How to Rejuvenate the Male Organ: The Facts on Non-Surgical Manhood Rejuvenation

How to Rejuvenate the Male Organ: The Facts on Non-Surgical Manhood Rejuvenation It was only a matter of time before science found a way to give men g...
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How to Rejuvenate the Male Organ: The Facts on Non-Surgical Manhood Rejuvenation It was only a matter of time before science found a way to give men girthier, longer, stronger male organs. Not only has it come to fruition, but it takes less time than an oil change and is a completely natural injectable. Men with dysfunctions like Peyronie’s Disease and Male Organ Dysfunction (MOD) have reported back with pretty impressive results. However, men without member issues can also take advantage of this easy out-patient procedure to rejuvenate their male organs as well. Here’s the low down on what every man needs to know about member rejuvenation. Fact #1: It was Created for Male Dysfunction Member Rejuvenation was created as a treatment for male dysfunctions like MOD and Peyronie’s Disease. Men without issue have also opted to surgically rejuvenate their male organ for increased confidence and performance. It is a quick non-surgical procedure. Fact#2: It’s a Potential Fit for Many Men Men with MOD and Peyronie’s Disease are ideal candidates. Men with enlarged prostates or who have had prostate cancer also can greatly benefit from this procedure. Of course, men with fully-functioning male organs are also welcome to this non-surgical option to rejuvenate the male organ to increase length, girth, or sensitivity. Fact #3: It Takes Only 15-20 Minutes Seriously, a man may spend more time in line at Starbucks than enhancing his joint. Member rejuvenation uses a man’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to create the “P-Shot” to rejuvenate the male organ. It works by stimulating new tissue growth making male organs bigger, stronger, and more frequent. Fact #4: It’s Non-Invasive, Painless, and Uses a Local The patient is given a local numbing anesthetic at the beginning of the procedure. The doctor or nurse draws blood from the arm of the patient. That

blood is then transported to a centrifuge where the PRP is separated from the blood. Next, the PRP is injected into the male organ in precise places with a few needles. That’s it. Fact #5: Recovery Involves a Male organ Pump Post member rejuvenation, men will need to use a digital male organ pump for ten minutes, twice per day. They’ll need to do this for 30 days posttreatment. There is no ban on intimate contact or self-pleasure during this period of recovery. Why Would a Man Get Member Rejuvenation? While that’s all well and good, why would a man with a healthy male organ willing allow (much less pay for) a doctor to stick needles in his most prized possession? It could be for some of these artfully confidence-building benefits like: 1. Screamers – Men have reported longer, more intense intense points that’ll wake up the neighbors and make them call the cops. Sorry, Bob. 2. Feel like a Teenager – Experience increased overall member sensation (Whitesnake poster optional). 3. Being the Big Man on Campus – Men reported an increase of length and girth of the male organ. 4. Or a Sensual Session Czar -- Shorter refractory periods and more stamina equal more intimacy. It’s intimate activity math. You’re welcome. 5. Firmness Like a Sealy – More firmness for a longer period, like a good mattress but more fun. 6. Channeling Casanova – Men experience greater sensual confidence when they feel good about their ding-a-ling. 7. Enhanced Tablet Performance – Men who’ve had member

rejuvenation have greater success with Male enhancement products and other ED medications. Now, it’s important to cite that not all men have experienced all or even one of these benefits. So, as with any procedure, be sure to do ample due diligence when deciding whether or not to get this procedure. It’s also rarely covered by insurance. Also, be sure to complement member rejuvenation results with regular application of a specially created male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) for best results. This crème rejuvenates the male organ and promotes strength, suppleness, and overall male organ health with a variety of vitamins and amino acids shown to benefit the male organ.

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