Here’s what our clients are saying… My husband and I wanted to spend our honeymoon in Tahiti and after lot of research we decided to buy our package from Custom Tahiti. We are from Brazil, and we decided to "take the risk" of working with a foreign agency because they seemed to be so good on this subject. And, we do not regret it. It was the best and most perfect travel we have ever planned. Our agent, Jackie, was the best best best agent e-v-e-r!!! She is extremely patient, and detailed, and lovely, and efficient, and and and... I cannot find more words to try to describe how much nice and helpful she was to us. Thank you Jackie for that. We will never forget it. We spent 2 nights at Hilton Moorea and 4 nights at St. Regis Bora Bora. It was amazing. The hotels were great. St Regis is spectacular. People there are so so so kind, we were treated like Gods. It was a perfect honeymoon. Everything was perfect and I recommend Custom Tahiti to everyone. Tatiana, São Paulo, Brazil Thank you for your follow up. We had an absolutely wonderful time! It was amazing in every sense of the word, and your planning and recommendations really helped make everything perfect. We stayed at Moorea and Bora Bora. Both islands and the accommodations met or exceeded our expectations. Both hotels were amazing. The accommodations were fantastic. We spent 3 nights in Moorea at the Intercontinental. The garden bungalow with pool was beautiful and romantic. We did one excursion there--the 4x4 tour--which was great. The views and stops were very nice and our guide was extremely knowledgeable about island history. We spent 4 nights in Bora Bora at the InterContinental Thalasso. The overwater bungalow was luxurious, spacious, and gorgeous. It was the most beautiful and luxurious hotel we have ever seen. The staff was very polite and really went the extra mile. We did the shark watching/Lagoonarium tour and the jet ski tour. Both were beautiful and exciting. We had spa treatments at each hotel and we both agreed that they were top notch. We stuck to both hotels for meals except for one dinner at the Mayflower on Moorea. Your information and planning were quite helpful. We felt like we packed appropriately and brought everything we needed that we never would have remembered without your sheets (i.e. Underwater cameras and tennis balls). We also used your lists to pick our excursions, all of which turned out to be great recommendations. The planning was very helpful--you really went the extra mile. We especially appreciated the fact that you continued to work to get us on a direct flight from Moorea to Bora Bora. The follow up and reminders were very helpful. Also, discouraging us from skipping our included dinners to go to other restaurants turned out to be much appreciated. Ken R., Ohio The islands were great. The hotels did a wonderful job of arranging reservations at different restaurants for us. On Moorea we really enjoyed our dinner at Honu Iti's -- excellent french cuisine. Huahine was much less touristy (if that's a word). We really enjoyed interacting more with the locals here. There was no nightlife, which was fine for us- just a quiet and relaxing island. Bora Bora - the Sofitel Private Island was an amazing hotel. We really felt like we were on our own private island. The snorkeling was excellent -- we just did it ourselves with the hotel kayaks. Bloody Mary's was an interesting restaurant, but the food was not spectacular. On all the islands we went on a jeep safari tour -- they were all excellent. I would highly recommend the jeep tours for a way to see the entire island. We purchased a book called "Tahiti & French Polynesia Guide" by Jan Prince. All in all the hotel accommodations were wonderful. When we return to French Polynesia we will definitely stay in an overwater bungalow -- they were great. Your service was excellent. All of the transfers between the hotels and airports were wonderful. You were able to change the package to accommodate our needs. You always responded promptly to our emails. We enjoyed getting all of the written materials from you about the islands. We will absolutely recommend your services to anyone who is going to Tahiti- it is a beautiful location with waters that are unlike anything I've seen. Karen H., Colorado

