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A message from President and CEO David Jahn

As we look back on 2015 and all of the changes that continue to challenge the healthcare industry, I am happy to report that WMH is

still an independent community hospital and we are financially stable.  The healthcare industry continues to see significant consolidation and there are very few standalone hospitals left in the State of Michigan. We believe that the best decisions regarding what healthcare services should be provided locally should be made by local people, not someone who is part of a system from far away.  Our entire team at WMH is working very hard every day to provide the highest-quality care and the best

Local care available to Veterans thanks drive that clearly exceeds 40 to VA Choice lengthy miles. Thanks to legislation signed into law in July of 2015 impacting the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA), veterans can now obtain services more conveniently from non-VA providers, including those associated with War Memorial Hospital.

WMH proactively entered into agreements with Health Net Federal Services, which administers VA Choice, to ensure that veterans of the EUP could access all services provided at War Memorial. If the provider from whom the veteran would receive services is more than 40 miles from his or her residence or if they must wait more than 30 days to be seen, the VA Choice program allows veterans to use a more convenient participating provider. With many VA services delivered only in Iron Mountain and Saginaw, veterans in the Eastern Upper Peninsula are left with a WMH HEALTHBEAT

WMH bills both the VA Choice program and PC3, a previouslyimplemented program, for veterans seeking services, but the program first requires a pre-authorization process that must be completed by the veteran seeking services. Hospital staff is ready to assist veterans throughout this process. “We want to be an active participant providing a support system for all veterans,” explained Kevin Kalchik, WMH’s chief financial officer. “We believe if they choose to get their care locally, we can provide the support they will need in this process.” Eligibility verification and preauthorization are hurdles to

customer service of any hospital in our area and the current publicly reported data supports that. In many patient satisfaction categories we are in the 90th percentile in the nation, which means we rank in the top 10% of hospitals in the country with our patient satisfaction.  This would not be possible if it wasn’t for our great team of employees all striving to achieve this lofty goal. The physicians, nurses, licensed ancillary staff and support staff always put excellent patient care as their top priority. I would like to thank all of the care team for their commitment to saving lives on a daily basis. 

overcome, but Kalchik said one step in the right direction is letting WMH know about your status as a veteran. “When a patient tells us of veteran status, that will trigger questions on our end about their coverage from VA Choice and that starts the ball rolling in determining whether we can assist them through preauthorization,” he said. The VA requires that veterans call the Choice Program Call Center at (866) 606-8198 to verify eligibility before setting up an appointment. WMH continues to work with the VA Choice program to improve the information available online and clarify what services may be offered locally. As more information is available, we will share it in future Healthbeat publications.

• For more information • www.va.gov/opa/choiceact/ www.hnfs.com/content/hnfs/home/va/homeveterans-choice.html 2


Coming Full Circle

Sault native returns to practice medicine at WMH She left Sault Ste. Marie for college more than 15 years ago and returns this month as a physician, a wife and mother. Sarah Amo, M.D., is War Memorial Hospital’s newest obstetrician/gynecologist. The daughter of Stan and Patricia Caruso said she is excited to return to the area where she has family on both sides of the border. “It wasn’t anything I planned to do, but as I’ve grown older and now have my two little girls, the thought of my kids growing up around family is really exciting. We haven’t lived by family in over eight years,” she explained. The Amo family most recently resided near Indianapolis, IN.

in the life of a family, but also enjoys the variety her work brings. “The nice thing about OB/GYN is we do a lot of different things and you never know what your day will bring. People come to us for primary care needs but we also deliver babies and do a lot of surgeries. That variety was an aspect I was drawn to,” Amo said. Helping patients and pursuing a career she loves in a place that is close to family sounds like the perfect combination to this Sault native, but there are other reasons she’s pleased to be back in the U.P. “I’m excited to be back in a smaller community and we’re excited to live

by water,” she added. Daughters Reese (6) and Mia (4) are “very excited by the snow” and their mom feels the same way. “I lived in the Upper Peninsula growing up and in Lower Michigan during college and medical school and I can honestly say my favorite place for winter is the U.P.,” Amo said.

