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List of Sessions Session: Date/Time: Room: Chair: Keynote Presentation 23/05/2011 0830-0910 Auditorium EL5 Gunnar Härkegård, NTNU, NORWAY Paper Aut...
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List of Sessions Session: Date/Time: Room: Chair:

Keynote Presentation 23/05/2011 0830-0910 Auditorium EL5 Gunnar Härkegård, NTNU, NORWAY



Material Defects as the Basis of Fatigue Design

Yukitaka Murakami Kyushu University JAPAN

Session: Date/Time: Room: Chair:

Session 1 - Introduction 23/05/2011 0910-1000 Auditorium EL5 Grzegorz Glinka, University of Waterloo, CANADA



Fatigue forecasts - required and available precision

Anders Forsén Scania SWEDEN

Fatigue-Initiating Discontinuities in Aircraft Structures

Simon Barter Loris Molent Russell Wanhill DSTO AUSTRALIA

Session: Date/Time: Room: Chair:

Session 2 - Fatigue and Defects in High Strength Steel 23/05/2011 1030-1200 Auditorium EL5 Jens Bergström, Karlstad university, SWEDEN



Influence of defects and defect distribution in the quenched and tempered steel 42CrMoS4 and the nodular cast iron EN-GJS-900-2 on the VHCF behaviour

Brita Pyttel Daniela Schwerdt Isabell Brunner Christina Berger

Ultra high cycle fatigue and inclusions in wrought steels


Jussi Solin Jouni Alhainen Päivi Varis VTT FINLAND

Fiber flow influence on rolling contact fatigue life: prediction using non-metallic inclusion modelling

Mathilde Meheux Alexandre Stienon Pascal Daguier Arnaud Fazekas Alain Vincent Gilles Baudry Ascometal CREAS FRANCE

Fatigue initiation at inclusions and subsequent crack growth in a bainitic high strength roller bearing steel at uni-axial experiments

Bo Alfredsson Veronica Wåtz Erik Olsson KTH Solid Mechanics SWEDEN

Session: Date/Time: Room: Chair:

Session 3 - Fatigue and Defects in Castings 23/05/2011 1315-1445 Auditorium EL5 Brita Pyttel, MPA/IfW TU Darmstadt, GERMANY



Damage Tolerant Design of Cast Components Based on Defects Detected by 3D X-Ray Computed Tomography

Mehdi Shirani Gunnar Härkegård Michael Mathes

Fatigue behaviour of austempered ductile iron considering microstructure and microshrinkage

Comparison between experimentally determined fatigue notch factors and defect-based estimates

The Influence of Pore Size on Fatigue Strength in Aluminum-HPDC Using Short Crack Growth Experiments

Norwegian University of Science and Technology NORWAY

Manuel Wohlfahrt Paul Kainzinger Wilfried Eichlseder Montanuniversität Leoben AUSTRIA Kristoffer Karlén Mårten Olsson Gunnar Härkegård KTH Solid Mechanics SWEDEN Christian Oberwinkler Wilfried Eichlseder Montanuniversität Leoben AUSTRIA

Poster Session 4A - Fatigue and Defects Session: Date/Time: 23/05/2011 1515-1645 Room: Hallway Chair: Paper


Shrinkage in ductile iron: prediction from simulation and effects on fatigue behaviour

Paul Kainzinger Manuel Wohlfahrt Wilfried Eichlseder

Estimating defect size distribution and density in metals

Montanuniversität Leoben AUSTRIA Ali Cetin Arvid Naess NTNU NORWAY

Estimating the influence of defects on fatigue behavior of mechanical components

Analytical model for fracture mechanics based S-N curve prediction

From defect to endurance limit - some examples on mechanical components

Correlation between surface fatigue and microstructural defects of cemented carbides: Experimental validation

Mirco D. Chapetti University of Mar Del Plata ARGENTINA Uwe Zerbst Mauro Madia Dieter Hellmann BAM GERMANY Pascal Daguier Hervé Michaud Mathilde Méheux Ascometal CREAS FRANCE Fjodor Sergejev Irina Preis Jakob Kübarsepp

Fjodor Sergejev Irina Preis Jakob Kübarsepp Tallinn University of Technology ESTONIA A design method for components for ultralong fatigue life with step loading

Andrew Roiko Yukitaka Murakami Aalto University FINLAND

Poster Session 4B - Defect Distribution and Characterisation Session: Date/Time: 23/05/2011 1515-1645 Room: Hallway Chair: Paper


TMF life assessment of lost foam casting aluminum alloys

Shadan Tabibian Eric Charkaluk Andrei Constantinescu Fabien Szmytka PSA (Peugeot-Citroen), LMS, LML FRANCE

Finite Element Modelling of Closed Cracks in Eddy Current Testing

Anders Rosell Gert Persson

Simulation of the methods of inclusion characterisation to estimate their realibility for fatigue life prediction.