Richard. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I love you. I really, really, do. Don't tell my fiancé, I'll want to be the one who tells her myself, that I love you. And custom Tahiti travel, and all of you. Thank you sooooooo very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I've probably been probably more of a pest than anything, but I very much appreciate all of your efforts and your patience. I am very happy I have availed your service for booking this once in a lifetime voyage, and indeed the pleasure has truly been all mine. Custom Tahiti travel is going to get rave reviews by myself, and I will be recommending you to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you so very kindly Richard, I just don't know what else to say except thank you infinitely..... MK, Ontario, Canada I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help! Our vacation was fantastic!!! We had such a memorable time!!! Also, thank you so much for the lovely fruit basket we received in Moorea! I will definitely be going back to Tahiti in the future. Daisa C., Hawaii My husband and I had the pleasure of scheduling a Tahiti trip with Custom Tahiti Travel and it is the most memorable trip we have ever taken. We knew nothing about Tahiti before our trip and relied on you to steer us in the right direction. You listened to what we wanted out of the trip (half adventure, half relaxation) and made excellent recommendations for islands and hotels to start. Then you were full of ideas for excursions and restaurants that ranged from legendary locations to “local flavor”. We loved the variety of experiences we had to choose from! You knew all the secrets to make our trip relaxing and enjoyable. Also, transfers to hotels and transportation between islands were made easy, which kept things stress free. There were personal touches added to our vacation: flowers around our necks at the airport, both resort stays included excellently located bungalows far out over the water, a “canoe breakfast” where our food was delivered by water to our personal deck, a bottle of wine delivered to our bungalow upon arrival… We felt like we had excellent service when planning the trip, but even better service once we actually arrived! I think what you offer is a GREAT service to those who want to know they will enter into a vacation RELAXED. As soon as they get on the plane to Papeete, they are done thinking. The rest of the vacation will just happen around them and they can just relax and have fun. Our Tahiti trip exceeded our expectations in every way and we have Custom Tahiti Travel to thank for that. Tammy P., Michigan The trip was absolutely amazing! It truly was the trip of a lifetime for both of us. We have done plenty of travel but believe the islands of French Polynesia to be the most beautiful in the world. If you have any requests for references I would be happy to help! Thank you for all of your help! We loved Moorea and thought the Hilton was beautiful. We did the 4x4 tour and thought that was a lot of fun. We also rented a car and explored the island a little. The only restaurant we tried was something Honu iti. Don't remember the exact name of it but it was on your list of restaurants and a couple suggested it. They have rays that swim directly beneath the patio, great atmosphere and decent food and service. Huahine was also great. The only excursion we did was to rent a motor boat and explore the island. The island is gorgeous. We ate at the Les Roulottes (sp?) in Fare and enjoyed the food there on our return from the boat was nice to have good food for less money. The other meals we ate at Te Tiare and really enjoyed the restaurant there. Bora Bora was more than we expected, the room at the hotel was amazing Bora Bora was most definitely our favorite island. I would like to comment on your island transfers. They were great and very easy. There was not a single moment that we were there that we felt lost or unsure of what to do. This is a great service of your package and makes the whole trip much more enjoyable. We were very pleased with the service we received in the planning and arrangements. We were able to receive all of the hotels we requested and this was all done with less than 6 weeks prior to departure of our trip. In addition we changed our requested stay by one date after all of the arrangements had already been made through your agency. You quickly accommodated this request, we know that's not always easy and we greatly appreciate this. Again, thank you for all of your help. We are very happy with your service! Thomas F., Oklahoma A fantastic trip... paradise found. Your plans we're flawless... hotel transfers, interisland transfers and your recommendations were perfect! Loved both Bora Bora and Moorea, probably could have squeezed another island in too. Loved the shark feeding and ray feeding as well as kayak use on both Bora and Moorea. Hotels were wonderful. We are already recommending French Polynesia to others and will continue to... Again, your service was perfect. There was nothing to improve upon. Thanks for all your help! Burt W., New York

