How intelligent is your business?

How intelligent is your business? The Superyacht Intelligence Agency is the most comprehensive and valuable data partner for any business, investor ...
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How intelligent is your business?

The Superyacht Intelligence Agency is the most comprehensive and valuable data partner for any business, investor or owner that needs to know the true state of the market.

Martin H. Redmayne Chairman, Editor-in-Chief

Dovile Jankauskaite Senior Business Analyst

Felix Sowerbutts Data Analyst

Georgia Boscawen Market Analyst

Mahmoud Abdou Research Analyst

Zori Zdravkova Data Researcher


How intelligent is your business?

What we do?

With a database of over 5,000 superyachts and over 40,000 individuals from all sectors of the superyacht industry, we are able to track trends and deliver accurate and insightful data from a dedicated team of researchers and analysts. Whether you want to plan your sales strategy, launch a new product, seek a new investor, analyse the cost of ownership, or require intelligence to support a new business plan, we have the knowledge and the team to provide you with the information and analysis for strategic decision-making.

Just a few of our clients:



How intelligent is your business?

Question 1 – How many shipyards have consistently delivered one or more yachts every year in the last 10 years?

13 Knowing who to target and who is in survival mode can help you to be more effective.

Hint: There were 347 active shipyards making deliveries from 2005-2014



How intelligent is your business?

Question 2 – Are you forecasting your business based on real data?

GOB* 2016 420 Superyachts are currently in build


131 Active shipyards worldwide

332 Number of yards


Number of yachts 250 2016 order book analysis by number of superyachts and active builders

200 150 100




32 16




0 Europe

Is the average LOA* of yachts rising? 48.2 Average LOA, (m) of superyacht deliveries in the past 3 years and current order book


* Global order book





* Length overall, (m)




Data: 2015, November


How intelligent is your business?

Question 3 – How well do you know your industry?


2 Poor



4 Fair



7 Good





What percentage of the superyacht fleet spent winter in the Mediterranean last year?

What was the average superyacht resale price for 2014?


€10,3 million

How many marinas worldwide have the capacity to accommodate at least one 50m+ superyacht?

How many weeks on average are superyachts not in use?


35 weeks €


How intelligent is your business?

Question 4 – What does your customer or potential customer think of you?


Don’t know

They love us

We can help you

Are you sure?

The Superyacht Intelligence Agency gives you access to your target audience - Surveys: External, general market’s opinion & client satisfaction survey - Interviews: Internal, relevant opinion of a select group of influencers across the market - Events: Face-to-face meetings, interviews, brainstorming events


How intelligent is your business?

Question 5 – Do you know how captains and owners make buying decisions and/or what their typical budget is?

Superyacht OPEX by size category (with guests per week) 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 70-80 80-90


€17k+ €29k+ €54k+ €87k+ €112k+ €120k+

The Superyacht Intelligence team is tracking superyacht expenditure trends and buying behaviour.


How intelligent is your business?

Question 6 – What are your competitors doing?

Superyacht Intelligence (SI)


Competitor Intelligence (CI) Our team of experts is gathering intelligence on markets that you operate in or want to enter. And most important of all our team is already tracking and analysing your competition for you.



How intelligent is your business?

Case study – OceanLED

To reinforce Ocean LED’s position in the superyacht industry, a detailed market insight and competitor study was conducted.

Steps & methods used before approaching the market Define and segment your market Identification of the potential buyers and influencers of underwater lighting, segregated by business type, performance and position in the market. Find out who the competitors are Ocean LED’s primary competitors were meticulously analysed, encompassing individual company descriptions and the identification of key business characteristics.  nalyse your competition A For all of the competitors included in the analysis, a detailed profile was constructed including not only an overview of all business areas, developments and plans, but also financial details. With this information, a benchmarking technique was then used to clearly establish Ocean LED’s position in the underwater lighting market amongst competitors.


Using the insight and studies, OceanLED now has the capacity to approach the market in the best possible way.



How intelligent is your business?

Question 7 – What will superyacht owners want next?

What inspires the next generation?

