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P03-P17 Present Situation


HNA Tourism

HNA EcoTech

P39-P50 Overview In the service of the national economic & social development Attach importance to each stakeholder Support the construction of human ecological civilization Become widely-respected corporate citizen Hainan Liberation Commonweal Foundation

P51-P55 & Prizes received over the years

Through the optimal allocation of resources among industries, HNA has built a new industrial model structured around the three pillars of air travel, modern logistics and modern financial services. It includes a new industrial structure featured with aviation, real estate, hotels, commodity retailing, tourism, finance, logistics, shipbuilding and ecological technology etc. and aims for “smooth travel, smooth freighting and promotion of changes in consumption concept among Chinese people”. In July 2015, HNA Group was listed among Fortune 500 for the First Time, ranking No. 464 with annual revenue of approximately US $25.6 billion.

Passenger Flow

Aviation, real estate, hotels, commodity retailing, traveling etc

Promote changes in consumption concept among Chinese people

About HNA/ Present Situation

Annual volume of passenger  traffic 


 million person-time

In possession of airplanes Approximately




More than international and domestic destination cities


Approximately domestic air routes

international and

Management operation and the quantity of airports with business partnership:




330 05

retail stores

In possession and management of


approximately and overseas hotels



Operating approximately ships of different types

Total annual revenue is approximately


RMB billion Total assets go beyond RMB




Approximately overseas employees

Providing approximately

180000 More than



tourist shops

Data: By December 2015


About HNA/ Global Outreach 6







11 17


Tourism, Hotel


Real Estate

Finance, Leasing

1/China  2/Hongkong China  3/Singapore  4/ Australia  5/Turkey  6/ Norway 7/Netherland  8/Belgium  9/France  10/Spain  11/Ghana  12/United States of America 13/United Kingdom  14/Switzerland  15/Ireland  16/South Africa  17/Brazil 








4 16


About HNA/ International Businesses

140 billion


Overseas total assets over RMB




Overseas investments throughout



overseas enterprises

16 countries and regions

80000 overseas employees

核心实力: One York Street Office Building


Edipras Hotel

HNA's internationalization began with the opening of the first international scheduled route in 2004. Subsequently, through continuous mergers & acquisitions and integration of existing international resources, HNA international network layout is increasingly improved.


Since2010, HNA's pace of internationalization has been accelerating. In 2010, to expand the aircraft leasing business, HNA invested US $ 150 million in the acquisition of Australian Allco Rental Company. In December 2011, HNA invested US $1.05 billion for SEACO, one of the world's five largest leasing companies. In September 2012, HNA invested and established Ghanaian AWA airlines in Africa, and in October of the same year, HNA group completed the acquisition of 48% shareholding in Aigle Azur, the second largest airlines in France. In October 2013, HNA invested 480 million Euros in the acquisition of TIP Trailer leasing company, the largest Trailer leasing company in Europe. In November 2014, after acquiring a 20% stake in NH Hotel Group in April 2013, HNA Group further rose its equity proportion to 29.5% and became the largest shareholder of NH Hotel Group. In November of the same year, Bohai Capital Holding became the world's largest container leasing service provider after the acquisition of Cronos. In 2015, Bohai Capital Holding became the fourth-largest aircraft leasing company after the acquisition of Avolon.



Avolon Aircraft Leasing Company

Within the past several years, HNA Group has realized great-leap-forward developments through various merger & acquisition projects and established an office in Hong Kong as an international headquarter. Using the office in Hong Kong as a window to the world, HNA Group has continued to expand its business on 5 continents, pursuing the development of HNA's pillar industries including aviation, logistics, finance, hotel, etc.


About HNA/Internationalization Process

Internationalization Process


HNA and Hudson International Group reached an agreement on the issuance of 70 million foreign shares.

Following the instruction of CAAC, Bureau of Central Southern China Administration issued a renewal of air Carrier Operating Certificate (includes International Operation Permit) to Hainan Airlines.







Soros Quantum Fund USA made equity investment in Hainan Airlines, and the later became the first Sino-foreign joint venture airline.

HNA gained the operating rights on the route between Sanya and Seoul.

Soros Quantum Fund USA made equity investment in Hainan Airlines.

The first international scheduled route of “Beijing-Budapest” was operated jointly by Hainan Airlines and Malév Hungarian Airlines.

HNA has successfully acquired Australian Allco aircraft leasing business.

HNA tourism completed the a cquisition of Hong Thai Travel, to promote Hongkong outbound tourism and South China inbound tourism.

HNA acquired GE SEACO, the world’s 5th largest container leasing company.







HNA successfully acquired myTECHNIC, a major aircraft maintenance company in Turkey.

HNA strategically invested in ACT, a major Cargo Airline in Turkey.

HNA Group set up Ghana AWA Airlines.


About HNA/Internationalization Process

Internationalization Process


HNA Group completed the acquisition of a 48 percent shareholding in Aigle Azur Airlines, France.

HNA Group successfully completed the acquisition of 80 percent shareholding in Arena Flight Academy, Australia and was then renamed to International Aviation College of Australia.

Bohai Leasing become the world's largest container leasing service provider after the acquisition of Cronos.







HNA Group completed the acquisition of 20 percent shareholding in NH Hotel Group, the third largest Hotel Chain in Europe.

HNA Group completed the acquisition of TIP Trailer Leasing Company, the largest trailer leasing company in Europe.

After acquiring a 20% stake of NH Hotel Group, HNA Group further rose the equity proportion to 29.5%, to become the largest shareholder of NH Hotel Group.

HNA (North American) Co., Ltd has completed acquisition of 15% equity of Red Lion Hotel.

Bohai Leasing(Bohai Capital Holding) affiliated with HNA Group has completed acquisition of 100% strategic interest in Avolon, become the fourth-largest aircraft leasing company in the world.

HNA Group has completed acquisition of 23.7% stake in Azul Brazilian Airlines, the third largest airlines in Brazil, becoming its largest single shareholder.







