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The Tradition Continues On The Trail

Western Jubilee Recording Company

Home of the Best in the Heart of the West Greetings from Colorado Springs, Upon your request, we are proud and pleased to provide you with our 20th annual catalog of Western and Old Time Country music. In the front pages you will find our Newest Recordings: • On the heels of his recent Grammy Nomination for Folk Album of the Year, Norman Blake assisted by Nancy Blake, add to the Plectrafone collection with Brushwood Songs & Stories. Songs and stories of visions and histories resonating with the world as we now know it. • Cohorts & Collaborators ~ Songs Written With Waddie, co-written and performed by Top Western Artists who bring Waddie’s Words to new level of imagination and interpretation. • Sons of the San Joaquin’s, One More Ride, is a glorious ride o’er the trail with an eye on the setting sun. Western Jubilee and Plectrafone Records thank you for your support of these High Quality, All-New, Full-length Recordings from many of America’s most respected performers. As designated in this catalog, many of these Artists and our Record Company have received honors in various Traditional and Folk music categories. Our catalog cover photo by Erwin E. Smith (taken near the LS Ranch in Texas) is from the same era as Jack Thorpe’s 1908 Songs of the Cowboys book. This was the first book of American Folk Music containing Western songs. These titles and selections continue to be available on compact discs, as well as at your favorite Digital Delivery stores. However, by ordering direct from Western Jubilee you can save money as we again are offering our popular Buy 3 items, Get a fourth CD FREE Special (Your choice of any single-disc CD. Please include $1.50 for shipping and handling for each CD, including free CD’s). You will receive the same prompt and courteous service and our prices have never increased. Give a Cowboy Call to Colorado at 800.707.2353, or visit us online at www.WesternJublilee.com. Our Best Regards, The Western Jubilee Family Collectors! Many vintage Cowboy & Hillbilly items, plus more available for sale. Please inquire. Cover Layout - Donald Kallaus Catalog Layout - Sylvia Hutson, Assisted by Kathleen Collins, Dave Olsen, Scott O’Malley Western Jubilee Recording Company Plectrafone Records P. O. Box 9187 Colorado Springs, CO 80932

800.707.2353 - Order Line [email protected] www.WesternJubilee.com Facebook: WesternJubileeRC www.Plectrafone.com Facebook: Plectrafone




NEW ! Plectrafone Records

the Old Time Country Division of Western Jubilee Proudly Presents: All new, original old time country music by Norman Blake, assisted by Nancy Blake. • All Original Blake Music • Available now from your friends at Plectrafone and Western Jubilee Norman Blake: “The most hardcore traditional musician I know, and one of the best musicians in the world.” – T Bone Burnette

See More Norman Blake Recordings pages 21 – 23, 25 of this catalog.

BRUSHWOOD Songs & Stories ...............................................$15.00

The Countess Lola Montez How the Weary World Wears Away Bunk Johnson ~ Trumpet Man High Rollers The Generic Rag Waitin’ For the Mail and Social Security The Lantern Thru the Fog There’s a Storm Somewhere Newsome Gap Rag The Truth Will Stand ~ When This World’s on Fire

Sweet Banks of Flowers ~ Georgie’s Vision Look Away, So Far Away The Fate of Oliver Curtis Perry ~ Empire State Train Robber The Target Shooter Fiddlin’ Peg Leg Jackson on the Mourner’s Bench The Nameless Photograph Cripple Charlie Clark The Wreck on the Western & Atlantic ~ At Willowdale Curve Stay Down on the Farm Order # 1

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Cohorts & Collaborators VARIOUS ARTISTS

This album is a special project. I’m excited to share my enthusiasm of what collaboration with big talent can produce. I send off some of my words and get back another artist’s genius. I am also happy to get the chance to share some of my favorite singer/ songwriter friends to some of you who may not have heard of all of them before. Believe me, you’ll appreciate it.


“Mitchell is a tradition bearer, an iconic figure who gives voice to the daily lives of Cowboys.” – National Storytelling Network

Waddie Mitchell, co-writer and producer of this recording, is the most recognized real cowboy in the world today and the #1 Buckaroo Poet. For offerings from Waddie Mitchell, see pages 16 – 17 of this catalog.

COHORTS & COLLABORATORS............................................$15.00 A Poet with Something to Say Dave Stamey The Bristlecone Pine Brenn Hill Trade Off Gillette Brothers It’s Who They Are Juni Fisher You Are the Light Dean Walden Middle of No-where Pipp Gillette


Of a Cowboy Sons and Brothers Back Story Jon Chandler The Hand Trinity Seely The Rawhide Braider Brenn Hill Dogs Bark in the Night Pipp Gillette Still There Juni Fisher

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New & Final Sons Recording! Western Jubilee Recording Company Proudly Presents:

Sons of the San Joaquin

One More Ride

From Joe, Jack & Lon Hannah America’s Western Family Singing Group

Sons of the San Joaquin


Cowboy Gospel • Jack Hannah Songs • Ballads & Patriotic And a tip of their hat to the original Sons of the Pioneers From the finest halls in the land - To your playback system.

One More Ride

One More Ride is just that; the final, full-length, studio recording of all un-released songs performed by Sons of the San Joaquin.

20 plus years with Western Jubilee For More offerings from the Sons, see pages 6 - 9, 28 of this catalog.

ONE MORE RIDE.....................................................................$15.00

One More Ride

The Reason Why Don’t Fiddle With a Cowboy Hat I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen I’ll Leave the Light On How Big is God

Don’t Ride Away All Hail to the Pioneer How Great Thou Art Down Where the Saguaro Grow The Searchers It is Well

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3 5

A Cowboy’s Song

15 Years - A Retrospective

A lifetime of family singing as SONS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN, Joe, Jack and Lon Hannah present their newest recording, A COWBOY’S SONG. Featuring 10 old-style original compositions by Jack Hannah and four of the Sons’ favorite classics. Produced and performed by Rich O’Brien and featuring the sweet violin of Richard Chon.

15 YEARS! Fifteen unforgettable years spent recording a legacy of family harmonies… Fifteen years of our fans’ favorites... Fifteen years of celebrating, nurturing and contributing to a genre of music that tells the stories of a unique character in the history of the world - The American Cowboy. This retrospective collection features all new recordings of the Hannah Boys’ favorites including works by Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer from the Sons of the Pioneers, Ian Tyson and more! Also included are three previously unreleased songs including two Jack Hannah originals Utah and The Legend of Jake Kincaid and the fan favorite Ghost Riders in the Sky.

Sons of the San Joaquin

“The core members of this lusty-voiced family band have long been thought of as undisputed standard bearers of our Western Music genre. ... Brand this one GREAT!” - The Western Way “Chock-full of cattle-herding, bronco-busting, and trail-riding imagery that sings to the heart of the Western experience.”

- American Cowboy Magazine

A Cowboy’s Song ................$15.00

A Cowboy’s Song Chant of the Plains Down Along the Sleepy Rio Grande Have I Told You Lately That I Love You Heaven’s Right Here He’s a Rover He Don’t Want to Cuss the Rough-String Anymore Howdy Do Lie Down Little Dogie,Lie Down Lord, I’m Just an Old Cowboy Ol’ Jim Bridger Slow Movin’ Cattle The Girl with the Broken Heart Order # Timberline Camp


sons of the san joaquin

Western Music Association Hall of Fame

“A trio of modern-day cowboys known for their drop-dead gorgeous harmonies.”