We stayed at the Four Seasons- Bungalows: Excellent. Large and we always love the FS beds. We ended up getting room #210. It was good because it was on the west pontoon and not very far out so it was a close walk. The east pontoon was a long walk. I noticed on the resort map that the room next to us was in the Beach View category. Not really sure there was much difference between the two views. If I had to do it over again I would definitely ask for a room in the 100's facing west for the sunsets. Either in the Lagoon or Beach view room category. I thought they had the best non-mountain views. Plus the bungalows facing west had much more sun on the deck during the day. Still, this was the greatest room we have ever stayed at. Resort Grounds were excellent. You could tell they took a lot of time on them. Very beautiful. The backdrop with Mt. Otemanu is unreal. It almost looks fake. Spa: I did not partake but wife said that her massage was one of the best she has ever had. I walked around, it was very nice. The fitness area was small but nice. Nothing special but adequate. Pool/Beach: We spent a lot of time here. Very nice. Beach was great. The pool and beach were busy most of the time. But it was extremely relaxing. Reef Discovery Tour: EXCELLENT!!! very professional and knowledgeable. We had a fantastic time. Saw a 12 foot manta ray. I would highly recommend this to anyone who goes to Bora Bora. All in all, a trip of a lifetime. We loved every second of it. It was extremely relaxing. We saw things that we will probably never see again. The shark and ray feeding was unreal. I would highly recommend French Polynesia to anyone and everyone!!! Thanks again for all the help. Jeff W., Texas The trip was amazing! I wish I were back there right now. Thanks to you and your crew! We really enjoyed Bora Bora. It truly is a beautiful island. We stayed at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach, which was fantastic and gave us a perfect view of the main island. Touring the island can truly be done in a day, unless you really want to unlock more of the culture, then I know you could spend more time. The jeep safari was a great way of doing something unique while also seeing the rest of the island. To be brutally honest, as great as Bora Bora was, it pales in comparison to Taha'a. The Le Taha'a absolutely blew us away. The island is very secluded and private. Taha'a stole the show. We truly felt like guests, not tourists. We look back and feel that we made a whole crew of new friends. We even got to know the young lady that performed the turn down service every night. She gave us a gift our last night to thank us for befriending her. The resort was immaculate. The rooms were unbelievable. Words cannot explain how overwhelmed we were with the quality of service, accommodation, etc. You definitely pay for this experience, but it was without questions worth every penny. The food was fantastic, the surroundings were out of a storybook. If you can't tell, we definitely will be going back to Taha'a on our next trip. You were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. You were keeping our best interest at heart at all times. Thank you again for an amazing trip. John B., Utah My husband and I decided to travel to the French Polynesia for our honeymoon. I was very impressed with the service that was provided by Custom Tahiti Travel. This was our first time traveling to this location and we did not have any idea of where to stay, what to do and where to go. The service we received from Richard was impeccable; he was very responsive to our needs and “built” the perfect honeymoon package for us. He listened to our desires and incorporated what we wanted into our vacation. It was reassuring for us that we were working with someone that was so passionate about our wants and needs. I highly recommend Custom Tahiti Travel; I had an outstanding experience and an amazing vacation. Thank you! Lori M., Michigan Your planning was great. Your response to questions was very prompt. I loved that there was always something to look forward to from you, and you didn’t disappear after you got our payment! You continued to answer our questions promptly and with great detail. This was our second trip to French Polynesia. Both times we stayed in Moorea and Bora Bora. For this recent trip, we considered staying in Bora Bora the entire 10 day stay because the lagoon is stunning and at Pearl Beach the lagoon is the perfect depth especially since this trip would include our 6 year old. We also considered the Four Seasons but the lagoon depth there is about 15ft (we also thought that the excessive fee for shuttle transport to the main island