HNA Group has acquired 100% equity Interest in Swissport, the World’s largest ground & cargo handling services provider.

Under the witness of Chinese President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister David Camoron, Mr. Chen Feng, chairman of the board of HNA Group signed the cooperation agreement with Warren East, CEO of Rolls-Royce.

HNA Group reached Strategic Partnership with Uber.


About HNA/ HNA Vision

HNA Vision: Inheriting HNA Spirit of “Four Commons” as its core, persisting in the values, world outlook and social conscience of “creating wealth, donating wealth; honesty and integrity, setting the mind for heaven and earth; sincere services, creating value; public recognition, achievement sharing; thanksgiving to the society and pursuit of excellence” as its guidelines, creating “6-aspect HNA”, including “Innovative HNA”, “Green HNA”, “Philanthropic HNA”, “Art HNA”, “Global HNA” and “Joyful HNA” and realizing of the development visions of “creating a better world & jointly building a better society”.

HNA Spirit: Today, HNA’s footprints can be found all over the world. Today’s HNA, compared to when it was first established, has changed significantly both in terms of size and quality, and our image bear an increasing sense of corporate social responsibility. Today our staffs, also known as HNAers have gone beyond the barriers of nationality, ethnicity, religious beliefs, culture and language to all fall under the banner of HNA for our common philosophy. As our next stage of development, HNA strives to maintain and promote our traditional entrepreneurial spirit, to set up a more adaptable, tolerable, and global value system, to guide HNA in attracting more talents with similar ideals to join together in developing this world-class enterprise.


About HNA/HNA Spirit



Common Ideal

Common Belief

For the human race’s happiness and world peace

God bless well-doers, master one’s own life and make one’s own decision; the Beautiful, the Good, and the True and the boundless love.



Common Pursuit

Common Philosophy

Recognized by the public, participated by the public, achieved by the public, shared by the public.

Integrity, performance and innovation


About HNA/ Corporate Milestones

Corporate Milestones


Hainan Provincial Government approved the establishment of Hainan Provincial Airlines.

Hainan Provincial Airlines formly began its operation with the initial flight from Haikou to Beijing.

Hainan Provincial Airlines officially changed its name to Hainan Airlines Company Limited.

Hainan Airlines was listed and began trading in the A-share of Shanghai Stock Exchange.









Hainan Provincial Airlines held inaugural meeting, and the first joint-stock enterprise through the standardized transformation was founded in the civil aviation of China.

HNA introduce its first VIP business jet, Learjet-55 from US.

Hainan Airlines was listed in the B-share of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Hainan HNA Holding Limited was formally established and began its entity operations, later renamed to HNA Group.

Haikou Meilan Airport was acquired by HNA Group, which made HNA China’s first airline company holding airports.

Hainan airlines Co., Ltd. , HNA Aviation Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. and ChangAn Airlines cooperated to form ChangAn Airlines Co., Ltd.

HNA Group, ChangAn Airlines Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Airlines cooperated to form Shanxi Airlines Co., Ltd.

Hainan Meilan Airport Company Limited was listed on the Hongkong Stock Exchange.









HNA Hotel Group was founded.

HNA Group, Shenhua Group restructured in the formation of China Xinhua Airlines.

Hainan Airlines, China Xinhua Airlines, Chang’an Airlines and Shanxi Airlines, four HNA subsidiary airlines, integrated their operations and shared the code “HU”common airline.

Yangtze River Express Airlines Company Limited formally obtained its operation qualification.


About HNA/ Corporate Milestones

Corporate Milestones

HNA Group cooperated with Xi'an Minsheng Group for equity restructuring.

Yunnan Lucky Air made a successful inaugural flight.









Deer Jet became the first Airline in China who held CCAR 121, CCAR 135 and CCAR91 operation qualifications.

West Air began its operation.

Beijing Capital Airlines was founded.

HNA passenger traffic volume exceeded 10 million person-time.


Grand China Express made a successful inaugural flight and was renamed to Tianjin Airlines.

Jinhaiwan Shipyard Co.,Ltd. was acquired and renamed Jinhai Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.

Hainan Airlines became the seventh airline rated as a Skytrax Five-Star Airlines in the world and renewed for 5 consecutive years.

HNA Tourism Cruise and Yacht Management Company Limited was formally established and became the first company owning a luxury cruise liner in mainland China.

Urumqi Air, Fuzhou Airlines, GX Airlines were founded.

HNA Tourism Group announces strategic investment in Tuniu, acquiring 24.1% staking in Tuniu and becoming its largest shareholder.









The passenger throughput of Sanya Phoenix Airport exceeded 10 million person-time.

Beijing Unicare ENT Hospital opened.

HNA Group was listed among Fortune 500 for the First Time.

HNA Group is rated AAA by Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd.


HNA Industries/Industry Structure

HNA Aviation HNA Aviation expands its global reach through its participation in the aviation transport industry, providing a one-stop service by integrating other ancillary services such as maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), general aviation (aviation academy), business travel services (sales), ground support, and air logistics. Through the use of financial investments and modern trends, HNA Aviation strives to become China, or world-renowned, top global aviation groups both in terms of size and quality of service.

HNA Holding HNA Holding devotes to forging an industrial financial investment stake-holding group with HNA Infrastructure and CCOOP as core business format, HNA Financial Group as investment and financing platform. Business operation categories: Basic Industry, Supply Chain Operations, Financial Investment, Technology Innovation Business.

Business operation categories: Aviation Passenger and Freight Services, Aeronautical Maintenance, General Aviation, etc.

HNA Capital HNA Capital acts as the financial function of HNA Group. Using the strong financial background of HNA Group, HNA Capital strives to become a versatile one-stop financial service enterprise, strengthening and establishing itself as a world-class finance brand. Business operation categories: Leasing, Insurance, Security, Futures, Investment Bank, Fund, Factoring, Equity Investment, Guarantee.


