Hi Jennifer, We look forward to hosting Drew's Birthday Party!

Hi Jennifer, We look forward to hosting Drew's Birthday Party! This is your SERVICE AGREEMENT so please read the information below. Please PRINT this ...
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Hi Jennifer, We look forward to hosting Drew's Birthday Party! This is your SERVICE AGREEMENT so please read the information below. Please PRINT this document out and INITIAL & SIGN in the areas indicated. This document must be brought in with you during the day of your party and signed. Your access to the facility will NOT be granted until We Play Loud receives this document. If you have access to a computer and fax machine; please print, read, and sign/initial this document and fax back no later than 48 hours prior to your party date to: 888 750 2892. Your reservation has been held and set for March 18 2015, Wednesday, from 10am - 12pm. For 40 Guests in the KAI Room. Remember you, your spouse and your child(ren) do not count towards the 40 person guest count; so it's a true 40 person guest list. Grandparents count as a guest, each adult counts as an individual guest and ONLY infants that are in a carrier the ENTIRE time of the facility are not considered a guest towards your guest count. INITIAL HERE ( ) We have a 50” television in the birthday room if you would like to play pictures of your child during the birthday party. Please burn the pictures on a DVD. Also bring the file on a zip drive as a back up and your laptop as we can plug it into our television with our HDMI cable as an emergency backup in case your DVD does not work. Make sure your laptop has an HDMI port. The television does not have access to cable or tv stations. They are simply connected to a DVD player where you can play a movie on. There is also a Bose WIFI speaker for music as well for your party that you can bluetooth your music onto. Your party host is going to be devoted to you the entire length of your party. You can have your party host run the show or do exactly what you wish; or a combination. You are welcome to bring food and drinks for your party as there is no service charge. You can use any vendor you wish and have them deliver right to our facility If you would like to order pizzas & beverages you can do so on our online store. https://weplayloud.a.pcsparty.com/store/ Items you are going to need to bring are below. If you forget to bring cake cutters, utensils, etc. We Play Loud has many of these items and we can provide you during your party at an additional cost. 1. Table Clothes - 6 of them will be needed.*REQUIRED [Tables are 69 inches long by 39 inches wide] 2. Utensils, Cups and Plates 3. Any type of serving utensils and platters you may need. 4. Decorations (Balloons, banners, etc.) 5. Food 6. Ice Chest & Ice* Page 1 of 6

*We do not sell or provide ice at this time. We have silver contemporary style ice bins should you forget to bring your own. They can be rented for $10.00 each. We have commercial grade refrigerators and freezers to store items such as drinks and birthday cakes; simply tell your party host the day you arrive for your party what items you would like stored in our refrigerator or freezer until you are ready to serve them in your party room. You are allowed to arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before you birthday party start time. If you arrive earlier you will be charged $100 in addition to your birthday party package. You will see a "Reserved" parking sign with your child's name on it with balloons. Please park there. Your party host will see you parking in your spot and meet you out there to help you bring in all your items. They will introduce themselves and show you their checklist of items. They will help you decorate as well, this way your party is ready to go during your party start time. Please remember ONLY you, your spouse and your children are allowed to come 30 minutes earlier to the start time of your party. Your guests will be checked in no earlier than the start time of your birthday party. For example if you have a 10am - 12pm birthday party. You are allowed to arrive at 9:30am (30 minutes before we open). Your children can be playing on the equipment and having fun while we set up your birthday room; but NO GUESTS will be allowed to enter the facility until your party start time of 10:00am. If you like, (not required - a complimentary service) you can go to our company website & pick out any e-card so we can help notify your guests! Pick any card and we will customize it with your child's name, party date, time, etc. When you provide us with your guest list we will send them out via email. We do not send e-card's out first for your approval - as an automated system customizes them and sends them out. Please see the link below. http://www.weplayloud.com/guest-list/ You are NOT required to send us a guest list. We Play Loud will count and write down the names of your guests as they arrive for your party. They will get a special colored and numbered wrist band that easily identifies your guests in your party. It is important to read below the occupancy requirements allowed when booking a birthday room below. If you do provide We Play Loud a guest list it is always appreciated but we will always write down our own guest list as well with numbered bracelets to ensure the guest count is accurate.

