How to recognise your new Davidsons home

How to recognise your new Davidsons home What makes our homes different from other builders houses? We’d like to show you some of the architectural fe...
Author: Phyllis French
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How to recognise your new Davidsons home What makes our homes different from other builders houses? We’d like to show you some of the architectural features, design differences and the superior quality that makes your Davidsons home unique.

We look closely at the exterior designs, brickwork and detailing so you can too. Our homes are built with beautiful differences that will be appreciated for generations to come. The first thing to look for is the Davidsons “rose”

So sash windows and other casements are chosen

insignia, which will be somewhere on the house,

because they are your window on the world and

it proves that it is an original.

they deserve attention.

We don’t believe in uniformity so you’ll find that many of our home

Look at a Davidsons home from the

designs are unique to an area.

road and you’ll notice that it sits well with its neighbours. Davidsons know

Look at the brickwork – first of

that the way a street is planned

all, you’ll notice that these are top

can make a big difference, so you’ll

quality bricks, chosen because

see that designs are mixed and

they age well. Then look for the

the occasional feature added to

differences in style – it could be

make the overall development that

some detailing on a gable end

much more individual. Building for

or the use of contrasting bricks

generations to come is a serious

or stone – but you’ll find them

responsibility for Davidsons so

somewhere. Also many homes

they create homes that can age

have chimneys because they


enhance the traditional style of the building.

These are just a few of the ways you can recognise a Davidsons

Windows have to be thermally efficient, but they can be beautiful too.

home from the outside but this is just the beginning of the Davidsons difference.

Clockwise from top left Gable detailing with wet dash render Classic Victorian proportions Timber porch and door with original stained glass Two colour brick designs and decorative woodwork Design feature chimneys Decorative wood feature Dogtooth brick verge These are just examples of some of the design features and details, which will vary from development to development to suit the character of the location.

Clockwise from top left Great living spaces to entertain in Personalised kitchen designs Traditional or modern-you decide Loo seats that soft-closes Top brand appliances as standard Room shapes to excite your imagination Plugs that hide in work surfaces

Step through the door of our new homes and keep looking. You’ll find more features, more attention to detail and more choices than you imagined possible. First of all look at the shape of the living spaces.

Kitchens are a major difference with us and there’s no such

Some homes have atriums, some have intriguing loft

thing as a standard Davidsons kitchen.

areas and most have an individual design feature that makes it stand

Our free kitchen designer offer has been a

out from the standard box shapes of

major success and customers have created

the past. You have to be a little bit of

dozens of totally individual kitchens in both

an individual to appreciate them, but

traditional and ultra modern styles. These are

that’s not likely to be a problem is it?

a truly inspiring collection and you can see more of them in our Options catalogue or on

As you walk through you’ll notice

our website.

the quality of the doors and the fittings is just...well it’s just better.

Whatever your taste you can be sure that your kitchen will be available with superb

The living rooms feel comfortable,

appliances and the best in floor tiles and

light and little features like the fact

work surfaces.

that the walls are pre-wired for your plasma screen are a thoughtful

Choice is an obsession with Davidsons. There

touch. And it’s the little surprises

are an estimated 256 ways you can make your

elsewhere, like the plugs that hide

new home suit your personality by choosing

in the work surface when they’re

different colours, flooring, tiles, detailing or

not being used or the soft closing loo

appliances. Davidsons will be delighted if

seat that add value.

every home is unique.

It’s how we build our homes that really matters. We are building not just for you, but for future generations. That’s the Davidsons difference. The heritage started when Albert Wilson started to

have worked for the big names in housebuilding

build homes in Leicestershire in the early part of the

but who are convinced that now is the time for

last century.

a different approach.

Over the next 60 years this company developed

You’ll find that Davidsons still use craftsmen

into a highly respected major national housebuilder

but they also use the most innovative technology

which was one of the best known

and methods. Davidsons is

names in the UK. After this brand

building for the generations to

was acquired by an international

come – no fast answers or short

construction group, his family

cuts, just homes with style,

decided to start building their

efficiency and sustainability built in.

reputation for excellence again and set up Davidsons – homemakers

Don’t forget that you should be

for a new generation.

able to identify a Davidsons home by the unique “rose” insignia built into the

Certain things remain the same – like the family

structure of the building. After all, if you are

values and commitment to quality that they

buying the work of a master builder, then

always insisted on. But Davidsons is a smaller

Davidsons think that further generations of

and younger company staffed by people who

your family should be able to recognise it.

Clockwise from top left Classical design themes Traditional skills Interesting shapes not blandness Luxuries you can live with A welcome that lasts Locations that will last for generations.

Residential · Commercial · Strategic Land · Joint Ventures Davidsons Group Wilson House, Leicester Road Ibstock, Leicestershire. LE67 6HP T: 01530 261 444 F: 01530 267 140

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