Highlights Fine Art Auction Sales 18 to 20 June 2014

Highlights Fine Art Auction Sales 18 to 20 June 2014 Preview 7 to 15 Juni 2014 (daily 10 am to 6 pm, also on Saturdays and Sundays) Modern & contempor...
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Highlights Fine Art Auction Sales 18 to 20 June 2014 Preview 7 to 15 Juni 2014 (daily 10 am to 6 pm, also on Saturdays and Sundays) Modern & contemporary art PIERRE SOULAGES Born 1919 in Rodez, lives in Paris "Peinture 162 cm x 130 cm" Signed lower right "Soulages". Signed verso on the canvas "Soulages", dated "21 Oct. 66" and labelled "Peinture 162 cm x 130 cm". Dated on the stretcher frame "21 Oct 66", labelled "Peinture 162 x 130" and no. "A-9138". Label from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York, and the Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Estimate: CHF 2’000'000 / 3’000'000

SERGE POLIAKOFF Moscow 1900-1969 Paris Abstract Composition Signed lower right "Serge Poliakoff". Oil on canvas, 72,7 x 59,8 cm Estimate: CHF 80'000 / 120'000

JEAN ARP Strassburg 1886-1966 L’agressif Signed lower right "Arp" and numbered "1/3". Signed on the inside "Arp". Bronze with dark brown patina, 67,5 x 44 x 22 cm Estimate: CHF 200'000 / 280'000

VARLIN eigentlich Willy Guggenheim Zürich 1900-1977 Bondo Schwingerdenkmal in Luzern Signed verso on the canvas "Varlin" and dated "(19)54". Oil on canvas, 150 x 74,5 cm Estimate: CHF 30'000 / 50'000

JEAN TINGUELY Fribourg 1925-1991 Bern "Rapide & Solide - Silencieux" Signed lower right "Jean Tinguely" and dated "1990". Entitled above "Rapide & Solide Silencieux". Mixed technique (collage, oil, felt tip pen, etc.) on cardboard, in passepartout, 50 x 60 cm, framed Estimate: CHF 30'000 / 50'000

CHARLES L'EPLATTENIER Neuenburg 1874-1946 Côtes-du-Doubs "Les Mythen" Signed lower left "C. L'Eplattenier" and dated "1935". Entitled verso "Les Mythen // C. L'Eplattenier", "C // L ", dated "1935" and the number "385" as well as "189". Oil on cardboard, 80,5 x 99 cm Estimate: CHF 12'000 / 18'000

MILTON CLARK AVERY Altmar 1885-1965 New York Two pigs Signed lower left "Milton Avery". Signed verso on cardboard "Milton Avery //150 West 72 ST // N. Y. C. // Trafalgar 9603". Oil on canvas, stretched onto cardboard, 40,5 x 50,8 cm Estimate: CHF 10'000 / 16'000

JEAN-PAUL RIOPELLE Montréal 1923-2002 Ile-aux-Grues Sans titre, 1958 Verso on the stretcher frame various labels with information on the artist, artwork and provenance. Oil on paper, stretched on canvas, 79,5 x 59 cm Estimate: CHF 90'000 / 120'000

EDGAR DEGAS Paris 1834-1917 Paris Danseuse assise Lower left signature stamp “Degas”. Verso stamp “Atelier Ed. Degas” as well as inscription “Pb 493” and “1588”. Coal on brown paper, in passe partout, framed, 35,9 x 31,5 cm, slightly foxed. Estimate: CHF 35'000 / 50'000

ANDRÉ DERAIN Chatou near Paris 1880-1954 Garches Bords de Seine à Carrières-sur-Seine From ca. 1913. Verso on the canvas signed "A. Derain". Labelled "A la Palette // M(...) G. Jary // (...) du Port. 28 Rue de la Paroie // Coin du Port // (...)". On the stretcher frame labelled "Sammlung R. Staechelin No. 72" as well as the numbers "358(...)", "6182", "1414", "KK357" and "110". On the frame label of the Kunstmuseum Basel. Oil on canvas, 46,2 x 55 cm Estimate: CHF 120‘000 / 180‘000