Please remember the facility is not privately booked. The public will still be able to attend "open play" at our facility. Thankfully We Play Loud is rather large so having enough space shouldn't be a problem. Plus your party host will gather the children up when it is time to get them into the party room. Also remember the party room is mainly for the children. Not all adults will be able to fit in the party room. We have bench seating for adults in the party room and right outside the party room as well. Plus your guests can use the cafe area seating as well. Rule of thumb - The birthday party room comfortably seats 26 children & about 15 - 20 adults on the bench seating. Right outside the party room is more bench seating reserved for them for another 15 adults....plus again there is the cafe area as well. Page 2 of 6

Some other key points to keep in mind: #1. If your guests arrive without socks to wear we have socks and they are $1 per pair. A total will be tallied and added to your remaining balance at the end of your party. INITIAL HERE ( ) #2. If your guests bring extra people to your party you will be charge $10 per additional guest over the 40 person guest count allotted. The total guest count will be tallied as they arrive and added to your remaining balance at the end of your party if needed. INITIAL HERE ( ) IMPORTANT!: The MAXIMUM capacity of guests you can have booked for 1 birthday party room is 55 total guests. If you have 56 or more guests you will be REQUIRED to book the other birthday party room (another $425.00 for 2 hours). This is due to the occupancy capacity. If you have 56 guests or more and do not book the additional room for the day of your party and the additional birthday room is not available because someone else booked that room - your party WILL BE CANCELLED. Occupancy rules are strictly followed! If you have 56 or more guest you will be required to book both rooms at the same time. There is no discounts for booking 2 rooms at once. Also if more than 55 guests arrive and you only booked one room they CAN NOT purchase general entry tickets as a work around! This is because those patrons will still go into the birthday room and this will go over capacity. If you try to do this with your guests and go around We Play Loud's rules your party will be cancelled and you and all your guests will be asked to leave immediately. Do not create an awkward and embarrassing situation - please follow these rules. INITIAL HERE ( ) #3. No alcohol is permitted in the facility. No wine, no champagne, no beer, no liquor etc. Smoking & vapor cigarettes are NOT permitted. If you or any of your guest smoke - they must do so 150 feet away from the main entry of our building. INITIAL HERE ( ) #4. No pets are allowed in the facility; unless they are special tagged dogs for handicap and adults with special needs. INITIAL HERE ( ) #5. If you guests do not respect the rules of our facility they will be asked to leave. THEY WILL ONLY BE WARNED ONCE! We take the safety of the children that visit our facility very seriously and special care of the equipment for the children to enjoy. Guests that you invite that do not follow our facility rules will be asked to leave. INITIAL HERE ( ) #6. The deposit you made to hold your room, as indicated before you purchased, is NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE. If you call to cancel NO REFUNDS will be granted. We will of course move your party to another date for you; as long as the room and time is still open and not taken by another customer; HOWEVER a NEW DEPOSIT will have to be placed. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Please understand when you book your party date and time it prevents another patron from booking that room and time. If you change the date and time; it means our business loses that revenue for that time slot and from another patron Page 3 of 6

having their birthday party at We Play Loud. Refunds will not be granted under any circumstances whatsoever. INITIAL HERE (


#7. When you arrive for your party, your party host will ask for your credit card to be left at the front desk with our manager. This way when your party is over, you will meet with our manager at the front desk to pay your remaining balance owed on your party. INITIAL HERE ( ) #8. Food & Beverage are ONLY to be consumed in the Birthday Party Room(s). You and your guests should not be consuming food in the play area of our facility. INITIAL HERE ( ) #9. You & your guests can go in and out of your birthday party room during your 2 hour party as much as you like. Many parents have the kids eat the food/cake during the last hour of their party. Kids typically eat and then want to go right back out to the facility to play. It's your 2 hour party - so enjoy any way you like. We don't lock you in the room the last hour of your party and say "now it's time to eat" and after make you leave. Patrons like the fact that you can go in and out and your party host will structure you’re eating procedure any way you like. Some parents like it buffet style while others like a structured sit down. Just let your party host know and they will be more than happy to help. INITIAL HERE ( ) #10. All outside vendors brought in to our facility MUST be approved first. Email: [email protected] letting us know what type of vendors you would like to bring in: For example: Balloon Artists - are okay as long as they make the balloons in the birthday party room only. They also count as a guest towards your guest count. Face Painters/Caricature Artists - are okay as long as they are done in the birthday party room and only use washable paint. They also count as a guests towards your guest count. Hair Stylist/Nail Manicurists - they are NOT permitted for a birthday party. The chemicals are damaging to equipment and not up to health code for our facility. These vendors will not be approved. Costume Characters - (Ex: Mickey Mouse, Ariel the Mermaid, etc.) are okay as long as they respect the rules of our facility and they count as a guest towards your guest count. Keep in mind you may want them to stay nearer to your birthday party room in the play area; since our facility is always open to the public. Piñatas – are NOT allowed. Food Trucks - food trucks are NOT permitted for a birthday party. We do not want children and adults going in and out the facility for food. These types of vendors will not be approved. You do not need to get our approval for food vendors who deliver food to our facility for your birthday party. For example, you can order pizzas and catering from outside vendors and have them deliver to our facility directly during the time frame of your party (our address: 24350 Swartz Dr. Lake Forest, CA 92630). DO NOT have them deliver food earlier. For example if your party is from 1pm - 3pm they should be delivering your Page 4 of 6

