If you have any questions about the survey, please contact the church at or call Henry Swan at (508)

Rector Search Survey St. Andrew's by-the-Sea Rector Search Survey This Rector Characteristics Survey is the second and final survey in the Portfolio ...
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Rector Search Survey St. Andrew's by-the-Sea Rector Search Survey

This Rector Characteristics Survey is the second and final survey in the Portfolio Team’s plan to gather and analyze data in support of the rector search process. The first survey gave us a look at who we are, how we are doing as a congregation and what we see as important for the future. With that in place, we will now attempt to identify what characteristics are needed in our new rector. Although this survey is much shorter that the first, it is even more important. The results of this survey will form the basis for the Discernment Team’s evaluation of candidates. Simply check the appropriate box or supply the required information as indicated. When answering questions with a limited number of choices, please choose the answer that comes closest to the right answer for you, even if it does not fit perfectly. Unanswered items reduce the usefulness of the inventory. You may complete this survey online or on paper. If you choose to fill out the survey online, please try to complete it in one sitting. However, if you are disconnected or are otherwise interrupted, you won’t lose any of this information, as it is automatically saved. To complete the survey, you can begin a new questionnaire and page forward to pick up the survey where you left off. If you complete the paper survey, please return it to the church so that your responses can be entered into the computer. We would like each member of your household over the age of 15 to participate. Please work independently and complete separate questionnaires. It is important that everyone participate in this survey! Please do not sign your name on the questionnaire. answers will be held in the strictest confidence.

We want to guarantee that your individual

Thank you for your support on this critical work! If you have any questions about the survey, please contact the church at [email protected] or call Henry Swan at (508) 636-2519. St. Andrew's by-the-Sea 182 Willow Ave./PO Box 491 Little Compton, RI 02837


Rector Search Survey Characteristics of a New Rector

1. For each of the following ministry areas, please rate the importance of the knowledge and skills required in St. Andrew's next rector. Please prioritize, as everything can't be "Essential" Essential

Very Important



Don't Know

Worship: Ability to plan and conduct worship as a central event of the congregation. Preaching: Ability to make scripture relevant to people's lives through clarity in preaching. Theology: Deep understanding of scripture and ability to relate this in meaningful ways to the congregation. Spiritual Growth: Ability to help parishioners develop a deeper spiritual life. Church Growth: Ability to better engage both existing and new members in the life of the church community. Church Development: Ability to reshape existing programs and introduce new ones. Pastoral Care: Ability to care for people so they feel nurtured, including hospital, nursing home, hospice and home visitation.



Very Important



Don't Know

Lay Ministry: Ability to support and increase the congregation's involvement in worship, pastoral care and other ministries. Music: Ability to incorporate music as an integral part of worship/liturgy and to develop/support music programs. Children's Christian Education: Ability to develop and/or support educational programs for children. Adult Christian Education: Ability to develop and/or support educational programs for adults. Stewardship: Ability to inspire, lead and support the development of congregational resources (financial and personal). Administrative Management: Ability to manage the affairs of the parish including staff and volunteers


2. The Episcopal Church approved the use of a same sex marriage liturgy at the July 2015 national convention. Bishop Knisely has approved the use of this liturgy in the Diocese at the discretion of the rector at each parish. Please indicate your sentiments regarding the following statements on the conduct of same sex weddings. Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree

Our rector should be committed to the conduct of a same sex wedding at St. Andrew's on the same basis as he/she would conduct a wedding between a man and a woman. Our rector need not conduct same sex weddings at St. Andrew's, but must graciously set up a way for another priest to do so at the church. Our rector, or another priest, should not conduct a same sex marriage at St. Andrew's. Our rector should not conduct same sex weddings at St. Andrew's, but it is OK if he/she conducts them elsewhere. Comment


3. Please check the one sentence that best expresses your feeling about the idea of a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) rector at St. Andrew's. I would welcome an LGBT rector. I think I would be OK with an LGBT rector, but it would be an adjustment for me. I would be uncomfortable with an LGBT rector. I believe that we should not hire an LGBT rector. Comment

4. Are there any characteristics or personal circumstances that you would find particularly appealing or unappealing in a new rector? Such examples may include: a female rector, a married rector with young children, a divorced rector, a rector that lives a distance from LC (Boston/Cape Cod/Westerly), a rector with a secondary profession, a rector fresh out of divinity school, a rector formerly from a "big city" congregation, a Lutheran or Moravian rector, an academic (teaching) rector, etc. APPEALING Characteristics (either from examples or your own preferences) UNAPPEALING Characteristics (either from examples or your own preferences)