– Fort Worth Weekly

15 Years - A Retrospective .......$15.00


Happy Cowboy Timber Trail The Gift Great American Cowboy Along the Santa Fe Trail Song of the Rover Wyoming on My Mind Is It Because Anything But a Cowboy

From Whence Came the Cowboy I Ride Along and Dream Charlie and the Boys Texas Plains Utah (With One Eye) Ghost Riders in the Sky The Legend of Jake Kincaid Order #Order 18 # 5

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Sing One For The Cowboy

Horses, Cattle & Coyotes

Sing One For The Cowboy solidifies the Hannah family’s considerable influence on today’s Western music. Jack Hannah has penned nine of these 12 songs showcasing the traditional, rich three-part harmony that is the Sons’ hallmark. Sons of the San Joaquin are the barometer for all Western harmony groups.

Multiple year winners of the Western Music Association’s Group of the Year. Powerful, lush three-part harmonies grown in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley. Features 10 songs by the WMA’s Songwriter of the Year, Jack Hannah. From Shenandoah to the Red River Valley, Horses, Cattle and Coyotes is a wonderful melodic tribute to America’s greatest WRANGLER AWARD folk hero, the Cowboy. OUTSTANDING

sons of the san joaquin


“With their booming cowboy - song voices and laid-back, get-along-little-doggies charm, the Sons know how to smooth their way into peoples hearts.” - Fresno Bee

sons of the san joaquin


“The Sons of the San Joaquin are the only singing group alive who I feel sound like the original Sons of the Pioneers.” – Roy Rogers

Sing One for the Cowboy ...... $15.00 Trail to San Antone Still Water Pool Charlie and the Boys Sierra Nevada Sing One For the Cowboy Rough String Rider California Unbroke Hoss God Gave the Cowboy Montana Watch Him (Demon Desert) Texas Plains The West

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Horses, Cattle & Coyotes ...$15.00

Ridin’ Easy with the Sun Livin’ the Life of the Trail Land of Enchantment Abilene Town When the Coyotes Come Near Trail Drive Trilogy for Roy Shenandoah Red River Valley Home on the Range

He’s Runnin’ Out of Roundups I Ride Along and Dream Border Affair Horses, Cattle and Coyotes Pale Moon (Over the Bed Ground) He Just Can’t be Seen from the Road

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7 7

Sons of the San Joaquin - DVD

with Rich O’Brien, guitar & Steve Story, fiddle

LIVE Western Jubilee Warehouse


Great Full Concert Plus Over 40 Minutes of Bonus Features:

• Hannah Family Interviews • From Whence Came the Cowboy Music Video • Roy Rogers & Dale Evans with the Sons • Waddie on WJRC

Sons of the San Joaquin - CD

with Rich O’Brien, guitar & Steve Story, fiddle

LIVE Western Jubilee Warehouse

The Son’s first and only live recording in their 28 year history. This concert - Live from the Western Jubilee Warehouse in Colorado Springs is available on both CD & DVD. The Sons are backed by the West’s best guitar player, Rich O’Brien and Texas fiddle king, Steve Story.

Same great 60 minute concert as on the DVD Classics from the Sons’ vast repertoire “Best Living Western Music Group.” – True West Magazine

Walk of Western Stars

– Newhall, California

Sons of the San Joaquin LIVE DVD .................................$20.00 Sons of the San Joaquin LIVE CD ....................................$15.00 Trail Drive Whoopi Ti Yi Yo Tumbling Tumbleweeds / Cool Water / So Long to the Red River Valley Happy Roving Cowboy Way Out Yonder Is It Because Wyoming on My Mind Silver Spurs


Santa Rosa Serenade Where the Very Same Cottonwoods Grow There’s a Rainbow Over the Range Trilogy For Roy


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Way Out Yonder


sons of the san joaquin

sons of the san joaquin

Jack Hannah has written more top-quality cowboy songs than he’ll ever be able to record. There are Hannah originals on this exceptional collection that could hold their own against anything you’ve ever heard. Featuring and produced by multi Wrangler Award winner Rich O’Brien. Ten Jack Hannah originals with a touch of Autry and a pinch of the Pioneers.

“At the request of our friends and loyal fans, and because of the importance of Gospel music in our lives, we decided to do this special project” says Jack Hannah of the Sons. “We have remained true to our Western style of arranging and singing, and what you will hear is what we call Cowboy Gospel.” Features one of the last recordings by Western entertainment legend Dale Evans Rogers on the hymn, In the Sweet By and By, making Gospel Trails a must have recording. Gospel Trails was Western Jubilee’s first release, and continues to be a top seller among lovers of music.



“The Sons sing in a style as wide-open and relaxed as an afternoon loping across Montana.”

“If you love Gospel music, you’ll have to have this album.” – Cowboy Magazine

“Fabulous Cowboy Songs of the West that you will enjoy forever

“Truly, their music is a blessing to everybody.” – Dale Evans

– New York Daily News

– Johnny Western

the country music disc jockey hall of fame and the western music hall of fame

Way Out Yonder ..................$15.00

There’s a Rainbow Over the Range Ridin’ Up the Glory Trail Song from Nara Visa The Famous Long X Brand Santa Fe Lights The Ballad of Joaquin Murrieta Little Cowboy

It’s the Open Range For Me A Cowboy’s Heart is in the Saddle Mexicali Rose The Lord of the Rollin’ Hills Way Out Yonder Where the Very Same Cottonwoods Grow Order #


Gospel Trails .......................$15.00 Read the Bible God Leads His Dear Children Along The Lily of the Valley Lead Me Gently Home The Unclouded Day Beyond the Sunset There’s Power in the Blood

Precious Lord, Take My Hand In the Sweet By and By Medley Sweet Hour of Prayer Amazing Grace Great is thy Faithfulness It is No Secret I’ll Fly Away

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Last of the Troubadours Saddle Songs II

My Hero Gene Autry

By popular demand, Don Edwards has provided us with a second double disc - an award-winning collection of thirty-two more memorable cowboy songs. A wonderful companion to both the original Saddle Songs recording as well as Don’s A Cowboy Songbag book featured on page 5. These important recordings document and preserve many songs that could be lost and forgotten.

Produced in cooperation with the Autry Museum of Western Heritage and recorded live at Gene Autry’s 90th birthday celebration. Don Edwards teams up with the Time-Warp Top Hands and guest vocalist Peter Rowan in this special tribute to the music of Gene Autry. Don pays special attention to Gene’s early musical styles.

don edwards

don edwards


Will James ‘Big Enough’ Award

Last of the Troubadours 2 CDs ............................. $25.00

Disc I Gone to Texas The Habit For Them That Lean to Lonesome The Colorado Trail Night Rider’s Lament By the Silvery Rio Grande Diamond Joe The Old Cowboy Barbara Allen Make Me a Cowboy Again For a Day The Sierry Petes The Mormon Cowboy Fort Worth Jail Red River Valley Green Grow the Laurel When the Work’s All Done This Fall


Disc II Saddle Tramp Lonely Wanderer Following the Cow Trail Chant of the Night Songs West of the Round Corral Windy Bill Cowhand’s Last Ride The Cowboy’s Home Sweet Home Utah Carroll Root Hog or Die The Rancher Feeds Us All I Wanted to Die in the Desert The Dying Cowboy of Rimrock Ranch The Campfire Has Gone Out Cowboy’s Meditation Here’s Lookin’ At You

Order #


Western Music Association Hall of Fame

“Don, I will always treasure the wonderful gift of music you gave to me on my ninetieth birthday. Your beautiful tribute album brought back many special memories for me, as I hope it does for your listeners. I’m proud and honored to be riding the same trail as you.” – Gene Autry

My Hero Gene Autry .............$15.00 Back in the Saddle Again Way Out West in Texas That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine Ridin’ Down the Canyon Dear Old Western Skies My Hero Gene Autry It’s My Lazy Day Twilight on the Trail Cowboy Blues Mexicali Rose

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You There’s a Rainbow on the Rio Colorado South of the Border Let the Rest of the World Go By Back in the Saddle Again Order #

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Kin To The Wind

Moonlight & Skies

don edwards

don edwards

Don Edwards is often compared to Marty Robbins. No surprises here, as both are great singers of Western music. Robbins was, and continues to be, one of Don’s biggest influences. While performing, Edwards will often sing a song either written by or associated with Robbins, and afterwards, fans will ask if there is a recording with Don’s version of those songs. Don is joined here with pickin’ pals from Texas, Rich O’Brien, Tom Morrell, Mark Abbott and the Tex-Mex trumpets WRANGLER AWARD of Dave Alexander OUTSTANDING TRADITIONAL WESTERN RECORDING and Bill Atwood. “The real deal.”