Cool stuff Go Anywhere


Innovation Exploration

Fun Efficient Technology

Less Expensive Smart Systems Hybrid Philanthropy


We research and identify the trends and habits of new and emerging owners.


How intelligent is your business?

Question 8 – Are you evolving with your market?






4330 4300


3800 3367 3300

What are the drivers of growth and profitability in your sector?



















Comparison of total superyacht fleet (year on year)

Fleet figures are just one way of looking at the market. Gross tonnage, values, charter activity and cruising patterns can be more valuable.

On a daily basis the superyacht intelligence and editorial teams are tracking superyacht fleet movement.


How intelligent is your business?

Case study – Blohm+Voss

In full preparation for their re-entry into the superyacht market, we supported Blohm+Voss by providing accurate and intelligent market analysis.

Steps & methods used before decision-making process Perception Market’s perception of their product, brand and business Fleet analysis Current and future superyacht demand and market gaps based on product profile Customer research Client profiling and analysis of their behaviour Competitor investigation Opponents analysis in order to position their brand, marketing, product and pricing strategies Brainstorm Influencers in the industry have gathered together to define the future generation of the ultra large yacht sector


Using the detailed market analysis Blohm + Voss were equipped to re-enter the market with confidence.



How intelligent is your business?

Facts & figures – The combined gross tonnage of all yachts delivered in 2014 is 76,332

If all the crew from all the superyachts currently afloat were gathered in one place there would be over 30,000 people

Recent projects – The number of litres needed to fill all the superyachts fuel tanks to the brim 179,709,260

The most popular name for a superyacht Freedom

-R  egional and economic distribution of marina berths over 30m within the Mediterranean for a leading marina investor

- Insight and intelligence for a confidential client on the buying process and influencers of the insurance market

- Unique intelligence on the refit and repair sector, with specific insight into captains’ decision-making processes

- Analysis and due diligence of 15 shipyards in order to support a potential owner’s buying decision

- Investment potential for a private bank wishing to offer a product created specifically for the superyacht sector - Investor insight into the market position and potential of a target company prior to acquisition

There are 854 shipyards worldwide that have made at least one delivery

 op 10 shipyards have 30.1% T of all the superyachts in build globally. 8 out of 10 leading shipyards are based in Europe

- A strategic business plan for a new company wishing to expand from commercial shipping into the superyacht sector - Insight and guidance for individual owners who have required OPEX and CAPEX studies on a variety of target superyachts for sale

The number of deliveries in 2014 decreased by 45.8% compared to 2008

Average age of the total fleet 22 years

- Confidential due-diligence reports for owners looking to select new build shipyards based on key criteria -D  etailed analysis of the brokerage sector for a potential investor looking to acquire a leading brand


- Brand analysis and market perception of a re-emerging product range that had been bought by a new investor - Interviews and market insight amongst a select group of owners on their perception and appreciation of a wellknown shipyard - Financial and technical due diligence reports and analysis of two major shipyards that were on the shortlist for a major new build project - Intelligent analysis of the current and future superyacht market, with focus on identifying trends for fine-tuning strategy and exploring market opportunities in design and development - Prediction of the surface area potential for the painting industry or the new build coating and protection industry as well as on a typical refit or painting cycle. 27

How intelligent is your business?

A 12-month subscription to – £250

The essential data, analysis and information every business needs to understand for an effective strategy in 2016 The

Superyacht Intelligence ANNUAL REPORT 2016 Stay informed everyday!

A subscription provides: -A search mechanism with over 40 different parameters and over 100 different filterable options. -The ability to generate your own charts for visual statistical representation. - Daily superyacht fleet updates and announcements covering the new build sector (delivery and launch) and existing fleet (brokerage and refit sector).


- Access to the live Global Order Book listings, updated on a daily basis. - Profiles of builders and designers displayed with their company and contract information, in addition to their superyacht fleet portfolios, current projects and relevant competitive statistics.

Don’t miss out, pre-order a copy of The Superyacht Intelligence Annual Report 2016 today. Price: £125 29

How intelligent is your business?

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