HNA Logistics HNA Logistics now developed four major business systems including specialized logistics, HNA smart manufacture, investment & finance, and logistics technology, striving to be a resource integrator and solution provider of the global logestics industry. Business operation categories:Modern Marine Transportation, Cold Chain Logistics, Project Logistics, Equipment Manufacture, Smart Manufacture, Logistics Industry And Finance Investment, Aviation Interaction, Air And Sea Transportation Transaction, Internet Finance, Payment Technology, Cross-Border E-Commerce, etc.

HNA Tourism HNA Tourism is the only tourism group in China integrating aviation, tourism, hospitality, finance as well as online services. It strives to realize customers’ dreams to discover the world by offering seamless travel services. Business operation categories: Operating Aviation, Tourism, Hospitality, Finance and Online Services.

HNA EcoTech Positioned as the high-tech industry holding group, “HNA EcoTech Group undertakes the historical responsibility of HNA’ s strategic transition in information age. We will integrate resources, link information, overturn conventional business and build a sharing and collaborative technological eco-system and boost HNA Group’ s evolvement to a giant in modern service industry+ technology industry. Business operation categories: Cloud and Big Data, Social E-Commerce, Technological Finance, Intelligence Life, Innovation Laboratory, Incubation accelerator, etc.


HNA Industries/ HNA Aviation

HNA Aviation Scale and Operations: Total assets over 190 billion *Operates 438 aircrafts *Nearly 700 domestic and international air-routes that connects over 200 cities Over 8 million consecutive safe flight hours *Annual passenger traffic: 66.68 million person-time Note: *Data shown above only represents the relevant passenger& freight unit information of HNA Aviation.

Core Competence: HNA Aviation is devoted to establish a one-stop shop for air transports, ranging from air passenger and cargo transport, aviation maintenance, and general aviation. With the target of becoming the global leader in the aviation industry, HNA Aviation strives to achieve its goals by providing quality services, in order to become “the most honest travel agent and the most reliable aviation business partner”.


Awards and Prizes: In January 2011, Hainan Airlines has been certified as a SKYTRAX Five-star Airlines and this honorary title has continued for five consecutive years. In 2016, HNA Hainan Airlines is ranked as “world’s 5 safest airline” by JACDEC, a German aviation safety data evaluation agency With zero accident rate, it ranks the 5th place around the world and remains top among domestic airlines.

HNA Aviation Group Co., Ltd. Tel: (86-0898) 68877301 Fax: (86-0898) 68875312 Address: HNA Plaza, No.7 Guoxing Ave, Haikou City, Hainan Province, P.R.China Postal Code: 570203


HNA Industries/ HNA Aviation



St. Petersburg



Berlin Dusseldorf


Ekaterinburg Chita

Toulouse Bordeaux Paris







Nuremberg Porto












Brussels Istanbul


Osaka Taipei


Taichung Phuket

Kagoshima Bangkok Sabah











Seattle San Francisco Las Vegas




New York

Los Angeles San Jose

Phoenix Miami


International Network HNA Destinations

Codeshare Destinations


HNA Industries/ HNA Aviation

Domestic Network HNA Destinations

























































































































HNA Base

Beijing Dalian Taiyuan Guangzhou Shenzhen Haikou Hong Kong Tianjin Xi'an Nanning Guiyang Kunming Lijiang Fuzhou Hohhot Urumqi

HNA Destinations

HNA Base


HNA Industries/ HNA Holding

HNA Holding Scale and Operations: Total assets over RMB

200 billion, Annual incomes close to RMB 45 billion


Managing listed companies (HNA Infrastructure 600515, HNA INFRA HK00357, Xi’an Minsun 000564, HNA investment 000616, HNA International Investment HK00521) Management operation and cooperation of Provision of

13 airports and nearly 330 commercial outlets

41000 local employment opportunities

Core Competence: HNA Holding strives to forge an industrial financial investment stake-holding group with HNA Infrastructure and CCOOP as its core business format and HNA Financial Group as its investment and financing platform.


Awards and Prizes: HNA Real Estate won for the 10 China Blue Chip Real Estate Award”. Haikou Meilan International Airport has successively won the honorary titles “SKYTRAX FourStar Level Airport”,“SKYTRAX FiveStar Level Terminal”, and “The Best Airport” award of ASQ Same Scale Group. Sanya Phoenix Int'l Airport was awarded as the ASQ Asia-Pacific most improved airport by ACI in 2012 which became the fifth airport who awarded the prize in Asia-Pacific region; Awarded SKYTRAX four star airport in 2014, at the same year awarded the world best SKYTRAX VIP terminal which became the world's only won the title of the airport. HNA Retailing is Chinese chain hundred enterprises twenty strong. HNA Infrastructure was awarded the title of "AAA Credit Enterprise" in 2015. HNA Constructing & Engineering was awarded the title of "Top 100 of The Most Competitive National Construction Enterprises in 2015".

HNA Holding Group Co., Ltd. Tel: (86-0898) 68876772 Fax: (86-0898) 68876777 Address: F21, HNA Plaza, No.7 Guoxing Ave, Haikou City, Hainan Province, P.R.China Postal Code: 570203


HNA Industries/ HNA Tourism

HNA Tourism Scale and Operations: Total assets over RMB

140 billion

A global service network comprising a multiple of countries/regions, sharing the joy of travel with nearly Over

30 million travelers over the world annually

20 member brands such as Deer Jet, Caissa Tourism and Tangla Hotel etc.

Owning Asia’s leading business jet operation company with a fleet over

80 aircrafts.

Owns the first domestic car leasing company operated under the airline management model, with a total fleet of more than

1100 rental vehicles.

Core Competence: HNA Tourism, through integration of its travel related services, uses innovative technology and increasing service capacity, formulate the initial stage of “China’s New Travel Economy”, and has developed itself into a comprehensive travel group, which services include aviation, tourism, hospitality, finance and online services, etc. In the future, HNA Tourism will continue on this ideology to swift away from the traditional tourism model towards an innovative tourism model, and create a world-class fully integrated tourism service provider.