– Robert Redford

The Horse Whisperer

“The Best of the Best...” – Rex Allen “...Edwards is warm and melodic. He makes the songs a nice reward after a long day on the trail.” – New York Daily News

Kin to the Wind ................$15.00 Saddle Tramp Begging to You San Angelo I’m Kin to the Wind Singing the Blues Old Red Man Walks Among Us

I’ll Step Aside Is There Anything Left I Can Say I’ll Go On Alone Ghost Train The Best Part of Living Order #


“I hope you folks will enjoy this record as much as we enjoyed making it. No message, no agenda, no nothin’ – just playing music with some friends who just happen to be great players as well as great people whom I love and admire. Thank you very much, lovers of good music wherever you are!” -Don Edwards WRANGLER AWARD Singin’ Hills Ranch OUTSTANDING TRADITIONAL WESTERN RECORDING Texas “What a powerhouse of an album this is... Edward’s warm, honeysweet vocals could bring tears to the most hardened cowboy... an album highlight is ‘Coyotes’, portrayed exquisitely with Edwards mimicking the animal’s call, while mournful harmonica and fiddle richly play their parts... Don’t wait for the last roundup; add this to your collection.” – SING OUT! Featuring Don and his guitar along with Mark Abbott, Bob Boatright, Norman & Nancy Blake, Cindy Cashdollar, Rich O’Brien and others.

Moonlight and Skies ........$15.00 My Blue Heaven St. Louis Blues Land of My Boyhood Dreams Boots and Saddle That’s How the Yodel Was Born Moonlight and Skies Ragged But Right The Long Trail

Coyotes Dusty Skies Goodbye Old Pal Can’t Shake the Sands of Texas from My Shoes The Dying Cowboy of Rimrock Ranch

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15 11






Don Edwards

In 2010, marking his 50th year of performing Cowboy music, Don Edwards received his Lifetime Achievement award from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, toured continuously and recorded AMERICAN. Timeless musical selections both old and new that pertain to yesterday and today from a Western patriot. “The man’s delivery is so authentic, it feels as if he invented the genre.” -Dirty Linen

“Obviously performances by Edwards will always be superior. The point of this exercise is the ingenious selection and order of the material.” - The Western Way

“This album pays tribute to people of character, grit, and spirit - people like Don Edwards.”

Long Awaited, Often Requested Songs with a Soul Old and New

As you would expect from Don Edwards, Heaven on Horseback draws inspiration from the unexpected. Offering selections from Cowboy to Kristofferson, Traditional to Original and Old Hymns to Hank Williams. Texas Music Hall of Fame

“With Heaven on Horseback, singer-guitarist Don Edwards has created the definitive cowboy gospel album of this generation. This album is completely filled to the brim with the real-life spiritual journey of cowboys past and present.” - Country Chart.com

-American Cowboy Magazine

American ...........................$15.00 I Am a Pilgrim Dixie/America the Beautiful The Union Mare & the Confederate Grey The Freedom Song The Hell-Bound Train Hard Times My Own Native Land


There’s a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere The Last Cowboy Song The Devil’s Hatband The Campfire has Gone Out This Land is Your Land Order #


Heaven on Horseback .......... $15.00

Master’s Call I Saw the Light Amazing Grace The Great Speckled Bird Drift Along Lonely Cowboy A Cowboy’s Prayer/Dim Narrow Trail Make Me No Grave Why Me

Pilgrim’s Progress Cowboy’s Prayer Wayfaring Stranger Rounded Up in Glory Angels Can Do No More Strange Things Happening in the Land Order #

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DON EDWARDS - DVD LIVE Western Jubilee Warehouse

MOVING PICTURES COLLECTION Great Full Concert Plus Bonus Features:

• Interviews, Overviews, Photos & Clips • Ramblins’ of the Road and Range • Don’s Personal Favorites - His Instruments • Waddie on WJRC

DON EDWARDS LIVE DVD .................................$20.00 Goin’ Back to Texas/Lonesome Pine Special I’d Like to be in Texas Lovesick Blues/St. Louis Blues/Don’t Worry Barbara Allen Cattle Call Little Joe Master’s Call Man Walks Among Us The Old Cow Man Coyotes Hard Times Pilgrim Progress Order # 18

A Cowboy Songbag bOOK don edwards

Over 200 pages with seventy-two of Don’s favorite saddle songs, history, pictures, lyrics, music and tablature presented in singable, simple arrangements so that everybody can play and sing ‘em. All found in Don Edwards’ award winning double disc recordings Saddle Songs and Last of the Troubadours. A top seller for both those who sing as well as those who just want to know the history.

“The best purveyor of Cowboy music in America today...”

– Bobby Weaver National Cowboy Hall of Fame

A Cowboy Songbag Book (8.5” x 11”) ........................ $24.95 Shipping for this item ................ $5.00 Order # 19

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Saddle Songs

High Lonesome Cowboy

don edwards

peter rowan & don edwards

Featuring Tony Rice and Norman Blake

Cowboy Hall of Famer Don Edwards brings you this special two volume set of classic cowboy songs. The top selling Saddle Songs features over thirty of Don’s favorite cowboy songs, accompanied in old time fashion by his guitar and banjo. Says Edwards, “As a life-long close observer of BEST TRADITIONAL RECORDING cowboy life, I can attest to the FOLK INDY AWARDS historical importance of these songs. The cowboy’s life is our heritage, his song is our inheritance, so as you listen to the music, I will tell you his story as best I can.”

Saddle Songs 2 CDs ............................. $25.00 Disc I Ballad of Jack Thorp Old Chisholm Trail Whoopi Ti Yi Yo Pecos River Queen Cowboy Jack Chopo Zebra Dun Patonio Sam Bass Streets of Laredo Night Herding Song Little Joe the Wrangler Little Joe the Wrangler’s Sister Nell Railroad Corral The Pecos Stream What’s Become of the Punchers


Disc II Minstrel of the Range The Long Road West Miss Aledo Ridin’ ‘Longside the Santa Fe Trail Wanderin’ Cowboy The Strawberry Roan The Glory Trail I’d Like to be in Texas Doney Gal Stompede / Master’s Call After the Roundup Rounded Up in Glory Philosophical Cowboy The Old Cow Man Order #


High Lonesome Cowboy is a collaboration between legends of the acoustic music scene: cowboy singer Don Edwards, bluegrass pioneer Peter Rowan, acoustic guitar icons Norman and Nancy Blake and guitar hero Tony Rice. It is a top seller recording from Western Jubilee and is anchored in the common heritage of traditional music of the Western ranges and oldtimey mountain music. Rowan’s bluegrass tenor combined in harmony with Edwards’ smooth baritone and some down home guitar picking gives these great old traditional songs a new High Lonesome feeling of wide open spaces. GRAMMY NOMINATION BEST TRADITIONAL FOLK ALBUM

“Those two together would be enough to pique the interest of fans of traditional music, but add in Tony Rice and the estimable duo of Norman & Nancy Blake, and this is a must-have album. This is one campfire you’ll want to sit around over and over.” – ERIC FIDLER, ASSOCIATED PRESS