food no earlier than 1pm and no later than 3pm. Outside food trucks for birthday parties are NOT permitted at our facility. The kind where they park outside and they make the food outside and you bring the food back in to the facility. Burger & taco trucks are not permitted. Having children and adults going in & out of the building is simply unsafe for the children and not allowed. #11. Tipping your party host is customary but not required. Many patrons tip anywhere from 10 – 20%. If you visit a restaurant with over 8 guests you’re automatically charged 20% in gratuity; at least with We Play Loud you decide if a tip is warranted. If you feel you got great service and your party host serviced over 40 guests better than a waiter/waitress then feel free to show them some love. 100% of your tip goes to your party host; you can pay them directly in cash or have the tip added to the remaining balance of your party on your credit card. They bring all your items in from your car, serve your guests 1 by 1, round up your guests, constantly clean/clean up your party and bring all your items back to your car at the end; it’s a true turnkey service so you as the party mom/dad can actually enjoy your party with your guests. They are the conductor of your party. INITIAL HERE (


Please keep in mind your party is 2 hours in length, 10 - 15 minutes prior to your event being finished your party host will inform you and start cleaning up the room. Your guests will be notified that their 2 hours is done and if they wish to continue to stay in our facility and play they will have to go to the front desk and pay for a new admission ticket. Many times there are parties scheduled back to back, this is why we need each event and booking to respect the rules for one another. If your entire party takes longer than 15 minutes to exit the party room after the end of your party and the facility - you will be billed an additional $212.50. Our computer system does this automatically! So please respect these rules and again your party host will make you well aware of this. INITIAL HERE ( ) If you feel that 2 hours is not enough for your event. Please feel free to book an additional 1 hour of play at our facility for $212.50. [We do not have an additional 30 minutes of play option at this time.] This MUST be booked at a minimum of 2 days in advance of your party date. If the party room is available during that time we will let you stay in the party room during that additional 1 hour as well. If the room is booked then you have to leave the room but your guests and you can stay in the facility for the additional hour of play you paid for. We Play Loud will NOT continuously update you if someone booked a party after your time slot as our calendar is always changing. Your party host on the day of your party will let you know if you are able to stay in the birthday party room during your additional hour of play or if you have to vacate it for the next party after your time slot. Please remember most if not all kid places only give you access to a party room for 1 hour, We Play Loud already gives you access to the room for 2 hours. If you book an additional 1 hour of play its really for play only; if the room though is available because no parties are booked after yours; then of course we will let you occupy it during that time. When you pay for the additional hour of play it is NONREFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE; regardless if your guests stay for the additional hour or you change your mind. INITIAL HERE ( ) Lastly, the additional hour of play is only available for birthday parties which are booked from 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm. The additional hour of play is NOT available for birthday parties for 4 - 6pm at the standard rate. After hour rates apply at a cost of $500 per 30 minutes; because our facility normally closes at 6pm. Page 5 of 6

Again if your party and guests have not vacated the party room and leave the facility by 6:15pm; you will be automatically charged by our computer system an additional $500. Again your party host will notify you 15 minutes before your party time is over to make sure everyone is on the same page and to get your stuff ready. I have read all the information regarding the rules and policies and having a birthday party at We Play Loud and I FULLY agree to all their terms, policies and conditions indicated. PRINT FULL NAME: _________________________________________ Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: ___________________________

Contact Phone Number: ___________________________

Contact Email: _____________________________________________

PLEASE FAX BACK Pages 1 – 6 to 888 750 2892

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