FRITZ WINTER Altenbögge 1905-1976 Herrsching Composition Lower right signed "F. Winter" and dated "(19)55". Oil on paper, 49 x 69 cm (77 x 98 cm), framed Estimate: CHF 18'000 / 25'000

GOERGES MATHIEU Boulogne-sur-Mer 1921-2012 Boulogne-Bilancourt Composition Lower right signed "Mathieu" and dated "(19)58". Verso gallery label "Galerie Rive Droite". Signed lower right. LM 53 x 72,5 cm (89 x 108 cm), in passé partout, framed Estimate: CHF 25'000 / 35'000

MARIE VOROBIEFF Tscheboksary 1892-1984 London Landscape Lower left signed "Marevna". Oil on wood, 60,5 x 108,5 cm Estimate: CHF 18'000 / 20'000 MAXIME MAUFRA Nantes 1861-1918 Poncé-sur-le-Loir "Les Vieux Sapins (ile St. Honorat) Alpes Maritimes" Lower left signed "Maufra" and dated "1912". Verso on the stretcher frame inscribed: "Les Vieux Sapins (ile St. Honorat) Alpes Maritimes". Verso various labels with title and inventory number 3692 and 10077 as well as label of the “Galerie des Granges, Genève, mars 1973" as well as "Galerie des Granges, 1204 Genève. M. Maufra. Les vieux sapins. Ile St.-Honorat. No 43". Oil on canvas, 61 x 73 cm Estimate: CHF 18'000 / 25'000 KAREL APPEL Amsterdam 1921-2006 Zürich Untitled Signed lower left "Appel" and dated "(19)57". Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 84,5 cm Estimate: CHF 80‘000 / 120‘000

19 th century paintings JOHANN GOTTFRIED STEFFAN Wädenswil 1815-1905 München Mountain Stream in Haslital Signed lower right “J. G. Steffan”, dated “1847” and entitled “München”. Estimate: CHF 25’000 / 35’000

ROBERT ZÜND Luzern 1827-1909 Luzern Seascape with grazing Goats Lower left monogrammed “R. Z.”. Oil on cardboard, 31 x 38,5 cm, restored. Estimate: CHF 20‘000 / 30‘000

EDWARD THEODORE COMPTON London 1849-1921 Feldafing Alpine Landscape with Herd of Cows Lower left signed “E. T. Compton” and dated “1908”. Oil on canvas, 60 x 96 cm Estimate: CHF 25‘000 / 35‘000

JOHN EMMS Blofield 1843-1912 Lyndhurst Hunter with Hunting Pack Lower right signed “JNO EMMS”. Oil on canvas, 50,5 x 42,5 cm Estimate: CHF 12‘000 / 18‘000

Gemälde 17. / 18. Jahrhundert HUGO BINOY Died 1669 in Köln Counterparts: Still Life with Cherries and Still Life with Strawberries The still life with strawberries is signed lower right on the tabletop “Hbenoy” and dated “fc. An 1635”. Oil on wood, each 40 x 53 cm Estimate: CHF 12‘000 / 18‘000

Works on paper, arts & crafts Earth and Celestial Globe for the Library of G.&W. Cary, Regency, London 1800. Earth globe: hand colored copper engraving – 12 segments, split at the equator. The messing meridian circle with scale division and hour circle, round horizontal circle with affixed engraving with scale division, astrological sign, calendar, indication of the months, 32 cardinal directions. Inscribed in a hollowed cartouche: " Cary's New Terrestial Globe; Exhibiting the late Discoveries made by CAPTAIN COOK; Also those of CAPTAIN VANCOUVER on the NORTH WEST COAST OF AFRICA; And M.DE LA PEROUSE, on the Coast of TARTARY. TOGETHER. With every other Improvement collected from Various Navigators to the present time. London, Made & Sold by G.& W. Cary, Strand, March 1. 1800". Celestial globe: Pendant to the earth globe. The individual constellations in additional figurative depiction. Three legged strutted mahogany wooden pedestal on metal rolls and compass. Age-related signs of usage and partially damaged varnish. H = 122 cm cm, D = 65 cm (over-all), D = ca. 53 cm (globes). Estimate: CHF 100’000 / 180’000 Durga Mahishasura-Mardini, old Indian, Pallava-Dynasty, 7./8. Century Black basalt, relief rounded on top. Height = 98 cm, width = 13 cm The goddess depicted in the classical way as the killer of the buffalo demon. Standing, six armed with sword and arrow. H = 98 cm, W = 53 cm, D = 13 cm Estimate: CHF 20‘000 / 30‘000