High Lonesome Cowboy ....$15.00 Take Me Back to the Range The Old Chisholm Trail Ramblin’ Cowboy Reno Blues (Philadelphia Lawyer) The Old Grey Mare Came Tearing Out of the Wilderness Trail To Mexico

The Night Guard Buddies in the Saddle Goodbye Old Paint Midnight on the Stormy Deep I’m Going to Leave Old Texas Now Order #

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A Prairie Portrait

don edwards & waddie mitchell & Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestra

In this classic recording, the Cowboy voices of Don Edwards and Waddie Mitchell along with Rich O’Brien team up with the rich orchestral voices of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Edwards and Mitchell blend their individual gifts of song and story with the majesty of the Symphony - the result is a musical celebration of the great American West and is a WJRC top seller. WRANGLER AWARD OUTSTANDING TRADITIONAL WESTERN RECORDING

“(They) all ride different horses, but they’re all headed in the same direction of musical majesty. - Country Weekly

A Prairie Portrait .....................$15.00 Texas Trilogy Yellow Rose of Texas Streets of Laredo Deep in the Heart of Texas Roundup in the Spring Sage & Cedar I Home on the Range Commutin’ Annie Laurie / Bad Half Hour Irish Tune From County Derry (Danny Boy)

Santa Rosa Serenade Throwback West of Yesterday (Ghost) Riders in the Sky Horses, Dogs and Cowboys Cowboy Love Song Sage & Cedar II Shenandoah Around the Campfire from A Prairie Portrait Order #



The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum is one of the world’s largest museums of Western heritage and art. Believing that the museum should have a national influence beyond that of the exhibit hall, the Board of Directors began the Western Heritage Award program in 1960 to encourage others to tell the great stories of the West, with accuracy and highest artistic quality. The Western Heritage Awards’ “Wrangler” trophies are bronze replicas of a Charles M. Russell sculpture. This magnificent art, more than 13” tall on its polished wood base is awarded to the winning entries in specified categories of Western literature, music, film and television during the annual awards ceremonies. Past winners include such distinguished writers, actors, producers and directors as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, John Ford, James Stewart, James R. Webb, Thomas Berger, J. Frank Dobie, Elmer Bernstein (music), Elliott Silverstein, Sidney Pollack, Robert Redford, Natachee Scott Momaday, Angie Debo, Louis L’Amour, Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott and others too numerous to list. Western Jubilee is proud of our many Wrangler Award Winners - Look for them throughout the catalog.

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Waddie Live


waddie mitchell

Musical accompaniment by Western guitar legend Rich O’Brien and Grammy winner Norman Blake. Produced and recorded live at the Western Jubilee Warehouse Theater with a special guest appearance by Don Edwards. Western Horseman calls it “a fine mixture of music and rhyme, humor and emotion.” Live finds Waddie Mitchell in his favorite place, in front of an audience, taking them along to another world - a Western world - with an excellent blend of original and traditional poetry. 2011 National Storytelling Network Circle of Excellence Award

“Horse sense and humor from America’s best-known cowboy poet.” – PEOPLE MAGAZINE

cover image by William Matthews


26 years a working cowboy - from Campfires to Carnegie hall Waddie Mitchell shares his lifetime of experiences in 
ONE HUNDRED POEMS 215 pages of poetry “Today, there’s still no artist who can turn a line with the wit, wisdom, and genuine heart as Mitchell, as this excellent collection attests.”

– American Cowboy

“Readers get a good sense of Mitchell’s humor and political philosophies, as well as his genuine appreciation for working buckaroos, his family, the Nevada landscape, and the Western lifestyle he lives and promotes in his poetry.”

– Western Horseman

“This volume simply has to be on the shelves of all who value Cowboy Poetry. Or any poetry. Period.” – Western Way

Waddie Live ...........................$15.00 The Old Spinning Wheel * Typical Goat on a Rope The Old Nighthawk Blood, Sweat and Steers Sentence Bill Cheatam * The Owl Critic The Sounds a Cowboy Hears **


Cross-Eyed Bull The Walkin’ Man Red River Valley ** Piddlin’ Pete Swedish Waltz * No Second Chance

A very special limited hardback edition also available. Numbered and signed by Waddie Mitchell – Please inquire.

One Hundred Poems Book

* Instrumental featuring Rich O’Brien & Norman Blake ** Featuring Don Edwards

Order #


(6” x 9”) .................................. $24.95 Shipping for this item .................. $5.00 Order #

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That No Quit Attitude


waddie mitchell


The organizers of the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City needed an expert to write a piece describing the West, its people, spirit, and connection to the steadfastness and dedication of hopeful athletes. They didn’t hire an English professor - they hired a Cowboy. That No Quit Attitude was featured in the ceremonies and program of the Olympic Winter Games. This album has fourteen poems, thoughtful memories and humorous studies on human and animal nature. In between each track is a Waddie-ism; short observations and dry quips that roll from Mitchell’s mind like tumbleweeds across a Nevada highway. Special guests include Don Edwards, Rich O’Brien and the Sons of the San Joaquin.

2013 Traditional Composition of the Year National Cowboy Museum, Oklahoma City

2012 Nevada Heritage Award

“I’d rather have a new roll of duct tape than another cowboy poetry record.” - Waddie Mitchell The Voice of the Working Cowboy – Western Horseman

“One would be hard pressed to think of another face than Waddie Mitchell’s when the term ‘Cowboy Poet’ is mentioned.” - Ranch And Reata “Waddie - thank you! Wow, we never had anything like that on any of our reunion shows. Thank you, that’s terrific.” - Bill Anderson, Country’s Family Reunion

“Better than a new roll of duct tape” - Western Jubilee

“Waddie Mitchell is one of the best practitioners of the growing art of cowboy poetry.”

2013 National Cowboy Culture Award Lubbock, Texas

2014 Named Nevada’s Sesquicentennial Poet

– Billboard Magazine

That No Quit Attitude .........$15.00 Pride Goeth Who But the Horse Don Experience of Life Harsh Words Dad Orejana Teepee

Bisquits and Gravy Through the Pain No Quit Attitude Cat-Tastrophy The Sum Sentiment Toast Order #


Sweat Equity.......................$15.00 Ol’ Blue Horse Trade Trade Off The Rawhide Braider Elmer The Hand Belle of the Ball Bristlecone Pine

Experience of Life Bet at the Bar Invisible Wounds A Poet with Something to Say The Bra Evening Chat

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Order #

26 17

Lone Cowboy

Michael martin MurphEy

CampFire on the Road Michael Martin Murphey

The Only 2 Solo Recordings in Murph’s Illustrious Career After a long, incredible career, Western Jubilee is proud to present Michael Martin Murphey’s first solo album release ever! Recorded live at the Western Jubilee Warehouse Theatre, Michael Martin Murphey full circles back to where it began - Murph and his guitar. “I’ve been waiting for this album forever. There is nothing like hearing Michael sing and play his guitar – an unadorned sound that makes us realize what an incredible songwriter and musician he is. Michael is a rare artist who sees his music in a larger cultural context. When he sings about cowboy life, he supports ranchers with all his heart. His generosity to the revival of cowboy poetry and music is unparalleled.” -Hal Cannon, Founding Director Western Folklife Center, Elko, Nevada

Lone Cowboy .................. $15.00 Lone Cowboy/Carolina in the Pines Partner to the Wind/Cool Water Little Joe the Wrangler/Oh Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie Long and Lonesome Road to Dalhart Wildfire When the Work’s All Done this Fall What am I Doing Here? Vanishing Breed Cherokee Fiddle Close to the Land Summer Ranges


Order #


On the bootheels of our popular Lone Cowboy release comes his second solo recording, Campfire on the Road. Recorded in front of a live audience at the Western Jubilee Warehouse Theatre, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“Michael Martin Murphey is one of the main influences on my career. He is among America’s best songwriters.” - Lyle Lovett

“Profoundly epic and jaw-droppingly gorgeous.” - John Shelton Ivany, National News Bureau

“Murphey has come away with a flawless live recording capturing the calming essence of his live show.” - Rob Nagy, Journal Register News Services

Campfire on the Road......$15.00

Campfire on the Road Boy From the Country Lost River Crystal Texas Morning West Texas Highway Spanish is the Loving Tongue (Border Affair) Old Chisholm Trail Geronimo’s Cadillac Red River Valley / Reprise

Order #

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Elko! A Cowboy’s Gathering Various Artists

Warehouse Tracks TEN Years various Artists

“Even casual fans of the genre will recognize the likes of Baxter Black, Don Edwards & Sons of the San Joaquin. Each of the forty artists included on this double CD set will thrill and delight listeners with their own unique brand of poetry, music and old-fashioned story telling. There’s something for everyone in this great compilation.” – Western Horseman

Produced by Waddie Mitchell & Butch Hause

Recorded live at the 20th Annual National Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada. Cover painting by William Matthews. A portion of the proceeds from this project benefit the Western Folklife Center.

