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Homeopathic First Aid Kit Contents Sprays Rescue Remedy Spray Creams Arnica ointment 30g Calendula ointment 20g Liquids/Tinctures Swedish Bitter elixi...
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Homeopathic First Aid Kit Contents Sprays Rescue Remedy Spray Creams Arnica ointment 30g Calendula ointment 20g Liquids/Tinctures Swedish Bitter elixir 30 ml Colloidal silver 30 ml Tablets/Pills/Granules* (80 granules per vial) aconitum napellus 30ch apis mellifica 30ch arnica Montana 30ch arsenicum album 30ch belladonna 30ch cantharis 30ch causticum 30ch hypericum perforatum 30ch ledum palustre 30ch phosphorus 30ch rhus toxicodendrom 30ch symphytum officinale 30ch urtica urens 30ch *Throughout the guide remedies are abbreviated to the first portion of the full name listed above. Supplies Butterfly closures Gauze pad (4x4) Gauze self cling bandage (3”x15”) Gauze self cling bandage (4”x15”) Bandage tape Bandage scissors Sterilized plastic bandage strips Disposable gloves


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Storage Information: The remedies should be kept away from strong light, temperatures above 100 degrees or below, wet or damp areas, and from exposure to strong odors such as menthol, mothballs or perfumes Keep remedies in their original containers.

Usage Guide General Information Homeopathic applications should never replace first aid techniques. The basics: Call for Help, Airway, Breathing Circulation should be the first steps to any emergency treatment. This guide is not meant to replace first aid training but should be used in conjunction with appropriate treatments. Homeopathic treatment can be valuable for persons who suffer from accidents and injuries. When treatments are used in conjunction with first aid procedures, the risk of long-term damage from an injury can be decreased and the healing process can be greatly enhanced. Unlike chronic complaints that must be treated by a licensed practitioner skilled at prescribing the correct individualized remedy for the patient, common injuries and complaints all tend to need a similar stimulus for healing and do not require individual prescriptions. The following is intended as a guide to such treatment. Administering the Remedies Remove the paper strip seal from the container. Hold the container upside down but leave the cap on and twist the tube while in the inverted position until the correct number of granuals drop into the cap. While maintaining the inverted position, carefully remove the cap from the tube. The granules should then be dropped directly onto the patient’s tongue or under their tongue and remain there until they are dissolved. Avoid touching the patient’s mouth, hands, or tongue with the cap. Do not place pills in the rescuer or patient’s hands prior to administration. Avoid contaminating the cap. Patients should be instructed to let the pills dissolve in their mouth rather than swallowing them. Dosage: Typically homeopaths consider a dose to be 4 or 5 granules or pills. If the patient gets some relief from the first dose but is not symptom free, the dose www.pixiedusthealing.com

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can be repeated without harm every 5 minutes until symptoms are relieved. If there is no change in symptoms after the first one or two doses, consider an alternative remedy. A dose can be repeated every 30 minutes to one hour depending on the injury for the first two hours. One dose every 4 hours will likely be all that is required after the initially two-hour period. Doses and administration remain the same for children as for adults. GENERAL USE Rescue Remedy- is a combination of Bach flowers that can be used to calm those who are shocked, fearful or panicked due to an accident or injury. The preparation can be given as 3 sprays on or under the tongue and may be considered as an immediate action while you are preparing other first aid techniques. Colloidal silver- can be used as a natural alternative to wound disinfectants or alcohol. Flush the involved area by pouring silver over the area or by gently cleansing the area with a sterile pad soaked in the silver solution. Silver can also be taken internally to support the immune system and fight infection and is considered a natural alternative to antibiotics. Swedish bitters- can be taken internally for complaints of any kind. May be particular helpful for stomach complaints, sore throats and toothaches. 1 teaspoon can be added to a cup of boiled water that has been cooled somewhat and the mixture drank as a tea. Can also be used as a compress by applying a gauze pad moistened with Swedish bitters to the affected area. Cover the pad with a cloth or bandage and leave for 2 to 4 hours or overnight. FOR PARTICULAR INJURIES CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING GUIDE: Allergic Reactions Severe allergic reactions to insect bites and stings such as bees and wasps, or exposure to certain foods and medicines are called anaphylactic shock and can be life threatening. Such events require immediate medical attention. APIS remedy can be given for the allergic reaction including those that involve swelling, and difficulty breathing while waiting for emergency help.


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URTICA URENS remedy may also be helpful particularly if the symptoms include hives, red raised rashes with intense itching, or if the allergic reaction is in response to eating shellfish. Bites or Stings LEDUM is the first remedy to consider for insect stings and animal bites. RESCUE REMEDY will be helpful if the event has caused emotional distress or hysteria. The area in which the sting or bite is located should be disinfected by pouring COLLOIDAL SILVER over the area or pouring colloidal silver onto a sterile cloth or 4x4 and gently wiping the area involved. Finally apply CALENDULA cream to the area for soothing relief. Calendula should not be applied if the injury involves a deep bite cut. Bleeding Direct pressure as per First Aid protocols should be applied to stop the bleeding. ARNICA is the first remedy to consider. ACONITUM remedy may be useful if the bleeding does not seem to stop with Arnica and the patient appears extremely fearful and distressed. Once the wound has stopped bleeding you can apply a 4X4 soaked in COLLOIDAL SILVER to help disinfect the area then wrap with further bandages. For minor cuts and scrapes, calendula can be applied to the 4X4 to disinfect and promote healing. It should be avoided on deep cuts. ARNICA OINMENT should NOT be applied to the open wound area as it may promote further bleeding. Broken Bones RESUCE REMEDY would be helpful when broken bones are suspected in order to calm the patient while you are preparing other first aid treatments such as splinting or waiting for more advanced help. ARNICA should be the next remedy given to the patient. This will help reduce pain, treat the shock and prevent infection. SYMPHYTUM can be given to promote bone healing ONLY AFTER the bone has been professional set. Given before the appropriate alignment can promote inappropriate healing. www.pixiedusthealing.com