Awards and Prizes: In 2014, HNA Tourism won the "World Travel Award", "Asia's Leading Tourism Management Enterprise", "China's Leading Travel Management Enterprise Award". HNA Tourism has been honored as the 2015 World's Leading Integrated Tourism Group by WTA, becoming the first ever Chinese tourism enterprise to receive this award and the only company to hold the award at all three levels, China, Asia and the World. HNA Tourism has been award as the World's Best Tourism Investment Group by the 2016 World Tourism Awards. Deer Jet has been awarded as the World’s Leading Private Jet Charter Company by the WTA, marking the first time a Chinese business jet operator won the world-class award, contributing to the development of the entire Chinese Business Aviation industry. Tangla Hotels & Resorts International has been awarded as Asia's Leading Lifestyle Hotel Brand by the WTA. Our properties Tangla Beijing, Tangla Tianjin and Hainan Guest House were awarded the "China gold star hotel" accolade. In 2012 and 2013, AAHS granted Tangla Tianjin the International 6 Star-diamond Award, the first in China and the sixth in the world to win this recognition.

HNA Tourism Group Co., Ltd. Tel: (86-010) 59156800 Fax: (86-010) 59156800 Address: Hainan Airlines Plaza, B-2, East 3rd Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Postal Code: 100027


HNA Industries/ HNA Capital

HNA Capital Scale and Operations: Total assets over RMB 680 billion Owns nearly 1200 global financial service networks Owns nearly 30 member companies, business networks cover more than 100 cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Oslo, London, Dublin, and New York Operates nearly 550 leasing aircrafts

Core Competence: HNA Capital Group Co., Ltd. relies on profound industrial advantages of the HNA Group and has developed into an integrated financial company giving priority to leasing, insurance and other business through its unremitting efforts, which is devoted to being a modern provider for integrated financial solutions by means of diversified traditional financial instruments and financial business innovation.


Awards and Prizes: Bohai Capital was awarded the “China Financial Leasing Innovation Award 2012”. Since its establishment, Bohai Capital has been actively exploring the innovative development mode of China’s national leasing industry, fully utilizing financial leasing to consolidate its advantages in the field of financial leasing, constantly brainstorming and strengthening its financial innovations. In 2012, Bohai Capital became the first listed leasing company on the domestic capital market and successfully acquired Hongkong Aviation Capital (HKAC), reaching out to the world by a domestic leasing. In 2014, Bohai Capital become the world's largest container leasing service provider after the acquisition of Cronos. In 2015, Bohai Capital become the fourth-largest aircraft leasing company after acquisition of Avolon. Through a series of initiatives, Bohai Capital has achieved not only the innovation of development mode of domestic leasing business but also the internationalization of leasing business, making a significant contribution to the development of China’s national leasing industry.

HNA Capital Group Co., Ltd. Tel: (86-010) 57583800 Fax: (86-010) 59782266 Address: 21, 23/F HNA Plaza, Jia No.26 Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District, P.R.CHINA Postal Code: 100125


HNA Industries/ HNA Logistics

HNA Logistics Scale and Operations: Total asset of approximately RMB Ranking China’s Top

10 in shipbuilding, cold chain transportation and other businesses

Annual shipbuilding capacity of Running more than

70 billion

6 million tons

50 ships for sea transportation

Annual transportation capacity of over

46.5 million tons

Core Competence: HNA Logistics is striving to be a resource integrator and solution provider of the global logistics industry with its business scope covering modern marine transportation, cold chain logistics, project logistics, equipment manufacture, smart manufacture, logistics industry and finance investment, aviation interaction, air and sea transportation transaction, internet finance, payment technology, cross-border e-commerce, etc.


Awards and Prizes: HNA Logistics has been awarded China’s Top 10 Competitive Logistics Enterprises, High-quality Service Demonstrative Logistics Enterprises and other titles for several consecutive years. HNA Shipping subordinated has been rated as Annual Investment Value Enterprises of China Shipping Industry in 2015. HNA Cold Chain is the first IPO enterprise that was listed in China’s cold chain logistics industry. Jinhai Heavy Industry is one of Asia’s largest monohull shipyards and was awarded China’s Top 10 Shipbuilding Enterprises and Seatrade Shipyard Award, and was selected into the first White List of Shipbuilding Enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and obtained the Certificate of Conformity of GJB Quality Management System Certification in 2015. HNA Usolv built China’s first all-fields E-finance platform and was selected as i-finance brand Top 50 in 2015. Qianhai Air & Shipping Exchange, as China’s first air-shipping combined internet exchange, was listed into China’s i-finance platform Top 50 in 2015. Bohai Factoring is the largest non-bank independent factor of China’s air and shipping market.

HNA Logistics Group Co., Ltd. Tel: (86-021) 61757000 Fax: (86-021) 61757002 Address: 4-5th Floor, HNA Tower, Number 898, Puming Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai Postal Code: 200120


HNA Industries/ HNA EcoTech

HNA EcoTech Scale and Operations: Owns more than

10 member enterprises

Business across globally large and medium sized cities like Beijing, Haikou, Xi’an, Hong Kong, San Francisco. Two datacenters in both north and south China,one disaster recovery center. Over



Owns policy resources of virtual operator license, payment license, trust cloud certification by MIIT, offshore duty-free, cross-border E-commerce.

Core Competence: HNA EcoTech Group is committed to supreme users’ experience, provide technological services based on cloud and big data. Bearing with the aspiration of “sharing economy” , it explores deeply users and services in social e-commerce, technological finance, intelligence life, incubator and other areas. The possession of such licensing and policy resources as virtual operator, payment, cloud trust authorization, cross-border duty free has laid a solid foundation for building a comprehensive, professional and trustworthy technological service ecology. Innovation Laboratory keeps making breakthroughs in emerging technological fields like artificial intelligence, eco-environment protection and sustainable development, thus leading future technology trends and depicting healthy and sustainable human mode of life in the information age.