Elko! A Cowboy’s Gathering 2 CDs ................................$25.00 J.B. Allen • Oscar Auker • Virginia Bennett Long John Best • Baxter Black • J.V. Brummels • Jon Chandler • John C. Dofflemyer • Ruthie Dornfeld • Don Edwards • Michael Fleming • Peggy Godfrey • Skip Gorman & the Waddie Pals • Janine Haig • R.W. Hampton • Brenn Hill • Hot Club of Cowtown • Jill Jones & the Lone Star Chorale • Walt LaRue • Lyn Messersmith • Wally McRae • Waddie Mitchell • Michael Martin Murphey & the American Buckaroo Orchestra • Joel Nelson • Rodney Nelson • Rich & Valerie O’Brien • Glenn Ohrlin • Henry Real Bird • Randy Rieman • Tom Russell with Andrew Hardin • Georgie Sicking • Sons of The San Joaquin • Jesse Smith • Sourdough Slim • Red Steagall • Ian Tyson • David Wilkie & Denise Withnell • Andy Wilkinson • Wylie & the Wild West • Paul Zarzyski Order #


15 SELECTIONS FROM 15 LIVE CONCERTS AT THE WESTERN JUBILEE WAREHOUSE “Those of us that are lucky enough to be part of Western Jubilee’s world have had the unique opportunity to play in the Warehouse Theatre.” - Waddie Mitchell “I feel privileged and honored to have been the one who strummed the first note and sang the first song at the first ever Warehouse Concert. This is an important piece of history which I hope will continue for decades to come.” - Don Edwards “With its early 20th century rustic atmosphere, movie memorabilia, and vintage stringed instruments, the feeling of intimacy warms the heart and gives you an experience you will never forget. Joe and Lon and yours truly, Jack Hannah, simply love it.” - Sons of the San Joaquin “We love recording our old time music in this railroad yard warehouse: it is a similar setting to the early Gennett 78 RPM recording days in Richmond, Indiana.” - Norman Blake

Warehouse Tracks .................. $15.00

Sons of the San Joaquin ~ There’s a Rainbow Over the Range Norman Blake & Rich O’Brien ~ The Old Spinning Wheel Jim Ibbotson ~ Santa Rosa Katy Moffatt ~ Billy Gray John McEuen ~ Warehouse Opus 36 Bryan Bowers ~ Dog Waddie Mitchell ~ Whole Load Skip Gorman ~ Jack of Diamonds/Black Mountain Blues Wylie & The Wild West ~ Cattle Call

R.W. Hampton ~ Don’t Tell Me Norman & Nancy Blake ~ Little Jimmy in the Swamp Juni Fisher ~ I Will Miss Ireland Cowboy Celtic ~ Leaving Stoer Peter Rowan ~ The Raven Don Edwards ~ Red River Valley

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30 19

another Jubilee

A Western Jubilee

Old Time Country & Cowboy Singing Various Artists

songs & stories of the american west various artists

From Western Jubilee & Plectrafone Records!

It’s a terrific musical journey through our Western landscape where you’ll meet up with old favorites and discover new classics. A stellar collection of songs and poetry for all who love the distinctive Western sound. 20 selections from 20 different recordings.

17 of our popular selections from 17 different recordings - hand picked, packaged & programmed for your enjoyment! This CD, plus the companion collection, A Western Jubilee, represents 37 of our recordings. “Treats you to music that’s short and sugar sweet and patriotic.” - John Shelton Ivany

National News Bureau

Another Jubilee ................$15.00 Old Time Country & Cowboy Singing

Strange Things Happening in the Land -Don Edwards Where the Very Same Cottonwoods Grow -Sons of the San Joaquin America the Beautiful -Wylie & the Wild West Star Spangled Banner -Norman & Nancy Blake The Freedom Song -Don Edwards Cold High Mountain Wind -Sons and Brothers Lost River -Michael Martin Murphey Steel Guitar Chimes -Norman Blake The Sunny Side of Life -Norman & Nancy Blake


Happy Roving Cowboy -Sons of the San Joaquin Whole Load -Waddie Mitchell Eltopia Yodel -Wylie & the Wild West Kindred Spirit -Norman Blake, Nancy Blake, & Tut Taylor While the Band is Playing Dixie -Norman & Nancy Blake, & Boys of the Lough Ol’ Jim Bridger -Sons of the San Joaquin That’s How the Yodel Was Born -Don Edwards Summer Ranges -Michael Martin Murphey

Order #


“Western Jubilee is the exclusive label in the field of Western/Cowboy music. Just take a look at their artist line-up!  This album is a generous 20-track survey of some of their best work.” – Bill Yeats, Roots66.com

A Western Jubilee - Songs and Stories of the American West .............$15.00 The Old Chisholm Trail Peter Rowan & Don Edwards Sierra Nevada Sons of the San Joaquin Sage & Cedar/Shenandoah Don Edwards & Waddie Mitchell Wheels - Rich O’Brien My America - Red Steagall By the Silvery Rio Grande Don Edwards with Norman & Nancy Blake The Drover Road to Amulree David Wilkie & Cowboy Celtic Unclouded Day Sons of the San Joaquin The Brazos - Katy Moffatt Velociraptor Rag Tom Morrell Don - Waddie Mitchell

Whoopi Ti Yi Yo Don Edwards Grandpa’s Barn - Norman Blake & Rich O’Brien From Whence Came the Cowboy Sons of the San Joaquin Hooves of the Horses Wylie & the Wild West Way Out West in Texas Don Edwards International Glenn Glenn Ohrlin Come & Dine - Rich O’Brien He’s Runnin’ Out of Roundups Sons of the San Joaquin No Second Chance Waddie Mitchell

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Wood, Wire & Words Norman Blake

Back Home In Sulphur Springs norman & nancy blake


Blake 4.75 inches Fold to Bleed

Wood, Wire & Words The first recording of original Blake songs in over 30 years by America’s Old Time Country Musician. Two rags, one march, and eight old time songs recently written, composed, and performed by Norman Blake on guitar. Includes a selection written and performed with Nancy Blake.

Norman & Nancy Blake return to the old railroad warehouse by the tracks in Colorado Springs. In more recent years, the 1887 Santa Fe Railroad building has become the home of Western Jubilee Recording Company where the Blakes have recorded on several occasions. Here, the Blakes effortlessly and eloquently recorded the 14 songs herein. In doing so, they make a full circle to Norman’s 1972 release, Home in Sulphur Springs.