is ridiculous). Moorea has its own charm and we found ourselves wanting to return to see the island itself and the mountain views. We wanted the best of both islands. In my opinion, Moorea has a larger selection of local restaurants that are better than Bora Bora. I was happy to receive your information sheets. The tours were good too and gave us some new ideas, but we tend to wait until we are at the island to book tours, just to see what we feel like doing at that time and check out the weather. Regarding restaurants: One of our favorites that we returned to (twice) was Le Mahogany. We were disappointed to hear that a past favorite, Alfredo’s, was no longer open. We tried Mayflower and were very happy with it, the price was good but I thought the portion was a bit small. (We both had the Lobster Ravioli –yum-and after sharing an appetizer, I was still quite hungry. I would recommend Mayflower and especially Le Mahogany. On Bora Bora Fare Mania and Le Bounty were both good as well although the taxi-service for the way home was never on time for our shuttle. In Moorea, we stayed at the Hilton for the first time. The room was beautiful including a modern

bath. We absolutely want to return again. Too many people get hung up on how long it takes to get there and they write if off…Oh well, keeps it quieter for the rest of us. I would hate to see it become busy like Hawaii is now. Irene V., Massachusetts Thank you for the outstanding service. The weather, scenery, and accommodations were spectacular and unique -you would be hard-pressed to find destination like this anywhere else in the world. Bora Bora- The beautiful lagoon and many activities made this island our favorite stop. The scenery (the water contained up to 3 or 4 shades of blue and the picturesque mountain(s)) was just breathtaking. We did three activities: shark feeding, b, and parasailing -- all three were fantastic. As for restaurants, we visited Villa Mahana, Bloody Mary's and the InterContinental restaurant. Villa Mahana had the best food -- period. The crème brule was the best we've ever had and the entrees were top notch. Bloody Mary's had a wonderful and fun atmosphere and good food as well. Bora Bora InterContinental Le Moana- The overwater bungalows are fantastic!!! We had a great view of sunrises and the main Bora Bora mountain. We used the spacious deck daily for breakfast and sunbathing. The staff was wonderful, promptly delivering us extra towels or room service. The staff also expediently booked our reservations for outside restaurants and brought extra towels/delivered room service promptly. You couldn't ask for better accommodations and service. Tahaa- This island is more remote and extremely beautiful -- exactly what we were going for to make a different experience from that in Bora Bora. The many mountains, hills and greenery readily visible from the Le Tahaa motu made for a postcard-like view every day from any part of the resort. We did one activity -- the 4X4 safari. The safari guide was very friendly and informative. He gave us a real-life perspective of Polynesia and pointed out many interesting Tahaa landmarks and plants. The view from on top of one of Tahaa's mountains was perhaps the best view of the whole trip. The pearl farm and vanilla plantation were also interesting. The Tahaa Le Tahaa- Our beach bungalow was a highlight of the trip. When you have a personal, private plunge pool, a beach side deck, an indoor and outdoor shower, etc., what more could you ask for. The accommodations were great!!! Tahiti- InterContinental, This was a very nice resort. It was nicer than most resorts in the U.S. The staff was very pleasant and courteous. They upgraded us to a room overlooking the lagoon, which was beautiful. Custom Tahiti Travel- You were fantastic! Your staff both in the U.S. and in Tahiti were very friendly, and informative. This is exemplified by the fact that a representative showed up at the Papeete Faa'a Airport as we were leaving French Polynesia just to make sure that we had made it to the airport promptly and could catch our flight We could have not asked for better service. We will recommend you to anyone considering a trip to Tahiti. Pam S., Missouri I'm sorry for my delayed response. I have been meaning to respond to your first follow-up, however things have been pretty hectic since we returned from our vacation...Our trip to Tahiti was amazing!! We were extremely pleased with all of the arrangements you made for us. The hotels, hotel/airport transfers, and inter-island transportation were outstanding and everything ran very smoothly. We were very happy with all of our hotel choices, particularly our accommodations on Moorea and especially