Awards and Prizes: HNA Telecom was awarded “2015 Annual Overseas Explorer of Virtual Operator”, “2015 Annual Most Popular Brand of Virtual Operator”, “2015 Annual Most Influential Virtual Operator” and “2015 Virtual Operator of the Year”. eKing Technology won “2015 Best Application in China Software and Information Service of Airport Industry” for its dispatching system of wireless station. Gopay was awarded “Top 10 Internet Finance Enterprises in China” in 2015. Gopay was qualified the national high and new technology enterprise in 2015.

HNA EcoTech Group Tel: (86-010) 57817755 Fax: (86-010) 57817778 Address: 3F, Building 8, Yonghe Hangxing Science Park, Dongcheng District, Beijing, P. R. China Postal Code: 100013


Corporate Social Responsibility

Overview For more than 20 years since its establishment, HNA Group insists on taking the excellent Chinese traditional culture as its cornerstone, upholds the Chinese-style business spirit of "Giving priority to the welfare of the world", brings benefit to all sentient beings through the implementation of business behaviors, commercial products and business services and always takes the goal of making contributions to the society and the common people as the original intention of HNA’s career. In 2014, HNA Group established the leading group for CSR (corporate social responsibility) and the CSR Department, so as to conduct an overall planning of HNA’s CSR and fulfill CSR in a more professional and systematic manner. At present, HNA Group has established a CSR working team with the CSR leading group serving as a policy-making body, CSR Department as a management center and three-level management & control system as its reliance.

In the service of the national economy and social development Concept of responsibility fulfillment of era al w erci n e N m tio m co viliza ci


Fair operation practice

A to ttac ea h ch im st por ak ta eh nc ol e de r

Co n iss sum ue er s

an he m n t t hu io or of zat pp n vili Su ctio l ci tru ica ns og co col e

En v pr iron ot m ec en tio ta n l

Mercy ● Integrity

or Lab es tic prac

Become widely-respected corporate citizen

Output of responsibility fulfillment

Commun ity participa ti and deve on lopment

Dimension of responsibility fulfillment

Or ga ma nizat na ion ge me and nt

Support a total of



A total investment of

Cumulative total investment of

more than

more than RMB


donation projects


billion in

public charities


"HNA Bright Journey"

Have the honor to win the

organized vision rehabilitation therapies for

"China Charity Award"



poor cataract patients.





Have the honor to win

"South-South Award—Corporate Social Responsibility Award" and other dozens of CSR awards.

HNA Group has donated about


HNA’ s volunteer enrollment has

of its shares to the Hainan Liberation Commonweal Foundation, making it become the largest single shareholder of HNA.

reached more than



HNA’ s cumulative taxation

Among them, the ratal for

The total duration of

has exceeded RMB

Hainan area has reached

volunteer service is nearly









Corporate Social Responsibility

In the service of the national economic & social development In the service of the national development strategy ●Support the construction of Hainan international tourism island In 1988, Hainan province was formally established. However, the lagging external transportation seriously affected the development of Hainan special economic zone. In 1990, founders of HNA, headed by Chen Feng and Wang Jian, came to Hainan with lofty ideals and firm faith, took office at a crucial moment and embarked on the hard journey of creating HNA. After more than 20 years of development, HNA Group realized the aviation dream of people in the special zone and become the booster and engine of economic development in Hainan.

●Support the national "Going Global" strategy HNA actively supports China’ s peacekeeping operations. In 2005, HNA dispatched chartered planes and successfully completed the political transportation task of picking up and dropping off Chinese peacekeeping policemen to be on duty in Haiti. In 2011, HNA successfully completed the task of evacuating civilians from Egypt and Libya. In response to the national "Going Global" strategy, HNA Group has made overall arrangements throughout five continents.


●Respond to the national western development policy and "One Belt and One Road" strategy Since 1995, Hainan Group has successively established Yunnan Lucky Air, Western Airlines and so on, built the airline network with combination of both main and branch flight routes and provided full series of air services for the western region. In the service of national "One Belt and One Road" strategy: The opening of Urumchi air route aims to create a link that connects Eurasia, the opening of Fuzhou air route becomes an important air traffic point on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, the opening of Beibu Gulf strives to create a hub that connects China with ASEAN and the opening of Sanya New Airport will become large free trade zone that connect with surrounding countries and regions of the South China Sea. As a large enterprise in Hainan, HNA Group will abide by the development strategy featured with "Geared to the needs of ASEAN, expansion of relations with Japan and South Korea and give consideration to South Asia" in the future and strive to become the service provider for "Air pivot" of the 21st century Marine silk road "air pivot" server.

Create and spread the business civilization in the new era For the business civilization in the new era of humankind, the core is to change the commercial business into the society's largest charity, by means of using the business concept in Chinese traditional culture, i.e. "Giving priority to the welfare of the world" as well as the commercial sprit of "Land of wealth & land of commodities". Meanwhile, as for the modes of business operation, it is required to integrate the enterprise’ s own interests with social interests and the interests of others and create the community of fate. For HNA Group, the successful developments for more than 20 years can be precisely considered as the creation and innovation of commercial civilization.

Pay taxes in full in accordance with the law During the period between 1993 and 2015, HNA’ s cumulative taxation exceeded RMB 40 billion, of which the ratal in Hainan area amounted to RMB 16.7 billion. HNA pays back the society, Hainan and the country with its hard work and wisdom.

Promote social employment HNA is committed to promoting social employment. By the end of 2015, HNA Group provided nearly 180000 jobs for the society. Among them, the foreign employees exceeded 80000 persons.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Attach importance to each stakeholder

Treat customers in a responsible way HNA Group pursues the concept of "Customer Focus", emphasizes the idea of "Occasions with concentrated attention universally exist between Heaven and Earth", advocates the service concept of "Complete sincerity, supreme good, excellence and perfection", creates the brand-new ideology of "Full range of products & Personalized services", combines the oriental culture with international service standards and creates the world-class brand of the Chinese nation.