“[Wood, Wire & Words is]… a very welcome and engaging return…” -The Wall Street Journal

“Musically, Back Home In Sulphur Springs is another revelation of the Blake’s acoustic style, at once relaxed and simple and intricate and sophisticated. Norman plays guitar, dobro, fiddle and mandolin. Nancy plays guitar, cello and mandolin (listen for her nimble rendition of the Star Spangled Banner). Together they sing in an harmonic convergence of two phonemes paired in the spirit. And this recording demonstrates once again why they are national treasures.”

Featured on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross – March 19, 2015

“This is something that Blake fans have been hoping for for years, and it’s one they won’t want to miss.” – Bluegrass Today

“I will continue to champion Norman Blake to the end of my days.” - T Bone Burnett GRAMMY NOMINATION BEST TRADITIONAL FOLK ALBUM

Wood, Wire & Words ........$15.00

Savannah Rag The Incident at Condra’s Switch The Keeper of the Government Light on the River The New Dawning Day There’s a One Way Road to Glory Harmony Vocal – Nancy Blake

Farewell Francisco Madero Blake’s Rag Joseph Thompson Hare on the Old Natchez Trace Grady Forester’s Store and Cotton Gin Chattanooga Rag Black Bart Cloverdale Plantation March Order # 33

– Bob Townsend, Georgia Music Magazine

Back Home in Sulphur Springs .................$15.00 More Good Women Gone Wrong Columbus Stockade Blues He’s Coming to Us Dead The Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee We Parted By the Riverside Ella Ree Happy Little Home In Arkansas Back Home In Sulphur Springs

The Mermaid Take Me Home Poor Julia Seaboard Airline Rag Star Spangled Banner The Empress of Ireland Katy Cline BONUS TRACK: Don’t Be Afraid of the Neo-Cons

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34 21


The Morning Glory Ramblers norman & nancy blake

Plectrafone Records, the Old Time Country Music Division of Western Jubilee Recording Company, proudly presents Norman & Nancy Blake’s The Morning Glory Ramblers. The preservation of old time country music has been well documented by Norman & Nancy Blake over the past 30 years. The Morning Glory Ramblers was their first duet release in eight GRAMMY years. Norman’s two selections on NOMINATION the soundtrack of O Brother, Where BEST TRADITIONAL Art Thou? helped resurrect the current FOLK ALBUM interest in early roots music. Vocal duets with instrumental accompaniment, songs of church, home and heart. 17 selections collected and performed by America’s #1 purveyors of old time country music, Norman & Nancy Blake.

The Morning Glory Ramblers ...$15.00

The Sunny Side of Life Dark & Stormy Weather Precious Memories Was a Song I Used to Hear The Little Log Hut in the Lane All the Good Times are Over We are Climbing Going Down the Valley I Loved You Better Than You Knew When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland


I Ain’t Got Time The Wayworn Traveler Rise When the Rooster Crows Short Life of Trouble Elijah’s God Fame Apart From God’s Approval Dry Bones Men With Broken Hearts Order #


green light on the southern Norman Blake

17 Unvarnished Selections From Guitar Legend, Grammy Winner & Old Time Country Musician Norman Blake vocals and old time string instruments with the occasional sweet harmony of Nancy Blake. All new recordings of authentic old time songs and tunes performed with integrity and purity. “I’ve seen the rural music I’ve loved since childhood grow fainter and farther away in a commercial and urbanized society that seems to care little for the charms of old fashioned southern string music and its long-gone practitioners… Here are some of the old songs I play and sing around home, one can live by the sentiment and poetry found in many of them.” - Norman Blake

Green Light On The Southern ................$15.00

Roll on Buddy Goodbye to the Plains Little Bunch of Roses The Tramp Hawaiian Mother O’Mine The Old Wooden Rocker Railroading on the Great Divide Steel Guitar Chimes Have No Desire to Roam

Green Light on the Southern Fifteen Miles from Birmingham The Wreck on the C&O He Rambled Whistling Rufus Goodbye Dear Old Stepstone Bandit Cole Younger The New Spanish Two Step Order #

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Shacktown Road

rising fawn gathering

2007 marked 35 years since Tut and Norman, along with Vassar Clements, joined John Hartford on the legendary Warner Brothers recording, Aereo-Plain. This is the first recording for old friends Tut & Norman, who along with Nancy Blake preserve wonderful memories and long-held traditions on Shacktown Road. They recorded in the small house of Jens & Uwe Kruger near Wilkesboro on Old Highway 60, just up the way from Shacktown Road.

A 30 year vision realized as Boys of the Lough travel from Edinburgh, Scotland to the Blake’s farm in Rising Fawn, Georgia and are joined by James & Rachel Bryan of Alabama to create Rising Fawn Gathering. Join in the journey not just another Hillbilly Celtic record.

norman and nancy blake and tut taylor

Shacktown Road - 18 selections of: Resophonics - tales by Tut - the Philco slide bars - blues guitars - Bascom’s bark - those tasteful Kruger Boys - MoonPies - Nehis - strings of different lengths - songs and stories, found and written, and a whole lot about the South. “A historical piece of art.” – Norman Blake “I have dreamed of doing one more project with my friend and hero- guitar picker, Norman Blake.”

– THE LATE, GREAT, Tut Taylor

Shacktown Road ..................$15.00 Shacktown Road Kindred Spirit Guitar Rag Not a Word from Home The Old Dobro Man Worried Blues Tom Scala’s Waltz Lizzie Hubbard Blues Going to Georgia Ode to Bascom On the Banks of Lake Pontchartrain

It Must Be Jelly The Tag Railroad Rag Running Wild Times Ain’t Like they Used to Be End of the World Steel Guitar Blues The Buffalo Left Yesterday

Order #


Norman & Nancy Blake Boys of the Lough

Norman & Nancy Blake

“American Music of incomparable purity and integrity.” - San Francisco Examiner

Boys of the Lough

“One of the finest bands in Celtic Traditional Music.” - New York Times

Rising Fawn Gathering .......$15.00 The Sweet Sunny South O’Connell’s Trip to Parliament / The Twin Katies Castleberry’s March Da Unst Bridal March The Stockton & Redesdale Hornpipes The El Paso Waltz The Bonny Bunch of Roses Joe Bane’s / The Gypsy Princess The Teelin March Eamon An Chnoic (Ned of the Hill) While the Band is Playing Dixie Derry So Fair Order #

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38 23


Bucking Horse Moon

Hooves of the Horses wylie & the wild west

Wylie & the Wild West

“Bucking Horse Moon is a collection of tunes about cowboys, horses, rodeo, love and faith. It’s a blessing to have made music for over two decades and several albums with the Wild West. The only reason we continue to play, write and yodel is that we have a great bunch of wonderful fans that make it all worthwhile. Thank you for giving us a reason to sing. May you have as much fun listening to these 14 songs as we had creating them!” – Wylie Gustafson Produced by John Carter Cash

Hooves of the Horses is Wylie & The Wild West’s musical tribute to the Horse. The sixteen tracks feature both old favorites like Bob Nolan’s Happy Rovin’ Cowboy, Everyday by Buddy Holly, a Johnny Cash classic, Luther Played the Boogie and Tom Russell’s Western classic, The Sky Above, the Mud Below, to some great Wylie Gustafson originals, including Manolito, Mmm…Montana and Rockabye Lullaby. Along with noted cowboy poets Paul Zarzyski and Joel Nelson, Wylie has created two original Western classics – Saddle Broncs and Sagebrush and Equus Caballus.

Wylie & the Wild West Live and In Concert at the Western Jubilee Warehouse in Colorado Springs

wylie & the wild west

“Wylie has made many contributions to cowboy music, and with this CD he’s put another good one in the barn. There is no doubt Wylie is one of the best singers no matter the genre. What sets him apart from most of the herd, is he’s a 24 carat cowboy. He lives his songs in real life and I’d be plumb proud to trail with him.” – Eddie KIlroy

Bucking Horse Moon ................$15.00 Whip out a Yodel Out West 16 Hands Bucking Horse Moon Rodeo to the Bone True Love Travels on a Gravel Road Don’t Take Your Guns to Town Eltopia Yodel Where Horses are Heroes Jodell Old Bull The Carhartt Song Uber Yodel Whispering Hope Order # 39


Wylie has over 65 appearances on the Grand Ol’ Opry.