The doctor, who is board certified,

has joined the medical team at Sault Women’s Healthcare. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Amo, call (906) 635-3002.

The doctor originally left Sault Ste. Marie for East Lansing, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University. After, she earned her medical degree from Wayne State University’s School of Medicine and then completed her residency at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Since 2011, she has been practicing as a member of a three physician OB/GYN group in Indianapolis. “I can honestly say I wanted to be a doctor as long as I can remember,” she explains. “It started with the thought of helping others. As a kid, I remember seeing my grandfathers getting sick and that connected with a desire to help people.” She chose obstetrics and gynecology as a specialty in part because she enjoys being part of the big moments

Dr. Amo and her husband, Chad, are parents to Reese (6) and Mia (4). WMH HEALTHBEAT



a make-over   for the spirit

Did you know?

Look Good...Feel Better is a non-medical, brand-neutral

need a wig, but cannot

public service program that teaches beauty techniques to cancer patients to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Sessions include hands-on instruction on makeup, skin care, nail care, and suggestions for using wigs, turbans, and

to cancer patients who obtain one through

medical insurance? This program is offered

at two salons in the EUP, fitted with wigs, are able

to try different styles and


get hints on how to take

treatment including

care of a wig. They are:

fashion advice from Stacy London on how to work with

Salon C

Sault Ste. Marie

body & skin tone changes.

215 Ashmun St.


This is a free program from the American Cancer Society in partnership with Personal Care Products Council Foundation and Professional Beauty Association.

– all who are American Cancer Society volunteers.

To register for an upcoming session call (800) 227-2345 2016 DATES: January 18 March 21 May 16

Hair Gallery

St. Ignace

444 N. State St.

Some patients may have

All sessions are facilitated by trained, licensed cosmetologists


Society provides free wigs

where cancer patients are

scarves while

WHERE: War Memorial Hospital Medical Library 500 Osborn Blvd. Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

the American Cancer

July 18 September 19 November 21

partial coverage for wigs and hair pieces through

their insurance, provided their physician writes

a prescription for “hair

prosthesis.” Any out-ofpocket expense may be tax-deductible, too.

All sessions are held from 3-5 p.m.



FDA-approved drugs present options for weight loss

While using the medications, patients also continue to the see the physician for monthly check-ups. Even once the weight begins to come off, patients must work hard to keep it off.

Surgical weight loss, also known as bariatric surgery, has been a successful option for War Memorial Hospital patients for several years. Dr. James Adair, a surgeon at Advanced Surgical Care, also wants patients to consider medical weight loss as another alternative.

“I have seen patients lose 100 pounds on medical weight loss drugs over a nine month period, but it is a complete lifestyle change,” he explained.

“Our office has a medical weight loss component and a surgical weight loss component and the path a patient might take begins with their initial consultation,” the surgeon explained. The practice will coordinate a number of initial appointments with men and women looking to shed significant pounds, including

“I have seen patients lose 100 pounds on medical weight loss drugs over a nine month period, but it is a complete lifestyle change.” a consultation with a surgeon or bariatric coordinator, and a dietitian or nutritionist. Throughout the process, both surgical and medical options are discussed. “Some patients may not qualify for surgery,” Adair noted. “Most insurance programs require the person to have a body mass index (BMI) of at least 35 with comorbidities, like diabetes or other chronic ailments, or if they don’t have those other issues, a BMI of 40.” WMH HEALTHBEAT

will typically see quick results with the help of these drugs,” the surgeon said

Dr. James Adair

For the past two years, Adair said his patients have seen “tremendous results” through the use of medications that are prescribed once the patient has had a physical examination to determine they are healthy enough for the program. “We have three medications we tend to use and which one is prescribed depends upon the patient’s medical history,” the doctor said. The three medications – Qsymia, Belviq, and Contrave – have all been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for weight management in the past few years. “The FDA has been reluctant to approve weight loss drugs, so they go through extensive research. These have been tried and tested. I have seen little to no side effects,” Adair said.