Bora Bora! Not only were we pleased with our hotels, but also with the particular room selections. I'm not sure if you had any involvement in that, but our Beach Bungalow on Moorea was situated at the very end of the beach for privacy, and we were especially delighted with our Overwater Bungalow selection at Le Meridien on Bora Bora! We were booked in Bungalow #219, which is primely located on the Lagoon for all day access to the sun from our deck. This really exceeded our expectations, and it created an experience for us we will never forget. The restaurants at Sofitel on Moorea and Le Meridien on Bora Bora were all very delicious! I have already been talking to all of my friends and family about how wonderful our experience was, and that I would gladly give them "my travel agent" information if they were ever to consider a trip to Tahiti and the islands. We could not have been more pleased with everything, and I would like to thank you sincerely for arranging such a wonderful and memorable vacation for us. Mia M., Washington Bora Bora was AMAZING. Relaxed, beautiful, the people were so friendly!!. A perfect spot to start a honeymoon. Sofitel Private Island was unbelievable. The welcome with the conch shell, ukulele, cold towel, flower lei - what a welcome! The rooms were beautiful. Only complaint was that the AC did not work all that well - but that is only if I HAD to complain about something. The staff at the hotel was sooooo helpful and friendly. Always smiling, never a problem to help you with anything. A five star experience in my book. Moorea- the mountains were magnificent. We found this island amazing as well and enjoyed our time spent. Hilton Moorea- This hotel had more of an "American" feel to it. Rooms were very beautiful and very clean! How anyone can go to these islands and complain about ANYTHING is beyond me. :) The beauty of the islands and its people is truly an experience not to be missed!! It seems as though time and stress mean nothing to the people, and that's how it should be. To be able to experience all of that is truly a gift. Your planning and assistance were great! Margaret B., Pennsylvania

After doing a lot of research, we chose the St Regis Resort for our honeymoon because our travel agent, Richard Bondurant of Custom Tahiti Travel, who has first-hand knowledge of the hotels in Bora Bora, highly recommended it, and let me tell you, we were not disappointed. We are pretty picky travelers and we're especially big on service and the St Regis exceeded our expectations in every respect. It helped a great deal that Custom Tahiti Travel did a tremendous amount of the footwork for us, taking care of everything from our initial contact with them, so that all we had to do was show up. In comparing travel packages we were delighted to find that we received far more perks and complimentary services than one would typically get by using Custom Tahiti Travel. We cannot say enough how much we loved the St. Regis. You were absolutely right and we are very grateful for the advice! Kelly M., California We arrived home late last night and had a wonderful trip. Thanks for all your help to plan our trip. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. We really enjoyed the 4x4 safari on Moorea. We also did the safari on Bora Bora but preferred the Moorea excursion. The sunset cruise was wonderful. After the cruise was over, we stayed at the St. Regis for dinner at Lagoon which was amazing. This was our favorite meal of the trip. The other activity that we really enjoyed was the shark/stingray feeding that we booked through Le Meridian. The guides were hysterical and we had a blast swimming with the sharks/stingrays. Overall, the islands exceeded our expectations. We loved the Intercontinental on Moorea. Our room (310) was perfect. It allowed us to see both the sunset and sunrise from our deck and gave us direct beach access. The bungalow at Le Meridian was amazing. Our room (332) was at the end of the pier and had a wonderful view of Bora Bora. We did wish that we were on the other side of the pier so we could see the sun from our deck. Anyone with the means to afford a trip to Polynesia must travel there at least once. However, I would recommend a person do it before they are too old to really enjoy the excursions. Benjamin B., Georgia We really enjoyed our trip. Thank you for the wine. That was really nice. We thought Moorea was nice. ! I'm glad we were at the Moorea InterContinental too- it was lovely. Add Dr. Michael Poole's whale/dolphin watching to your list of excursions on Moorea. Really interesting. We thought Bora Bora was incredible! We liked your recommendations for dinner on each island. Our best