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Bruising ARNICA is the remedy for bruising. If the wound is not open (no bleeding) you can also apply ARNICA OINTMENT to the area. Burns Burns are classified according to the depth of the burn by first degree, second degree or third degree. First degree is the most common and creates redness of the skin and pain. Second-degree burns create blistering along with the redness and pain. Blisters may be raised and white in appearance. Third degree burns appear white or charred black. Medical attention is required for all third degree burns and any second-degree burns that extend to large areas of the body or over joints. RESCUE REMEDY will help relieve pain and calm the patient. ARNICA is the second remedy to give the patient in order to relieve pain. Most first aid manuals suggest the application of cold water to the burn area. Homeopathic therapy suggests the use of similars, therefore the application of warm (not hot!) water to the area. Although this may initially be painful it does appear to speed healing (this however is NOT a standard first aid protocol). For First Degree Burns, once the burn has been treated with water, apply CALENDULA ONITMENT to the area. CANTHARIS remedy is indicated for the pain of a burn, especially in the more severe cases of second or third degree burns with blistering. URTICA URENS remedy can be given to reduce the pain of first-degree burns (see sunburns). CAUSTICUM remedy can be considered for a second-degree burn. Cuts Direct pressure with a clean 4X4 or bandage will usually stop the bleeding. The cut area can be cleaned with COLLIDIAL SILVER to prevent infection. To further prevent infection apply CALENDULA OINTMENT to the area prior to the application of a sterile bandage. RESUCE REMEDY can be given to calm the patient prior to your cleaning and bandaging applications. ARNICA remedy is helpful for both stopping the bleeding and promoting healing.


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HYPERICUM remedy is helpful particularly if the injury occurs in an area of the body rich with nerves such as fingers, or back. It will also help prevent tetanus. Eye Injuries Foreign objects such as dust, chemicals, bugs or dirt can be removed from the eye by using COLLOIDIAL SILVER as a flushing agent. ARNICA remedy is useful for bruising around the eyes (black eyes) . LEDUM remedy can be given for black eyes or puncture wounds of the eye or eye area. SYMPHYTUM remedy can be helpful for older eye injuries or to injuries involving the cheekbone as resulted from a blow to the area. Food Poisoning ARSENICUM is generally the remedy most helpful for cases of food poisoning. Swedish bitters tea may be helpful after a bout of nausea and vomiting due to food poisoning. Head Injury Qualified professionals should assess head injuries involving loss of consiousness, or any episode of confusion. Head injuries can progress to affecting breathing and circulation and therefore attention to the patient’s vital signs should always be a priority. Head injured patients should never be left alone. ARNICA remedy is indicated immediately after any injury to relieve shock, pain and swelling and can be given while awaiting further medical intervention. RESCUE REMEDY is also helpful during the waiting period. Nosebleeds RESCUE REMEDY may be particularly helpful in a nosebleed brought on my emotional upset, extreme exertion, or a shocking injury. ARNICA remedy is the first remedy to consider for a nosebleed. PHOSPHORUS remedy is often useful in controlling nosebleeds, particularly if they appear without any obvious injury or cause.


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Sprains or Strains (sore muscles) A sprain is caused by over stretching or tearing of the ligaments that attach muscle to bone. They are often experienced at joint areas such as the ankle, knee or shoulder due to sudden movement, unnatural twisting motions, or overexertion. Strains involve a deeper injury and extend into the tendon as well. Strains usually cause swelling to the area, intense pain and sometimes discoloration and reduced mobility to the area. Both sprains and strains can be difficult to distinguish from a broken bone and therefore may require further medical attention. ARNICA remedy should be given immediately after the injury and can help reduce pain, swelling and stiffness. RHUS TOX remedy should also be considered as follow up to ARNICA. If ARNICA is helpful at first to keep the swelling down, RHUS TOX helps keep the swelling down and heal the sprain. This remedy is recommended when the injury is caused by overexertion. Sunburn/sunstroke Like thermal and scalding burns, sunburns are classified according to the depth of the exposure. (See burns above). Sunstroke is considered to be present if the patient’s core temperature has actually increased to a fever state. In the case of sunstroke the patient may appear dizzy, and confused. Severe sunburns and sunstroke require further medical attention. APIS remedy will generally improve a First- Degree sunburn that is rosy in color with swelling, is sensitive, and includes intense stinging, burning and prickling sensations. BELLADONNA remedy is helpful for First-Degree burns when the skin is red in color and little red bumps are present on the skin. BELLADONA is the first remedy to consider in cases of Sunstroke. CANTHARIS remedy may be helpful for either First –Degree sunburns or Second-Degree sunburns with burning blisters. RHUS TOX remedy is indicated for Second-degree sunburns with itching blisters, red swollen, or burning blisters and yellow pus-filled blisters. ARSENICUM remedy is helpful for Third-degree sunburn.


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