Fatigue Strength Prediction of Carbides Composites by Considering Pores to be Equivalent to Small Defects: Effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing

Size effects based on extreme value distributions of defects

Quantification of fatigue relevant inclusions in bearing steels

Experimental challenges and oddities - damage evolution and other observations during ultra high cycle fatigue tests for bearing and QT steels

Fractographic analysis of fatigue initiation sites in quenched and tempered steel

Volvo Aero Corporation SWEDEN Hénault Eric Ascometal FRANCE Fjodor Sergejev Irina Preis Jakob Kübarsepp Tallinn University of Technology ESTONIA

Lasse Makkonen Roger Rabb VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland FINLAND

Minna Lind Heli Kytönen Jussi Solin Pekko Juvonen Aalto University FINLAND

Jouni Alhainen Jussi Solin Heikki Laukkanen VTT FINLAND

Päivi Varis Jussi Solin VTT FINLAND

Initiation of fatigue cracks from surface defects in pearlitic steel

Jesus Toribio Juan-Carlos Matos Beatriz Gonzalez University of Salamanca SPAIN

Poster Session 4C - Fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth Session: Date/Time: 23/05/2011 1515-1645 Room: Hallway Chair: Paper


Studies of fatigue crack initiation from TiC precipitates in NiTi Shape-Memory alloys

Steffen Brinckmann Benjamin Reinholz Stephanie Jäger Frank Richter Oliver Kastner Alexander Hartmaier ICAMS Ruhr-Universität Bochum GERMANY

Influence of microstructure on fatigue crack growth in structural steel

Pawel Kucharczyk Mohamed Sharaf Sebastian Münstermann RWTH Aachen University GERMANY

Fatigue Behavior of Coated and Uncoated Cast Inconel 713LC at 800 °C

Karel Obrtlik Simona Pospisilova Martin Julis Tomas Podrabsky Jaroslav Polak Brno University of Technology CZECH REPUBLIC

Study of microstructural strain-field in compacted graphite cast iron at loading

Torsten Sjögren SP Tecnical Research Institute of Sweden SWEDEN

Fatigue crack propagation close to threshold region

Pavel Hutar Lubos Nahlik Stanislav Seitl Simona Pospisilova David Kusmic Tomas Kruml Institute of Physics of Materials CZECH REPUBLIC

Short fatigue crack growth in ductile cast iron

Habib Zambrano Gunnar Härkegård Klaus Stärk NTNU NORWAY

Short crack nucleation and growth in lean duplex stainless steels fatigued at room temperature

An application of the "constraint factor" to the fatigue strength assessment in presence of surface defects

Renata Strubbia Silvina Hereñu Alberto F Armas Iris Alvarez-Armas Instituto De Fisica Rosario ARGENTINA S. Beretta M. Cristea M. Carboni M. Madia Politecnico di Milano ITALY

Poster Session 4D- Fatigue Design against Defects Session: Date/Time: 23/05/2011 1515-1645 Room: Hallway Chair: Paper


Fatigue from defect under complex loading


Round-Robin project "Rödhake" and Fatigue Test of Casted Component

FKM-Guideline Fracture Mechanics Proof of Strength for Engineering Components - Procedures, Compendiums, Examples

A defect-based fatigue design methodology

Anita Sandström Atlas Copco SWEDEN Brita Pyttel Igor Varfolomeev Christina Berger Dieter Siegele MPA/IfW TU Darmstadt GERMANY

Gunnar Härkegård Ali Cetin Mehdi Shirani Habib Zambrano NTNU NORWAY

Session: Date/Time: Room: Chair:

Session 5 - Non-Destructive Examination 24/05/2011 0855-1000 Auditorium EL5 Claus Gerdes, Alstom Power, SWITZERLAND



Progress in Defect Sizing Nondestructive Testing Methods

Marc Kreutzbruck

Simulation based validation of the detection capacity of an ultrasonic inspection procedure

Characterization of microshrinkage casting defects of Al-Si alloys by x-CT and metallography

Session: Date/Time: Room: Chair:

Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing GERMANY Håkan Wirdelius Gert Persson SCeNDT/Chalmers Univ. of Technology SWEDEN Radomila Konecna Gianni Nicoletto Stanislava Fintova University of Zilina SLOVAKIA

Session 6 - Fatigue Design against Defects 24/05/2011 1030-1200 Auditorium EL5 Yves Nadot, PPRIME - ENSMA, FRANCE



Fatigue Design of Light Weight Vehicle Structures Influence of material and production procedures.

