Implementation of Virtual Exercise Using Kinect Sensor

Implementation of Virtual Exercise Using Kinect Sensor 1,2,3 Hitesh Shukla1, Dinesh Cholake2 and Sagar Mutha3 R. H. Sapat College of Engineering, Man...
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Implementation of Virtual Exercise Using Kinect Sensor 1,2,3

Hitesh Shukla1, Dinesh Cholake2 and Sagar Mutha3 R. H. Sapat College of Engineering, Management Studies & Research, Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Abstract- Virtual Reality innovation is right now broadly connected in physical recovery treatment. The capacity to track joint positions for Microsoft Kinect may be helpful for restoration, both in a clinical setting and at home. This examination investigates the potential and the confinements of the Kinect in the utilization of e-restoration. We assessed the devices that could be utilized to advance physical recovery at home by lessening the recurrence of clinic visits, bringing about the decrease of social insurance cost. A prototypic framework has been created for the assessment of 6 distinctive motions, which are helpful for e-recovery. Proposed framework introduces the occasion of a virtual mentor to be utilized by physiotherapists and patients as a part of activity based generally exercise based recuperation programs. Framework allows a master to tailor exercise necessities to the particular needs and difficulties of individual patients. Patients will pick totally diverse projects and take after a teacher symbol to perform recorded activities bolstered their needs. The Microsoft Kinect ought to be executing as an approach to follow client's body developments. This permits immersive and common connection between the client and virtual educational cost world. Most altogether, the recorded skeletal joint data encourages quantitative synthetic examination and input of patient's body developments. Preparatory study demonstrates the capability of utilizing Kinect as an espresso value determination for virtual nonintrusive treatment instructing gathering or center settings. Most patients requiring neuro restoration keep drilling gathering while not heading of their specialists. They require inconveniences like loss of inspiration, routine issue, and absence of a manual for executes an errand. Framework proposes to bolster these patients with Associate in Nursing application that takes after the Magic Mirror worldview, utilizing a Natural PC program and Microsoft Kinect. Keywords-Virtual physical therapy, serious games, Kinect, Rehabilitation, computer game, Interface Video games, Middleware, Interactive technologies, Motion Captured information, Movement Recognition. I. OVERVIEW AND BACKGROUND The propose framework is to build up a reasonable virtual training pc application for patients to attempt general work up or mental element assignments gathering. Framework can change people to take after a course of customized recovery works out. The arranging of the virtual mentor can adjust to individual needs, varieties and advancement of client as restorative consideration administration. Cutting edge movement detecting gadget Kinect can laborer as a method for catching player as developments, at last permitting signals and developments to wind up the gameplay include and to be investigate quantitatively for criticism. The confirmation of build "Virtual Exercise Trainer" can create and investigate. The clinical circumstance we tend to target is recovery of people, however the develop of style is appropriate to option issues in active recuperation or physiotherapy, similar to stroke and wounds which might be enhanced by general and focused on activity. Virtual the truth is a fake situation that is made with exceptional programming and exhibited to the client in a manner that the client can perceive himself and work in that environment [1]. An expanding pattern in gaming is the utilization of interfaces that require physical action for an ideal client experience. Recovery shapes a fundamental part of the helpful continuum in increase harmed or engine incapacities patients. Compelling restoration programs help patients in enhancing their level of physical, mental and social capacity, while likewise @IJMTER-2016, All rights Reserved


International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research (IJMTER) Volume 03, Issue 04, [April– 2016] ISSN (Online):2349–9745; ISSN (Print):2393-8161