Even for those patients who do qualify for bariatric surgery, sometimes insurance companies require they attempt medical weight loss for a period of time before authorizing surgery. Adair said he is supportive of that approach. “Patients should try the medical route first and if that’s not effective, then we move on to surgery. It helps us to measure their degree of commitment and, after they’ve worked on it for six months, even if they opt for surgery then, they are more likely to be successful,” he explained. Anyone wishing to learn more about weight loss options, including medical weight loss, should contact Advanced Surgical Care at (906) 253-9770.

Using a medication, however, is no guarantee for weight loss. “These are not miracle drugs. Patients still need to diet and exercise. That is simply a must and if they do that, they 5


WMH Emergency Department welcomes Kyle Raycraft, M.D. and the bad, but it was also an opportunity to help people. The experience really spoke to me,” he said.

Dr. Kyle Raycraft has been working in the War Memorial Hospital emergency department for a little more than five months, but his love affair with the Upper Peninsula has been ongoing throughout his adult life.

It is the unexpected nature of emergency work that led him to his particular specialty. “You are on the front line of medicine, you just never know what’s going to walk through the door and you always need to be ready and also be calm, cool and collected in the face of an emergency,” the doctor explained.

“We have spent 15-20 years up here hunting and we have family living in the area, so we’re pretty familiar with the U.P.,” he explained during a telephone interview in November. In fact, he was on a hunting trip when he took time for the call. Raycraft hails from Frankenmuth, Michigan and relocated to Sault Ste. Marie with his wife, Jazell, after completing his residency at Central Michigan University College of Medicine in Saginaw, MI. He obtained his Bachelor of Science from the University of South Florida in Tampa and his medical degree from the University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St. Kitts. He also earned an MBA degree from Davenport University in Grand Rapids. Asked about the unique combination of MD and MBA, Raycraft said he explored the opportunity on the advice of a friend and felt that a physician could benefit from the additional education.

Dr. Kyle Raycraft “I had gotten my degrees in a Science related field and I had zero business education, which is half the battle in the practice of medicine. It was imperative to be able relate the two fields to create better patient care,” he explained. “Physicians are managing a practice, working in a hospital setting, or you are working with an administrative team, so it is good to be able to speak on the same level,” Raycraft said. A life-altering experience in his childhood led him to a career in medicine. “When I was a kid, I was exposed to the healthcare field through my mother who battled Multiple Sclerosis. It was an eye opening experience, both the good

is On Line


Follow us on Twitter @WarMemorial WMH HEALTHBEAT

facebook.com/WarMemorialHospital 6

His advice to the patient is to come to the ED prepared, whenever possible. “When you present to the emergency department, be prepared to answer questions about your health, from allergies to medications, to past hospitalizations, surgeries, and family history,” he said. Showing his sense of humor, the doctor also reminded readers: “We are always here for your healthcare, but hopefully you will never have to meet me.” Healthbeat is a publication

of Chippewa County War Memorial Hospital, Inc. Stories by Angela Nebel, Summit Public Relations Strategies, LLC Design and printing by Paul Ignatowski and Sault Printing Co. Selected graphic elements by Freepik.com Cover photo by Picture This Photography & Design Pursuant to the authority granted to Det Norske Veritas Healthcare, Inc. by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, this organization is deemed in compliance with the Medicare Conditions of Participation for Hospitals (42 C.F.R. §482). This certificate is valid for a period of three (3) years from the Effective Date of Accreditation. Effective Date of Accreditation: October 26, 2014 War Memorial is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


Cancer Care Center open By Teresa Armstrong, Director Community Relations/Development Fund We at War Memorial Hospital are so excited to have the new Cancer Care Center up and running and to have the capacity to provide state of the art cancer care in a space that is welcoming and comfortable for patients and their families. We were able to open up the facility to the community at a recent open house. Watch for photos and more details about the Center in an upcoming issue of Healthbeat.   Fundraising efforts for the project are ongoing and we are grateful to the community for its support. One special group who took on the challenge was the Sault Area High School Pom Squad. They organized and raised funds by holding a “Kick a Thon.” These talented young ladies raised $3,000!

