How to use Flickr for Departmental Photos

[Not for Circulation] How to use Flickr for Departmental Photos offers a free way to store, organize, edit, search and share photos online...
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[Not for Circulation]

How to use Flickr for Departmental Photos offers a free way to store, organize, edit, search and share photos online. Please note, if you create a Flickr account for your department be sure to record the login and password for the account and share it with others from your department. That way if you leave the department or the university, others will still have access to your account.

Create an account 1. Go to 2. If you have a Yahoo e-mail account for your department, you can use your ID and password for that account by clicking the Sign In link at the top right of the Flickr home page. Then skip to step 6. [Note: Do not use your personal Yahoo email account to create a Flickr account for your department. If others in your department need to access the Flickr account, they would then need to use your personal account information.]

3. If you do not have a Yahoo account for your department, click the Create Your Account button located at the top of the page.

4. You will be directed to a Yahoo login page. Click the Sign Up link underneath the login area in the bottom right corner.

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5. Fill in the required information on the page that appears, and click on the Create My Account button.

6. Once your Yahoo account is created, you will be able to sign into Flickr using the new ID and password. You can choose your Flickr screen name in the field provided and click the CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT button. [Note: Your Flickr screen name can be changed later.]

7. The three links provided allow you to fill in your profile information, upload your first photos and find friends on Flickr.

Personalize your profile 1. Click on the Personalize your profile link. 2. Click on the Create your buddy icon link.

3. You may use an image you have uploaded to Flickr or an image on your computer to represent you on Flickr. If you have not yet uploaded an image to Flickr, choose Find an image on my computer.

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4. Click on the Browse button, locate an image on your computer, and then click the UPLOAD button.

5. In the next screen, drag the selection box around and resize it to include the part of your image you would like to appear in your Flickr user icon. Uncheck the box next to constrain selection to square if you would like a rectangular image. Once your have selected the part of your image as you would like to appear, click on the MAKE THE ICON button.

Choose a Custom URL 1. Click the NEXT button, or Choose your custom Flickr URL. 2. The custom URL you choose will be the URL you give to others in order to share your images with them. Your custom Flickr URL cannot be changed later. Once you have considered your choices and have made a decision, enter your choice in the field provided and click on the PREVIEW button.

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3. Flickr will show your URL as it will appear when you share it. If it looks correct to you, choose the OK, LOCK IT IN AND CONTINUE button. If not, click on I need to choose a different alias below and make your changes. 4. Flickr will automatically move to the next screen where you can finish personalizing your profile. Fill in the information you would like to and click the NEXT button. 5. You personalization is complete. To view your profile, click on the small, downwardpointing arrow next to You at the top of the screen and choose Your Profile.

6. To edit your profile further, click on Edit your Profile at the top right of the page. Remember, you can change your screen name at any point by clicking on Your Screen Name at the top right also. People will search for this name on Flickr to find you, so choose it wisely.

Uploading New Photos 1. To upload new photos, click on the small, downward-pointing arrow next to You at the top of the screen and choose Upload Photos and Videos. [Note: You will not be able to upload Videos to Flickr unless you obtain a paid account.]

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2. Click on Choose photos.

3. Choose one or multiple photos to upload to Flickr from your computer. Once you are finished, Flickr will add the photos to a list. You may choose privacy options for the photos that can be changed later. 4. Click on the Upload Photos button.

5. Once your photos are uploaded, click on add a description. 6. Add a description for your image if you would like. You may also want to change the image title in the Title: field. The image is given a default title based on the file name of the image you uploaded. Also, it is very important to add tags to your images. Tags allow Flickr users to search for specific words that will help them locate your images if they are shared publicly. You may add tag words to the Tags: field for each image separately, or use the Add Tags field in the Batch Operations area at the top of the screen to add the same tags for many images at the same time. 7. One you are finished adding descriptions, titles and tags, click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen. 8. Images appear in your photostream in the order of the date they were taken. If no date is provided, Flickr automatically gives the photo the date you uploaded it as the date it was taken. 9. Click on any of your images to see options for that image. You have the ability to add more tags, change the copyright settings for the image, the date the image was taken, flag the image as a photo, screenshot, or piece of art, hide it from public searches, or set the image as safe, moderate or restricted content. 10. Another option you have is to add the image to your map. This is called geo-tagging and allows you to give information concerning where the photo was taken on a map. Click on add to your map, use the tools on the page to zoom into the location the photo was taken and drag the photo to that location to add a geo-tag. Information Technology Services, UIS