Work closely with supply chain partners

tion ra


ation per oo

Work closely with the local government

Work closely with financial organs

Coop e

HNA Group values and treat cooperative partners well, respects partners by virtue of integrity, performance and innovation, pursues fair trade, serves the long-term interests, strives for the realization of shared growth with partners, commonly devotes to the industry development and market prosperity, and jointly promotes China's development and progress of the world.

operatio Co n

Treat cooperative partner in a responsible way

Treat employees in a responsible way ●High Potential Talent (HPT)

●Management Trainee (MT)

●CFO Development Program (CDP)

The HPT program was initiated in 2009 and has chosen 117 excellent young managers ever since. Demonstrated & mobilized by the HPT, more and more talents selection programs have been launched by various units of HNA. The series of talent program have made a ladder of HNA leadership development.

HNA recruited excellent graduates from

The CDP program initiated in 2011 has chosen 71 participants ever since. The selected key financial managers from member companies learned finance, management skills, practice of top 500 enterprises, etc., which promoted their accomplishment and management skills. The program has infused great support to senior finance management team.

famous university home and abroad in 2012-2014 successively. Through training phases of approaching HNA, improving business accomplishment and developing management skills, the MTs have integrated work and grasped basic management knowledge, which made a solid foundation for the talent pool of the coming 5 to 10 years.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Support the construction of human ecological civilization Fulfill the green life

Green HNA strategy

In order to improve the environmental consciousness among employees, HNA Group encourages various units to carry out environmental protection public welfare activities and fulfill the green development concept with concrete actions. HNA Group actively organizes employees to participate in environmental protection public welfare activities, including the "Earth Hour", "Clean Coastline" and other rich and colorful activities.

HNA Group adopts the strategic goal of becoming the "Green life proponent, green service provider, green industry leader and green development forerunner" and ultimately achieves sustainable development through creating green culture, intensifying the propaganda of environmental protection, participating in public welfare and seeking partners.

Reduce the ecological footprint Among aviation enterprises under the banner of HNA, from the launching of energy conservation & emissions reduction management in 2008 until now, the accumulative fuel consumption has exceeded 200000 tons and the reduction of carbon emissions has exceeded 600000 tons, equivalent to one-year carbon uptake of 20000 mu forest. On January 22, 2015, Hainan Airlines became the first airline company that gets the third-party certification in China’ s energy management system. On March 21, 2015, the airline aircraft injected

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with Sinopec 1# biological aviation kerosene finalized its first flight, marking the consummated first commercial passenger flight in which the aircraft was injected with China's independentlydeveloped biological aviation kerosene. As the first domestic ecological garden airport, Haikou Meilan International Airport focused on the protection of ecological environment since its construction. On the strength of its beautiful environment, fascinating view and 99.6% afforestation rate, Meilan airport is praised as China's first ecological garden airport.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Become widely-respected corporate citizen Social Venture & Innovation

HNA Hope School

To seek, innovate and develop the new public welfare mode of enterprise, advocate the social innovation and solve social problems through the commercial venture and operation, since 2011, HNA Group organized social innovation & venture activities and the themes of contest covered "Hainan new sample of social venture", "Poverty Alleviation", "Education & Development" and "Environmental Protection". The contestants included NPO, NGO, social organizations and college students, etc. Until now, the total investment in innovation & venture activities amounted to RMB 7 million.

In May of 2008, HNA invested 30 million RMB to build a number of hope schools in Wanning, Five Fingers Group, Li and Miao Autonomous County, Baoting Changjiang Li Autonomous County, Lingshui Li Autonomous County and among them, Baoting New Star Cihang primary school is the first Hope school constructed by HNA’s investment of 3.5 million RMB and it covers an area of 20 acres containing 25 classes.

HNA“Wells for Arid Areas”Project In return for the people of Hainan, HNA Group launched the “Wells for Arid Areas” plan to invest 20 million RMB in 2003. In order to solve the “drinking water” problem with the people's government, 91 wells has been drilled by HNA in Haikou, Wenchang, Chengmai and other places by the end of 2014. The trouble of drinking water for about 220 thousand people was solved, so the people’s living standards raised while the local economy was improving.

The Compassion Trip of HNA

HNA Bring Love Home Program

In May of 2010, HNA Group donated 3.7 million RMB to Hainan Charity Federation for the 4 charity projects of the implementation of “the rising sun--compassion trip” to help cure the poor children with congenital heart disease, “the magnificent sunset--taking care poor heirless elderly”, “the rising sun--love education activity” as well “the rising sun--Intelligence engineering” to help the poor benzene phenylketonuria children projects etc.

Since 2013, “HNA Bring Love Home Program” have launched in more than 50 cities, inside and outside the country, supporting about 600 people including impoverished students, the volunteers of west part, the city migrant workers and left-behind children in order to help them go home for the Spring Festival reunion.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Become widely-respected corporate citizen The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) "Change For Good" fundraising programme

HNA·Treasure Island Scholarship (Grant-in-aid)

In August 2013, the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and HNA established cooperative relations and started the "Change For Good" fundraising programme, so Hainan airlines in the next 5 years, raise money on the planes or in the VIP lounges in airports to donate to UNICEF for the global child welfare projects in China and around the world.

Since 2011, HNA established HNA·Treasure Island Scholarship (Grant-in-aid). Up to now, the Treasure Island Scholarship (Grant-in-aid) has been implemented for consecutive five years, a total of 637 students have been subsidized to go to college and the Scholarship (Grant-in-aid) amounted to RMB 7.5 million.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Haiti's Child Protection Programme In July, 2010, HNA Group and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) established cooperation relationship to support the children protection program of UNICEF around the world. Since 2010, HNA Group has donated 10 million RMB in total to WFP since 2013 for 5 consecutive years (each year 2 million RMB) to support the children's development project in Haiti and improve the environment of Haiti Children Protection.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Girls and Women’s Education Programme in Asia and Africa In 2014 February, HNA and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established a cooperative relation. HNA Group will donate 5 million USD through the Hainan Cihang public welfare foundation to UNESCO in the next 5 years to support UNESCO for the girls and women education protection carrying out in Asia and Africa.


