How to use The FilmMachine: A guide by Convertjosh (For a dutch version go here): System requirements: 20 Gigabyte Hard disk space. A computer with a processor that supports SSE or 3DNow. 512MB RAM memory. Microsoft Windows 2000 , Windows XP sp3 or Windows Vista sp1 (without UAC)

Tools needed : 1 CPU-Z link 2 The FilmMachine 1.6 Download The FilmMachine 1.6 2a The FilmMachine 1.6 Download The FilmMachine 1.6 mirror 3 k-lite codecpack 4.42 full link 4 Real Alternative lite 1.90 (for people without Realplayer) link 5 QT Lite 2.70 (for people without Quicktime player) link 6a Option 1 = cinema.craft.encoder.sp.v2.67.00.27 link (very stable). 6b Option 2= ProCoder 3.05.91 link (Also be found very stable after the latest tests). 6c Option 3 = CinemaCraftEncoder SP2 v1.00.01.05 link (this version doesn’t support rmvb in Windows Vista but else it gives perfect results. 7 SurCode DVD Pro DTS Encoder v1.0.23 link 8 Sonic Foundry Soft Encode link voor AC 3 2.0 en 5.1 encoding (This one could be used instead of Aften.

Before we start all old codecs, Avisynth and old versions of The FilmMachine must be uninstalled from your PC. Install The FilmMachine 1.6 and check Avisynth, ffdshow and ac3 filter. To know which version of the Aften library you should install you can install CPU-Z.

Open CPU-Z . With this tool you can check your cpu specifications and which Aften library is supported.

Before you can start with TFM I will explain the installation of the K-Lite Codecpack Full. Start the installation of K-Lite Codecpack Full K-lite codecpack asks to remove ffdshow. Click on No.

Set up shows the version. Click on next.

Here you can read some info. Click on next.

Choose your installation path. Click on next.

Select your codecs.

Select everything like shown below. Click on Next.

Choose your Start menu folder. Click on next.

Here you can set your preferences.

These are my preferences. Click on next.

Check your settings. Click on install.

Now you have the most important codecs. Click on Finish. If needed install real alternative and QT Lite(this is for people who don’t have realplayer and/or quicktime player)

For this guide I created a DVD from an AVI. The movie used has 2 parts. Start The FilmMachine

Click on “Options-Paths”. Enter the path of the needed executable. Cinema Craft Encoder 2.67 or Cinema Craft Encoder SP2 SurCode DVD Pro DTS Encoder v1.0.23 Grass Valley (Canopus) Procoder 3 (not necessary) Sonic Foundry Soft Encode (not necessary) Click on “OK”.

Click on options-> other. Choose the settings as shown below. Click on ok. (Because most TV’s can handle both NTSC or PAL you should check Don’t care because then if the source audio is AC3 or DTS the audio is extracted and not encoded.)

Click on options->Encoders->Cinema Craft Encoder. I choose the 4 pass method and use the CCE encoder to get a very good quality video. You can use the Roba methode to get a fast and good quality video. The GOP on my PC is always open because this gives the best quality. Sometimes however it can cause problems when you want create a dvd menu after conversion with The FilmMachine. The option Closed Gop is for getting a standard DVD. Click on ok.

Click on open/add movie file and load your first movie.

Click on open/add movie file and load your second movie. Click on next.

Select your output folder You can select from the following AC3 encoders : AC3 2.0 = Aften or Sonic Foundry Soft Encoder. AC3 5.1 = Aften or Sonic Foundry Soft Encoder + Upmix. DTS 6.0 = SurCode DVD Pro DTS Encoder v1.0.23 (this program encodes to DTS 6.0). To keep AC3 5.1 = Aften. Boost audio mode is for boost up the sound (mostly not needed) To set the Bass for upmixing look at the guide here. The other options are set automatically. I selected everything like below. Click on next

Here you can select if you want a dvd5 or dvd9. Bitrate is calculated automatically but can be changed manually

De options for the audio bitrate are: DTS 6.0 -> 1536/768 kbit/s AC3 5.1 -> 448/320 kbit/s Ac3 2.0 -> 320/224 kbit/s The selected audio bitrate changes the calculated video bitrate. When you choose a higher audio bitrate the video quality will be lower. Click on next.

Select everything as shown below. Maybe change some settings to meet your language settings. Load the subtitle files First subtitle 1 and then subtitle 2 Click on next.

Click on preview result. This is to check if the subtitle is shown correctly. You can right-click to get a fullscreen preview.

In this case the subtitle can be positioned a little higher. Click on back.

Set the bottom margin a little higher to better position the subtitle (Keep a minimum of 1,5 rowheight on the bottom of the movie) Click on next

Click on Preview result. Now the subtitle is OK.

Click on make dvd. The FilmMachine creates 1 nice dvd from the 2 movies. The dvd will be saved in the folder that you selected earlier. Now the only thing to do is burn the dvd.

Now we are going to burn the dvd with the option recover project. Recover project also can be used to pick up the conversion process when something went wrong Click on Recover project .

Browse to the TFM_Project.tfm file which is stored in the same directory where your conversion files are stored. Open It.

Now you can start the conversion where it was cutt off by selecting the correct option. Select the correct option. Click on Excute Recovery.

If everything goes well The FilmMachine will show you your DVD-writer. Make sure that your DVD burner doesn’t burn faster then 4x. Click on ok and you have a beautiful dvd.

ImgBurn now creates an image.

The following messagebox can appear when ImgBurn tries to burn the DVD. Just click proceed. Here is a guide to get rid of this messagebox.

Imgburn now burns the DVD.

Do you want a new conversion make sure your output folder is empty.