HEINRICH YSELIN around 1450-1513 Konstanz Coronation of Mary Lime wood, hollowed on the back. Mary is kneeling between God the Father and Son of God, both sitting enthroned and raising their hands against her head (originally carrying the now missing crown). Mary’s head with open, flowing hair is slightly lowered, her hands folded in prayer in front of her chest. The crescent moon at her feet has been added at a later time. H =105 cm, W = 112 cm Estimate: CHF 100’000 / 180’000 EDGAR WILLIAM BRANDT Paris 1880-1960 Desk Lamp, Model “Cobra”, France, around 1925 Estimate: CHF 25’000 / 35’000

Jewellery & Watches Exclusive Ruby-Emerald-Bracelet 18K Rose gold Manufacture. Beautifully worked bangle consisting of 23 moveable joints. Joints are jewelled with a variety of round, unheated rubies with a total of ca. 93.41 ct, the back, head and eyes decorated with 6 emerald navettes, 22 emerald drops and 24 round, faceted emeralds with a total of ca. 50.11 ct. Diameter is adjustable, ca. 5 cm. 161.6 g. Estimate: CHF 40'000 / 45'000

Exclusive Diamond-Brilliant-Bracelet Platinum, Paris around 1960 Manufacture. Beautifully worked bracelet. Obverse decorated with 13 brilliants of variable size with a total of ca. 6.0 ct. (middle stone ca. 1.50 ct. G/vvs). Surrounded by and decorated with a total of 142 diamond baguettes with a total of ca. 17.50 ct.; Total quality of the stones: ca. G-I/vvs-si. Box lock with safety hook. L 17 cm, 62.2 g. Estimate: CHF 23'000 / 25'000

Exclusive Sapphire-Brilliant-Ring 18K WG Manufacture. Ring jeweled in the centre with 1 big oval and unheated sapphire of ca. 15.84 ct.; Origin: Tanzania. Setting and surrounding richly jeweled with 158 pavébrilliants with a total of ca. 3.45 ct.; RW 58.5, 14.3 g. Estimate: CHF 28'000 / 30'000

Special 9-Strand-Ruby-Diamond-Freshwater-Pearl-Collier, probably India, 20. Century Beautifully worked collier, with 9 strands of ruby pellets and rondelles with surface characteristics and round oval through to fantasy shaped freshwater pearls. Color: white, slightly rosé iridescent, with a particularly beautiful luster. On the lowest strand hang many drop shaped rubies of various size. Size: ca. 3.1 - 4.7 mm. The collier is being held together by 5 intermediate parts made from gold. They are jeweled with various faceted rubies and diamond roses. Every intermediate part is decorated with 1 ruby drop and there are 14 rows each of little pearls as an ending to which a red/beige drawstring has been attached. Length is variable, collier is ca. 43 cm, with drawstring ca. 80 cm. Estimate: CHF 10'500 / 12’500

Solitaire 18K WG Front side enclosed in 6 holders with 1 brilliant of ca. 3.45 ct. H/p. RW 52.5, 3.4 g. Estimate: CHF 18'000 / 20’000 You can download photos in high-resolution on http://www.fischerauktionen.ch/downloads/objekte.aspx?type=PressInfoList. Schedule 18 June 2014 Old Master Paintings - Paintings 19th century - Works on Paper 15th to 19th century 19 June 2014 Modern & Contemporary Art Auction - Modern & Contemporary Works on Paper – Sculptures - Interiors 20 June 2014 Applied Art - Jewellery, Wrist- and Pocket Watches

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