Hooves of the Horses .................$15.00 Hooves of the Horses I Grab My Saddle Horn and Blow Everyday Equus Caballus Leather Lover Out Here Luther Played the Boogie A Good One Manolito The Sky Above, the Mud Below Mmm...Montana Saddle Broncs and Sagebrush Happy Rovin’ Cowboy Marie 76 With a Miss Rockabye Lullaby Order #


Wylie Gustafson along with Ray Doyle, Scot Wilburn and Rick Bryceson presented a stirring 60 minute concert in our old Warehouse. Wylie sings old classics and new originals - Both solo and with full band. Soft and slow, to rattle and roll, Unwired is a must have for all Western Music fans. “Wylie brings the rich tradition of quality Western Music to life.” - Bob Whitaker, Grand Ole Opry

“This guy is all old school cool without being a tired period piece.” -Winda Benedetti, Spokesman Review

Unwired ..........$15.00 Welcome Good-Bye Old Paint Double Wild Ridin’ the Hi-Line Cowpoke Equus Caballus America the Beautiful Rodeo to the Bone Cattle Call Everyday I Get High To Ride! Girl on the Billboard Where Horses are Heroes Ain’t No Life After Rodeo

Order #

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Be Ready Boys norman blake & rich o’brien

Western Jubilee is proud to bring you Be Ready Boys, Volume One of our Appalachia to Abilene series that explores the roots of traditional music and its subsequent journey West. Grammy winner Norman Blake and Western Swing Hall of Famer Rich O’Brien blend their unique styles in this new collection of instrumental and old-timey country songs.


Seasons, Roads, & Faces

Southwestern Souvenirs

A virtuoso performance from the man Acoustic Guitar Magazine calls “A Rising Star” and “the house guitarist for the cowboy music revival.” Western music fans have long recognized O’Brien as the Charlie Russell of Western guitar. Don Edwards says “One of the most brilliant and downright enjoyable instrumental recordings of this century.” Seasons, Roads & Faces features not only O’Brien’s virtuosity, but also the talents of long time friends from the Texas music scene. Rich has now received more Wrangler awards from the Cowboy Hall of Fame than anyone in any category!

Southwestern Souvenirs is pure Rich O’Brien, nine classic O’Brien instrumentals and three vocal tracks. This wonderful recording represents O’Brien’s long admiration of the sounds that have been a part of Western music since the explorers, settlers, gold rushers and cowboys ventured into the Southwest. Legendary songwriter and late-great Country Music Hall of Famer Cindy Walker called him “A full blooded guitar man!” Two of Cindy’s songs are featured on this release including Rose of Mexico, a song found on the flip side of Al Dexter’s 1948 hit, Pistol Packin’ Mama. Also included is the theme to Gunsmoke with the original lyrics sung by Don Edwards.

rich o’brien



Be Ready Boys .... $15.00 Tennessee Wagoner Old Pal of Yesterday Texola Waltz When it’s Lamp Lighting Time in the Valley Bowling Green Rag Homestead on the Farm Mexico Going Home Kentucky’s Your Home Under the Double Eagle Grandpa’s Barn Seamus O’Brien Flop Eared Mule A Maiden’s Prayer Callahan Heavenly Sunlight

Order #

Seasons, Roads, & Faces ..............$15.00 Big Sky Bounce There’s an Old Spinning Wheel (In the Parlor) Waltz for Bridget Swing 42 I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time Dancing Mick from Louisville Limehouse Blues Santa Rosa Serenade The Gypsy’s Djewelry On the Trail Come and Dine (The Master Calleth) October’s Message Fling of the Tinks When You and I Were Young, Maggie


Order #


rich o’brien


OUTSTANDING TRADITIONAL WESTERN SONG “There is no one I’d rather hear play guitar than Richard O’Brien. His taste and musical sensibility are exquisite... he’s a national treasure.”

– Ranger Doug, Riders in the Sky

Southwestern Souvenirs.............$15.00 A Badgers Holiday Wheels Rose of Mexico (featuring Paul O’Brien) Blue Skirt Waltz Little Star of Heaven Windmills Gunsmoke (featuring Don Edwards) Padre of Old San Antone Under Fiesta Stars Old Town Taos Jesse Polka Ay Ay Ay Order # 44

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Measure of a Man

The Drover Road

Wagon Tracks

The Wolking family from Westcliffe, Colorado presents songs of mountains and range. String band music with powerful vocals and a Western attitude.

The Drover Road is much more than just the cattle trail to Donaghadee in Ireland, to Amulree, Falkirk and Crieff in Scotland: more than the Chisholm or Goodnight Loving Trail. The Drover Road is David Wilkie and Cowboy Celtic’s exploration into the Celtic origins of Cowboy Music. Featuring a 16 page booklet, this Canadian group offers a wonderful assortment of Reels and Ballads.

Poet Laureate of Texas, Red Steagall has been carrying on the cowboy music tradition for many years. A thematic collection of twelve cuts, Steagall sings the tales of an immigrant’s journey across the young frontier. A noted songwriter, Red has been honored for his original music as a multiple recipient of the Western Heritage Wrangler Award. In addition, Red Steagall was inducted into the Hall of Great Westerners and received Western music’s top honor for Wagon Tracks, as Outstanding Traditional Western Recording. Wagon Tracks features the Boys in the Bunkhouse, who WJRC fans all know and love including Tom Morrell, Mark Abbott and producer Rich O’Brien.

Sons and Brothers

“Seldom does such a talented group get presented to the public. Likewise, seldom does one family possess such a talent, work ethic, faith and determination as do the Wolkings, who are the Sons and Brothers.” - Waddie Mitchell

“A true down-to-earth all American family playing true down-to-earth all American music what a concept!” - Don Edwards

Measure of a Man ................ $15.00 Measure of a Man Snowin’ on Raton Buckaroo Man The Quiet Faith of Man Coyotes Cold High Mountain Wind The Ol’ Double Diamond This One Belongs to Me Valentine Waltz Long Hard Road The Cowboy’s Song Pilgrim Order# #48 45 Order


david wilkie & cowboy celtic

“This album does it all... stirs emotion, intrigues, makes you tap your feet while it taps your nerves, and leaves you contented from a journey well explored.” – Waddie Mitchell

The Drover Road ................ $15.00 The Drover Road to Amulree Aura Lea Bonnie Dundee / Farewell Tae Tarwathie / The Railroad Corral Mandocarolan Darcy Farrow Lorena/The Yellow Rose of Texas / Field of the Yellow-Haired Lad The Wild Rippling Water O’Carolan’s Ramble to Cashel Whoopie Ti Yi Yo, Git Along Little Dogies Maxwell’s Thorns The Betrayal of Johnnie Armstrong Black Upon Tan Jackie Coleman’s Reel The Ladies of Scatwell The Baron of Brackley Indiana Order # 46

red steagall


“...Red is a Texas treasure”

– George W. Bush

Wagon Tracks ..... $15.00 If I Never See Ireland Again Western Wagons Through the Cumberland Gap Gone to Texas We’ll Stand Up and Fight Out on the Texas Plains The Last Buffalo Texas Bein’ Texas The Yellowstone Valley My Nebraska Homestead We Danced on the Oregon Trail My America Order # 47

Visit us Online at www.WesternJubilee.com

Cowboy Girl katy moffatt

A Journey Out of Time

Wolf Tracks

tom “wolf” morrell

cowboy nation

Fort Worth native Katy Moffatt will delight you with her acoustic musical tales of Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Outlaws, Horses and one Gentleman Bandit. A versatile singer-songwriter of American roots music, Katy is joined by producer David Wilkie of WJRC’s Cowboy Celtic on mandolin and guitar, and WJRC artist Rich O’Brien on guitar.