World Food Programme (WFP) School Feeding Programme in Ghana In April, 2013, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and HNA Group initiated a strategic cooperation that HNA Group will donate 2 million RMB each year, a total amount of 10 million RMB for 5 consecutive years, to support WFP for the school feeding program in Ghana, Africa, and also to supply the local school girls with ” take home rations” .

Bright Journey In July 2004, "HNA- Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 10-year Bright Action" officially launched. Since then, "HNA Bright Journey" left footprints throughout Banma, Nangqian, Qinghai province, Litang, Sichuan, Hinggan league, Inner Mongolia, Korla city, Xinjiang, Linxi, Gansu province, Yichang, Hubei province, etc. In 2010, along with the development of HNA’ s overseas career, "HNA Bright Journey" also entered into some African countries, including Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, etc. By the end of 2015, with the help of "HNA Bright Journey", nearly 6000 poor cataract patients received vision rehabilitation treatment, helping them realize the desire for second sight. On October 19, 2014, "A decade review of 10-year Bright Journey" activity was held in Beijing and HNA Group won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Bright Journey". July 2004

Guoluo, Qinghai

July 2005

Lhasa, Nyingchi and Xigaze, Tibet

October 2005


July 2006


August 2006


November 2010

Malawi, Zimbabwe



March 2011




September 2011




October 2012

Yichang, Hubei


Inner Mongolia


August 2013

Yushu, Qinghai


May 2007



August 2014

Nangqian, Banma, Qinghai Ganzi, Sichuan


September 2007

Korla, Ili of Xinjiang

July 2015

Xilin Gol, Inner Mongolia


December 2007


August 2015

Nangqian, Qinghai


September 2010


cured:1000 cured:500 cured:66

With the help of "HNA Bright Journey", nearly 6000 cataract patients have been cured and the total investments have exceeded RMB 33 million.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Become widely-respected corporate citizen Every time when major natural disasters have occurred, HNA Group always lends a helping hand, carries out disaster relief flights, transports emergency supplies and disaster relief workers and gain precious time for saving lives and reducing losses. Meanwhile, HNA Group and its subsidiaries take the initiative to make donations for those affected people. 2008


Wenchuan Earthquake in Sichuan Total invested funds: RMB 183.76 million Donation: RMB 1 million(Group) Employee: RMB 4.39 million Disaster relief flights: 254 flights Total flight hours: 655 hours Conveyance of disaster relief supplies: over 1100 tons Conveyance of disaster relief workers: 4200 person/time Yushu Earthquake, Qinghai Disaster relief flights: 60 flights Conveyance of disaster relief supplies: 223 tons Total invested funds: RMB 7 million HNA Qinghai Yushu Orphans Growing Fund Project HNA has relieved 142 orphans in Yushu Earthquake and distributed living expenses and tuition fees to them until they have reached the age of 18. By 2015, the project has successfully run for five periods and the growth fund with a total of RMB 2.0258 million was distributed.



Zhouqu Debris Flow, Gansu Donation: RMB 1.09 million Extraordinary Rainstorm, Hainan Donation: RMB 15 million

2011 Southwest Prefecture of Guizhou Province             Heavy Rains and Mountain Torrent Disaster in Wangmo Country Donation: RMB 0.3 million 2013 Ya'an Earthquake, Sichuan             Donation: RMB 3.4 million 2014 Ludian Earthquake, Yunnan             Donation: RMB 5 million Rammasun Typhoon, Hainan             Donation: RMB 30 million 2015 Nepal Earthquake             Donation: $1 million

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hainan Liberation Commonweal Foundation Hainan Liberation Commonweal Foundation is a non-public offering foundation initiated by HNA Group in 2010 and officially incorporated at the Bureau of Civil Affairs of Hainan province. In October 2013, HNA Group donated about 22% of its equity shares to Hainan Liberation Commonweal Foundation, making it become the largest single shareholder of HNA. It serves as the public welfare platform through which HNA Group reflects its corporate social responsibility and gives gratitude to the society. In 2015, Hainan Liberation Commonweal Foundation gained the honor of "National Advanced Social Organization" issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The foundation adheres to the public welfare concept of "Combination of wish and action & The highest good is like that of water", continuously standardize its project operation according to the national requirements for foundation management, actively explores new modes of public welfare and strives to implement public welfare projects with social influence investment, while actively cooperating with HNA Group for the fulfillment of various public welfare projects. These projects have fully combined HNA's resource advantages, integrated investment with public welfare, achieved continuous new dynamics and enabled public welfare projects to gain vitality. As a non-profit public welfare organization, this foundation widely keeps implementing public welfare projects in education aid, poverty alleviation, earthquake relief, cultural advocates, medical aid, environmental protection, scientific innovation and other fields. By the end of 2014, nearly 40 various charity projects had been implemented and the accumulated donation amounted to RMB 140 million.