J. Samuelsson Z. Barsoum B. Jonsson A. Björkblad

Fatigue limit assessment on seamless tubes in presence of inhomogeneities: experimental small vs. full scale testing

LCF lifetime criteria for welded and notched components

KTH-Lightweight Structures SWEDEN

Mihaela Eliza Cristea Stefano Beretta Alessandra Altamura Tenaris Dalmine ITALY

Claus Gerdes Roland Mücke Holger Kiewel Alstom Power SWITZERLAND

Analysis of Sub-Surface Fatigue Crack Growth Initiated at Non-Metallic Inclusion

Session: Date/Time: Room: Chair:

Grzegorz Glinka A. Jankowiak Hieronim Jakubczak University of Waterloo CANADA

Session 7 - Fatigue Crack Growth and Thresholds at Defects 24/05/2011 1315-1445 Auditorium EL5 Petr Lukas, Institute of Physics of Materials ASCR, CZECH REPUBLIC



Classification and crack growth modeling of cold lap defects in tandem GMAW welding

Ayjwat Awais Bhatti Peigang Li Zuheir Barsoum Lars Erik Svensson Jack Samuelsson KTH SWEDEN

Notes on the use of defect size distributions in predicting fatigue strength

Matti Makkonen

Developments and application of a probabilistic fatigue prediction model for distributed surface defects in a nitrided maraging steel

A new approach to model the fatigue anisotropy due to non metallic inclusions in forged steels

Session: Date/Time: Room: Chair:

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences FINLAND Annabelle Fayard S. Issler M. Bacher-Höchst H. Bomas H.-W. Zoch Robert Bosch GmbH GERMANY

Etienne Pessard Franck Morel Daniel Bellett Anne Morel Arts et Metiers ParisTech Angers FRANCE

Session 8 - Fatigue Threshold at Defects 24/05/2011 1515-1645 Auditorium EL5 Yukitaka Murakami, Kyushu University, JAPAN



Influence of material defects in Al-based alloy VD-17 on in-service Very-High-Cycle-Fatigue of compressor vane blades

Andrey Shanyavskiy

Non-metallic inclusions and fatigue in a forged steel roll

State Center for Civil Aviation Flight Safety RUSSIA

Andrew Roiko Hannu Hänninen Hannu Vuorikari Aalto University FINLAND

Endurance limit prediction of sulphur-alloyed spray-formed steels

The role of porosity in fatigue of sintered steels

Jens Schumacher Hubert Bomas Hans-Werner Zoch IWT GERMANY Michael Andersson Höganäs AB SWEDEN

Session: Date/Time: Room: Chair:

Session 9 - Fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth 25/05/2011 0830-1000 Auditorium EL5 Steffen Brinckmann, ICAMS, University Bochum, GERMANY



The microstructure as crack initiation point and barrier against fatigue damaging

Michael Marx Markus Welsch Wolfgang Schaef Horst Vehoff

Mesoscale modelling of crack initiation from inclusions in steel

Saarland University GERMANY Eeva Mikkola Gary Marquis Jussi Solin Aalto University FINLAND

Short crack growth during low cycle fatigue in a Duplex Stainless Steel

Marcela Balbi Helge Knobbe Silvina Hereñu Martin Kübbeler M. C. MarinelliUlrich Krupp Iris Alvarez Instituto De Fisica Rosario ARGENTINA

Fatigue mechanisms of brazed Al-Mn alloys used in heat exchangers

Aurélien Buteri Jean-Yves Buffière Damien Fabrègue Elodie Perrin Sylvain Henry INSA - Lyon FRANCE

Session: Date/Time: Room: Chair:

Session 10 - Defect Distribution and Characterisation 25/05/2011 1030-1200 Auditorium EL5 Thomas Svensson, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, SWEDEN



Investigation on Defect Distribution and its Statistical Evaluation for Case Hardened Material States

Rayk Thumser Susanne Kleemann Joachim W. Bergmann Andreas Kleemann MFPA Weimar GERMANY

Casting defects and high temperature fatigue life of IN 713LC superalloy

Ludvik Kunz Petr Lukas Radomila Konecna Stanislava Fintova

Largest defects in high clean material - suggesting a method for ultrasound resonance fatigue testing

Extreme value analysis of defect distributions and fatigue initiators

Institute of Physics of Materials CZECH REPUBLIC Jens Ekengren Jens Bergström Karlstad University SWEDEN Juha Ala-Luhtala Keijo Ruohonen Tampere University of Technology FINLAND

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