“Katy Moffatt is indeed a storyteller. Her voice has many shades of meaning as well as memory... her passion is the abiding force in her music.”

– Nancy Hentoff, Wall Street Journal

“Anyone unaffected should check their pulse.”

– Fred Dellar, Mojo

Cowboy Girl ....... $15.00 Black Diamond John Hardy Midnight the Unconquered Outlaw Ol’ Bill Miner (The Gentleman Bandit) Indian Cowboy Further Texas Rangers Me and My Uncle Magdalena and the Jack of Spades Black-Eyed Caballero The Brazos Hallie Lonigan The Ghost Light of Marfa The Wayward Wind When I Was a Cowboy Order #


Cowboy Nation is more than a name. It’s a destination that Los Angeles based Chip and Tony Kinman have been riding towards since entering the music scene over thirty years ago. As expunk rockers who grew up with Western music, the Kinmans’ trail has wound through various musical landscapes but always with a common thread, an independent and strong vision of what their music is about. They first achieved notoriety as Rank and File and their critically acclaimed alt-country recording Sundown. Now they’ve moved further West, with A Journey Out Of Time.

“...this is a pretty neat disc. Unique for western genre, and well done. We’ll be spinnin’ it!”

– KGLT Americana Backroads

A Journey Out Of Time ............. $15.00 Entrada Back in the Saddle Again Two Miles to Town Way to Go E-Z Ridin’ Cowboy Blood on the Saddle Cowboys Vision Shenandoah Leaving This Town Cut Above Salida Order #


Tom ‘Wolf ’ Morrell, late great master of the non-pedal steel guitar is joined by the Time-Warp Top Hands. Morrell plays with such innovation and energy that he took Western Swing to new heights. Wolf Tracks is a collection of instrumental favorites, hand picked from Morrell’s critically acclaimed series, How the West Was Swung, Volumes 1-12.

“If there were a Nobel Prize for steel guitar players, Tommy Morrell would win it hands down! If Tommy is playing on it... it swings!”

– Michael C. Oatman Former CEO, Great Empire Broadcasting

“Tom ‘Wolf ’ Morrell is an almost-lovable eccentric genius who has left his paw print on music history. But he probably wouldn’t make a very good pet.”

– Rich “Badger” O’Brien

Wolf Tracks ...... $15.00 Lupus #1 Some Like it Hot River Road Two Step My Best to You I Can’t Give You Anything But Love Meet Me in St. Louis Curtain Call Pterodactyl Ptales The Things I Might Have Been Sweet Lorraine Velociraptor Rag Celery Stalks Order # 50

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Western Jubilee Christmas Christmas Trail

It’s Christmas


Celebrate this year with a Cowboy Christmas Jubilee! Ride up the Christmas Trail with holiday classics from Western Jubilee’s family. Celebrate the holidays with this original collection from the West’s best cowboys.

It’s Christmas is Rich O’Brien’s heartfelt Holiday gift to music lovers everywhere. In this guitar instrumental collection, O’Brien has recorded ten of his favorite Christmas melodies, displaying the virtuosity and wide range of styles that have made him a favorite of Western music fans. From the upbeat swinging Here Comes Santa Claus, to the gentle, classical guitar version of Silent Night recorded with the Sunrise String Quartet, It’s Christmas celebrates the cheerful and sentimental nature of the holiday season. A holiday classic.

Jack, Joe and Lon Hannah are pleased to bring you Sons of the San Joaquin Christmas. “We’re truly excited about this recording – not only because we feel it is artistically first-rate, but because we believe you will be pleased to hear still another side of the Sons’ musical heritage. We see Christmas Carols as an integral part of America. Carols came with the pilgrims, and have been a part of the folk lore of our country before Jazz, Blues and the music of the Cowboy.”

various artists

Christmas Trail ....$15.00 Sons of the San Joaquin It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Don Edwards Ridin’ Up the Christmas Trail Rich O’Brien Silent Night Waddie Mitchell A Cowboy’s Night Before Christmas Cowboy Celtic O Little Town of Bethlehem Michael Martin Murphey Cowboy Christmas Ball

Rich O’Brien Here Comes Santa Claus Wylie Gustafson & Kelly Willis Away in a Manger Waddie Mitchell Christmas Letter Sons of the San Joaquin O Holy Night Cowboy Celtic Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Don Edwards with Norman Blake Every Day is Christmas in the West


sons of the san joaquin

–The Hannah Family

“Rich O’Brien is the greatest cowboy and Western swing guitar player alive.” -Red Steagall

Don Edwards & Peter Rowan Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Order #

rich o’brien


It’s Christmas .......$15.00 Here Comes Santa Claus Away in a Manger Walking in a Winter Wonderland It Came Upon a Midnight Clear The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) White Christmas O Little Town of Bethlehem Silver Bells Frosty the Snowman Silent Night Order # 52

Christmas .......... $15.00

Away iIn a Manger Deck the Halls Silent Night Do You Hear What I Hear It Came Upon a Midnight Clear I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day Little Drummer Boy O Little Town of Bethlehem I’ll Be Home for Christmas O Holy Night Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Order # 53

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A Little Gem We Found Along the Trail


Western Jubilee offers this special historic recording; A Pair To Draw To, featuring Don Edwards and the late, great Rex Allen. Produced by Snuff Garrett and GME Records, this is the final recording made by the man considered to be the “last of the Silver Screen singing cowboys,” Rex Allen. Don Edwards is described by Rex as “the best of the best.” Together, these two great singers create an unforgettable tapestry of Western music. A must for your music library.

“I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun making a record.”


A Pair to Draw To ...............$15.00 It’s My Lazy Day This Ain’t the Same Old Range Cow Poke Sunset Trail Blue Canadian Rockies There’s a Bridle Hanging on the Wall Doggone Cowboy Summer Night’s Rain There’s Nobody Home on the Range Anymore Old Home Town Empty Saddles Order #


WJRC: d i g i ta l

Western Jubilee is pleased to offer in Digital Format only:

Custom Made Western Jubilee CDs Are Available For Your Organization.

We offer two types of Custom CDs, One is a Premium CD for you to give away as a fund-raising tool, or as a gift to friends or clients. Our other Custom CD is one that you can sell retail to your customers.

New from Blank Tape Records:

Rattle Your Bones

This young, talented Roots Music Group based in Pueblo, Colorado has exceeded all expectations in World Wide Digital Sales and have many fans who may never see them live. The Haunted Windchimes, “Pueblo’s best export since steel,” continue to perform on many top festivals, appeared on A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keilor and featured on “Music Voyager” As seen on PBS, BBC and other World wide television networks.

Also available online: Live Chimes: Volume One

- Haunted Wind Chimes

Out With the Crow

~ The Haunted Windchimes

Live at Western Jubilee

~ The Haunted Windchimes

Honey Moonshine

~ The Haunted Windchimes

Standing On A Rock Borrowed Time

~ Sons and Brothers ~ Grass It Up

In addition to these Digital Only offerings, all Western Jubilee and Plectrafone Records titles and selections are available from your favorite digital store.

• Choose up to 12 tracks from the hundreds available in this catalog • Optional personalized intro message to start the recording can be added • Custom package featuring your graphics, logo, and contact info These are a unique and great way to increase sales, develop customers, thank clients and friends, or for use as an innovative fund-raising tool. To find out more, please call Western Jubilee at 719.635.9975 P. S. - Premium CDs cost less than a baseball cap with your logo!

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