meal was at Le Meridien Bora Bora. Excellent! We really liked all our hotels, especially Le Meridien Bora Bora. We were very happy with all of your services. Your advice and information sheets were great. Thanks for answering all my questions. Barbara M., Maryland Thanks to you for planning a perfect trip for my new wife and me. The professionalism of Custom Tahiti Travel was world-class! We had an amazing honeymoon. The islands were incredible- absolute paradise. All of our excursions were great (jeep safari in Tahiti, sunset cruise in Moorea, shark feeding in Bora Bora) and I'd highly recommend them all. The Pearl Resort in Moorea was a great way to start the trip, and we completely enjoyed our premium garden bungalow there. The staff was very nice and always helpful- lots of smiles. The Te Tiare in Huahine was very pleasant and we found the people of Huahine to be absolutely charming- very kind. The sunset views in the evening from our deep overwater bungalow at Te Tiare was nothing short of what I think heaven must look like. Bora Bora was also wonderful but quite a different pace from the totally laid back and very quiet atmosphere of Huahine. The Bora Bora Intercontinental Thalasso was a great choice for us- the overwater bungalows were beautiful and the food was very good too. I can see the appeal of the motus because of the views they have of the mountain peak. We were very happy with the InterContinental because the grounds were immaculate and the bungalows were beautiful. If we had to do it all over again I would still go with the Bora Bora InterContinental Thalasso as our choice. Again, everything worked out perfectly, thanks for a great job planning our honeymoon! David M., Ohio Our trip back to Tahiti this year was all we expected and more. Everything went very smoothly. We're getting to know our way around French Polynesia pretty well. It was a very memorable experience. This was the first time we had experienced an atoll. We really enjoyed both Fakarava and Rangiroa. The diving was incredible. Though we enjoyed the atolls we were happy to get to a high island where we could do some hiking. Tahaa may be our favorite island so far. It feels remote. There are few tourists and the people living there are very friendly. The pace is slow and the scenery is beautiful. We rented a car for a half day, did some hiking and visited a vanilla plantation. We had our anniversary dinner at Chez Louise. The food was good and Louise was a great hostess. Tahaa is wonderful. The staff is friendly and helpful while not being intrusive. The accommodations are incredible. We stayed in a beach bungalow and loved the privacy and quality of the room. The food was delicious and the service great. We could have spent weeks there. It was so relaxing. We would like to be able to return someday. I have always appreciated your prompt responses and thorough assistance in planning our trips. We really appreciate that you can be so flexible in setting up a trip to fit our ideas. Everything runs so smoothly (transfers, etc. with the Tahiti staff). Thanks again for another great trip. Susan R., California

Trip was fabulous…. Could not have gone better… would recommend it to anyone…. Only went to Bora Bora so I can’t comment on any other Islands. The Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort is first class. Employees were very friendly and catered to our every need… best hotel experience we have ever had. I highly recommend the hillside bungalows…. Views are spectacular and you overlook the entire resort. As a real estate developer I can be very critical of developments; however, if I had the opportunity to redevelop the Nui, I wouldn’t change a thing… it was perfect…Activities- I highly recommend the barbeque trip arranged by the Bora Bora Nui Resort- a native (complete with loin cloth) picked us up from the hotel at 10:00 am and took us snorkeling with sting rays and manta rays. We fed the sharks and he even pulled a 6 ft moray eel from the coral. Our guide was great he took us all over the lagoon and was very knowledgeable. The best part of the day was a private lunch for two on the family’s private motu… five course meal cooked on the beach, while you sit at your table in the water and drink champagne. Based on our experience and discussions with many of the other guests at the Nui, I would not miss the barbeque trip…. Food- Best meal we had was at Villa Mahana, food was excellent…. Bloody Mary’s was fun, food was pretty good but given the fame of this restaurant I would say everyone should go at least once. I highly recommend French Polynesia to anyone. Thanks again for your help… could not have been a better honeymoon. Mike M., Georgia