further reserves the right to request any necessary supporting documentation or information from one or more Proposers after the deadline for submission of the response.


ADMINISTRATIVE AND MANDATORY SCREENING All Proposals will be reviewed to determine compliance with administrative and mandatory requirements as specified in the NITC. Proposals found not to be in compliance will be considered non-responsive and rejected from further consideration.


EVALUATION AND REVIEW Proposers that pass the preliminary screening and mandatory requirements review will be evaluated on a point system based on information as specified in the NITC. The evaluation will be conducted according to the following:

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Evaluation Criteria Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria: Firm Profile/ Experience

30 points

Team has successfully worked together as golf course constructors. Individual references Bonding capacity Previous projects Team Qualifications

40 points

Qualifications and experience of personnel assigned to the project Expertise in golf course shaping Expertise in irrigation Certifications, specialty training, etc. Approach and Methodology

30 points

Construction Management Plan Schedule and Quality Controls Plan Safety Management Plan

Total Points Available 5.5

100 points

AWARD CRITERIA The award document will include an invitation to submit a lump sum bid in accordance with the construction documents prepared by Torre Design Consortium, LTD. Bid date is listed in 2.7.


AWARD PROCEDURE AND ANNOUNCEMENT OF BIDDERS The State will notify all Proposers in writing and proceed to bidding with the qualified bidders.


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