Our fundraising campaign also includes the sale of personalized tiles. It offers a unique opportunity for individuals, families, businesses, churches and service groups to show their support of cancer patients and their families in the EUP. The tiles are part of a permanent display in the patient and family waiting area of the Center and they look amazing! The good news - the tiles are still available for purchase. The display was designed with room to grow. They can be personalized with art, text, photos, logos, etc. There are naming opportunities available within the Center as well. For more details on how you can be involved in supporting the project or to order a tile, contact the WMH Development Fund at (906) 635-4351.

Hospital Chat Patients are talking about the great care they receive at WMH. Each month we share excerpts from letters written to our CEO from patients and families:

     “I’ve had occasion to need

three ‘film’ sessions in the past couple of months and each experience has been so pleasant due to the kind,

comfortable and professional service you folks provide. Your dearness

brought tears to me, even though you were just doing your job.”

“We loved coming in and being

greeted with the most warm and

sincere greeting from the valet staff. Michell and David were always

there, ready for us. They always had a

wheelchair ready and helped us unload and get inside. Often time when we

arrive, they are extremely busy, and

yet they never fail to make us feel like we are the most important people to

them. They are a valuable asset to the hospital and we are so glad they are always there for us.”

“I nearly severed my right thumb

working with a firewood processor

last June. We rushed an hour north

to the hospital. The ER nurse (Andy)

was excellent. As a 30-year plus RN, I never thought I would use my thumb

Patients utilizing our newly-opened Cancer Care Center will find a much more spacious setting. With private treatment spaces, room for 12 infusion patients, and the oncology office of Dr. Belisario Arango in the same unit, all services are now found under one roof. The Center was a work-in-progress when this picture was taken. Look for photos of the completed unit and oncology staff in our next Healthbeat. WMH HEALTHBEAT


again but here I am typing this email with complete use. This is due to the skill of the orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Ganzhorn) that came in to stitch

my thumb back on. He is a miracle worker.”


Your local health care providers FAMILY PRACTICE P.W. Niemi, DO (906) 632-1100 Bay Mills Health Center D. Maloney, MD D. Furr, NP A. Rivard, NP (906) 248-5527 Bridgeview Family Medicine T.E. O’Connor, MD J. Garlinghouse, MD J. Peterman, MD (906) 253-9374 Community Care Clinic G. Pramstaller, DO S. Bartz, PA T. Malloy, NP M. Millette, PA T. Siesel, NP R. Brand, NP (906) 635-4401 LSSU Health Care Center S. Bartz, PA-C M. McLeod, NP-BC (906) 635-2110 Riverside Medical Associates M. Crawford, CFNP R.H. Mackie, MD T. Malloy, FNP-BC P. Nichols, CFNP J.P. Ockenfels, DO T.N. Tetzlaff, DO (906) 632-1800 Sault Tribe Health Center C. Behling, CFNP E. Javellana, MD G. Maloney, MD V. Sherman, MD L. Styer, MD R. Werner, MD (906)632-5200 Superior Family Medical J.M. Pahn, MD T. Siesel, NP (906) 632-0370 VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic Colleen Burton, NP (906) 253-9383 WMH Community Care - Kinross *C. Harris, MD *J. Sommers, NP (906) 495-1344 WMH Family Care – Cedarville *B.M. Slater, DO *S. Daniels, PA (906) 484-2295 WMH Family Medicine *E. Baccari, DO *P. Gunasekera, MD (906) 253-2665 Drummond Island Family Health Care, PC C. Cordray, CFNP, MSN (906) 493-6644 SAULT PRINTING CO.


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