Field of cultural heritage

Support the promotion of Chinese soft power

Public welfare culture that warms your heart

"Tibetan Class" project under Qinghai Banma Tibetan charity school

HNA Qinghai Yushu Orphans Growing Fund Project

Advocate the cheerful public welfare travel

Field of poverty alleviation

Volunteer worker for the Public Welfare Foundation

Social assistance project in Hainan

Public welfare Helping-the-Disabled project under HNA self-improvement laundry club


Attached List: Rewards and Prizes

HNA Group Landmark Award List Year


(from 1994 to 2015)

Awards and Award-issuing Organizations

2015 China Top 10 Philanthropic Enterprises(China Philanthropy Times) The Outstanding Enterprise on Practicing Social Responsibility (CBN) The Most-Respected Enterprise of 2014-2015 of China(Economic Observer) The Nomination of China Poverty Eradication Award of 2015(In charge of FCPMC. Sponsor by CFPA) The Nomination of China Philanthropy Award of 2015 (Ministry of Civil Affairs)


2014 Best Responsibility Enterprise(The 7 China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Meeting) th

The Honor of China Charity Outstanding Contribution (Enterprise) Award(China Charity Federation) The Most Respected Enterprise of China (Economic Observer) The Most Social Responsible Employer in China ( The Outstanding Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility Award (China Philanthropy Times) The Outstanding Corporate on Practicing Social Responsibility (CBN)


The 8 China Charity Award "The Most Caring Donation Enterprise" (Ministry of Civil Affairs) 2012-2013 The Most Respected Enterprise (Economic Observer) Green Environmental Protection Enterprise for 2013 (Daily Economic News) China Credit Enterprise for 2013 ( Outstanding Enterprise Award, China Business Network Corporate Social Responsibility List for 2013 (CBN)


The National Employment Advanced Enterprise (State Council of PRC) The Seventh "China Charity Award" (Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC)


Year 2012

Awards and Issued By South South Award - Corporate Social Responsibility Award (South South Award Committee) Outstanding Enterprise Award, China Corporate Social Responsibility list (CBN) Fresh Environmental Protection Enterprise for 2012, The third China Corporate Environmental Fresh Award (Daily News)


Five Star Airlines (SKYTRAX) Donation Enterprise Award, for the Sixth China Charity Award (Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC) The National Quality Advanced Unit (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) 2011 Social Responsibility Outstanding Enterprise Award (China Charity Federation etc.) China Construction Luban Award for 2010-2011 (National High Quality Construction) (China Building Industry Association) Annual Best Employer for 2011(AON Hewitt) Outstanding Enterprise for China Corporate Social Responsibility Award List (CBN)


The Western Development Outstanding Contribution Team (Human Resources and Social Security Department, PRC) Outstanding enterprise Award for China Corporate Social Responsibility List (CBN) Outstanding Enterprise Award for Celebrating the 60 Liberation Anniversary of Hainan (Enterprises Association and Entrepreneurs Association of Hainan province) Flood Relief Advanced Team (CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, Hainan Provincial Government) The Most Socially Responsible Enterprise of Hainan (Hainan Provincial SASAC etc.)




Awards and Award-issuing Organizations

The National Employment and Social Security Advanced Private Enterprise (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, PRC etc.) Outstanding Contribution Unit (Enterprise) Award for China Charity (China Charity Federation) 60 Outstanding Brands for the 60 Anniversary of New China (CCTV) Best Corporate Citizen of China for 2009 (The Sixth Best Corporate Citizen Award Committee) The fifth Good Corporate Citizen of China (Corporate Citizenship Committee, China Social Worker Association, Ministry of Civil Affairs) "Customer Satisfaction Quality Award" of Civil Aviation for 2008, the ten consecutive years (User Work Committee of China Civil Aviation Association) The Fourth National Spiritual Civilization Building Advanced Unit (Central Civilization Office) Management Science Award (Management Science Institute of China etc.) Poverty Alleviation and Development Typical Unit of China (China Poverty Alleviation and Development Association)


"Special Contribution Award" , China Charity Award (Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC) Advanced Earthquake Relief Team (All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce)


Outstanding Contribution Award for China Charity (China Charity Federation) Top Ten Philanthropy Pioneer Enterprises of China (China Welfare Association etc.) Top Ten Social Welfare Enterprise (China Famous Brand / Enterprise Evaluation Association)


Top 100 IT Enterprise of China (CNETNETWORKS) op 20 Most Socially Responsible Enterprise of China (Corporate Social Responsibility Investigation Committee of China) Poverty Alleviation Advanced Unit (Hainan Provincial Government)


Year 2005

Awards and Award-issuing Organizations Harmonious Labor Relations Creation Model Enterprise of China (Labor and Social Security Department, PRC etc.) Top 500 IT Enterprise of China (National Informatization Evaluation Center) Top 10 Enterprises of the Best Ecological Environment for Chinese Professional Managers (The Sixth Management Talent Forum Committee of China) Advanced Grassroot Party Organization (CPC Hainan Provincial SASAC) The Dedication Award for Hainan province donation to Indian Ocean Tsunami Victims (Red Cross Association of Hainan)


Top 500 IT Enterprises of China (National Informatization Evaluation Center) National Youth Safety Production Demonstration (State Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, State Administration of Work Safety) Poor Aiding Work Outstanding Units (Hainan Provincial Government)


Outstanding Enterprise Cultural Prize of China for 2003 (China Enterprise Association, China Entrepreneur Association) First Prize for the Tenth National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement (the National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement Association) The National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise (Chinese Quality Management Association)


New Century Caring Star Units (Publicity Department of CPC) National Customer Satisfaction Service (China Quality Management Association)


Golden Eagle Aviation Safety Award (CAAC) National Outstanding Youth Civilization (State Central Committee of the Communist Youth League; the State Planning Commission) National Customer Satisfaction Service (China Quality Management Association)



Awards and Issued By


National Customer Satisfaction Service Award (Chinese Quality Management Association)


The First of Customers Evaluation (China Civil Aviation Association)


Advanced Enterprise with Foreign Investment in Hainan province 1997 (Haikou People's Municipal Government)


Service Quality Award of CAAC (cabin service for 1996) (CAAC) Top 10 Transportation Enterprises of Hainan for Operating Income and Taxes (Bureau of statistics and Bureau of Transportation, Hainan)


Service Quality Award of CAAC (CAAC) Civilization Unit (CPC Hainan Committee, Hainan Provincial Government)



Outstanding Management Enterprise among the National Civil Aviation Transportation Enterprises (CAAC)


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