decreasing the length of patient stay, re-affirmation rates and utilization of essential consideration assets [2]. Virtual reality (VR) offers a conceivable arrangement. VR is an innovation that permits the client to straightforwardly collaborate with a PC mimicked environment. This innovation, grew at first for military preparing, has now turned out to be generally accessible through computer games [3]. The potential for VR interfaces to make a situation that empowers high reiteration force has been abused by various professional preparing programs [4], for example, laparoscopic surgical expertise preparing. VR is an immersive, intuitive, 3-dimensional PC experience happening progressively. Virtual reality can mimic genuine assignments [5] and meets up with a few apparent advantages for recovery VR offers the likelihood to be absolutely adjusted to the patient's treatment and to be particular. The Kinect could likewise be a helpful apparatus for at-home treatment. Treatment in the house is more adaptable and advantageous for the patient and takes into consideration more regular redundancy of activities. Keeping in mind the end goal to fortify neural reactivation in areas of the cerebrum that control development, practices must be rehashed commonly consistently [9]. While treatment sessions alone frequently can't satisfy the required recurrence of practice, at home activities can accomplish this objective. The refined apparatuses and innovations that can be offered at a specialist's office are for the most part excessively costly, making it impossible to have in a home, yet the Kinect is low in expense and promptly accessible. II. RESEARCH AND GOALS The Microsoft Kinect is an innovation significantly changing the path in playing recreations. Through the blend of its profundity guide and its skeleton following capacities, it empowers a monstrous scope of uses. It was an unmistakable decision to endeavor to utilize this inconceivable innovation to create a minimal effort and powerful toolbox for biomedical specialists. The general objective of this exploration is to figure out if the Kinect and the information supplied are helpful for be utilized as a part of virtual recovery. So as to answer these inquiries, a model application was produced and prepared to utilize. Patients should be taking after an arrangement of activities appeared on the TV screen, while the gathered information would be bolstered back to the specialists administering the patient, in this way diminishing the quantity of his visits to the healing facility, making this a helpful issue for both the patient and the specialist. III. RELATED WORK Indeed, even before the arrival of the Kinect, some of undertaking utilizing Nintendo's Wii video gaming framework. Such signal communication advances are not new; in any case, their late accessibility as interface means inside moderate mass-market gaming items can be seen as proof of a widening utilization past exclusively diversion. Regularly, Nintendo's Balance Board is utilized as an info gadget, for instance, in different amusements for parity preparing [13]. The Kinect, then again, is little and sufficiently moderate to be utilized as a part of for all intents and purposes any home environment, and it doesn't oblige patients to wear anything that could constrain their development [7]. Different studies have additionally recognized the Kinect's potential for use in non-intrusive treatment. Kinect-based restoration framework to help advisors in their work with understudies who had engine handicaps [8].The program utilized the movement following information gave by the Kinect to figure out if the patient's developments achieved the recovery models and to permit the specialist to view restoration progress. The Kinect has been utilized for restorative purposes outside of exercise based recuperation too [7]. Rizzo and others at the University of Southern California concentrated how video diversions that require player development could propel persons at danger for corpulence to participate in physical movement [11]. To show the idea, they built up a framework utilizing the Kinect as a part of which the prominent PC diversion World of Warcraft could be controlled with client motions rather than mouse and console orders. @IJMTER-2016, All rights Reserved


International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research (IJMTER) Volume 03, Issue 04, [April– 2016] ISSN (Online):2349–9745; ISSN (Print):2393-8161


A. Introduction to Microsoft Kinect The Microsoft Kinect is an arrangement of sensors created as a fringe gadget for utilizing with the Xbox 360 gaming console. Kinect has a RGB camera and a double infrared profundity sensor with a projector and an infrared delicate camera on the same band. The RGB camera has a determination of 640×480 pixels, while the infrared camera utilizes a lattice of 320×240 pixels or 640x480 pixels. Utilizing picture, sound, and profundity sensors, it can distinguish developments, recognizes discourse of players, and permits them to play recreations utilizing just their own bodies as the controls. Not at all like past endeavors at motion or development based controls, it doesn't require the player to wear any sort of accomplice to empower the gadget to track the player's developments. The profundity, picture, and sound sensors are housed in a flat bar appended to a base with a mechanized turn that permits it to modify the sensor bar all over. Together, these parts make up the Kinect gadget. B. Kinect Drivers and SDKs Microsoft did not at first discharge any drivers or SDKs to empower the Kinect to be utilized with a PC, and truth be told at first the organization disheartened endeavors by the processing group to empower this. Later Microsoft adjusted its announcement and purposefully reveals the USB port to be utilized for associating the gadget to the Xbox [12]. It draws in numerous designers to start open source ventures to create drivers, SDKs, and APIs to be utilized with PCs. The blast of these endeavors was without a doubt helped by the $2,000 prize issued by Adafruit Industries for the primary open source Kinect driver. At present, two sorts of structure have been produced, i.e. OpenNI created by PrimeSense and Official Microsoft Kinect SDK.

C. Kinect Rehabilitation Software Implementation The primary reason for this product was to show that it is conceivable to create valuable virtual restoration programming apparatuses with the Kinect. The customized signal based Carousel Spinning menu (Figure 3) furnishes the patients with less demanding interface to alter the primary project as indicated by the individual needs. You can swipe the following thing from the privilege to left side or you can swipe back the thing from the left to right hand side utilizing the right hand. Right hand ascends over the head with a specific end goal to enter and stack another structure about activity. Patients perform different developments and accomplish distinctive exercises of restoration as endorsed by the specialists. This project improves the effectiveness of restoration by expanding the patient's muscle continuance and capacity to perform day by day errands autonomously. V. SYSTEM

Fig: System Architecture

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International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research (IJMTER) Volume 03, Issue 04, [April– 2016] ISSN (Online):2349–9745; ISSN (Print):2393-8161

This is the fundamental configuration of the venture. Client ought to start the framework and Kinect detecting component to perform the activity. Data for this gadget will be the voice direction and thusly the activity performs by the client. The Kinect detecting component can locate the twenty body purposes of the figure and gives the data to the framework. The framework can compute RGB picture and profundity picture. At that point framework can figure the movement and match it with the tenet based generally direction. In the event that client performs legitimately the then framework can support the client and gives next direction to perform next activity. VI. RESULTS Underneath we depict the consequences of Eyes-Free Yoga's specially criticism on the clients' execution and how the yoga teachers evaluated the stances. We then talk about members' engagement with the amusement general and their involvement with the tweaked criticism. 1. Stand Infront of Camera:

Fig: Initial stage 2. Step 1:

Fig: step 1 3. Step 2:

Fig: Step 2 @IJMTER-2016, All rights Reserved


International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research (IJMTER) Volume 03, Issue 04, [April– 2016] ISSN (Online):2349–9745; ISSN (Print):2393-8161 4. Step 3:

Fig: Step 3 5. Step 4:

Fig: Step 4 6. Step 5:

Fig: Step 5

VII. CONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORK The Kinect is required to be a helpful instrument for home restoration. Recovery at home is more adaptable, modest and advantageous for the clients and takes into account more regular redundant activities. This is turning into a prominent methodology in recovery, which is a good time for the patient. The preparatory study takes a shot at client interface, log examinations report framework, and complex development approach. Right now, Kinect SDK underpins on NeoAxis and Neat amusement motors. Those arrangements offer 3D virtual preparing and give an intriguing method for restoration. The upsides of the PC amusement are that it can be enhanced to give capacities to restoration. Thusly the preparation action turns out to be more alluring and intriguing. All in all, in this study we propose a framework with Kinet sensor to control the diversion by body stance and development. It is relied upon to be fascinating and viable in improve home with body movement controller. @IJMTER-2016, All rights Reserved


International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research (IJMTER) Volume 03, Issue 04, [April– 2016] ISSN (Online):2349–9745; ISSN (Print):2393-8161

VIII. ACKNOWLEDGMENT We are thankful to Prof. Mrs. Rucha Samat and HOD of computer department Prof. Mr. Nilesh Alone for their valuable guidance and encouragement. We would also like to thank the GES’S R. H. Sapat College of Engineering, Nashik-05 for providing the required facilities, Internet access and important books. At last we must express our sincere heartfelt gratitude to all the Teaching and Nonteaching Staff members of Computer Engineering Department who helped us for their valuable time, support, comments, suggestions and persuasion REFERENCES [1] Fernando Cassola, INESC TEC Porto, Portugal: Online-Gym: multiuser virtual gymnasium using RINIONS and multiple Kinect devices COMPETE and National Funds through FCT Foundation for Science and Technology under the project FCOMP -01-0124-FEDER-022701.978-1-4799-4056-1/14/$31.00 c 2014 IEEE [2] Ing-Jr Ding, Che-Wei Chang and Chan Jyun He, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Formosa University: A Kinect-Based Gesture Command Control Method for Human Action Imitations of Humanoid Robots pp. 208-211 978-14799-4588-7/14/$31.00 c 2014 IEEE [3] Kyle Rector, Cynthia L. Bennett, Julie A. Kientz Computer Science and Engineering and 2Human Centered Design Engineering DUB Group University of Washington Seattle, WA98195rectorky, bennec3, [email protected]:Eye Free Yoga - An Exergame Using Kinect Assets’13, October 21-23, 2013, Bellevue, Washington, USA. Copyright 2013ACM1-58113-000-0/00/0010$15.00. [4] Orlando Erazo,Jose A. Pino, Rosario Pino, Carmen Fernandez: Magic Mirror for Neuro rehabilitation of People with Upper Limb Dysfunction Using Kinect, 978-1-4799-2504-9/14 $31.00 c 2014 IEEE DOI 10.1109/HICSS.2014.329 pp.2607-2615 [5] Erdenetsogt Davaasambuu, Chia-Chi Chiang, John Y.Chiang, Yung-Fu Chen, Sukhbaatar Bilgee, “A Microsoft Kinect based virtual rehabilitation system”, The 5th International Conference FITAT 2012 [6] Kyle Rector, Cynthia L. Bennett, Julie A. Kientz, “ Eyes-Free Yoga: An Exergame Using Depth Cameras for Blind & Low Vision Exercise”, Assets’13, October 21–23, 2013, Bellevue, Washington, USA. Copyright 2013 ACM 1-58113000-0/00/0010. [7] RJ. Stone, Applications of virtual environments: an overview. In: Stanney KM,editor. Handbook of virtual environments. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbarum; 2002 . p [8] S. Adamovich. A virtual reality Based Exercise System for Hand Rehabilitation Post-Stroke. Presence, Special Issue on Virtual Rehabilitation , 14(2), 161-174. [9] Alessandro De Mauro. “Virtual Reality Based Reahabilitaion and Game Technology” on eHealth & Biomedical Applications Vicomtech. [10] Yao-Jen Chang, Shu-Fang Chen, and Jun-Da Huang, "A Kinect-based system for physical rehabilitation: A pilot study for young adults with motor disabilities," Research in Developmental Disabilities, vol. 32, no. 6, pp. 2566-2570, November-December 2011 [11] Austen Hayes, Patrick Dukes, and Larry F Hodges, "A Virtual Environment for Post-Stroke Motor Rehabilitation," Clemson University, Clemson [12] Bateni, H. Changes in balance in older adults based on use of physical therapy vs the Wii Fit gaming system: a preliminary study. Physiotherapy (2011) [13] Albert Rizzo, Belinda Lange, Evan A Suma, and Mark Bolas, "Virtual Reality and Interactive Digital Game Technology: New Tools to Address Obesity and Diabetes," Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 258-264, March 2011.

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