5. The Portfolio Committee has been advised that the applicant pool for rector positions is much lower than in some prior years. However, because of a new early retirement program at the national level, there are a number of priests of age 50 and up who are looking for a position that is not full time (less than 35 hours per week or 4 days per week or less), and that would be paid at less than a full time salary. Such a candidate would typically expect to remain in a parish for 5 years or more. Would you be willing to consider a candidate to work 4 days a week (or less)? Yes No Comment


Rector Search Survey Style of Ministry

Listed below are 9 pairs of characteristics of a good rector. You will probably agree that both traits in each pair are desirable. But if you had to choose, which characteristic of the two in each pair would you prefer in your rector? Please check one answer for each pair. (Question courtesy of the Hartford Institute) 6. (Style 1) Strongly Prefer Biblical

Slightly Prefer Biblical

Slightly Prefer Spiritual

Strongly Prefer Spiritual

Emphasis on Biblical and theological matters OR an emphasis on spiritual development

7. (Style 2) Strongly Prefer Thoughtprovoking

Slightly Prefer Thoughtprovoking Slightly Prefer Comforting

Strongly Prefer Comforting

Interactions tend to be thought-provoking and challenging OR comforting and reassuring

8. (Style 3) Strongly Prefer Bible Emphasis

Slightly Prefer Bible Emphasis

Strongly Prefer New Approaches

Slightly Prefer New Approaches

Slightly Prefer Strongly Prefer Contemporary Emphasis Contemporary Emphasis

Usually emphasizes the Bible OR contemporary issues.

9. (Style 4) Slightly Prefer Always Been Done

Strongly Prefer Always Been Done

Welcomes new approaches and ideas OR the way things have always been done.


10. (Style 5)

Strongly Prefer Decisive

Slightlyy Prefer Decisive

Slightly Prefer Encourages Congregation

Strongly Prefer Encourages Congregation

Strongly Prefer Relaxed

Slightly Prefer Relaxed

Slightly Prefer Formal

Strongly Prefer Formal

Strongly Prefer Figure Out

Slightly Prefer Figure Out

Slightly Prefer Advises

Strongly Prefer Advises

Tends to be strong and decisive force in decisions OR encourages congregational and lay leadership decisionmaking.

11. (Style 6)

Has a relaxed interpersonal style OR a formal interpersonal style.

12. (Style 7)

Helps people figure things out for themselves OR advises people what to do.

13. (Style 8) Strongly Prefer Reserved Slightly Prefer Reserved

Slightly Prefer Outgoing Strongly Prefer Outgoing

Is reserved and reflective OR outgoing and socially engaging.

14. (Style 9) Strongly Prefer Private Life

Slightlyy Prefer Private Life

Slightly Prefer Gives Whole Self

Stronglyy Prefer Gives Whole Self

Maintains a private life of family, friends, personal and professional development OR gives whole self to the life of the church and work as rector.


Rector Search Survey Sermon Characteristics

15. For you,personally, how important are each of the following in the mix of qualities that make a good sermon? Please prioritize, as everything can't be "Essential". (Adapted from portions of the Hartford Institute inventory) Essential

Very Important


Not Important


Sets forth a clear faith position as a guide for making decisions and living a faithful life. Is biblically based and illustrated. Contains scholarly or literary illustrations Is challenging and thought-provoking Is comforting and reassuring Is spiritually moving and inspirational Touches directly on my everyday life Relates scripture to current events Inspires members to engage in ministries Is delivered without text or notes Reflects the depth of the rector's personal faith and spiritual convictions


Rector Search Survey Personal Characteristics of the New Rector

16. How important or unimportant do you believe each of the following personal characteristics will be for St. Andrew's next rector to possess? Again, please prioritize as best as you can. Very Important



Not Important

Organized Energetic Personable/outgoing Deeply spiritual Inspirational speaker/preacher Enjoys and is knowledgeable about music Talented musically/vocally Good listener Open to involving others and delegating Accessible Well read and broadly knowledgible Experience outside the church Relates well to children Relates well to Diocese Open to developing new ideas/programs Experienced in implementing new ideas/programs Open to change Open to diversity of spiritual beliefs/practices Open to diversity of sexual orientation


Rector Search Survey Background Information about Yourself

17. Gender? Male Female

18. Age? Under 20

35 - 44

65 - 74

20 - 24

45 -54

75 and over

25 - 34

55 - 64


Rector Search Survey Final Thoughts

19. Please take a moment to think about any other rector characteristics that you believe will help St. Andrew's achieve the bright future we all know is possible.

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this survey! We appreciate the time and thought that you have given to it. Your Portfolio Team


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