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1973-1974. Honor Roll of Donors Alumni Association of Hope College

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Class Representatives 1890/1973

Of. Z ae tm ry Vsldhutu Closjftttof \B90- !ry, Ralph Rul. Mays. Robert McCullouoh. Mr. and Mrs. Robnrt W. Morklo, Pr. and Mrs. H. B. Meyer, Mr, nnd Mrs. C. B. Michel, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Millar, Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Myers, Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank E. Myer», Vera l. Nelson, Dorothy L. Newcomb, Dr. and Mrs. Arnold OoffttnC. Di. and Mrs. Wayne N. Oatorhovan, Mrs. John Ottlgnon, Mr. and Mrs. James A. Otto, Ernost. Sr. Otton, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Porker, Albert Parker, Robert P. Partington, Stephen A. Paul, Mr. end Mrs. Edward Pedlety, Dr. and Mrs. N o r m a n L. Pennington, Mr. and Mrs, Relph I. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Pair, Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Petz, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Peverly, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Puehl, Mr. and M rv Charles Qulst, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Romaker, Richard A. Remtden, Mr. and Mrs. George Rayner, Mr, end Mrs. Donald Reed, Walter A., Jr. Romtema, Mr. and Mrs. R a y m o n d Richardson, Mr. and M ra Sheldon Roos, Rev. and Mrs. Arvln W. Rouse, Mr. end Mrs. Ben L. Scholl, Mr. and Mra Bennett L. Schuenmon, Or. and M r a Arthur Seevera, Dr. and M r a M. H. Sims, Melcoln W. Smith, Mr, end M r a Vernon Sonnoveldt, Mr. and Mra Arnold TenClay, Rev. and Mrs. Henry J. Ton. Gilbert J. othaker, Dr. and M r a Janv>es C. Toothaker, Upchurch, Mr. and M r a Jack Vanden Berg, Mr. and M ra Garry G Van DIs, Mr. and M ra Wiilisn Von Engen, Mr. end M ra Garold Van Roken, Mr. and M r a Donald Van Sloten, Mr. and M r a David

r. end Mrs. Gil Wear,. Mr. and M ra All; Allan Waptor, jtor, Mr. and M ' ra William Wojcickl, Mr. Sy Wrigley, C. C. Wykhuis, Mr. oung, Mr. and Mra

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